Chapter 440 Divine Skill Once More Appears

Remembering how his brothers had fought side by side with him in the Righteous and Corrupt battle, Long Chen’s fury was constantly soaring.

At the same time, he was also filled with guilt. If it hadn’t been for him, none of that would have happened. He really had never imagined that this bastard Han Tianyu would be so despicable as to take his anger out on his friends.

“No matter what you say, no matter how you quibble, you can’t conceal your crimes. If you were smart, you’d kneel down and beg for forgiveness.” Han Tianyu stood with his hands clasped behind his back, appearing like an emperor looking down on one of his subjects.

“You perverted traitor Long Chen, senior apprentice-brother Han is doing you a favor by giving you a chance to keep your corpse intact. What are you still hesitating about? Hurry up and just kill yourself.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Han, just kill him. Such a vile traitor should be tortured and cut to pieces before being killed. Dying like this is already letting him off too easy.”

The Righteous disciples took this chance to shout. With this many people, their voices billowed over like powerful waves.

As for Huo Wufang and Yin Wushuang, they were exceptionally pleased by this. Now Long Chen had been forced to the end of the line. The Righteous path would no longer allow him to live.

Alongside them, the Corrupt disciples were also excitedly watching. They had all heard of the Righteous path’s laughable internal fighting. Now seeing it in action, they were all sneering inside.

An immense Righteous and Corrupt battle was about to begin, but they were still fighting amongst themselves here. That made them wonder, could it be that the Righteous disciples were idiots raised especially for them to slaughter?

“Shut up!”

An angry roar rang out, one that sounded like it came from a heavenly divinity, one that caused heaven and earth to change all color. Everyone’s ears shook from it.

“A group of idiots who don’t know anything, a group of simpletons who only know how to curry favor, a group of cowards who only know how to bully the weak but are terrified of the strong.

“There are many of you who know what is going on, but you still have the conscience to act like you don’t.

“Even people like you can be called cultivators? In order to suck up to others, you are willing to sell your very soul. You’re all a disgrace upon the cultivation world.

“I can’t be bothered to quibble with you about it. But let me just give you one word of advice. It would be best for you not to become enemies with me or try to vainly infuriate me. When I get angry, even I don’t know what I will do.”

Long Chen’s shout seemed to come from above the nine heavens. Each of his words struck them to their very core, and quite a few people were shaken so deeply by them that they almost fainted.

That was because Long Chen’s voice had contained his Spiritual Strength as well as his powerful will. Those people who were just lying through their teeth turned pale from that power, their hearts quivering.

“And you Han Tianyu, don’t try to be some dog-like hero, acting like some savior of the world. You’re just a hypocrite. Today, I will expose your true face.”

After finishing speaking, he charged at Han Tianyu. The two of them had only been separated by three hundred meters. With a single step, Long Chen appeared in front of him, smashing a fist.

Han Tianyu sneered, “I’ve already seen through all your abilities. None of your attacks are of any use against me.”

Just as Long Chen’s fist was about to reach him, Han Tianyu raised a hand, his palm firmly blocking Long Chen’s attack.


People were surprised by Long Chen’s power. He had yet to release any of his aura. Just this random blow of his had so much power that the ground beneath the two of them split open.

Furthermore, this ordinary blow caused the ground within a mile of them to shake intensely.

Long Chen repeatedly struck out three times. Shockingly, Han Tianyu seemed to be able to predict each one of Long Chen’s punches, and he would always place his palm precisely where Long Chen’s fist was about to be.

Everyone could clearly see that each time Long Chen moved, Han Tianyu would always already be waiting for him.

“The stories that Han Tianyu has a mind reading skill and that any attack is useless in front of him really are true!” exclaimed a Chosen.

Han Tianyu rarely fought with others, so now that he was, people were all shocked. Did he really have a mind reading skill?

That mustached man also opened his eyes, looking unblinkingly at their fight. A contemplative expression appeared on his face.

This was everyone’s first time witnessing such a fighting style, and they were all dumbstruck. Just how could they possibly defeat such an enemy?

“This Han Tianyu really is powerful. Does he really know how to read minds?” Even Zheng Wenlong was shocked.

“Long Chen said his mind reading skill is fake.” Hua Biluo shook her head. But inside, she was still nervous. Even if they were fake, that still didn’t change the fact that all of Long Chen’s attacks were being seen through.

“In front of me, all your attacks are useless. If this is all the ability you have, then you can just die.” After blocking these three consecutive punches, Han Tianyu sneered.

“Oh, is that so? When you brag that much, how do you not blush?” Long Chen sneered back and once more sent a fist smashing forward.

“Bragging? Then I’ll show you-”


Before Han Tianyu could finish speaking, a palm came from his dead angle, viciously slapping across his face.

That resounding and crisp sound rang out for everyone to hear. Han Tianyu was blown back by Long Chen’s slap.



Everyone gasped. Han Tianyu had always been confident and calm, blocking each of Long Chen’s attacks with a single palm. But now he was suddenly sent flying by a slap in the face. All of them were dumbfounded, unable to believe their own eyes.

Han Tianyu only managed to stabilize himself several dozen meters away. A burning pain came from his face. Long Chen’s slap had been too vicious.

If it had been a Bone Forging expert other than him, that slap could have directly caused their head to explode.

“Ah, no wonder you can brag so much without blushing. Your skin is so thick that even my hand hurts.” Long Chen shook out his hand.

Only once Long Chen spoke did people awaken from their stupor, realizing this wasn’t a hallucination, but reality.

Even Hua Biluo and the others were shocked. They still didn’t understand what was going on. Han Tianyu had clearly been seeing through each and every one of Long Chen’s moves. It was only this ordinary slap in the face that he was unable to avoid.

What they didn’t know was that Long Chen’s face-slapping ability had already reached the level of a divine technique. There was no sign before he used it, and since it wasn’t a killing blow, it was almost impossible to sense it.

The only reason it was so effective was because when Long Chen used it, the only effect he was looking for was to humiliate his opponent. He never used it to kill people, so this attack naturally didn’t contain any killing intent, making it that much harder for people to sense.


Han Tianyu roared, his aura completely erupting without reserve. A powerful pressure descended upon everyone.

“What a terrifying aura!”

“This… this should be the pressure of at least the eight-temper level!”

“Han Tianyu is finally getting serious.”

Han Tianyu’s face still stung from Long Chen’s slap, and more importantly, he had never suffered such humiliation in all his years. His killing intent immediately erupted.

“DIE!” Han Tianyu roared, smashing his fist at Long Chen. Heaven and earth rumbled, and even those ten miles away could feel that terrifying power.

Long Chen sneered. Han Tianyu really was lacking. After being exposed, his humiliation became rage. Long Chen’s FengFu Star and Alioth Star circulated, and his spiritual qi almost seemed to boil, surging out.

In the face of Han Tianyu’s fist, Long Chen also punched out.


The two fists were like two huge mountains fiercely crashing into each other.


A figure flew back in front of everyone’s flabbergasted eyes. They had all clearly seen that after their two fists had collided, Long Chen’s left hand had given Han Tianyu another vicious slap in the face.

Previously, he had slapped him on the left side of his face with his right hand. Now, he slapped the other side with his left hand. Both were perfectly aimed and powered. Now both sides of his face were equally red.

“I understand!” Hua Biluo cried out suddenly.

“What?” asked Zheng Wenlong.

“Long Chen previously told me that Han Tianyu’s mind reading skill was fake. He said Han Tianyu must have immense combat experience and have trained to the master level in almost all martial weapons. He is able to guess what a person’s move will be based on their eyes and the smallest of movements.

“At the beginning, I still doubted it, but now I understand. Long Chen’s previous attacks, no matter what he tried, were all easily blocked by Han Tianyu.

“But Long Chen’s face slaps are not within the scope of his abilities. Adding on the fact that Long Chen’s face slap doesn’t have any warning before he uses it, Han Tianyu cannot predict it. He used these two slaps to prove that to everyone,” exclaimed Hua Biluo.

She finally understood why Long Chen had repeatedly used different punches at the beginning. It was all to prove his own guess. Once he was sure enough, he directly gave him a slap in the face.

Now, Han Tianyu’s mind reading skill was revealed to everyone as complete nonsense. To many people, a mind reading skill was too shocking and frightening, and they would be defeated before they even fought.

By doing this, Long Chen had given Hua Biluo a great deal of confidence. As long as Han Tianyu didn’t know a mind reading skill, then he wasn’t that terrifying.

“Fakes are just fakes, and just like lies, they will always be exposed one day. Did you think a little trick would work forever?” sneered Long Chen.

Although he had been confident in his guess, a guess was still just a guess. Only with proof was he at ease.

“Long Chen!” Han Tianyu held his face, still feeling that burning pain. He had now suffered twice from the same move. Although he wasn’t injured, this kind of humiliation made him feel worse than being killed.

“You’re going to get mad just because of this? Hahahaha, when you were scheming against me, did you not realize it would make me angry?

“When you used others to entrap me, constantly smearing my name, spreading photographic jades as fast as possible, did you not realize it would make me angry?

“When you were unable to find me and so decided to shamelessly target the people by my side, getting them killed one by one, did you ever once think that that would infuriate me?”

Long Chen’s words rang out louder with each one. By the end, it had already become a heaven-shaking roar, a scream from a divine devil containing endless killing intent.

“If you’re angry about a face slap, then that just means you’re still a child!” 

A fist came smashing towards Han Tianyu. 

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