Chapter 435 A Saber That Thirsts for Blood

Li Changhao’s body flew out a few dozen meters before his head suddenly exploded. Red liquid splashed.

“Long Chen, you contemptible traitor, how dare you use spiritual witchcraft to force someone to lie and set up people. You really are inferior even to beasts.” A voice filled with disdain suddenly rang out.

People hastily looked in that direction, seeing a man standing atop a huge black leopard.

“Feng Xiao-zi.”

Long Chen’s pupils shrank slightly. While he had been forcing Li Changhao to tell the truth with his Spiritual Strength, he had suddenly sensed that Li Changhao’s soul had been ignited and he had hastily thrown him out.

Perhaps the only person who would have been able to do that was a skillful soul cultivator like Feng Xiao-zi.

Behind Feng Xiao-zi were dozens of people, each of them riding a huge Magical Beast and looking icily at Long Chen and the others.

“Senior apprentice-brother Feng, what are you doing?” Meng Qi walked over to Long Chen’s side furiously saying, “Long Chen was forcing that person to tell the truth. Why would you try and frame a good man?”

“Frame a good man? What kind of good man does Long Chen count as? Furthermore, I hereby use my status as junior pavilion master to order you and Lu Fang-er to return to us and cut off ties with this traitor,” ordered Feng Xiao-zi.

“Senior apprentice-sister Meng Qi, just come back. We’re a family,” a young lady behind Feng Xiao-zi implored.

Meng Qi sighed, “Junior apprentice-sister, there are many things you don’t understand. I have my own troubles.” She then turned to Feng Xiao-zi. “I won’t return. I will be fighting shoulder to shoulder with Long Chen, and once the secret realm closes, I will be leaving the Wind Spirit Pavilion.”

“How audacious! To dare take advantage of your master and sect, you really are disgraceful. Our Wind Spirit Pavilion raised you, and now you dare betray us?” roared Feng Xiao-zi.

“Raised me? Didn’t you have your own goals? For that goal, didn’t you use the lives of my fiancé and my entire family to threaten me? This is your favor?” At this moment, tears involuntarily poured from Meng Qi’s eyes.

Feng Xiao-zi saw that those Wind Spirit Pavilion disciples behind him had confused expressions, and he angrily shouted, “What absolute nonsense! You traitor, you’re trying to smear your sect’s name!”

“Feng Xiao-zi, from now on, I am no longer a member of the Wind Spirit Pavilion. The debt between myself and the Wind Spirit Pavilion is now settled. Neither of us owes the other anything.” Then turning to those other Wind Spirit Pavilion disciples, Meng Qi said, “Everyone, we’ve known each other for many years. I trust that you all know what kind of person I am. I hope you can empathize with me. After all, we still have our emotions from being members of the same sect, and I don’t want to face you on the battlefield.”

Tears poured down Meng Qi’s face. After all, these friends she had been with for so many years had now all of a sudden become strangers. That kind of feeling was something outsiders were unable to comprehend.

“Sister Meng Qi, don’t feel bad! You still have Long Chen, and you still have us.” Lu Fang-er held Meng Qi’s hand.

“Good! Then let me just see what kind of ending a traitor like you will have!” sneered Feng Xiao-zi.

“Stop calling her a traitor! Neither you nor your father is a good person! He only accepted Meng Qi to be used as a daughter-in-law for breeding. For that goal, just how many despicable things have you done?! Just the fact that you have the face to call yourselves the pavilion master and junior pavilion master is already enough to make me sick!” Lu Fang-er finally couldn’t hold back and began to curse wildly while pointing at Feng Xiao-zi’s nose.

No one understood Meng Qi’s suffering and helplessness better than Lu Fang-er. Now she was completely infuriated with Feng Xiao-zi.

“Shut up, slut!” roared Feng Xiao-zi.

Suddenly, a blood-colored saber-image cut across the air, bringing with it endless killing intent, looking like some heavenly blade, one that could cut apart the river of stars.

This saber’s power shook all of heaven and earth. All the murderous aura within the world had been sucked into the saber, and it was filled with an annihilative power.

No one had expected that the always calm Long Chen would now attack. And as soon as he attacked, he launched such a killing blow.

All of heaven and earth changed color from this saber. The person closest to Long Chen, Hua Biluo, felt as if she had fallen into an icehouse.

As for Feng Xiao-zi, he was filled with horror. He realized he couldn’t even move as he had been locked down by some power.

The saber-image slashed down. Blood flew. Feng Xiao-zi’s black leopard had been cut in two, and its blood dyed the ground red.

That was a peak fourth rank Magical Beast. But it hadn’t even had a chance to cry out before it had been killed by Long Chen’s saber.

This saber could rend the heavens, and it shocked everyone. Even Xue Wuya’s pupils shrank. That attack had just been too terrifying.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Feng Xiao-zi was a soul cultivator, and in terms of combat ability, he was on the same level as peak experts.

“Where’s Feng Xiao-zi? I don’t see his corpse.”

“It seems he used a teleportation talisman at the last moment. But it happened too fast, and I didn’t see clearly.”

Those people with lower cultivation bases weren’t even able to tell what had happened. All of them looked at Long Chen with amazement and reverence.

As a soul cultivator, Feng Xiao-zi possessed profound spiritual attacks that were almost unblockable. He was someone who could almost stand shoulder to shoulder with people like Xue Wuya, but in front of Long Chen’s attack, the only thing he could do was activate a teleportation talisman to flee for his life.

If it hadn’t been for that teleportation talisman, perhaps he would have already become a corpse. Thinking of that result, people felt numb. Long Chen really was a monster.

“How regretful. That idiot is always so displeasing, but he actually managed to run,” said Guo Ran.

As for those people by Hua Biluo’s side, their foreheads became covered with sweat. Those people who had faced Long Chen arrogantly were filled with regret.

Now that Feng Xiao-zi had fled, the remaining Wind Spirit Pavilion disciples were all dumbfounded, not knowing what they should do.

“You should go to the side of the Righteous path and prepare yourselves for the upcoming battle,” said Meng Qi when she saw that none of them decided to stand out.

“Yes, senior apprentice-sister Meng Qi.” All those Wind Spirit Pavilion disciples bowed to her.

Meng Qi bitterly smiled. “From today onwards, I am no longer a disciple from the Wind Spirit Pavilion. I am not your senior apprentice-sister.”

“Senior apprentice-sister Meng Qi, no matter where you go in the future, you will always be our respected senior apprentice-sister Meng Qi!” that young lady who had begged Meng Qi before now spoke resolutely.

Meng Qi’s heart was moved, but unfortunately, the Wind Spirit Pavilion was no longer her home. In the future, they might never see each other again.

The Wind Spirit Pavilion disciples went to the Righteous path’s side. They needed to wait for Feng Xiao-zi to return, but they had no idea just where he had been teleported to. If he didn’t return in time for the exit, then he really would be doomed.

Once the Wind Spirit Pavilion disciples were settled, Hua Biluo looked over her people. “We are now friends with Long Chen. I’ve decided to work my way through trials and tribulations with him. But I won’t force all of you. You can choose for yourselves to stay or leave.”

All of them were now given a hard decision. They hadn’t expected to have to make this kind of decision. If they left, they could give up on getting any favors from Hua Biluo. But if they stayed, that was equivalent to becoming enemies with the first monastery and the Yin family. 

If this was merely a struggle between the first monastery and the second monastery, they wouldn’t feel any fear. After all, if it was just two monasteries, then when they fought, they would always leave some leeway.

But if they joined Long Chen, then that would change. Long Chen had killed Han Tianyu’s brother and also severed Yin Wushuang’s arm. They all knew that he would definitely try and kill Yin Wushuang. By then, this matter would become much more complicated.

Previously, Hua Biluo hadn’t told them of her decision to join Long Chen. They had to make their own decision at this time.

This would only benefit her. Those who dared to stay at this time were definitely comparatively more devoted, so this was a kind of trial for them.

Previously, Long Chen had told her that her group would definitely have some undercover agents. Although Long Chen had been interrupted by Feng Xiao-zi when he had been about to get the truth, anyone smart would know that the only ones who would send people to infiltrate her group had to be a top expert of the Righteous path, and they had to be opponents with Hua Biluo and Long Chen. So the two names didn’t need to be said.

Long Chen had only done it to give Hua Biluo some proof and to make her careful not to be stabbed in the back by someone.

Although Hua Biluo was very intelligent, when it came to being contemptible and shameless, when it came to using any means necessary, she was far too lacking compared to Yin Wushuang.

Now that Hua Biluo asked them for their decision, over half of her people immediately left. As for those that were hesitating, many of them also chose to leave in the end.

People all cared about profit. When the profit outweighed the danger, people would all like to join you, even if you didn’t need them. But when the danger outweighed the profit, no one would choose to help you when you were down.

Hua Biluo wasn’t surprised by this many people leaving. Her expression was calm. At this time, less than a thousand people remained.

But a large portion of her people were still in the midst of deciding. In just a moment, less than five hundred people remained. At this time, Hua Biluo was no longer able to control her expression.

She really hadn’t expected for these many people to leave. Not even the rewards she had promised them had managed to move them.

“This kind of situation is very normal. When waves wash sand, they’ll bring away the sand, leaving behind only the gold.” Long Chen comforted her when he saw her disappointment.

“But the gold remaining really is too weak.” Hua Biluo bitterly smiled. She realized that of the people remaining, the majority were just Favored. Most of the Chosen had left.

“Whether gold can shine depends on where you place it. Most importantly, it will always be yours and won’t betray you. That’s the most important part,” said Long Chen.

In the end, there were only just over four hundred people remaining by Hua Biluo’s side. Long Chen said, “The first people who left were all infiltrators, and they took the lead to leave to bring others away as well. As for the last people to leave, they were also infiltrators, and they left because they realized there was no longer any value to being a spy here. So right now you should be happy, as these are your most faithful allies.”

“You’re right. At the very least I don’t need to doubt them. Although they aren’t strong enough, that’s fine. As long as they can survive, I will give them a future.” Hua Biluo smiled.

When disciples from noble families like her went out for tempering experiences, they would always bring around a group of followers. Otherwise, there would be no way to fight against other disciples from powerful families for resources.

Hua Biluo had realized many things she had never thought of before from Long Chen. She saw that the people beside Long Chen were now completely transformed from when they had first entered the secret realm. That made her think of what he had just said: whether gold can shine depends on where you place it. Seeing what levels they had reached told her that talented people were all nurtured to that point.

“Long Chen, come with me. I have a few things I want to say to you alone,” said Hua Biluo.

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