Chapter 433 Displaying Strength

Seeing Xue Wuya leave, all those Righteous disciples let out sighs of relief. Despite having known that he definitely wouldn’t attack, they had still been incredibly nervous.

None of the peak experts of the Righteous path had arrived, as the decisive battle would only occur on the final day before the secret realm opened. No one wished to take the initiative to break that tradition.

If Xue Wuya had charged in of his own accord, that would lead to dissatisfaction amongst the other experts of the Corrupt path, as he would end up taking all the benefits for himself. In truth, the Corrupt disciples cared more about rules than the Righteous disciples.

Now that Xue Wuya was charging at Long Chen, quite a few people were delighted.

Wasn’t Long Chen acting like some badass just now? Then let’s see if he really has that ability.

Xue Wuya slowed down once he was a mile away from Long Chen, arrogantly looking down on him.

“You are Long Chen?

“If you know but are still asking, then are you an idiot?” It wasn’t Long Chen who replied, but Guo Ran who lazily took his place.

“Hahahaha, good. It’s been many years since someone dared talk to me this way.” Xue Wuya actually laughed. He didn’t grow angry, but that bloodthirsty light in his eyes grew denser.

“Don’t bother with that. You think you can be arrogant? Is riding a stupid cow so amazing?

“No one dares say such things to you? You really are a horse that doesn’t know his face is long. Do you know? No one here wants to even acknowledge you, as just that is embarrassing for us. But the pitiful you doesn’t even know that.

“If you have words to say, spit them out. Stop wasting our time. If you want to die, then just kill yourself. My boss is too lazy to handle you.

“Speaking of which, before you kill yourself, dig yourself a grave. Then after you kill yourself, bury yourself. Everyone’s too busy to bother with you,” said Guo Ran.

Everyone jumped in fright. Just who was Xue Wuya? He was publically known as a bloodthirsty fiend, vicious and cruel.

Even the Corrupt disciples would shiver when they saw him. But Guo Ran now told him to kill himself? And to even dig a grave and bury himself? Had he gone mad?

If you landed in Xue Wuya’s hands, having a quick death was an extravagance.

Furthermore, it was only Guo Ran who didn’t seem to possess any aura or powerful will. Everyone could clearly see that of Long Chen’s group, he was the absolute weakest. Was he borrowing Long Chen’s might to intimidate others?

“Haha, hahahaha!”

Xue Wuya laughed crazily. Ever since he had stepped onto his cultivation path, there hadn’t been a single person who dared say such things to him.

“Good, very good. Little brat, I’ve decided to take your life. I really want to see whether you’ll be able to say such things once you’re in my hands…”

What no one had expected was that Xue Wuya now charged at Guo Ran. There hadn’t been the slightest sign of him moving, and his speed was incredible, making him appear like a phantom. By the time others reacted, his hand was about to reach Guo Ran’s throat.

Long Chen, whose eyes were still closed, raised his hand slightly but then decided to take it back.

Just as Xue Wuya’s hand was about to reach Guo Ran’s throat, a golden spear thrust at his chest, the power behind it tearing apart the void.


Xue Wuya was slightly surprised. He hadn’t expected that the large, bald man beside Guo Ran would possess such great strength.

Even he couldn’t ignore this spear. Most shocking to him was that this spear contained an incredibly courageous will and an unwavering spirit.

Before attacking, Xue Wuya had seen that there were five women sitting behind Long Chen, while Guo Ran and the others were sitting in front of him. Although he wanted to test Long Chen to see if he was as powerful as the stories said, he didn’t want to attack him at this exact moment.

However, Guo Ran’s words had sparked his killing intent. He wanted to use his fastest speed to capture Guo Ran and bring him back to the Corrupt disciples. To sadistically kill Guo Ran in front of everyone would be something exceptionally enjoyable for him.

His goal had been to capture Guo Ran in one move and then retreat. He trusted that even if Long Chen and the others reacted at that time, they would already be helpless to do anything. 

However, as soon as he took action, he realized something was wrong. From the start, Long Chen didn’t appear to want to move at all.

As for Guo Ran, he didn’t seem the slightest bit panicked despite Xue Wuya’s claw approaching his throat. Instead, his eyes contained a powerful ridicule.

Xue Wuya shifted his hand, and a blood-colored palm smashed onto Gu Yang’s spear.

Gu Yang immediately felt as if his arms were about to break, and his blood surged within him. He almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He was astonished.

This attack had contained his full strength. However, it had been easily brushed aside by Xue Wuya. Xue Wuya really was just too powerful.

While Gu Yang was shocked, Xue Wuya was also astonished. His blow might have appeared simple, but in order to finish this attack quickly, he had used eighty percent of his power. If Gu Yang were an ordinary Chosen, he would have been instantly crushed to death.

But Gu Yang was only forced back a few steps. He clearly hadn’t suffered any injury.

Xue Wuya had no time to bother about that at this time. After forcing away Gu Yang with a single palm, he was just about to turn back to capturing Guo Ran when a chilling Sword Qi stabbed towards his head.

“Sword cultivator?!”

Xue Wuya was astonished. Sword cultivators were said to be cultivators with the highest destructive power. They focused their life on the sword, and each one of their sword blows contained their full heart and soul, as well as their life’s will and determination.

This Sword Qi’s power immediately locked him down. That was the terror of sword cultivators; you had to block each of their attacks, as it was impossible to dodge them.

If you dodged, you would immediately lose any initiative or imposingness. That would bring about a torrent of attacks that would lead directly to your death.

Xue Wuya’s expression became a bit unsightly. He hadn’t expected the unremarkable people that followed Long Chen to be so problematic.

He finally realized that the reason Long Chen didn’t attack him and why the others were only indifferently looking on at him was because they were not at all afraid of him.

That caused his fury to soar. These people dared disregard him? With an icy snort, Blood Qi filled his hand, and his fist smashed at that Sword Qi.

The Sword Qi shattered, but the berserk will contained within it caused his expression to change slightly, and he involuntary took three steps back.

That exchange caused everyone’s expressions to change. They were all filled with shock, looking in disbelief at a man whose face was now slightly pale.

“Impossible! Xue Wuya, he…?!”

“He was capable of knocking him back three steps? Just who is that person?!”

“Just what kind of people are beside Long Chen? That bald man managed to block one of Xue Wuya’s attacks, and now this person is actually able to knock him back!”

Everyone became lifeless. Xue Wuya was a peak expert amongst the Corrupt disciples. He was on the same level as Yin Luo and the others. Someone who stood at the peak of his realm had still been forced back?

If it had been Long Chen, then that would still be acceptable. After all, Long Chen had his impressive battle accomplishments.

But the people who forced him back were two unknown people. That was an unacceptable fact to these people.

After forcing back Xue Wuya, Yue Zifeng also suffered a backlash. That sword contained his heart and soul. For his Sword Qi to be shattered caused some injury to his mind, and his expression paled slightly.

However, although Yue Zifeng and Gu Yang had suffered a slight injury, their hearts were filled with pride.

They had originally just been ordinary core disciples. In the face of these geniuses, they had always been looked down upon. But now, they could already exchange blows with peak experts. That kind of pride was something only they could understand.

At the same time, they were filled with gratefulness towards Long Chen. This was only possible because Long Chen had dragged them up here step by step. Otherwise, they would have never been able to see the scenery from this height.

Seeing that both his attacks had been blocked, Xue Wuya’s expression turned ugly. A perfect sneak attack had turned out like this. He really had been humiliated.


Xue Wuya roared and a palm came crashing down on Guo Ran. This palm caused Blood Qi to soar into the sky, and a murderous aura locked onto Guo Ran.

“You should die instead!” Guo Ran sneered and his arm became a metal arm. Runes flashed and many little holes opened on the arm.

When those holes appeared, Xue Wuya’s scalp turned numb, and a powerful sensation of danger filled his heart.

Thousands of black lights shot out at him. They contained so much power that each of them made a space-tearing whistling as they flew.

They instantly arrived right in front of Xue Wuya. Their sharpness made his hair stand on end. With no way to attack Guo Ran, Xue Wuya’s aura exploded out, and a bone-like armor appeared in front of him.

“Illusory Bone Armor!”

Others let out startled cries. That was an ability specific to Bone Forging experts. Only once they had tempered their bones to a practically flawless state could they condense this kind of defense.

Normally, to condense this armor required you to have tempered at least four bones. But not just anyone was truly capable of using it in battle. Only top experts were capable of it.

Ordinary people were only able to condense an Illusory Bone Robe. Although they looked similar, the defensive strength was incomparable.

Whether it was the robe or the armor, they were both a kind of defense only usable when spiritual qi had been condensed to a pinnacle. This technique’s defensive strength was extremely great.

Those thousands of black lights smashed onto Xue Wuya’s body, causing loud booming sounds with each one of them. Xue Wuya was directly blown back three hundred meters, appearing extremely wretched.

The entire crowd was silent. They all looked at Guo Ran’s metallic arm like they were seeing a ghost.

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