Chapter 444 Nine Line Qi Explosion Art

Long Chen and Han Tianyu collided with unprecedented power and then both withdrew a hundred meters, looking at each other. Long Chen rested his blood-colored saber on his shoulder, icily saying:

“I’ve already said your improved Sword Dao is just trash. Your offense can no longer reach its peak, while your defense is just half-assed.

“The Sword Dao is something that has existed for millions of years, and sword cultivators always stood at the peak of cultivators. Did you think using your few smarts to change it would create a new Dao?

“It’s not that I want to look down on you, but I really do look down on you. Someone who merely likes to play schemes behind people’s backs cannot have any accomplishments.”

All the experts watching were shocked. Although their fight had been very chaotic, the stronger ones had seen it all very clearly.

Long Chen had repeatedly used the same few attacks over and over, but just those moves caused Han Tianyu to be flustered. No matter what technique he tried, he was never able to reverse his disadvantage.

They had no choice but to doubt his self-created Sword Dao.

Sword cultivators were claimed as the strongest attackers, but defense was their fatal weak point. Countless sword cultivators had hoped to make up for that deficiency, but none had succeeded. Of course, there were many people who had thought of using the sheath as a shield before. However, its effect had always been lacking.

As for Han Tianyu, he really was a genius. He had spent endless effort and time on comprehending things others would never have imagined, giving his sheath an absorptive effect and other intricacies that raised its defensive power to the limit. That had shocked everyone and toppled their understanding.

But although Han Tianyu had reached that point, Long Chen was still able to point out that his innovative technique was just trash. And their battle just now proved that he was right.

Long Chen’s tempest of attacks had just been repeats of a few attacks without any technique to speak of. It was simply that each of his attacks did not leave any leeway. Although each of his attacks was clearly full of openings, he had forced Han Tianyu to miserably retreat over and over.

Han Tianyu could easily see those openings. With a random blow, he could kill Long Chen.

But the instant he killed Long Chen, he would definitely die to Long Chen as well. Furthermore, each of Long Chen’s attacks contained his full power, and there was no way he could switch to defense, so it was not bait. This was basically a scoundrel move, forcing Han Tianyu to die with him. But how could Han Tianyu agree to die with Long Chen?

“Shameless technique.” Han Tianyu was trembling with rage. Long Chen was just a scoundrel, making it so his exquisite techniques were unable to release their full power.

With his cultivation base, it was rare for things to rattle his Dao-heart. Yet, now Long Chen had truly given an impact to him.

Previously, Long Chen had used a single move to force him to retreat three times. At that time, he had already lost that exchange.

Then after erupting with his ten-temper power, Long Chen was still able to completely suppress him based on just the same moves. That was another loss.

That was something he was unable to accept. The reason Han Tianyu dared to ignore the Corrupt experts and first focus on Long Chen before the Righteous and Corrupt battle was because he had absolute confidence in himself, and absolute confidence he would suppress Yin Luo.

Han Tianyu treated this immense Righteous and Corrupt battle as a stage for him to release his glory and brilliance. As for Long Chen, he was just the opening show before that glorious battle.

But Long Chen obstinately said his sword arts were garbage, and after their two exchanges, Han Tianyu saw that quite a few people’s expressions had changed.

That filled him with fury. However, he couldn’t show that anger. If he expressed his anger, that was accepting that his self-created Sword Dao was flawed.

“Hmph, all you have is a strong tongue. A despicable traitor that slaughters members of the same path wants to discuss the Sword Dao? What a joke,” sneered Han Tianyu.

“Hahaha, I was already looking down on you, but now I look down on you even more. When your own self-created garbage is exposed by others, you have to go attack that person. You, Han Tianyu, really only have this kind of morality. Sometimes I truly pity you. Doesn’t wearing a hypocritical mask all day get tiring?” laughed Long Chen.

When would Han Tianyu have ever been humiliated like this? He was high and above all others. Furthermore, this was done in front of all the Righteous and Corrupt experts. His killing intent soared furiously.

He snorted, “Even if you have a glib tongue, you can’t change the fact that you are a fiend, and you can’t wash away your sins. This is just your deathbed struggle to conceal your fear. Now I will use the Righteous path’s name to end your traitorous life.”

Han Tianyu raised his sword, slashing it at Long Chen. Long Chen sneered, “What, you don’t dare let me respond? Are you afraid if I talk, I’ll continue slowly exposing how much of a hypocrite you are? Now I am looking down on you even more.”

“Go to hell!” Han Tianyu roared. His body suddenly became covered in a white mist, and a terrifying pressure shot out. Everyone’s heart shook, feeling as if a mountain had fallen on their hearts. They were unable to even breathe.


Long Chen was caught off guard by Han Tianyu’s explosive power, and he was blown back.

His stomach jolted, and his organs felt like they were moving inside him. He coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“What?!” Guo Ran and the others were startled. This reversal was too sudden. Previously, they had been evenly matched, but now Long Chen was sent flying with a single blow, even suffering an injury.

People looked at Han Tianyu. When they saw his face, they all jumped in shock.

Han Tianyu’s originally handsome face now had nine lines across it, appearing extremely bizarre. Now, his face was no longer handsome, but twisted like a sinister ghoul.

At this time, Han Tianyu’s aura was soaring into the sky, and the space around him was constantly twisting, making him seem almost illusory.

Yin Luo, Xue Wuya, and the others all had shocked expressions. This was a Battle Skill they had never heard of. It had allowed Han Tianyu’s power to explode in power by several times.

“This should be the Nine Line Qi Explosion Art. I really wouldn’t have expected Han Tianyu to have learned it.” Zheng Wenlong was also shocked.

“What is it? Is it powerful?” asked Guo Ran.

“The Nine Line Qi Explosion Art is a Heaven class Battle Skill. When using this Qi Explosion Art, your body’s spiritual qi will be compressed to the pinnacle, allowing you to release up to five times the power.”

“Five times?!”

Han Tianyu’s original combat ability was already incredible. Now that he had five times the power, who could possibly subdue him?

“Perhaps we should consider going to help. Otherwise, if Long Chen ends up injured, our strength will sharply fall,” said Zheng Wenlong.

Zheng Wenlong was considering things from a comprehensive point. Long Chen had already displayed his shocking combat ability. As long as he, Mo Nian, and Hua Biluo took action, he trusted there would be no one who would make things hard on them.

After all, the Corrupt experts were like tigers watching their prey, and the Righteous disciples wouldn’t go all-out at this time. In the end, this matter would be left unresolved, and they could settle their debts outside the secret realm.

So in truth, by coming to stand here, he was just intimidating others. But just by showing some imposingness, he would be able to get an enormous favor. That was definitely a huge return.

Mo Nian also nodded and was about to move when Guo Ran stopped him. “You’re all looking down on my boss too much. You should just patiently watch the show.”

“What?” Zheng Wenlong was startled.

“Who do you think my boss is? He has many more trump cards. The reason he hasn’t shown them yet is because he wants to expose Han Tianyu’s true face bit by bit. This bastard caused so many of our brothers to die. How could my boss let him die easily?” said Guo Ran hatefully.

“Brother Guo, are you sure? This is too serious to make a careless mistake,” said Zheng Wenlong.

“I am one hundred percent sure. Boss will definitely be fine. If he was actually in danger, I would be the first to rush out.” Guo Ran patted himself on the chest confidently.

Long Chen had already said he had a fifty percent chance of defeating Han Tianyu. The fight had not reached anywhere close to its climax yet.

Mo Nian suddenly thought of something and smiled. “I remember now. Long Chen really hasn’t used his full strength. Let’s just watch.”

Zheng Wenlong and Hua Biluo exchanged a glance, each seeing the other person’s shock. Just how strong was Long Chen?

He was only at Tendon Transformation. The fact he wasn’t defeated by a peak genius like Han Tianyu who was in the ten-temper Bone Forging realm was already the limit of their expectations.

Zheng Wenlong had taken the risk to stand by Long Chen because he looked favorably upon his talent. As long as Long Chen didn’t die, he would definitely rise like a comet, his light shaking the world.

What he had been hoping for was to send Long Chen help when he needed it, and when he soared, he would definitely get a huge return.

Zheng Wenlong’s projection was that after a fierce fight between Long Chen and Han Tianyu, when Long Chen showed signs of being defeated, he and the others would intervene, and this matter would end here. Everyone would say a few vicious words, something along the lines of ‘just wait for me to get revenge’, blah, blah.

However, from the expressions of the 108th monastery’s disciples, he felt this matter was going in a direction he had not expected, causing him some unease.

But then he suddenly smiled, mocking himself. It was no wonder it was said that the older you got, the smaller your guts would become. What was the point of thinking about all that?

“Senior apprentice-brother Tianyu, kill him!”

“Senior apprentice-brother Tianyu, kill him!”

“Senior apprentice-brother Tianyu, kill him!”

Cheering came in waves. However, the cheering was now essentially only from monastery disciples. Furthermore, it was only from a portion of them. A large majority of the Righteous disciples were now just watching.

“In front of absolute power, all your quibbling is useless. Do you still have any final words?” sneered Han Tianyu.

Long Chen shook his head, patting off some dust. He lightly said, “You’ve stolen my phrase. I often say, in front of absolute strength, all schemes are useless. That’s also why when you schemed against me, I couldn’t be bothered to take note of it. Instead, I raised my strength as much as possible. However, there was one thing I never thought. I underestimated your shamelessness. I never thought you would implicate innocent people. So today, you and Yin Wushuang must die!”

In the distance, Yin Wushuang’s expression completely changed. Long Chen’s words sounded like a demonic curse to her, and she suddenly roared:

“Brother Tianyu, quickly kill him! The sect leader has already said that he must die, so hurry up!”

For a moment, everything was deathly silent. Everyone was looking strangely at Yin Wushuang and Han Tianyu.

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