Chapter 445 The Dragon Wars, the Tiger Battles

“Brother Tianyu, quickly kill him! The sect leader has already said that he must die, so hurry up!”

For a moment, everything was deathly silent. Everyone was looking strangely at Yin Wushuang and Han Tianyu.

Only then did Yin Wushuang recover from her terror. But when she looked at those people’s gazes, she had no idea what to say.

She was truly just too terrified of Long Chen. His words just now had touched upon her sensitive nerves, and by the time she recovered, it was too late.

“This idiot woman!”

Han Tianyu’s expression darkened, and he had an urge to slap her. Now that she had said this, everything had been exposed.

“What nonsense are you spouting?!” he roared.

Seeing that many gazes full of contempt directed at her, Yin Wushuang was panicked. Now that Han Tianyu roared at her, she immediately became crazy.

“It’s already like this, so what’s the point of concealing it?! Why do you have to bother acting like some good person?! You don’t want to join my Yin family?!

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking with that Hua slut! Don’t look down on me, I’m not so easy to bully! You’ve already obtained so many benefits from my Yin family, but you want to walk away just like that? A grand but unrealistic dream!

“Although I created the plan to kill Long Chen, didn’t you want him dead too? Weren’t you the one who put your sights on his women? But you still act like some noble lord. Don’t think I don’t know about your little plots.

“Let me tell you, today, you must kill Long Chen, or don’t even think about entering my Yin family! In fact, I will report it to my family and have your entire Han family exterminated!!!”

At this time, Yin Wushuang truly appeared like a shrew, pointing and cursing at Han Tianyu, her voice ringing out for all to hear.

Looking at the crazed Yin Wushuang and then to the dark-faced Han Tianyu, no one said anything.

Even Long Chen was stunned. His original plan was to slowly expose Han Tianyu’s true face for everyone to see. That was also to help Hua Biluo, as she hoped to make Han Tianyu fall from grace.

But this plan of his had now been completed by Yin Wushuang.

At this moment, Yin Wushuang had already thrown caution to the wind. In her panic and terror, she could not rest until Long Chen died. No person could possibly understand her terror.

Han Tianyu had always refused to go all-out to kill Long Chen in order to maintain his image, and now, her fury with him had erupted.

Furthermore, her patience towards Han Tianyu’s unfaithfulness had also reached its limit. With the addition of what she was seeing today, she directly threw away all her face, no longer having any misgivings.

The reason Han Tianyu was so strong was definitely related to how much the Yin family had secretly groomed him over the past few years. Han Tianyu was like a seed they were grooming, and when this seed was fully matured, they would draw it back into the Yin family. This was a political move, something involving the inner competition in the ancient families.

Currently, Han Tianyu had already begun to reveal his brilliance. But the appearance of Hua Biluo had caused this seed to waver, infuriating Yin Wushuang. Now this rage of hers exploded.

“Zhang Yang, Li Chang, are you two stupid? Junior apprentice-sister Wushuang has started babbling nonsense from her terror. You two should go and protect her,” Han Tianyu roared at two experts from the first monastery.

Those two hastily ran over and caught Yin Wushuang. By now, she had already vented most of her emotions, and so she had recovered her composure. She didn’t resist and let herself be pulled to the side.

“Long Chen, you bastard, you can die now!”

Han Tianyu was filled with fury, and with nowhere else to release it, he looked at Long Chen like Long Chen was the killer of his father. With a furious roar, he charged at him.

His sword pointed up to the sky, and an enormous sword-image soared, causing heaven and earth to rock. Sword-light seemed to devour the sky before it slashed down at Long Chen.

This attack’s power caused everyone’s hearts to rise into their throats. Its power had been condensed to the pinnacle, and it was as if the sky was being cut apart. This was Han Tianyu’s first full-strength attack. He now wanted to kill Long Chen without giving him the slightest chance.


The ground split apart and a qi wave surged out like a furious tsunami. Even other peak experts had their expressions changed and retreated. This terrifying shockwave sent a huge wave rippling across the earth for a hundred miles. Countless people were buried within the ground.

“What?!” When people popped out of the ground, the first thing they did was look towards the battlefield. At that place, there was a man carrying a blood-colored saber, a three-hundred-meter divine ring behind his back.

A terrifying energy was surging out of him, causing space to constantly twist. Looking from a distance, it almost seemed like he was enveloped in a water curtain.

Everyone’s hearts shook. With the assistance of his divine ring, Long Chen seemed so powerful that it was if the world could not bear it.

“Do you see? This is my boss’s peak state. Previously, it was all just a warm-up,” praised Guo Ran proudly. However, he was a bit irritated as well as he spat out mud.

At this time Zheng Wenlong and Hua Biluo were not even listening to Guo Ran. They were looking at that figure with his divine ring, their faces dull and lifeless.

Other than a few select people, most of those present had never seen Long Chen using his divine ring. They were all incomparably shocked.

The current Long Chen truly looked like a devil god carrying a bloodthirsty saber, one that would cause the nine heavens to tremble. This image of Long Chen was carved deeply into everyone’s minds, something they would never be able to forget in their lifetimes.

“Since things have reached this stage, there’s no need for little tricks anymore. Surprisingly, your hypocritical mask was exposed by someone else. Well, that means I don’t need to waste any more effort. Now that we’ve reached this point, hand my brothers’ lives back!”

Long Chen furiously roared, and his blood-colored saber came slashing at Han Tianyu. Now his saber released a brilliant scarlet light, as if it was a bloodthirsty monster that had finally woken up.

“Xiantian weapon!?”

Sensing the pressure from Long Chen’s saber, Han Tianyu’s expression changed. The sword he was using right now was a treasure the Yin family had sent him, and its material was extremely precious. However, it still hadn’t reached the level of a Xiantian weapon. Xiantian weapons were just too precious, and even the Yin family was not willing to randomly send one to him.

“Who cares if you have a good weapon? You still won’t be able to escape your death!” Han Tianyu was filled with envy, and his sword ruthlessly slashed towards Long Chen.


There was another explosion, but this time, it was Long Chen who had initiated it. Han Tianyu was blown back. He felt as if his sword had been smashed by a mountain, and the webbing between his finger and thumb split open.

“Impossible! How can you be so strong?!” Han Tianyu couldn’t help but roar. As a peak expert who had tempered ten bones, his power was enough to dominate anyone in the same realm. Furthermore, he was a full realm above Long Chen!

With his power, he didn’t even place Yin Luo and the others in his eyes. Even though there was a huge battle about to commence, he had still been confident enough to attack Long Chen.

But now it seemed Long Chen was an absolute monster. Each time he increased his own strength, Long Chen would follow suit, suppressing him each time. He was practically going crazy.

At the same time, he also began to feel uneasy for the first time. This uneasiness also contained a kind of fear. This was the first time he began to feel afraid, and it was to someone who was a whole realm beneath him. 


Han Tianyu roared again. He actually followed Long Chen’s style, grasping his sword with both hands and using his sword like a saber, hacking down with his full power.

“Ah, he’s exhausted his limited abilities.” Guo Ran sneered, and everyone else was also stunned. Han Tianyu’s sword was not a broadsword, and using it like this didn’t increase his power by much. In fact, using it like this caused him to lose out on a sword’s agility.

Long Chen snorted, and his saber arts suddenly changed styles. Instead of a fierce head-on attack, it became nimble and precise. He stabbed it towards Han Tianyu’s ribs from an odd angle, alarming everyone.

Han Tianyu hadn’t expected Long Chen to suddenly change styles. Unable to dodge in time, he was almost pierced straight through. However, although his mind reading skill was bogus, his combat experience was truly vast, and he immediately shifted his body.

His robes were cut open, and a light cut opened between two of his ribs. Blood slowly flowed out.

Looking at that injury, Han Tianyu’s fury gradually faded. He had almost lost his life just now.

Long Chen’s saber contained a berserk energy, and if he was pierced, then that energy would immediately blast his body apart.

This pain had awakened him. Now, his body suddenly blossomed with light, becoming brighter than the sun.

“Tempered Bone Armor? How did he get enough energy to activate the Tempered Bone Armor?!”

This so-called Tempered Bone Armor was something only those who had tempered four bones or more could use. When they cultivated, they could store their spiritual qi in their tempered bones, using them as another storage place other than the Dantian.

Furthermore, the spiritual qi contained in the tempered bones was at least ten times more condensed than the spiritual qi of the Dantian. That energy was a Bone Forging expert’s final trump card.

But storing spiritual qi within the tempered bones exhausted a great deal of time. Mo Nian and the others had done their best, but they had only had time to temper eight bones. They hadn’t had the time to store spiritual qi.

Han Tianyu had to have used some unknown secret technique, or there was no way he could have tempered such a shocking amount of bones as well as having time to store spiritual qi.

“It’s definitely because of the Yin family. It seems they have some kind of secret technique to increase the speed of bone tempering,” said Hua Biluo.

She thought of that suddenly because she had glanced at Yin Wushuang. Although Yin Wushuang was still only in the same two-temper realm as before, that was only because of her heart-devil. Han Tianyu didn’t have that restriction.

“Long Chen, don’t be so arrogant. The one to die in the end will still be you.” Han Tianyu slowly raised his sword, and the sky was suddenly filled with flying snow.

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