Chapter 434 Treacherous Hearts

Xue Wuya was shocked and infuriated. Although his Illusory Bone Armor had blocked Guo Ran’s attack, he was still covered in cold sweat. Seeing those scattered needles on the ground, the runic light coming from them gave him chills.

If he hadn’t reacted at the first moment and summoned the Illusory Bone Armor, he would have been turned into a sieve.

No physical body could possibly block such sharp needles when they were shot out with this kind of force. Although it wouldn’t have necessarily taken his life, it would be impossible to avoid being heavily injured. 

Before the Righteous and Corrupt battle had even started, he had already been forced into a miserable position.

Suddenly, clapping rang out. A group of people grandly walked over. The person at the front was wearing a white dress. She was tall and slender, her skin white as snow, and she gracefully walked over.

“It’s Hua Biluo!” The Righteous disciples let out exclamations. Hua Biluo was a peak expert in the Righteous path.

Xue Wuya’s arrival had been like a heavy stone oppressing the Righteous disciples’ hearts. Now that Hua Biluo had arrived, their morale immediately soared.

There were thousands of disciples behind Hua Biluo. Almost half of them were monastery disciples. Hua Biluo truly had skillful methods to be able to gather so many disciples.

Hua Biluo was clapping as she brought everyone to stand by Long Chen. “Wonderful, really wonderful. Who would have expected that brother Long’s subordinates were all hidden dragons and crouching tigers? My eyes really have been opened.”

As soon as Hua Biluo arrived, she had just managed to see Xue Wuya attacking. Her evaluation of Long Chen’s power rose even further.

Previously, she had only been interested in Long Chen’s individual power. She hadn’t really cared about the others. But just now, whether it was Gu Yang or Yue Zifeng, the power they had released was far greater than ordinary Chosen. They wouldn’t even be much weaker than people on the level of Yin Wushuang. That gave her a shock.

“Sister Biluo is too courteous. After not meeting for so long, you’ve become even more beautiful.” Long Chen stood up and smiled.

Since they were allied, he naturally didn’t feel right sitting. The others also got up. Of course, Wilde was the exception.

“To overpraise me like this in front of such beautiful women, if I didn’t know your character, I really would suspect you were intentionally mocking me.” Hua Biluo couldn’t help laughing when she saw Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the other beautiful women. “Let me give you an introduction. This is senior apprentice-brother Chang from the fourth monastery, this is senior apprentice-brother Zhao from the sixth monastery…”

Hua Biluo introduced the leaders of her alliance, and Long Chen politely greeted them.

But he could see the contempt in their eyes. Although they weren’t looking down their noses at him, it was still obvious to him. However, Long Chen had to give Hua Biluo face. As for what those people thought of him, he didn’t particularly care.

Guo Ran and the others could also tell that these people were too arrogant, causing them to feel a bit uncomfortable. Just who had the qualifications to be so arrogant in front of Long Chen?

“Hey, who do you think you are? Is your status so amazing? You dare look down on people?” scolded Guo Ran.

Quite a few people’s expressions sank and even Hua Biluo was slightly angered inside. Although she also knew that these people were too arrogant, on the surface, they still hadn’t done anything. Scolding them like this was a bit too much.

Guo Ran continued, “And you, in front of my boss, you are just dregs. Just now, my boss decided not to do anything to you, but if he had, you’d have long since died. If you aren’t going to fuck off now, what are you waiting for? You actually don’t know how to do this little, but you still think you can call yourself an expert?”

Following Guo Ran’s gaze, they saw the distant Xue Wuya was just standing there, his expression extremely gloomy. He couldn’t leave, but he also couldn’t stay. Now he was in an awkward position.

This still wasn’t the time for the decisive battle. He couldn’t rashly go all-out, but if he just left like this, he really would have lost all his prestige.

Now people realized Guo Ran was cursing Xue Wuya. However, quite a few people could tell that Guo Ran was indirectly cursing others.

These people actually dared look down on someone like Long Chen? Did they think a grand background was something so amazing?

“You’re looking to die!” Xue Wuya raged. This was the most humiliating moment of his life. He was already on the verge of exploding.

“Xue Wuya, you should return. You won’t get anything from here,” said Hua Biluo.

Her words were entirely correct. He really wouldn’t be able to obtain anything unless he decided to initiate the Righteous and Corrupt battle without care for others. However, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

When it came to the top experts of the Corrupt path, he was not the only one. If he did that, he would offend all those other experts that had yet to arrive.

“Hmph, I’ll allow you to live for a little while longer.” Xue Wuya took a deep breath, in the end deciding to return to the Corrupt path’s side.

He was not able to be as free and unrestrained as Long Chen, capable of taking action whenever he wanted. However, he was an extremely quick-witted person. No one would be able to run from this battle, so a few more hours didn’t matter.

“Brother Long, don’t stand here. Come with us. After all, you are a member of our Righteous path, and we should be working together against our enemies,” smiled Hua Biluo.

Before Long Chen could reply, a man frowned and said, “That’s no good. By standing here, Long Chen has already expressed that he is no longer a member of our Righteous path. Why do we have to care about him?”

This person was a monastery disciple and was also a Chosen. His words immediately caused Hua Biluo’s expression to change. She icily said, “In the Righteous and Corrupt battles, we should all be working together against our common enemy, the Corrupt path. What purpose do you have to say such a thing?”

She really hadn’t expected someone to interfere like this. Although Long Chen had had problems with the first monastery, the Righteous path’s inner strife had to be ignored so they could unify against the Corrupt path.

“Sister Biluo, Long Chen’s reputation is something everyone knows. You want us to stand together with such a person? I, Li Changhao, am a true man, and I cannot forgive such a person,” he said righteously.

“Shut the fuck up. My boss was framed by others!” raged Guo Ran.

“Framed? Hmph, if he really was innocent, who would have wanted to frame him? Why didn’t anyone come to frame me? Do you think we’re all idiots?” he said disdainfully.


Guo Ran was completely furious. This bastard really was looking to die. If he didn’t have misgivings about Hua Biluo, Guo Ran would have already taken out his battle armor and killed this idiot.

Only Long Chen’s expression remained indifferent. He didn’t say anything.

Hua Biluo’s expression was a bit unsightly as she icily said, “Li Changhao, we no longer welcome you. You can leave.”

Li Changhao sneered, “I don’t need you to say that. I’m leaving. I really wouldn’t have thought that the goddess of our hearts would end up liking a perverted traitor. It really makes a person’s heart cold. Brothers, have you not seen this? Sister Biluo has already fallen for this Long Chen. Although he doesn’t have any other skills, it seems his seducing skills are really unrivaled beneath the heavens. What are you all waiting for?”

Suddenly, a large hand slapped across Li Changhao’s face. This slap had come completely silently, and he was struck so hard, his jaw shattered and his teeth flew out.

The indifferent Long Chen had finally taken action. After that slap, he didn’t wait for Li Changhao to react. His hand was already tightly clenched around his neck.

“Long Chen, what are you doing!” Li Changhao had never imagined that Long Chen would attack him and that his power would be even more terrifying than before. He didn’t have the slightest ability to resist. His eyes were filled with terror.

Previously, he had heard that Long Chen was supposedly extremely powerful. But he had always assumed that Yin Wushuang had just been purposely raising his reputation. The more powerful Long Chen was said to be, the more glorious it would be for Han Tianyu when he killed him.

“Speak. Who sent you here?” Long Chen indifferently looked at him, his voice ice-cold without the slightest emotion.

Hua Biluo had been trembling with rage, but now that Long Chen asked this, she immediately realized that something was wrong with this Li Changhao.

“You… What nonsense are you spouting? … I just can’t bear people like you. Could it be you want to kill me? Haha, if you have the guts, then go ahead and kill me. That’ll just prove you are a bloodthirsty, homicidal devil! Kill me and- ah!”

Li Changhao suddenly let out a mournful shriek. The veins on his forehead were bulging, and his eyes almost popped out.

“Long Chen…!” Hua Biluo let out a startled cry. She could tell that Long Chen was using his powerful Spiritual Strength to crush Li Changhao’s soul piece by piece, making him suffer incredible pain.

The pain of the soul was the most painful pain. No one would be able to endure it. That was a kind of indescribable pain.

“Speak. Who sent you here?”

“Long Chen, you’re contemptible and shameless! How can you use such cruel-!”

A disciple had just stood out to try and fight for justice when he was killed with a single swat of Long Chen’s hand.

“When I’m speaking, others shouldn’t interrupt or my mood might drop.” Long Chen swept his gaze over them. Those people all shivered in terror.

“I know that quite a few of you here are the same as him and were planted in your positions. It’d be best for you not to provoke me, or you’ll immediately die.”

After saying that, Long Chen retracted his gaze. How could it be possible for those people’s dirty tricks to be concealed from Long Chen?

But this Li Changhao was really too much of an idiot. He wanted to stand out? Then it seemed Long Chen was forced to single him out.

Li Changhao’s soul had already been crushed by Long Chen. Right now, he was essentially a walking corpse, completely reliant on Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength. Once he withdrew that Spiritual Strength, Li Changhao would immediately become an imbecile.

“Speak. Who sent you here?” Long Chen was still repeating the same question.

At this time, Li Changhao’s eyes had lost their focus. Under Long Chen’s spiritual pressure, he was unable to refuse to answer.

“It was-”

Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed, and he hastily threw Li Changhao to the side.

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