Chapter 430 Hua Biluo vs. Han Tianyu

The person who had come was someone from the second monastery. After handing over a photographic jade, he bowed to Long Chen and left.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. From the start, that person had not said a single word, but his expression had been grave.

Long Chen pondered for a moment. He then had Little Snow guard outside while they all entered a tent to watch the photographic jade.

A scene appeared in front of them. This scene was one of a man and woman fighting intensely.

“It’s Hua Biluo and Han Tianyu!” exclaimed Tang Wan-er. Hua Biluo and Han Tianyu were both holding swords, their auras surging imposingly.

Countless flower petals had appeared behind Hua Biluo, and adding on her innate beauty, she truly seemed like a fairy of flowers.

But they all knew that these flower petals were not decoration. They could sense that they had all been condensed from Hua Biluo’s spiritual qi. Runes covered each petal, and a vast amount of spiritual qi was flowing from them to Hua Biluo.

Long Chen was shocked to realize that these flower petals were not just some energy storage containers but able to absorb energy from heaven and earth to supply to Hua Biluo.

That was a similar effect to his own divine ring. However, the difference between the two was far too great. There was no way the flower petals could compare to his divine ring.

However, the flower petals still pushed Hua Biluo’s power to her peak, and with each slash of her sword, heaven and earth quivered and the void was split open.

“This Hua Biluo really is powerful.” Gu Yang and the others couldn’t help clicking their tongues. This sword’s power was practically capable of ripping open the blue dome of the heavens. But her movements didn’t seem to contain any fury and instead seemed like random blows.

Their swords clashed repeatedly, and dust filled the air. Sword Qi filled the sky and split open the ground, appearing dreadful and grand.

Suddenly, Hua Biluo let out a cry and her sword pointed towards the sky. All the flower petals behind her condensed together, forming a huge three-hundred-meter sword.

When that sword appeared, heaven and earth changed color, and space contorted violently. It contained endless power as it slashed down on Han Tianyu.

Han Tianyu’s expression was solemn. Holding his sword in his hands, they briefly saw a golden rune light up on the back of his hands.

But those runes faded in an instant, and instead, two runes had now appeared on his sword. They twisted around it, making it seem as if his sword had come to life as it emitted a faint cry, slashing at Hua Biluo’s giant sword.


Waves of qi exploded, and both Han Tianyu and Hua Biluo flew back. The place where they had clashed was a bottomless pit. After that, the image faded, as that was all that was recorded on this photographic jade.

“They’re both so powerful.”

Everyone was speechless for a long moment. Those two were truly too powerful. Each of their attacks pushed their power to the pinnacle, but it seemed so effortless for them.

The two of them had fought calmly, but considering the power behind their blows, the slightest carelessness could have caused one of them to die.

“Han Tianyu is said to be the supermonastery’s number one expert, so I can accept him being this powerful. But who would have thought the always low-key Hua Biluo would be able to draw even with him? Is that just how powerful ancient families are? Just a random one of them is able to match up to a sect’s top expert?” asked an overwhelmed Guo Ran.

When Hua Biluo had said that she was also a disciple from an ancient family who had come out for some tempering experience, she had made it seem as if she was just an ordinary disciple.

But such an ordinary disciple was able to fight with a marvel genius like Han Tianyu. That was truly too shocking.

“Long Chen, which one of them do you think is stronger?” asked Meng Qi.

“It’s definitely Han Tianyu. In that last exchange, although it seemed like a tie on the surface, Hua Biluo had already lost. Didn’t you notice? After that exchange, the sword she condensed from her flower petals shattered, but the runic power on Han Tianyu’s sword didn’t immediately scatter. Only when the two of them were being blown back did the light from his sword fade. He was purposely hiding his power to make it seem like it was a draw.” Long Chen’s expression was solemn.

Han Tianyu was much stronger than he had imagined. Although Han Tianfeng had been his brother, the difference between the two was like heaven and earth.

Now when he recalled how Han Tianfeng had been deluded enough to think he could contest the first place spot with his brother, he realized just how laughable that was.

“Why would he do this? Is it in order to win favor with Hua Biluo?” Chu Yao couldn’t help but ask.

“Perhaps. To me, it seems like Han Tianyu would like to join the Hua family, but he also isn’t willing to abandon Yin Wushuang’s family.

“So currently, he is being indecisive. However, Hua Biluo’s method was superior. Constantly ignoring him was definitely the right choice for her.

“For a genius like Han Tianyu, he’s definitely unable to handle being disregarded by others. So Hua Biluo is clearly superior in that aspect.” Long Chen smiled.

“Boss really is boss. These pick-up techniques are really unrivaled beneath the heavens- aiya!” In the middle of Guo Ran’s praise and boot-licking, he was kicked away by Long Chen.

Only then did Guo Ran remember that it wasn’t just the two of them. To talk about pick-up techniques in front of this many beautiful women was no different than causing trouble for Long Chen.

“Boss, I was wrong,” apologized Guo Ran.

Meng Qi and the others just laughed and didn’t say anything about it. They didn’t have the heart to care about such a thing right now. What they wanted to know was why Hua Biluo had sent this photographic jade over.

Long Chen pondered for a moment and said, “Hua Biluo and Han Tianyu were fighting with at most fifty percent of their strength. They held back too much, but from this, it seems Han Tianyu is a level higher than Hua Biluo.”

“Fifty percent?!”

“Yes, fifty percent. But you don’t need to be so shocked. They are both peerless geniuses, ones who stand at the peak of their realm. There’s nothing curious about this. 

“Hua Biluo did this to give me some extremely precious information. She’s hoping I will back off slightly. She thinks that with Han Tianyu present, I have absolutely zero chance of killing Yin Wushuang.” Long Chen smiled.

“Hmm, Hua Biluo’s not a bad person,” said Meng Qi. Hua Biluo had repeatedly tried to persuade Long Chen to give up on killing Yin Wushuang, all for his own good.

In truth, considering her position, for Long Chen to kill Yin Wushuang should make her clap her hands in delight. That was using Long Chen to help her remove an enemy.

But she had abandoned that kind of selfish desire to persuade Long Chen from putting himself into an impossible situation. That made Meng Qi and the others look favorably upon her.

“Boss, I have something I want to ask you,” said Guo Ran carefully.

“Alright? When did you get so courteous?” laughed Long Chen.

“What I want to ask is how high are your chances of defeating Han Tianyu?” After hesitating for a while, Guo Ran finally asked this important question.

Hearing him say that, everyone turned to look at Long Chen closely. This was also what they all wanted to know.

Long Chen smiled slightly. “Ah, you all don’t trust me. Fine, I’ll tell you my thoughts.

“Currently, Han Tianyu has yet to bring out his full power, and he is sure to have many other abilities. Furthermore, it is also rumored that he obtained some treasure that we didn’t see him take out in this photographic jade.

“However, that hasn’t impacted my confidence. If I fight him, I have a ninety percent chance of not being defeated, a fifty percent chance of defeating him, but as for killing him… at most, I have only a twenty percent chance.”

All of them turned lifeless. If they didn’t know Long Chen’s character, they would think he was just boasting.

But Long Chen never acted like that, especially not when it concerned everyone’s safety. Then what he was saying was an absolute fact.

To have a fifty percent chance of defeating the supermonastery’s top expert, just what kind of concept was that? That was too shocking.

“Did you think that since I spent all this time refining pills, that I forgot how to fight?” laughed Long Chen.

To tell the truth, after refining for so long, Long Chen really had an urge to puke. If it wasn’t for everyone, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to endure it.

It really was true that it had been a long time since he had had a battle. But during this time, he had advanced to the ninth Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation. Even Long Chen didn’t know how strong he had become now.

“Boss, why don’t you hurry and seclude yourself to cultivate? If you break through to Bone Forging, then wouldn’t you be able to crush Han Tianyu with a fart?”

“Guo Ran, be more civilized.” Meng Qi and the others blushed, and it was Tang Wan-er who angrily rebuked him. Guo Ran really needed to pay attention to the situation when he spoke.

“How could it be that simple?” Long Chen smiled bitterly.

For others, advancing past the ninth Heavenstage would bring them to the next realm. But he had to reach the thirteenth Heavenstage before he could challenge the next realm.

Furthermore, for the tenth Heavenstage and up, each advancement was shockingly difficult. It required an ocean’s worth of medicinal pills. He still didn’t have that many pills.

Right now, the only useful medicinal ingredients he had were the ones in his life ring. But those were seeds to be sold, and they were the wealth that would allow everyone a chance to soar in the future. He couldn’t waste them.

Right now, he couldn’t increase his cultivation base quickly anymore. What he needed to do was make sure Yin Wushuang forever stayed within the secret realm to comfort his brothers’ departed spirits.

As for what would happen later, he could only take it step by step. The only thing that Long Chen regretted was that despite clearly being able to feel something in the secret realm calling to him, he was unable to find it.

Now they were about to leave. Could it be he would have to wait another hundred years to once more enter the secret realm? But the spatial channel to enter only permitted those at the Tendon Transformation realm to enter. He couldn’t possibly just not cultivate for a century, right?

But panicking about this also wasn’t a solution. Right now, he had everyone relax as much as they could. Every day, Long Chen accompanied all his brothers in drinking and accompanied Meng Qi and the others in chatting and laughing. This brief moment was an incomparably happy time.

During this time, there were a few more people who came to disturb them. They cursed Long Chen, saying he wouldn’t have a good death, that he would be executed by Han Tianyu. But after they were killed by Guo Ran’s arrows, it calmed back down again.

Half a month passed by. Now Long Chen and the others packed up, preparing to go directly to the Two World Mountain at the core of the secret realm. That was where the secret realm’s exit would open.

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