Chapter 432 Xue Wuya


Before he could react, a black light instantly reached him. That was a huge, black arrow that instantly pierced through his chest and exploded.

Broken pieces of the arrow shot out in all directions. Dozens of Corrupt disciples were hit by the aftermath, and only a few of them managed to survive through luck.

Guo Ran was the same as Long Chen, and he didn’t even glance over. Resting his crossbow on his shoulder, he continued walking behind Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you go too far!”

One of the top experts of the Corrupt path angrily roared. This person was over six feet tall and his cultivation base had reached the mid Bone Forging realm. The fluctuations from his body were extremely powerful.

As soon as that person stood out, quite a few Corrupt experts took out their weapons, ready to attack at any time. Obviously, this person’s status in the Corrupt path was extremely high.

Long Chen paused for a moment to look at this person. He shook his head. “For you to put it like this, I really am hurt. Don’t make me out to seem so vile. In truth, I really am a kindhearted person.”

Kindhearted? Everyone’s faces twitched. He killed people like killing chickens- no, that wasn’t right. When people killed chickens, they usually had to at least look.

He killed people without batting an eye as if crushing an ant. Did the word kindhearted really have the slightest bit of relation to him?

“Long Chen, you actually sneak attacked members of my Corrupt path. Do you think my Corrupt path is easy to bully?” raged that person.

“Have you taken me to be an outsider? The Righteous and Corrupt paths have fought for so many years. You’ve bullied us, and we’ve bullied you. Everyone is already familiar with that. So do your words have any meaning?” said Long Chen.

“You…! Do you believe me when I say with a single word, I can instantly wipe all of you out?!”

Long Chen’s relationship with the Righteous path was something everyone knew now. Currently, Long Chen was independent of either the Righteous or Corrupt paths. He was also the smallest group present.

No matter how powerful Long Chen was, he was just one person. However, they had roughly ten thousand Corrupt disciples present, and they were sure that if they suppressed Long Chen, no one from the Righteous path would come out to help. Instead, they would probably cheer.

“Do you believe me when I say that if you continue talking, I will immediately cut off your head?” Long Chen indifferently looked at him. Who didn’t know how to brag?

That person’s aura immediately erupted furiously. At the same time, hundreds of people by his side released their auras, ready to attack at any moment.

As for the Righteous disciples, they celebrated when they saw this. They really hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so brazen as to directly kill so many Corrupt disciples. That was a head-on provocation to them.

There were also many who silently admired Long Chen inside. This was a true man. Normally, the countless Righteous disciples were always terrified of the powerful Corrupt disciples.

But Long Chen’s group only had twelve people, and in the face of ten thousand Corrupt disciples, he didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned. What kind of boldness was that?

Right now, Long Chen had shown up, becoming the third power outside the Righteous and Corrupt paths. This group of his had far too few people and yet, the imposingness he had displayed had shocked all of them.

This was all done on purpose by Long Chen. He could already tell that there was no longer any retreat for him. The Righteous path refused to tolerate him, and the Corrupt path also refused to accept him.

In that kind of situation, he needed to show his own power, making people too intimidated. Otherwise, if he revealed the slightest weakness or tolerance, all that would come for him was death.

Long Chen had already told his people that there was no way they could smoothly leave this place. If they wanted to live, then they needed to climb out of an endless pile of corpses.

Meng Qi and the others had long since prepared themselves. Since this battle was inevitable, then what was the point of being so careful? Since they could die at any time, why not go out with a bang?

Long Chen expressionlessly looked at that Corrupt Chosen. Even the ones behind him were just looking on indifferently. They hadn’t even raised their weapons. They were completely ignoring them.

That was a silent ridicule and insult to them. That Corrupt Chosen’s face turned purple from rage. Right now, he was stuck in a hard position.

He was a top expert and was on the same level as Han Tianfeng and Yin Wushuang. Although the current him had tempered four bones, he had no assurance when it came to Long Chen.

However, Long Chen’s gaze was truly unendurable. If he retreated at this time, his reputation would plummet. That was practically worse to him than being killed. Clenching his teeth, he was just about to charge at Long Chen.

“Brother Wu, wait a moment.”

Just as he was about to charge out, he was held back by another person who said, “Long Chen is already about to die to Han Tianyu. He only has a short time before his death. Why bother lowering yourself to his level? If you attack, wouldn’t you just end up helping Han Tianyu?”

The person who had been called brother Wu sighed in relief. He didn’t want to fight with Long Chen. He had just been putting on a bold face.

Now, he could borrow this person’s words to withdraw. He gratefully said, “Thank you for the reminder, brother Zhao. Otherwise, I would have ended up helping those idiots from the Righteous path.” He turned and looked icily at Long Chen. “I’ll allow you to live for a few more hours. I’ll let you enjoy your time before your miserable death.”

“Tch, gutless,” Guo Ran sneered, his eyes containing a trace of disappointment.

“Why aren’t they coming over?” asked a confused Wilde.

“Because they’re afraid of death.” Guo Ran shrugged helplessly.

“Oh. Then are we fighting?”

“We’re definitely going to have to fight. But it will probably have to wait for a while.”

“Alright. Then I’m going to take a nap.”

After saying that, Wilde lay down just like that, falling asleep. Laying down his club, he ended up using it as a pillow. He would occasionally let out a loud snore.

Long Chen and the others were already accustomed to seeing this. Wilde’s body was different from others, and his body was unable to hold any spiritual qi.

In other words, he would only have energy once he had eaten. But as soon as he became hungry, that energy would sharply fall. Sleeping was the best way for him to conserve his strength.

They knew that, but the Righteous and Corrupt disciples didn’t. They all looked on with bewilderment. At this kind of tense time, he was still able to sleep just like that?

These people had already been waiting here for many days, and their nerves had been stretched taut the entire time. They didn’t even dare blink their eyes, afraid they would never be able to open them again.

Long Chen swept his gaze over the crowd, and his heart sank slightly. He had still underestimated the power of the seven prefectures.

There had to be at least thousands of Chosen-level experts present amongst the crowd. As for experts on the same level as Han Tianfeng, there were over a hundred of them.

Of the remaining experts, over eighty percent were Favored. Ordinary core disciples only took up a bit more than a tenth of the people present.

But after thinking about it for a moment, he understood that this was due to the cruel natural selection of the Jiuli secret realm. Most ordinary disciples had already fallen.

As for a portion of them, they had killed Favored and taken their Dao-marks, going from an ordinary core disciple to a Favored.

But for an ordinary disciple to kill a Favored, just how difficult was that? So obviously, the majority of those ordinary disciples had already died within the secret realm.

Long Chen completely ignored those ordinary disciples, and even those Favored didn’t need to be put in his calculations.

Only Chosen were able to pose some threat to them. Their numbers had far surpassed Long Chen’s estimation.

Furthermore, he noticed that the true top experts of the Righteous and Corrupt paths had yet to appear. It seemed he had arrived too early.

Long Chen’s group sat down to rest, closing their eyes and keeping themselves in peak condition.

As for the other disciples, not one of them made a single sound. No one else dared further provoke him.

Bit by bit, time passed. After two hours, a burst of dust blew into the air, and the ground began to tremble.

A huge figure was rushing over. It was a Six-Horn Silver-Scale Bull that was over three hundred meters long, and its aura had reached the peak of the fourth realm.

On its back was a black-haired man, standing with his hands clasped behind his back. His eyes were two stars, and his aura was like the sea. Some sort of formless energy roamed around him, causing space to quiver.

“It’s Xue Wuya!”

The Righteous disciples let out started cries when they recognized this person. He was someone who stood at the peak of the Corrupt path.

Just his name was like a huge hammer that smashed people’s hearts, making it hard for them to breathe.

To the Righteous disciples, Xue Wuya was even more terrifying than Yin Luo, as Xue Wuya was truly a bloodthirsty fiend. None of the Righteous disciples who encountered him lived to tell the tale.

The most terrifying thing about him was his abnormal temperament. He delighted in slaughter, and his favorite thing to see was people’s expressions right before they died.

As for the Six-Horn Silver-Scale Bull, it was like a huge silver mountain as it rushed over in this direction. Behind it were thousands of disciples.

Those were all Xue Wuya’s followers, and they were all elites amongst elites. They only stopped when they were in front of the Righteous disciples. Those Righteous disciples were all terrified, involuntarily retreating.

Although the Six-Horn Silver-Scale Bull was still a few miles away, their blood still turned cold.

They weren’t afraid of that Magical Beast, but the person on its back. That person was practically a fiend.

Xue Wuya swept his gaze over those terrified expressions and smiled cruelly. He licked his lips, looking thirsty for blood. It was as if he could already taste it, and he was filled with anticipation.

Those Righteous disciples’ expressions all changed. Xue Wuya’s bloodthirsty eyes were exactly as described in the stories.

However, he only icily looked over them without directly doing anything to them. Instead, he turned his Six-Horn Silver-Scale Bull to go towards Long Chen.

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