Chapter 431 Two World Mountain

Two World Mountain was located at the core of the Jiuli secret realm. 

Although there were many entrances, Two World Mountain was the only exit. Due to how much time had passed, it was unknown how the initial explorers had managed to find it. But in order to leave the secret realm, you had to leave through here.

Two World Mountain was an extremely peculiar mountain. It was a thousand miles wide and ten miles high. It had two mountain peaks, with an empty space between them. The ground there was a scarlet red color. That was from being dyed with blood.

Each time the exit opened, the Righteous and Corrupt paths would undergo an immense life and death battle here. This place was littered with broken weapons, as well as some eroded skeletons. A faint sobbing sound still seemed to linger in the air.

After countless years, it was unknown just how many Righteous and Corrupt disciples had become bits of dust here. Every inch of space here was filled with the aura of death.

Currently, there were still three days until the exit opened. All the Righteous and Corrupt disciples had gathered here from all directions.

Both sides were separated by a dozen miles, each minding their own business. Even the savage Corrupt disciples had grave expressions. Occasionally, they would glance over at the side of the Righteous path. As for the Righteous path, they were tightly clenching their weapons, keeping watch over the Corrupt disciples uneasily. 

This was an unavoidable battle. When it was time for the exit to open, a spatial gate would open over the battlefield of Two World Mountain.

This spatial gate would only be open for a quarter hour. Considering how many disciples there were, that time was far from enough.

So this was an extremely cruel trial. The defeated could only die.

The two paths’ disciples had begun gathering a week ago. But when everyone had gathered, they were all given a shock.

There were actually no less than ten thousand Righteous disciples present now. As for the Corrupt disciples, they didn’t number much less than the Righteous disciples. The number of people present in the secret realm this time was somehow ten times greater than any other time in history. No one knew just how that had happened.

Although there were many entrances to the secret realm, each entrance could only accept a limited number of people. Once that number was reached, it was impossible for any more people to go through that entrance.

However, some people’s eyes were a bit sharper and they sneered once they saw through the problem. They had realized that this time, a great deal of disciples had come from small, weaker sects.

In other words, something had to have happened with the small entrances that were in the control of those weaker sects, allowing them to send in more people.

These disciples all had weak foundations, and their combat strength was the lowest of everyone present. Once the battle started, they would just be cannon fodder.

In the upcoming battle, it wasn’t necessarily a straight-on battle. Instead, it was more accurately a massacre. The experts from the Righteous path would charge amongst the Corrupt disciples, while the experts from the Corrupt path would also charge amongst the Righteous disciples. They would wantonly slaughter the weak for their spatial rings.

True battles between the top experts were rather rare. That was because they all were focused on killing more enemies to get more treasures.

In this particular clash, the ones to die were mostly the weaker ones. Those who were stronger were like lions that stood at the peak of the food chain, and they were always the ones who benefited the most.

The disciples that were staring at their enemies were all either thinking of how they would stay alive or how they would snatch more treasures.

However, neither side was saying anything. Although there were almost twenty thousand disciples present, the entire crowd was deathly silent. However, once a certain group of people slowly walked over, all their pupils shrank.

“It’s Long Chen!”

One person was at the front, his clothes fluttering in the wind. He appeared to be some celestial emperor looking down on mortals, filled with arrogance and disdain.

Long Chen’s aura had grown even stronger. Although his cultivation base was only at the Tendon Transformation realm, that aura was like a boulder crushing everyone’s hearts.

Seeing him, both the Righteous and Corrupt disciples’ hearts involuntarily began to pound wildly. This was a legendary person.

When he had first entered the secret realm, he had only been at Blood Condensation. But even though he had been chased down by Yin Luo, he had still survived.

From then on, images of Long Chen’s actions had never stopped coming. Many of those scenes were all incredibly shocking, almost unbelievable.

There were countless photographic jades that had spread. Two scenes in particular were exceptionally shocking. One of those was from Compass Mountain when Long Chen had revealed an incredible power, defeating Yin Wushuang and killing Han Tianfeng.

As for the other scene, that was even more amazing. It was just that at the beginning, only a small portion of people had managed to see it. It only began to spread crazily later.

That was the scene of Long Chen chasing after Yin Luo. When they had seen that, everyone had been stupefied. The Corrupt path’s number one expert had lost an arm and was miserably fleeing.

And the one chasing him was Long Chen. Their positions had been reversed from the beginning of the secret realm.

Now Long Chen’s name had truly created a controversy amongst the Righteous and Corrupt paths. Countless people felt reverence for his fierceness.

Just how ruthless was this person? He could fight across realms against a peak expert and was even able to chase after him. That practically toppled all their understanding of the world. If Yin Luo was called a peak expert, then what should Long Chen be called? A peak monster?

Long Chen was walking forward. Seeing both sides separated by a dozen miles, he decided not to go over to either side. Instead, he walked down the center between the two parties. He didn’t want to be associated with either side.

The Corrupt disciples were his enemies, while the Righteous disciples were not his friends.

Behind Long Chen were five peerless beauties. Their dresses leisurely floated in the wind, looking like five fairies that had descended from the heavens.

These five were Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Lu Fang-er, and Ye Zhiqiu. Previously, they had been a bit nervous about coming here, as they knew an incredibly bloody battle would be fought here. But now that they had arrived, their nervousness became calm instead.

The figure in front of them gave them a great deal of confidence. That tall and straight back was still unhurried even in the face of all these experts. This imposing atmosphere was not even able to make him flinch. He gave off the feeling that even if the heavens collapsed, he would still be able to handle it.

Behind the five women were Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Yue Zifeng. The five of them were proudly staying behind him. To be able to follow Long Chen was their lives’ greatest pride.

As for the person at the very back, he was a huge giant, his muscles bulging, his arms thicker than a person’s legs. A shockingly huge spiked club rested on his shoulder. He looked like some kind of giant god, filled with a domineeringness. This was Wilde.

After all his ‘bitter cultivation’, those two peak fifth rank Magical Beasts had both been thrown into his stomach. He felt as if his body might explode, and he longed for a battle.

Wilde’s gaze swept over the Righteous and Corrupt disciples. His gaze stopped temporarily on the larger fellows. Being stared at by him caused those people to feel a chill as if some beast had set its gaze on them.

“Long Chen, you heinous villain! You still dare come here? Hehe, in a bit, we’ll all see just how you’ll die!” A monastery disciple stood out from the crowd, his gaze seemingly delighting in Long Chen’s anticipated demise.

That was someone from the seventh monastery. Obviously, he was working hard to fawn over the first monastery. Seeing how awe-inspiring Long Chen appeared, he couldn’t help being filled with envy.

Long Chen was just an insignificant brat from the last place monastery. When it came to status, he wasn’t even fit to carry his shoes.

But somehow, he had run into some heaven-defying dogshit luck in the secret realm, growing to this point. This fellow from the seventh monastery had long since gone crazy with jealousy.

That was especially true with those five fairy-like beauties behind Long Chen. He was like the moon set off by sparkling stars, and this fellow directly cursed him in his fury.

As soon as that fellow opened his mouth, quite a few people looked at Long Chen in anticipation. Everyone had heard of Long Chen’s ruthlessness. They wanted to see what he would do.

Long Chen didn’t even glance over, nor did his footsteps pause. He raised his right hand slightly and pointed out a single finger.

A violet bolt of lightning appeared on his finger and suddenly shot out in front of their horrified gazes.

The person who had ridiculed Long Chen was instantly blown to pieces. The bloody stench of this place grew even stronger.

There were quite a few people who had been standing by his side, also wearing ridiculing expressions. They all shrieked and fled for their lives.

However, Long Chen and the others didn’t even glance at them. They continued walking forward, acting as if nothing had happened.

“How vicious.”

People’s hearts shook. Both the Righteous and Corrupt disciples were completely intimidated by Long Chen’s methods.

His attack had been far too quick, so fast that it was impossible to dodge or block. They hadn’t even clearly seen his attack before that person had died. That had been a powerful Favored, but he hadn’t had the slightest ability to retaliate.

The most horrifying thing was Long Chen’s completely calm expression. There was not even the slightest ripple even after killing someone.

“Long Chen, you perverted traitor, you vicious slaughterer, are you trying to become enemies with the entire Righteous path?”

Suddenly, a voice rang out from amongst the crowd. But that person was very crafty and hid himself within the crowd, and it was impossible to see him.

That voice continued to curse, “How could you be so vicious as to kill someone just because he said something you didn’t like? Do you think you can kill all of us? You’re the absolute scum of the Righteous path, and everyone wants you punished. Just wait, when Han Tianyu arrives, the first thing he’ll do is make you into a corpse for- ah!”

That hidden person was cursing to his heart’s content when he suddenly let out a mournful shriek. Then the voice disappeared.

Everyone was startled. But then they saw one of the women behind Long Chen had formed an odd hand seal.

Lu Fang-er sneered, “Contemptible and shameless fellow, did you think it would be impossible to find you just because you hid yourself?”

Obviously, Lu Fang-er had used some unknown technique to lock onto that person’s position and then use a spiritual attack to kill him.


Now that two experts from the Righteous path had been killed, a Chosen from the Corrupt path sneered, “Dogs killing dogs, truly not bad!”

But as soon as he said that, his expression changed completely, because a huge crossbow was now pointed at him.

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