Chapter 441 Combination Technique

With a final roar, Long Chen’s FengFu Star and Alioth Star quickly circulated, and a fist came smashing at Han Tianyu.

Han Tianyu felt a terrifying aura lock him down, and he was filled with horror. Long Chen was only at Tendon Transformation, and yet he was able to lock him down.


People were horrified to see that Han Tianyu was once more blown back. The arm he had used to block had its sleeve completely blown apart, and his fist was now a bit deformed. Clearly, he had underestimated Long Chen’s power, and thus he had suffered. He flew back hundreds of meters before stabilizing.

“Hahahaha!” Han Tianyu suddenly raised his head and laughed.

“Not bad. It’s no wonder you could kill my brother. You truly have that bit of ability. But this is also best, as only like this will it be a bit interesting.” 

He shook out his arm, and it was unknown what technique he was using, but his deformed hand instantly recovered. Clenching it, it let out light crackling sounds.

“The current you does have the qualifications to make me be a bit more serious. Take out your weapon. This battle will end quickly.” Han Tianyu took out a sword, and a terrifying Sword Qi soared into the sky.

“Han Tianyu… He’s a sword cultivator!”

Everyone was shocked, especially Yue Zifeng. He was already tightly staring at Han Tianyu.

The current Han Tianyu had completely transformed from his usual self. He was like an awakened blade whose sharpness shook the world.

Everyone present was within the range of that Sword Qi, and their hair stood on end. They felt as if the edge of a cold blade was pressed against their throats.

Sword cultivators were always praised as the cultivators with the strongest attack power. Now that Han Tianyu had released his aura, it caused everyone to tremble.

Even Hua Biluo and the others jumped in shock. Han Tianyu had truly hidden himself deeply. Who would have thought that this refined and cultured person was actually a sword cultivator?

Normally, sword cultivators were especially prideful. Thus, this contrast of temperaments was truly too much.

“So his mind reading skill was just to conceal the fact he was a sword cultivator!” exclaimed Hua Biluo.

She saw that even the first monastery’s disciples, including Yin Wushuang, were now astonished. Obviously, even they also hadn’t known Han Tianyu’s true abilities.

“Does your face not hurt?” Long Chen snorted, a blood-colored saber appearing in his hand. A wild will surged out of him.

“Die!” Han Tianyu’s expression sank. With a cold shout, his sword quivered and the void seemed to have been split apart. A ray of Sword Qi mercilessly slashed down on Long Chen.

Long Chen’s blood-colored saber let out a loud cry, seeming to come to life. A saber-image clashed with Han Tianyu’s Sword Qi.

When the Sword Qi and saber-image collided, there wasn’t an explosion. Instead, the two tightly locked against each other. They constantly trembled as the two of them went all-out to suppress the other.

In their very first collision, the two of them wanted to use their imposingness to suppress the other. This was one of the most critical steps to victory. Once a person retreated, it was extremely easy for the opponent to launch consecutive blows that might lead all the way to a perfect victory.

The spiritual qi of both of them was pouring into their weapons. The three-hundred-meter saber-image and Sword Qi bloomed with light, radiating immense power.

The ground beneath their feet crumbled, and a wave of qi surged out. A huge crater formed in the ground.

That crater only grew wider as the two of them increased their power. In an instant, it surged out, encompassing everyone present.


Quite a few people were unable to endure that terrifying pressure and spat out blood. They hastily retreated. There were only a few experts who were able to stay in their original locations in the face of that pressure.


Suddenly, their saber-image and Sword Qi exploded. They had been unable to endure that level of spiritual qi.


The two of them roared at the same time and charged at the other. Long Chen’s saber slashed towards Han Tianyu’s neck.

Han Tianyu blocked with his sword, and he was about to return blows when he suddenly felt a burst of pain on his abdomen. At some unknown time, Long Chen’s foot had kicked him there.

Although ninety-nine percent of his power was focused on the saber, this one kick was still extremely powerful. Han Tianyu was sent flying.

No one would expect Long Chen to use such an odd move when all their power was focused on their weapons. His internal organs were displaced by the power, and he almost spat out blood.


Han Tianyu roared and Sword Qi shot out, filling the sky. Dozens of sword-images slashed down on Long Chen.

Long Chen was startled, as Han Tianyu’s Sword Qi was no illusion, but solid. With dozens of rays of Sword Qi slashing down on him, their power could easily superimpose.

“Parting Wind Slash!”

His blood-colored saber swept out, and a huge ray of Saber Qi cut apart the void, smashing into the Sword Qi.


Long Chen’s arm trembled and he involuntarily flew back a hundred meters.

“Clear Wind Sword Dance.”

Han Tianyu continued pressing forward, his sword suddenly becoming like the cool breeze blowing through willow trees, continuously stabbing at Long Chen.

His sword tip was like the tongue of a viper, coming from every angle, making it so no one was able to predict where his next attack would land.

“What terrifying sword arts!” exclaimed Yue Zifeng. This was his first time seeing such sword arts. They were so exquisite they were unblockable. They caused a person to feel such despair that they would have an urge to just close their eyes and wait for death.

Long Chen snorted. Ignoring Han Tianyu’s sword, his saber slashed towards his throat.

His saber was over three meters long, while Han Tianyu’s sword was only four feet. Even though Long Chen was attacking after him, his saber would still pierce through his throat before his sword pierced his body.

What surprised everyone was that Han Tianyu actually sneered with ridicule, and his sword didn’t stop. He allowed Long Chen’s saber to continue approaching his neck.

But with a muffled bang, sparks flew.


The thing blocking Long Chen’s saber was surprisingly Han Tianyu’s sheath.

Long Chen was startled. At this time, his sword tip was just about to reach him. Furthermore, there was a powerful spiritual qi condensed on top of it. If it pierced through his body, his insides would instantly explode.

But Han Tianyu was extremely crafty, and there was a bizarre absorptive strength on his sheath. It pulled Long Chen’s saber to it, making it so he couldn’t immediately retreat.

“Hmph.” Violet lightning suddenly appeared on Long Chen’s saber. Han Tianyu felt his whole body turn numb, and before he could react, Long Chen’s saber had already escaped from his absorption. At the same time, a powerful force pushed him away and allowed Long Chen to retreat.

Although Long Chen managed to react in time, Han Tianyu’s sword still pierced through his clothes, almost reaching his skin.

The spectators were unable to sense the profundities behind this exchange. They could only tell that Long Chen had just been a hair away from being killed by Han Tianyu. That caused Hua Biluo and the others to sweat nervously.

Sometimes on the battlefield, it wasn’t the one whose strength was greater that would be the victor. Sometimes the slightest bit of negligence might lead to great regret.

“How is it? How does it feel to walk along the path of death?” sneered Han Tianyu.

“Have you exhausted your limited abilities?” retorted Long Chen.

“Hmph, then let me see just how long you can keep up such a distasteful mouth.” Han Tianyu’s sword fluttered through the air, while the sheath in his left hand was like a hidden viper, ready to attack at any time, something impossible to defend against.

Long Chen repeatedly brandished his saber, releasing a sky full of saber-images to block Han Tianyu’s attacks. He sneered, “It seems you’ve scammed others so often that you ended up scamming even yourself. Your bogus mind reading skill might have managed to trick countless people, giving you the sweet taste of success, but it also made you walk down the wrong path.”


Forcing back Han Tianyu’s sword, Long Chen continued, “Genuine products are unable to be faked, and faked products are always never able to become genuine.

“You wasted all that effort to make up your fake mind reading skill, all to conceal the fact that you were a sword cultivator.

“By doing this, you had great success. However, you were also affected. Thinking yourself clever, you used your sword as a weapon while using the sheath as a shield. Did you think doing this would allow you to possess both offense and defense? Absolutely laughable!”

“What nonsense. This is my self-created combination technique. Sword arts focus on offense, not defense, but by using my sheath as well, I can make up for the weakness of sword arts. Hmph, such a profound thing is something you couldn’t even comprehend.” Han Tianyu’s voice was full of disdain.

His words moved everyone. The majority of the people present used swords. His words had pointed out the weakness of the Sword Dao, causing countless people’s eyes to light up. It was as if they now saw a new path open before them. The sword sheath truly could make up for the weakness of the Sword Dao. They felt as if they had been awakened to a new world.

“Idiot, do you even understand why sword cultivators are claimed as the cultivators with the strongest attack power? It’s because they only care about offense! If you use offense to make up for your defense, using offense to break through all barriers, to advance without ever looking back, if you had such a powerful offense, what would you need defense for? Your technique is an absolute joke!” sneered Long Chen.

Now Long Chen’s words caused those people who had just seen a new pathway for themselves to once more become lost. It was precisely because sword cultivators were known as the strongest attackers that most people chose to use the sword as their weapon.

But although there were countless people who used the sword, only those who could comprehend the Sword Dao and then condense their own sword intent were able to be called sword cultivators. There were very few such people.

So, Long Chen and Han Tianyu’s words caused people to be bewildered. It seemed as if both of them were correct.

“You’re not a sword cultivator, so you don’t have the qualifications to spout rubbish here,” raged Han Tianyu. For an amateur to criticize his sword arts was unacceptable.

“All the Heavenly Daos return to the same point. All Laws are from the same source. At the peak of all Daos, everything is connected. Since you don’t believe it, then I’ll show you just what it means to use offense as defense.”

Long Chen switched to holding his saber with both hands, and with a sudden, thunderous shout, his saber became a blood-colored ray that slashed at Han Tianyu.

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