Chapter 437 Han Tianyu Arrives

The Corrupt path let out a burst of cheers as a lanky man appeared in Long Chen’s eyes.

This man was wearing violet-gold robes with a jade belt around his waist. His face looked as if it had been carved with a knife, and his eyes emitted a cold light that would make people tremble. He looked as if he was a devil god who had descended to the earth, looking disdainfully down on all.

“Yin Luo.”

The Righteous disciples’ hearts quivered, as Yin Luo’s reputation was known to all. Even amongst the geniuses of seven prefectures, Yin Luo still stood at the peak. Without releasing any aura, he still made it hard for them to breathe.

Beside him were two other Corrupt experts, their auras so powerful that they didn’t even lose out to Xue Wuya. That made the Righteous disciples’ morale plummet.

At this point, the Righteous disciples had an absolute advantage in numbers compared to the Corrupt disciples. But in terms of peak combat strength, the two were separated by a great deal. The Righteous side clearly had fewer top experts.

That made them feel a chill. If they fought like this, the majority of them would just be pigs for the slaughter. That wouldn’t be a battle, but a one-sided massacre.

The top experts stood at the peak of the food chain. They would always be the ones to benefit, while the ones to suffer calamity were the ones on the bottom of the food chain.

This battle would quickly wash out all the weaklings. The Corrupt side clearly had more top experts, and so the ordinary Righteous core disciples and even their Favored were filled with despair.

Long Chen was clearly not standing with the Righteous disciples. When the battle started, no one was sure whether Long Chen would be fighting with them against the Corrupt disciples.

Yin Luo’s long hair blew in the breeze, his face icy and grave. As soon as he arrived, countless Corrupt disciples greeted him. He merely nodded slightly towards them. But suddenly his eyes narrowed and his powerful aura exploded out. Terrifying killing intent soared towards the sky, all because he saw a certain person.

“Long Chen!”

“Yin Luo, long time no see! Seeing you safe and sound really is gratifying.” Long Chen smiled.

However, inside, his heart thudded. He could feel an immense sense of danger from Yin Luo.

Considering how powerful he was, there were few who could threaten him now. But that sensation of danger from Yin Luo was extremely intense.

It seemed that it wasn’t just him who had been lucky. Yin Luo had definitely obtained some kind of opportunity in the secret realm that had made him much stronger.


Yin Luo suddenly shot forward, the ground trembling beneath him. He had already appeared in front of Long Chen like some phantom.

A three-hundred-meter illusion appeared behind him, looking like a projection of a devil god. That projection immediately caused the heavens to shake.

“Heavens, Yin Luo’s gone out of control! He wants to instantly kill Long Chen!”

No one had expected that Yin Luo would directly attack Long Chen without saying a word. Would this be the opening curtain for the Righteous and Corrupt battle?

But then thinking about it, Long Chen was already standing alone, and there was a clear distinction between him and the other Righteous disciples, so this wouldn’t necessarily spark the fight.

Guo Ran and the others all stood up, all of them ready to fight. Even Wilde was woken.

Looking at Yin Luo, Long Chen didn’t seem to be doing anything. However, his FengFu Star and Alioth Star were already beginning to circulate, ready to explode with power at any moment.

But suddenly, a bright ray of light shot through the air at Yin Luo.

With a snort, an ancient bronze-colored spear appeared in Yin Luo’s hands. This spear was already corroded, and yet the pressure it released made it seem as terrifying as a bloodthirsty monster.


Yin Luo’s spear smashed into that ray of light. The ground shook as Yin Luo was knocked back by that light, his expression changing slightly.

“Ten years I wandered with my bow, my arrows causing heaven and earth to shake. The nine heavens, ten lands, and all the universe will revolve around me. Only I, Mo Nian, will rise to glory.”

Following a grand chant that rang out in everyone’s ears, a figure appeared in the distance. An ancient, multi-colored bow was held in his hand, and he wore a cloak that made it so others weren’t able to see his face.

“Mo Nian!” Everyone could guess who he was. That ray of light had been an arrow, however, it wasn’t a true arrow, but one condensed from spiritual qi.

In this world, perhaps only the experts from Mo Gate were able to condense spiritual qi into arrows like this. Furthermore, to use a single arrow to stop Yin Luo was only possible for Mo Gate’s number one disciple, Mo Nian.

Long Chen smiled. This fellow always liked this kind of flashy entrance style. It really left a person speechless.

“Boss, you have to learn from Mo Nian. This is how an expert should show off.” Guo Ran’s eyes were shining as he watched Mo Nian walk over.

Behind Mo Nian were over three hundred bow-carrying experts. They were all wearing the same clothes as Mo Nian. They were ink-black, with only two crossing golden arrows on the front. That was the symbol of Mo Gate.

Although Mo Nian seemed to just be slowly walking, his speed was extremely fast. Each step he took allowed him to traverse a mile. He appeared in front of Long Chen in just a moment.

“Hehe, how is it? I arrived on time, right?” Mo Nian laughed, throwing off his cloak and revealing his still slightly immature face.

“Mo Nian, you’ve also come! Then we can finally settle our grudges. Last time, you joined hands with Long Chen to defeat me once. Today, I’ll let the two of you die together beneath my spear!” Killing intent surged out of Yin Luo’s eyes.

Hearing that, many people suddenly realized that the rumors of Long Chen chasing after a fleeing Yin Luo must have been because he had worked together with Mo Nian.

“Stop being so shameless. The first time we fought together, we worked together to cut off one of your legs. But what about the second time? Wasn’t your arm still cut off by just Long Chen?” said Mo Nian.

Now everyone was confused. Just which one of them was telling the truth?

“Hmph, you’ll only be alive to say that for a little while longer. Long Chen, today you’ll definitely die.” Yin Luo’s words suddenly changed and he surprisingly returned to his side.

Mo Nian and Long Chen were both startled. To just brag without doing anything wasn’t Yin Luo’s style. They had been entirely ready to begin a fight with him.

“Ah, I understand.”

At the same time, Long Chen, Mo Nian, and Hua Biluo realized what was going on.

The crucial point was Han Tianyu. Yin Luo wasn’t an idiot. He knew that Long Chen had killed Han Tianyu’s brother, and Han Tianyu would definitely not let him off.

Now he was just going to watch while the two of them fought. The only reason he had charged forward just now was because his anger had overwhelmed his head. 

Long Chen had caused him far too great of an injury. In truth, when he had been advancing to Bone Forging this time, it had been incredibly dangerous. He had almost died because of a heart-devil.

So if he wanted to continue cultivating, he absolutely could not allow Long Chen to continue living in this world. As soon as he had seen him, his killing intent had erupted.

Another reason he had attacked was to test out Long Chen’s strength. Although he had advanced to Bone Forging, he had suffered far too much because of Long Chen, and he didn’t dare be careless.

If Long Chen’s strength was still around the same as before, then he could kill him on his own without waiting for Han Tianyu. After all, personally killing Long Chen would immediately erase his heart-devil.

But if Long Chen died to someone else, then this heart-devil could only be slowly dissipated.

Unfortunately, Mo Nian had stopped him before he could determine Long Chen’s strength. Now that he had Mo Nian and Hua Biluo by his side, they were three peak experts, and he wasn’t so overconfident as to believe he could kill Long Chen one against three.

Since he couldn’t kill him, he naturally wouldn’t bother wasting his energy. It was better to leave this trouble to Han Tianyu while he played the fisherman.

After realizing that, Long Chen just smiled and introduced Mo Nian and Hua Biluo.

Although Mo Gate was not an ancient family, it was extremely powerful, and even the ancient families were intimidated by them. Their statuses were basically the same.

Furthermore, those three hundred Mo Gate disciples he had brought were all experts amongst experts.

Hua Biluo couldn’t help but sigh. The four hundred people by her side couldn’t even compare to the three hundred people by Mo Nian’s side.

Other than a few dozen trusted aides she had brought out from her family, when it came to power, not even ten of her regular members would be able to defeat one of Mo Nian’s.

Originally, she had thought that standing by Long Chen’s side would be helping him out greatly. She really hadn’t expected that once Mo Nian had appeared, her group had become minor extras.

Glancing at Hua Biluo, Long Chen seemed to see through what she was thinking and smiled. “No matter how you put it, I, Long Chen, will still owe sister Biluo a favor.” Long Chen truly was grateful to her, as she was the first to stand by his side.

As for Mo Nian, they were brothers, and so there were no favors to speak of between them.

Hearing that, Hua Biluo couldn’t help being embarrassed. When compared to Long Chen’s candid openness, she felt she really was petty and narrow-minded.

At the same time, she sighed. It was no wonder Long Chen had so many beautiful women by his side. Just how many women could resist the charm of a heroic figure like Long Chen who cared so deeply about emotional ties?

Cultivators all respected the strong, and which expert wasn’t arrogant about their power? But Long Chen had never put on such airs.

He was like a deep well that appeared ordinary on the surface. Only once you got closer to him would you realize he was incredibly profound. He was a kind of mysterious man, and that kind of mysteriousness possessed a fatal charm to women.

He could also be compared to a mountain. He might seem like nothing special normally, but once he erupted, he could destroy the heavens and tear apart the earth. For example, Long Chen’s attack on Feng Xiao-zi just now had truly been just like a volcano erupting. She still hadn’t recovered from her shock from that attack.

In order to protect the women by his side, Long Chen might become a furious lion at any moment or perhaps a raging volcano. In fact, perhaps he would not hesitate to destroy this entire world.

Even Hua Biluo couldn’t help being emotionally affected. No matter how powerful a woman was, who wouldn’t want a shoulder to lean on, one that would never betray them? Unfortunately, such shoulders were pitifully few.

At this time, Long Chen and Mo Nian were chatting. She didn’t know what exactly the two of them were saying, but the two of them seemed to be in high spirits. They were smiling mischievously, and she managed to hear that they were talking about Yin Luo.


The ground began to shake intensely, and people hastily looked into the distance. The Righteous disciples let out a burst of cheers.

“Han Tianyu has arrived!”

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