Chapter 43 Beast Cultivation

“Let’s see just which one us won’t see tomorrow’s sunset!”

Following Long Chen’s shout, green light appeared over his fist. As soon as that light appeared, a terrifying wind shot out and even the air groaned beneath that fist.

Seeing that, a gentle feeling arose within Chu Yao. That was one of the high Mortal class Battles Skills she had taught Long Chen.

But when Long Chen was the one using it, it had completely changed. Its might was capable of swallowing mountains and rivers, and even from dozens of meters away, it caused people to feel an enormous pressure.

“Breaking Wind Fist!”

It was as if thunder had shaken the heavens. A tempest surged around his fist, as if it wished to destroy the very earth.

Startled cries rang out throughout the crowd. The power Long Chen had revealed had already surpassed their imagination. Long Chen was a complete freak to them.

And to Huang Chang, Long Chen seemed more like a Magical Beast that wanted his life than a human. His fist seemed to expand to fill all of heaven and earth, completely locking him down.

This completely shocked him. He had originally thought that Long Chen had just had a lucky encounter which had caused his physical body to become much stronger.

Huang Chang was someone who had been secretly groomed by Xia Changfeng to be a martial weapon. In his youth, he had already fought life and death struggles, surviving all of them.

He had a terrifying amount of battle experience, so Long Chen’s previous strength hadn’t been overly frightening to him. By relying on his rich fighting experience, he could effortlessly suppress Long Chen.

But this fist of Long Chen’s had actually locked him in place so that he was completely unable to dodge it. He could only receive it head-on.

Locking someone in place like this was an extremely powerful mental skill. By using one’s powerful mental force and adding it to their attack, it would make it impossible for someone to dodge.

Such a power would only appear from extremely powerful cultivators, or perhaps people like Huang Chang who had managed to crawl out from beneath a mountain of corpses. Only they could perhaps control a trace of that power.

But now Long Chen who was only at the seventh Heavenstage of Qi Condensation had actually done so. This situation made no sense to him.

Long Chen didn’t give him much time to think it over. His fist brought with it a tempest that broke through the space to smash right towards him.

At this point, Huang Chang couldn’t hold anything back. With a loud roar, a red layer of light appeared all over his body and terrifying energy exploded out. He also sent out a fist with all his strength.


Everyone felt the entire plaza shake. Then, a figure was sent flying into a huge boulder.

That boulder was over ten meters thick and immediately crumbled. People looked at Long Chen who was remaining in his original position and then to that collapsed boulder. The entire plaza was deathly silent.

Xia Changfeng’s expression changed greatly. He had never expected Long Chen to have hidden his terrifying strength so well. This was completely beyond any of his expectations.

It wasn’t just Xia Changfeng. Wei Cang was also filled with shock, and viciousness appeared in his eyes.

If Long Chen’s battle capabilities were revealed to the outside world’s sects, they would definitely accept him. After all, Long Chen was still extremely young.

With a sect’s support, who knew just how powerful he would grow to be? That was completely unacceptable. They could not let him leave here alive!

Wei Cang already hated Long Chen and wished him dead. Long Chen had caused him to lose much of his face, and the two were now like water and fire.

If he let Long Chen grow further, would he still be able to live?

Suddenly, the boulder blew apart and a figure slowly walked out from there, immediately causing startled cries.

The current Huang Chang was an extremely sorry figure. Most of his robes had been torn apart, and his hair was completely disheveled.

Through his messy hair, the crowd could see his bloody face. More blood continued to slowly drip to the ground.

“Excellent, you really do amaze me.” Although Huang Chang was injured, his voice was completely undisturbed.

“I’m also amazed by you.” A bad feeling arose in Long Chen, but he absolutely couldn’t allow himself to be oppressed by him in terms of imposingness. 

Huang Chang smiled. But that smile was absolutely eerie and sinister on his blood-covered face.

Glancing at the distant Xia Changfeng and seeing him nod slightly towards him, Huang Chang suddenly began to laugh.

“Long Chen, your power has exceeded my expectations, but you will not be able to escape death today. Now, I’ll let you see just what true strength is!”

Huang Chang suddenly let out a howl like a wild beast, and following it, his clothes began to burst apart. 

The people watching in the distance all let out startled screams. Huang Chang’s arms had at least doubled in size and were now covered in yellow fur.

The most shocking part was that his face had become even more twisted. Fur covered it and tusks had appeared in his mouth. His hands had become deformed. His fingernails grew to become steel claws, and a cold, threatening air came from his body

The current Huang Chang was no longer human; he was more like a freak in a humanoid shape. His whole body emitted a berserk aura.

Grandmaster Yun Qi finally changed expressions when he saw this. With his experience, he had managed to recognize just how terrifying this move was.

Beside him was Chu Yao who had noticed Yun Qi’s change in expression. She hastily asked, “Grandmaster, what’s going on? Is Huang Chang a human or a beast?”

Grandmaster Yun Qi’s expression was grave as he replied, “That Huang Chang’s origin most likely isn’t simple. He’s a beast cultivator. Although he only has a superficial understanding of this technique, such a beast transformation will cause a person’s combat ability to increase by a frightening amount.”

Originally, this so-called beast cultivation was a kind of extremely powerful inheritance. Beast cultivators would refine a Magical Beast’s essence blood, allowing them to control a portion of that Magical Beast’s might.

Such cultivation would only allow the cultivator to control an extremely small portion of the Magical Beast’s powerful physical body. Although it was an extremely small portion, a Magical Beast’s physical body was too powerful and even such a small fraction was extremely frightening.

Huang Chang was very confident now. Ever since he had refined the Magical Beast’s essence blood, he had never met someone who could exchange more than ten blows with him in the same cultivation level.

In the last two years, he had followed beside Xia Changfeng and handled his affairs in a low-key manner. He had never revealed his true strength.

Today, he hadn’t expected to have to erupt with it all, and yet still be unable to handle this youth. He was completely furious.

When he saw Xia Changfeng’s nod, he no longer had any misgivings and revealed his unique trump card – beast transformation.

“Seeing the color of his fur, he most likely refined the peak second rank Yellow-Faced Devil Wolf’s essence blood. You don’t need to worry; as soon as Long Chen is unable to handle it, I’ll go. Hmph, I really want to see what he has up his sleeve.” Seeing Chu Yao so worried, grandmaster Yun Qi said a couple of comforting words. Looking at the pleased Wei Cang, he coldly smiled.

Currently, the entire crowd was filled with fright as they looked at Huang Chang. They couldn’t help but retreat from him. Only once they were far away from him could they feel a bit safer.

Long Chen was also filled with shock when he looked at Huang Chang. This was the first time he felt the air of death, and it was extremely strong.

After fusing with a Pill God’s soul, his ability to sense danger had become much more perceptive. For him to have such a feeling meant that the current Huang Chang definitely posed a grave danger to him.

Huang Chang looked at his own claws, testing them out a bit. Then, he turned to Long Chen, his voice so ugly it sounded like iron scratching, “Do you have any last words?”

Long Chen suppressed his own fear. Such fear had no use at all and would only cause him to sink into despair. He had to conquer it.

All of Huang Chang’s muscles were bulging. With his yellow fur standing on end and his three inch long tusks, he looked nothing more than a monster.

“I want to ask you a question,” said Long Chen.

“Fine, it’ll count as your last wish before death,” Huang Chang said, playing with his nails.

“I want to ask, were your mother and father human or beast? How’d they end up giving birth to a weirdo like you? Or are you a human-beast hybrid?” Long Chen asked puzzled.

The response to Long Chen was five iron claws cutting through the air. By the time he sensed them, they had already reached his chest.

Long Chen was startled, and almost instinctively drew back his chest and quickly retreated.

Long Chen’s reaction was quick, but the clothing around his chest had been shorn and five points of blood appeared on his skin.

He was absolutely astonished by this speed. That attack had been so sharp that if he had been just one step too late, he would have died.

The exchange had occurred so lightning-fast that the crowd hadn’t even reacted before it ended.

“Your mouth really is loathsome. As a punishment, I’ll tear you to pieces.” Huang Chang slowly put his claw-like fingernails to his mouth and licked them. A bit of Long Chen’s blood still stained them.

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen focused all his attention. His divine sense was pushed to its max. Due to his carelessness just now, his stomach had almost been cut open.

Just one such mistake was enough; if it happened again, he would most definitely become a corpse. This was the first time Long Chen had felt such fear, but at the same time, for some reason, he also felt a bit of excitement. The blood in his body was heating up.

What he didn’t know was that the moment he had felt the threat of death, the FengFu Star at the bottom of his foot had started to circulate without any urging or control from Long Chen. It was currently transforming in some unknown way.

But Long Chen didn’t sense that since he was completely focused on the battle. All his attention was on the outside world, on Huang Chang. That demonic beast form of his was something he could not be the slightest bit careless of.

“A dog like you wants to tear me to pieces? Can a man who isn’t even a man do that? I don’t believe it.” Long Chen glanced sideways at Huang Chang, his expression contemptuous. But as he spoke, he was also circulating his divine sense to its limit, using it as a substitute to watching over his movements.


As he expected, the beast transformed Huang Chang was even easier to infuriate. A crazed yellow gale charged at Long Chen.

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