Chapter 443 Battling Fiercely


A powerful aura surged out of Long Chen’s body, and terrifying qi waves were constantly soaring up into the sky. It was as if a peerless monster had finally opened its eyes.

After condensing the Alioth Star, I never had a true chance to test my strength. Well, now I’ll let all of you see just how powerful I am.

Long Chen snorted inside. The FengFu Star at the bottom of his foot circulated at full speed, while the Alioth Star in his right hand circulated in the opposite direction.

With one circulating clockwise and one counterclockwise, two different energies poured into his body, converging together explosively. This was a way to use the two stars that he had only figured out recently. When these two energies met, they seemed to form a maelstrom, like a volcano about to erupt. A destructive power surged.

“This kind of power… how terrifying!”

No one had imagined that Long Chen would be this powerful. Even Favored had to quickly retreat from his aura.

They weren’t even fighting, but they could sense that in front of Long Chen’s power, they were like ants. The slightest carelessness and they would be torn apart just from some random shockwaves.

Even Yin Luo’s pupils shrank. Although Long Chen hadn’t reached Bone Forging, his current power made it so even he found it hard to breathe.

Long Chen was truly a freak. Each of his actions toppled people’s understanding. He was constantly breaking the rules of this world.


With a final explosion, the dust around Long Chen scattered, and that berserk aura instantly faded. But that just made others feel even more terrified.

That was because Long Chen had already concentrated all that berserk energy inside him. None of it leaked out anymore.

“When did boss become so strong?” Guo Ran and the others were all amazed.

In the past few months, they had constantly been with Long Chen. The majority of his time was spent refining pills for everyone. He had rarely spent any time cultivating himself. They had also never seen him attack in all that time.

Long Chen truly was enigmatic. Even those who stood by his side every day didn’t know his limits.

Seeing this battle god-like figure, Meng Qi and the others were filled with pride. In this era, strength was the most respected, and strength was also the greatest attraction. No one could resist such an attraction. The strong were always the idols to be worshiped.

“Your aura is powerful, but it’s just an outer appearance. Your true abilities are still too lacking. That’s very disappointing.” Han Tianyu was also shocked at first. To be able to release such power at Tendon Transformation was inconceivable. However, he had absolute confidence in himself, and so his words were still light.

“Don’t worry, I, Long Chen, never let anyone go disappointed.” Long Chen merely smiled. Feeling the energy of his two stars making his body brim with energy, he felt incredibly excited. “Looks like you’re prepared now. Since you want to continue acting so noble, I’ll come reveal the truth.”

Long Chen’s foot suddenly stamped on the ground. The ground split apart, and he appeared in front of Han Tianyu in an instant. A saber slashed through the void.

“How fast!” People were shocked, even the other top experts. They hadn’t even seen Long Chen move; if they were to fight, they wouldn’t even have a chance to react before being cut apart.

As for Han Tianyu, he put away his disdainful expression. His sword shook, releasing a rumbling as light began to shine. His sword seemed to come to life as he slashed it at Long Chen.

The instant their weapons collided, everyone’s expressions changed. The weaker disciples had their eardrums shatter, blood flowing out of their ears.

“Not good!” Suddenly, someone let out a startled cry. A terrifying pressure rippled out in all directions.

When that ripple touched the ground, boulders were instantly crushed to broken pieces. Those broken pieces shot out at everyone.

People hastily fled, but those who were slower let out cries of pain. There were several who were devoured by the ripple and turned to paste.

Even Yin Luo and Xue Wuya were not able to endure that level of pressure and had no choice but to block that shockwave as they retreated. They only stopped once they were over a mile away.

While everyone retreated to a safe distance, Long Chen and Han Tianyu had already exchanged a hundred blows. Saber-images came in waves and Sword Qi pierced the sky. The two of them fought so intensely that others were unable to even see their figures. They could only see the sky full of saber-images and Sword Qi.

“Too terrifying! This is the power of peak experts?” Even those self-important Chosen were completely taken aback.

Although Han Tianyu was called a Chosen just like them, in such a fast-paced battle, even if they used their full strength, they might not even be able to receive a single blow.

“Why is there such a huge power difference? We’re also Bone Forging experts!” Some Favored felt even more dejected than the Chosen.

They didn’t even have the ability to approach such a fight, let alone participate. They would be directly blown to pieces if they tried approaching.

As for those ordinary core disciples, they were the only ones who didn’t sigh with sorrow. For them, this level of battle was something they could only possibly watch. Furthermore, just watching was something they had to do while hiding far away.

“Every time I see boss fight, I feel my blood boiling.” Guo Ran tightly clenched his fists excitedly, having an urge to also charge forward.

Gu Yang and the others also agreed completely. Each time Long Chen fought, it was always so wild, so hot-blooded. It truly did raise people’s passions.

Each one of Long Chen’s attacks was filled with his courageous spirit. When a person had transcended the restrictions of life and death, that was the peak of a kind of Dao, and it could let other people feel a resonance in their hearts. Furthermore, his eyes were always calm, unafraid of anything, even death. Each of his attacks was ruthless, aiming to kill his opponent.

Mo Nian, Hua Biluo, and Zheng Wenlong were peak experts, and yet they had no choice but to admit that Long Chen’s fighting style truly was formidable. The most terrifying aspect about him was his powerful will and his fearless determination.

The three of them could all sense that his will was incredibly powerful. No one could use their will to suppress him in the slightest.

“Looks like I really will profit from this transaction.” Zheng Wenlong smiled.

“But of course. Brother Zheng really is astute. To invest in my boss is definitely the best way to profit. Speaking of which, is your Huayun Sect accepting new members? Could this little brother go and try it?” said Guo Ran.

“Guo Ran, you traitor, you want to leave the monastery?!” Tang Wan-er said disdainfully.

“Cough, ah, of course not. Sister-in-law, I couldn’t possibly do that.” Guo Ran awkwardly coughed.

Zheng Wenlong laughed. “To work together with my Huayun Sect doesn’t require you to become a member of the Huayun Sect. We’re all businessmen, and the point is for it to be mutually beneficial.”

Guo Ran became excited now that Zheng Wenlong had helped him out, and he immediately gave him a thumbs-up. “Brother Zheng really is amazing, truly admirable. But here’s one thing this little brother does not understand. Are you really so bold as to bet everything on my boss?”

It wasn’t just Guo Ran who didn’t understand. Even Mo Nian and Hua Biluo were doubtful. In fact, while they were standing together, they kept a certain distance from him.

However, Long Chen had agreed to their cooperation, and so they couldn’t say anything. But now their ears all perked up in anticipation.

Zheng Wenlong smiled slightly. Looking at them, he said, “It’s the same as I said before. Many people don’t understand my Huayun Sect’s disciples, especially how we conduct ourselves.

“We’re businessmen, and business opportunities decide whether we succeed or fail. If you can’t even find a business opportunity, then you aren’t a businessman.

“When it comes to business opportunities, the main point is investment. And risk comes with any investment. The higher the risk, the greater the reward.

“As a businessman, the thing you must trust the most is your eyesight. Just like with other cultivators, if you have a strong belief, you can advance courageously despite any obstacles.

“As for us, our belief is in the wealth god, and what we cultivate is the Business Dao. Long Chen has also said it: all the Heavenly Daos return to the same point, all Laws are from the same source, and at the peak of all Daos, everything is connected. This is my first time hearing it put in such a perfect manner. That is even further evidence my investment wasn’t wrong.

“I digress. Our Huayun disciples’ Dao-hearts are our belief, and our belief is that wealth is capable of allowing us to walk to the peak of the martial path.”

Guo Ran was deeply affected and said, “Boss has also told me that as long as I firmly believe in my Forging Dao, making it into my belief, then as long as I keep a stable Dao-heart, I can also reach the pinnacle. So in reality, it was the same principle as yours.”

Zheng Wenlong nodded. “Long Chen is correct. The most difficult part of cultivation is maintaining a stable Dao-heart. On the cultivation path, we will all be given blows, we will all get confused, we will all become lost, and we will all suffer from negative emotions from time to time. That will all affect our Dao-hearts, and once your Dao-heart crumbles, then you will be like a carriage without a road, a boat without any water. You will lose all orientation, and it will be impossible for you to advance.

“The Business Dao is our belief, and our eyesight is the weapon we trust the most. We will never doubt our eyesight, because if we doubt it, then that means our Dao-heart is already broken and our martial path will also be blocked.

“Since I trust my vision, and since I can see immense profits coming from this, why would I give up on this opportunity?”

Mo Nian and Hua Biluo now understood the Huayun disciples’ conviction a bit more. Although they still didn’t understand it completely, it still made them admire them.

There were countless Daos in the world, and they were all different paths to the same destination. The Huayun Sect had relied on its Business Dao to thrive for countless years, so it definitely had its own powerful foundation. There were many people who didn’t understand them, feeling like they were nothing more than profit-seeking merchants. However, those people were completely mistaken.

“Your life is your greatest investment. If you invest it in some object, your profit will always be limited. But if you invest it in a person, then what they might bring you in the end is unimaginable.” Zheng Wenlong laughed pointedly.

Hua Biluo shook, as she realized Zheng Wenlong was talking about her. Wasn’t her cooperation with Long Chen also a business transaction? Then it was also a part of the Business Dao.


After they finished speaking, Long Chen and Han Tianyu collided with an unprecedented power, drawing everyone’s gaze.

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