Chapter 439 Taking Revenge for Brothers

That disdainful shout immediately drew everyone’s attention.

A man in a fiery-red robe with an exquisite tower symbol on its sleeve appeared in front of everyone, looking contemptuously at Long Chen and the others.

“Huo Wufang!”

Both the Righteous and Corrupt disciples let out startled cries. Even the mustached man opened his eyes to glance at him before once more closing them.

Huo Wufang came from the Pill Tower, and no one dared offend them. That was because everyone’s medicinal pills were bought from the Pill Tower.

The Pill Tower was a neutral power. But even the Corrupt experts, ones who would slaughter countless innocents, would stay far, far away from alchemists guilds. 

It could be said that Huo Wufang was the one who possessed the strongest background of anyone present.

“If my Huayun Sect is a peddler, then your Pill Tower is nothing more than a group of sanctimonious swindlers. Neither of us is any better than the other, and neither should be insulting the other.” Zheng Wenlong smiled coldly.

When it came to the Huayun Sect, many people didn’t know of its existence. But practically everyone knew of the Huayun Pavilions.

The Huayun auction houses were spread throughout the world. It could be said that wherever there was business to do, there was a Huayun Pavilion around. That was enough to prove just how powerful the Huayun Sect was.

The Pill Tower had almost monopolized the medicinal pill market. However, it was only ‘almost’, in other words, not completely. A tenth of medicinal pills on the market came from the Huayun Pavilions.

This action of theirs was clearly getting in the way of the Pill Tower’s profits. But in all these years, the Huayun Sect had not fallen. That was thought-provoking.

“What did you say? Who is the swindler?!” raged Huo Wufang.

“Ah, forget about it. Some things don’t have any meaning once they’re said. Could it be you really want me to expose your true face?” Zheng Wenlong continued, “As a person, don’t have such a malicious mouth, unless you have never done anything immoral.”

“You!” Huo Wufang’s expression sank.

Zheng Wenlong could not be bothered to deal with Huo Wufang any further. Others might fear his Pill Tower, but the Huayun Pavilion was not afraid.

“Long Chen, what do you say? My hand’s getting tired of being raised like this.” Zheng Wenlong laughed.

Long Chen immediately clapped his hand, completing the oath. He also laughed. “With brother Zheng’s heroism, I’m sure that as long as I don’t die, you’ll definitely make a huge profit in the future.”

Long Chen was starting to like the Huayun Sect more and more. Although they always called themselves businessmen who only cared about profit, he could sense their heroism. They were true men.

That was especially true of those experts following Zheng Wenlong. Even though he had made such a huge decision to join hands with Long Chen, they hadn’t even batted an eye. That was truly worthy of praise.

“Hahaha, then brother Long, you had better live for a few extra years so your brother can profit more.” Zheng Wenlong laughed.

“Sorry, but he won’t be living for that long. Your business transaction is doomed to suffer a loss.”

Han Tianyu, who had been given the cold shoulder all this time, finally had a chance to interject. At this time, his expression was slightly icy, as he was unable to accept being ignored like this.

“Oh? I don’t think so. From when I was seven, I joined the Huayun Sect, and I didn’t have anyone to rely on. I walked to my current point relying on just my two eyes. I don’t believe my eyesight will fail me this time.” Zheng Wenlong smiled slightly, revealing his powerful confidence and pride.

That was the point the Huayun disciples were most proud of. They didn’t need anyone else; they had relied entirely on themselves for their current accomplishments.

Compared to those who had relied entirely on their powerful families to grow, they were even stronger and more self-confident. And so they were filled with gratefulness and worship toward the Huayun Sect.

Just now, Hua Wufang had only insulted them as being peddlers, which they didn’t care about. But if he had insulted the Huayun Sect, they would have immediately attacked him. Even if they weren’t a match for him, even if they had to die, they would not permit anyone to blaspheme their sect.

When it came to the disciples’ feelings for their sect, there were few sects that could compare to the Huayun Sect. Although they were often called peddlers, no one dared doubt their power. Otherwise, how could they have managed to go head-on against the Pill Tower?

The Pill Tower’s strength was obvious, while the Huayun Sect’s power was hidden. The Huayun sect was always low-key, rarely fighting with others. They followed the maxim that being amiable would make you rich.

However, once someone attempted to cut off their profits, they would reveal their fangs. Cutting off their livelihood was equivalent to killing their parents to them, and that was a blood debt that had to be repaid.

The Huayun Sect’s history stretched so far back that people had already forgotten what had happened with them. In any case, these disciples only knew that the Huayun Pavilion’s foundation was extremely profound.

Furthermore, it was impossible to calculate how many disciples they had, because they were just too enormous. Today, Zheng Wenlong’s disregard of Huo Wufang was enough to prove how powerful they were.

They didn’t even care about the Pill Tower, let alone Han Tianyu. Although Han Tianyu was powerful, Zheng Wenlong wasn’t afraid of him.

Now, Long Chen’s side had Hua Biluo, Mo Nian, and Zheng Wenlong. Their power was rapidly rising, and now they were truly a third party here.

As for the Corrupt disciples, their expressions changed slightly. If this continued, then it seemed the Corrupt side would end up losing out greatly against the Righteous side.

As for the Righteous disciples, their expressions also weren’t very good. They hadn’t expected Long Chen to have such influence and be able to draw in so many people.

Many people felt hatred for him. If he hadn’t appeared, how could so many matters have occurred? At this time, they would have been able to completely overpower the Corrupt disciples.

“A person’s eyesight will always fail him sometimes. After all, people are only humans, not gods. Mistakes are unavoidable.” Han Tianyu shook his head.

“I admit that there have been times I have been wrong. But that depends on who can make me wrong. You sir, do not have that ability,” said Zheng Wenlong with a smile on his face.

Zheng Wenlong’s words were not at all polite, causing Han Tianyu’s expression to become icy. In truth, he didn’t want to fight with him, but Zheng Wenlong was forcing him.

“It’s Han Tianyu, right? I will represent the Pill Tower to support you.” Huo Wufang quickly arrived beside Han Tianyu.

“Many thanks, brother Huo. Han Tianyu is extremely grateful.” Han Tianyu smiled. Not only did Huo Wufang represent the Pill Tower, but he also had the support of the Pill Valley behind him. The Pill Valley was a supreme existence.

Previously, Han Tianyu had also wanted to greet Huo Wufang, but he had never had a chance. Now that Huo Wufang took the initiative to support him, his mood raised a great deal.

“Hmph, a contemptible little man draws in a pack of rogues and thinks that is enough to lord over others? How laughable. Although my Pill Tower doesn’t participate in the struggles between the Righteous and Corrupt paths, as a person, I really can’t bear to see a person like you strutting around,” sneered Huo Wufang.

Long Chen looked back at him. He knew this fellow was still hung up on losing the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s Neidan. However, Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest bit bad about that. Back then, he had already taken a step back, offering to split half the Neidan’s energy with him. Then they both would have been able to obtain its beast flame.

But this idiot repeatedly refused, insisting on keeping it all to himself. His attitude was that if he didn’t hand over the Neidan, he would kill him.

For such a person, the best thing was a vicious slap in the face. You couldn’t give such a person a single inch, or he would immediately take advantage of you.

Han Tianyu cupped his fists to Huo Wufang and then walked over to Long Chen. When he was three hundred meters away, the entire crowd held its breath.

“As an expert of the Righteous path, it’s unfortunate that your character is so terrible, allowing you to do so many outrageous atrocities. With your cultivation base, I would have only captured you and sent you to the supermonastery. Unfortunately, you refuse to change and even killed my brother. Today, I will get revenge for my brother. I will get justice for him as well as all those innocents who died under your hand, to get justice for the very heavens!”

Han Tianyu’s words were filled with righteous injustice. Each of his words was louder than the next, and by the end, his voice shook the very sky.

“Kill Long Chen as justice for the Righteous path!”

“Kill Long Chen as justice for the Righteous path!”

Following Han Tianyu’s words, quite a few Righteous disciples began to shout. Following those leaders, the other Righteous disciples also raised their weapons and shouted along.

“These idiots, just how stupid are they?” Looking at those impassioned Righteous disciples, Guo Ran couldn’t help but grind his teeth and curse.

What dogshit justice? Innocent? Yin Wushuang enticed that many experts to besiege the disciples of the 108th monastery. Then were the dead disciples of the 108th monasteries not innocent?

Han Tianfeng and Yin Wushuang had worked together to fight Tang Wan-er. If Long Chen hadn’t come, Tang Wan-er would have already died. Was Tang Wan-er not innocent?

When the 108th disciples attempted to gather with Long Chen on Compass Mountain but ended up being mercilessly attacked from all directions, were they not innocent?

Seeing how much they wanted to punish Long Chen, Guo Ran wished to tear them to pieces. These idiots were really too hateful, deciding to just blindly believe Han Tianyu.

“Do you see? Your conduct has already infuriated everyone. If you don’t die today, then not even the heavens will tolerate it. Your sins are unforgivable,” said Han Tianyu icily.

“Han Tianyu, don’t bother being so pretentious. In truth, all you are is a giant hypocrite,” sneered Hua Biluo. She was about to continue when Long Chen stopped her.

“Sister Biluo, I’ve suddenly decided to change plans. You don’t need to testify for me. Today, I will kill him.”

According to the original plan, Hua Biluo was supposed to testify for Long Chen and prove that all this was caused by Yin Wushuang, proving Long Chen was the victim.

As for Long Chen, his goal was to first kill Yin Wushuang. If Han Tianyu wanted to stop him, then he would fight with him. However, now, Han Tianyu had immediately pointed his spear at him. 

That proved that the person targeting him had not just been Yin Wushuang, but also Han Tianyu. Then those fallen brothers of his had also died because of Han Tianyu.

Then the enmity between the two was now one that would not stop until death. Proving his innocence was now meaningless to him.

“There’s no need for any more superfluous words. You want to get revenge for your brother. It just so happens that I also want to get revenge for my brothers.” Long Chen’s killing intent rose, his eyes turning icy-cold.

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