Chapter 438 Zheng Wenlong

“Han Tianyu has arrived!”

The Righteous disciples let out an incredibly loud cheer. There was a multi-colored tiger in the distance that was rapidly approaching.

It was unknown what kind of tiger this was. It was around a hundred meters long, and the end of its tail had a hook on it, similar to a scorpion’s tail. That hook shined sinisterly, making people feel an icy chill in their bones.

Han Tianyu was standing on the tiger’s head. Two shining eyes lit up his handsome face. His embroidered robes fluttered in the wind, and with the way his long hair blew back in the breeze, he was indescribably handsome.

“Tch, the pretty boy has come.” Mo Nian spat on the ground.

When it came to looks, Han Tianyu definitely stood at the peak. As soon as he appeared, it was unknown just how many maidens from the Righteous path began to scream fanatically.

Han Tianyu had immediately suppressed Mo Nian’s flashy entrance. Mo Nian did not have Han Tianyu’s influence, and especially toward women, his still slightly immature face truly brought him down.

Once Han Tianyu almost reached everyone, the tiger suddenly paused and Han Tianyu was immediately thrown off, causing quite a few people to cry out.

But then they realized that Han Tianyu was calmly floating through the air like a divine immortal descending upon the world.

This action immediately caused countless cheers. The women were already starry-eyed.

“Boss, do you see? This is what it means to be a poser, to show off! I’ve long since been telling you that you can’t look down on the effect of posturing. Look, those women have practically gone insane! When it comes to looks, you wouldn’t be that much inferior to Han Tianyu. As long as you listen to me, I guarantee you’ll be able to make an entrance ten times flashier than this one!” Guo Ran patted himself on the chest confidently.

Long Chen was speechless, too lazy to respond. However, Mo Nian’s eyes began to shine. “This brother, you should be called Guo Ran, right? Brother Guo Ran, as soon as I saw you, I knew you were an erudite and talented man. In the future, we two brothers should talk more.”

Mo Nian wrapped his arm around Guo Ran’s shoulders. This intimate action made Guo Ran feel as if he were floating through the clouds. Mo Nian was the junior pavilion master of Mo Gate, a peak expert. What kind of glory was this?

“Big brother Mo, you’re too courteous, to think you would think so highly of me! No matter what you tell me to do, even if you want me to tread through fire and water, I definitely won’t even frown!” said Guo Ran.

“Brother Guo really is a loyal man, a true hero!” Mo Nian gave him a thumbs-up. “I hear that brother Guo has great skill when it comes to showing off. In fact, just from your words, I can tell you are a great master. I wonder if you have some time to teach your brother…”

Long Chen finally couldn’t endure it and quietly roared, “Can you two shut up?! Now isn’t the time for nonsense!”

Guo Ran and Mo Nian immediately stopped speaking. But their eyes still seemed to be communicating, and it was obvious they felt great sorrow that they hadn’t met each other earlier.

Other than that large, mustached man, everyone else had gotten up for Han Tianyu’s arrival. Han Tianyu’s prestige amongst the Righteous disciples had reached a level that no one else could reach.

Seeing those people’s passion, sadness flitted within Hua Biluo’s eyes. It seemed she really was too lacking when compared to Han Tianyu. When she thought of how she had been planning on struggling with him, she realized how laughable she was.

Of her thousands of original followers, only four hundred remained. As for Han Tianyu, as soon as he arrived, he caused such a huge flare of passion. When comparing the two, she almost had an urge to find a hole and bury herself.

Quite a few of the other top experts went to go greet Han Tianyu, and Han Tianyu courteously greeted them back, making him seem very amiable.

Only now did those people behind Han Tianyu approach. The person at the front was a certain woman that made Long Chen’s killing intent ignite.

At this time, Yin Wushuang looked the same as ever. Her severed arm had already been regrown, but it seemed her psychological state wasn’t very good, as her eyes were very red as if she hadn’t closed them in a long time.

There were four people behind Yin Wushuang whose auras were not the slightest bit weaker than hers. They were all experts amongst experts.

The first person Yin Wushuang noticed was the distant Long Chen. The instant she saw him, she shivered, terror filling her. However, she suppressed it.

Sneering, she reached out a hand and made a throat-cutting gesture at Long Chen, one filled with provocation.

“She really must want to die!”

Yue Zifeng, who rarely ever spoke, was now tightly clenching his sword, his fury soaring. He had a powerful urge to immediately charge over and cut off her head.

When he saw Yin Wushuang, the first thing he thought of was Guan Wennan who had died so miserably. As one of the four core disciples who had awakened their ancestral marks upon joining, he had once shown quite a bit of care for Yue Zifeng. Now when Yue Zifeng looked at Yin Wushuang’s provocation, he almost lost control.

“Don’t be impatient. She will definitely die,” said Long Chen lightly.

“In truth, she is only provoking you to hide her heart’s terror,” said Hua Biluo. She was extremely familiar with Yin Wushuang. Previously, she had felt completely defeated by Han Tianyu, but now she found some comfort from Yin Wushuang.

Her true opponent was only Yin Wushuang. Han Tianyu was just secondary. In fact, if she wanted to sacrifice herself, she could pull Han Tianyu into her Hua family at any time, and Yin Wushuang would have nothing.

No matter how big of a schemer Hua Biluo was, she still had her own bottom line. She didn’t want to sacrifice the rest of her life to pull over Han Tianyu.

Nowadays, Yin Wushuang had Han Tianyu, but Hua Biluo wasn’t lacking at all. At least Long Chen had become her reliable ally.

After greeting those people, Han Tianyu waved his hand and those Righteous disciples immediately shut their mouths. The entire crowd became silent.

Han Tianyu smiled with satisfaction at that. He frowned slightly when he saw that man who was still sitting there with his eyes closed, but he didn’t say anything.

He turned towards the Corrupt side and loudly said, “Yin Luo, can our Righteous and Corrupt battle wait for a moment so I can handle a selfish matter?”

With Han Tianyu’s prestige, he could represent all the experts of the Righteous path. Yin Luo’s position was the same as his, and he could also represent his Corrupt path. The two of them were both very regretful that despite representing the peak combatants of their sides, they hadn’t had a chance to truly fight.

“That’s fine. We aren’t lacking that bit of time,” Yin Luo replied icily. Although Han Tianyu had arrived, his expression was still completely calm. He had his own trump cards, and he was confident he could defeat him.

“Then thank you.”

Han Tianyu smiled and turned to Long Chen. However, just as he was about to speak, a group of people suddenly appeared, interrupting him.

This group of people had over five hundred members. They were rushing right over to Long Chen’s side, ignoring the Righteous and Corrupt sides.

These people all had powerful auras. Each of them was a Favored, and their white robes had a red cloud stitched into them.

“Huayun Sect[1]?” Han Tianyu frowned slightly.

Long Chen was also startled. He didn’t recognize these people, but then seeing their robes, he thought of a certain person.

“Long Chen, it’s been a while!”

A lively Bai Ling appeared in front of him, smiling.

“So it was sister Bai Ling. It really had been a long time. This is…?” Long Chen didn’t understand what was going on.

“Let me introduce you. This is senior apprentice-brother Zheng Wenlong.” Bai Ling pulled over a tall man.

This man had a square face and looked like the disciple of a rich family. Long Chen could sense quite a bit of pressure from him. Surprisingly, this person was also a peak expert.

“I’ve wanted us to meet for a long time. Your grand reputation precedes you.” Zheng Wenlong extended a hand to Long Chen.

“Brother Zheng is too courteous.” Long Chen shook hands with him.

“Perhaps brother Long is curious about our intentions. We Huayun disciples all believe in the Wealth God, and we all consider ourselves to be business people. When discussing business, it is better to be direct.

“For saving junior apprentice-sister Bai Ling back then, I will represent all the Huayun Sect’s disciples to express our thanks towards brother Long.” Zheng Wenlong bowed deeply to Long Chen.

Long Chen hastily reciprocated the courtesy and said, “Brother Zheng really is too courteous. I am old friends with Bai Ling, and I naturally had to lend a hand.”

But at this time, Long Chen could see through some clues. Bai Ling was still standing by Zheng Wenlong’s side. From their eyes, it seemed the two of them did not have an ordinary relationship.

“Since brother Long is a straightforward person, I will tell you the truth. If it was just for saving Bai Ling, then I, Zheng Wenlong, would owe you a favor. This favor might be large, but it wouldn’t have been enough to bring all the Huayun disciples to risk the danger of standing by your side,” said Zheng Wenlong.

That was also what Long Chen was curious about. As a peak expert and someone who came from the Huayun Sect, he should naturally be intelligent. Why would he do something so dangerous?

Zheng Wenlong continued, “Let me say it again. I am a businessman, and business is about how to make the greatest profit. So I want to make a business transaction with brother Long.”

“Business transaction?”

“Yes, precisely a business transaction. Today, I brought all my brothers to stand by your side as your allies. When brother Long leaves afterward, I hope you will first think of my Huayun Sect when you have any profitable business to discuss,” said Zheng Wenlong.

Long Chen was dumbfounded. “Anything else?”


“It seems this business transaction would make you lose out a great deal, right? Actually, it seems incredibly likely that you’ll take a loss,” laughed Long Chen.

“When conducting business, how can you make a profit without risk? High risk means high reward. This is my bet. I bet that brother Long is a dragon amongst men, one who will bring my Huayun Sect a large return in the future.

“Businessmen must trust their vision above all else. If you couldn’t even trust yourself and must hesitate over any matter, terrified of every possible outcome, how would you ever accomplish anything big?” Zheng Wenlong straightforwardly laughed.

“But it seems this business of yours will make all your brothers take the risk with you. That’s not good,” said Long Chen.

“Haha, brother Long is looking down on us businessmen. We’re all life and death brothers, and if I benefit, then they will naturally get a portion in the future as well. Our profits are forever tied together. 

“Getting back to the main point, many people don’t understand our Huayun Sect and don’t understand the ties between us disciples. We also can’t be bothered to explain it to them. To sum up, to complete this business between me, Zheng Wenlong, and you, Long Chen, only requires your agreement. What do you think?”

For even a businessman to be so grand, Long Chen laughed and extended a hand.

Zheng Wenlong also extended a hand and was just about to pat Long Chen’s when a disdainful shout rang out.

“To ally with a group of peddlers, Long Chen, you really must be at the end of your rope.”

[1] Huayun= Magnificent Cloud.

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