Chapter 428 Successful Alliance

Long Chen wasn’t surprised by Hua Biluo’s decision. Her decision was a smart one.

If she really did cooperate with Long Chen at this time, even if she didn’t personally do anything to Yin Wushuang, she still would be labeled an accomplice.

“However, I’ve only decided to change my plan of suppressing Yin Wushuang. My plan to deal a blow to the first monastery hasn’t changed. This is something I promised to my sect leader,” said Hua Biluo.

“Oh? Then what do you want to do?”

“Although I can’t help you target Yin Wushuang, I can bring my group to stand by your side.

“Don’t look down on my group. I’ve pulled in quite a few smaller powers. With that many people standing by your side, you’ll definitely be very intimidating.

“If the first monastery wants to splash more dirty water on, they’ll just be insulting themselves. To tell the truth, Yin Wushuang has already exhausted all her abilities, and so she has no choice but to use her despicable methods.

“Just by standing by your side, it’ll be like a slap in Yin Wushuang’s face. It’ll be equivalent to telling everyone just how contemptible the first monastery’s schemes are.

“This way, when you target Yin Wushuang, the first monastery’s alliance will hesitate. Seeing how strong your side is, they might not even attack. At the very least, it will have a deterrent effect,” said Hua Biluo.

“I don’t need you to directly participate in the battle. But if my friends fall into danger during the battle, I hope you can lend a hand to help. If you do, I, Long Chen, will owe you a favor.”

Hua Biluo’s eyes brightened. Long Chen was someone who kept his promises, and to have a favor from him… With his potential, if he didn’t die, he would definitely grow to a terrifying realm. A favor from him was truly important.

“Alright, I promise.” Hua Biluo extended a hand.

Long Chen also extended a hand, lightly patting Hua Biluo’s hand. This was a custom that was one of the most solemn promises in the cultivation world.

“Thank you.” Long Chen finally relaxed slightly.

“Brother Long is too courteous. I’m not really helping you much by doing this. But your care for your people’s safety really is rare,” praised Hua Biluo.

Of everyone she had ever talked with, Long Chen was the only one for whom she hadn’t had to constantly guess their inner heart’s intentions. She didn’t have to worry about him scheming against her, which was something that made her feel secure.

“Then since you’ve already decided to change your original plan, do you have anything else that you need my help with?” asked Long Chen.

“No. Although my plan has changed, just giving a blow to the first monastery is a win for me. This time, the first monastery’s greatest mistake was allowing that narrow-minded woman to execute their plan. Now I’ll expose the first monastery’s despicable side to everyone, causing their prestige to drop to the ground. Also, I’m planning on challenging Han Tianyu before the secret realm closes,” said Hua Biluo.

“You want to break the myth of Han Tianyu being undefeatable?” Long Chen was surprised by Hua Biluo’s heroism.

“Do you think defeating him is so easy?” Hua Biluo bitterly smiled. “You still don’t know how terrifying Han Tianyu is. Other than you, he is the most talented genius I’ve seen so far.

“When it comes to talent, you might be better than Han Tianyu, but your cultivation base is too low. If you had reached Bone Forging, you could have swept through the secret realm. I also finally realize why you would be ranked second on the Corrupt path’s must-kill list.

“Even in the face of top experts, you are able to fight across realms. That kind of talent is too worrying, so I’m sure that whether it is Yin Wushuang, Han Tianyu, or the Corrupt path, none of them want to let you leave alive.

“So brother Long, don’t blame me for having been long-winded. You must think this over carefully. As long as you are able to leave the secret realm, you’ll have unlimited prospects. Even if you were to join my Hua family, my Hua family would bring out their full power to groom you.”

Hua Biluo truly didn’t want to see Long Chen, a generation’s greatest genius, die here.

As long as he didn’t kill Yin Wushuang, there would be some leeway. Even she, Hua Biluo, would be able to ask her Hua family to help to protect him.

But if he killed Yin Wushuang, the Hua family would not possibly protect him, just a talented genius that had yet to mature, against the Yin family’s wrath. The relationship between ancient families was complicated, and even Hua Biluo was unable to see through the higher-ups’ thoughts.

“Thank you for the reminder. It’s not that I don’t appreciate your kindness, but that my martial Dao is to live freely, repaying both gratitude and enmity.

“If I let Yin Wushuang get away with her crimes, I wouldn’t be able to endure that kind of impact. That would plant a heart-devil, and it’d be impossible for me to advance anymore.

“Most importantly, as cultivators, we risk our lives cultivating every day. Just why is it that we have to constantly get stronger?

“Isn’t it because we want to forcibly change our own fates? To use your own power to protect the ones you want to protect?

“If you just endure everything, and you get into the habit of tolerating whatever happens to you, then would you even be a cultivator? If you just want to use schemes to solve your problems, what is the point of you getting stronger?”

Hearing Long Chen’s words, Hua Biluo shook slightly. His words contained the essence of cultivation, causing her to see a clear path in front of her.

There were many cultivators, but if you were to ask why they cultivated, then of ten thousand people, you would get ten thousand different answers.

However, Long Chen’s words were like a loud alarm bell. If you only relied on scheming, then were you even a true cultivator?

She finally understood why Long Chen, who was clearly smart enough, never used schemes to handle others. He had to go all-out to get stronger because he firmly believed that in front of absolute strength, all schemes were worthless.

A person’s energy was limited, and if you used schemes to settle everything, then that would take up a great deal of your cultivating time, delaying your cultivation. Long Chen’s decision was the smart one.

But just who had such confidence in their own strength? Could it be that Long Chen’s confidence had never wavered?

His words had allowed Hua Biluo to see an unprecedented path for herself. Although she wouldn’t necessarily choose to walk down that path, just seeing it was enough to bring her great benefits.

“Thank you for your pointers, brother Long.” Hua Biluo cupped her hands gratefully.

At the same time, she wondered to herself, if instead of spending time and effort on schemes, if she had spent that time on cultivating, then just how powerful would she be right now? Would she still need to worry so much about her current situation?

It was still that same phrase: in front of absolute strength, all schemes were worthless. If she was strong enough, would she even need to play these games? She could just directly defeat Han Tianyu and Yin Wushuang.

“Sister Biluo is too courteous. Since we’ve chosen to cooperate, we are comrades, so being too courteous will make us seem like outsiders.” laughed Long Chen.

In truth, Long Chen said this in order to stop Hua Biluo from trying to persuade him. In that aspect, women were not as straightforward as men.

“Talking with brother Long Chen has been quite beneficial. Since we’ve already set up our cooperation, I won’t bother you any longer.”

Hua Biluo stood up and Long Chen sent her out, watching her figure disappear into the distance.

Meng Qi and the others now came out of their tent. “Long Chen, is Hua Biluo trustworthy?” 

“It doesn’t matter whether or not she’s reliable. This kind of cooperation is purely dependent on self-interests. While we can both benefit, this cooperation will be stable. But in any case, it won’t bring us any harm. For Hua Biluo to borrow our power to give a blow to the first monastery can also count as helping us take revenge, so it’s mutually beneficial,” said Long Chen.

“Have you ever thought about what you’re going to do once you kill Yin Wushuang?” asked Chu Yao worriedly.

“To tell you the truth, no.” Long Chen sighed, “I know that killing Yin Wushuang will cause a great deal of trouble. But I really can’t endure letting her live.

“But the problem also isn’t that serious. Meng Qi and Chu Yao, you aren’t members of the monasteries, so this won’t implicate you. After all, this is an internal matter of the supermonastery.

“I’ve recorded everything that has happened in the secret realm in photographic jades. Luckily, I have already considered this possibility, and ever since entering the secret realm, I kept a photographic jade activated, so I have all the proof I could want.

“Although I disdain using such schemes, that doesn’t mean that I’m an idiot. This time, we have to blow this matter up as much as possible.

“It would be best if we could even disturb the monastery head. I refuse to believe the first monastery is really capable of controlling everything. Since this matter has already reached this point, we just have to make it even bigger. The bigger of a ruckus we make, the more beneficial it will be to us.

“You’ve all reached the four-temper realm, and considering our talent and combat strength, as long as the monastery head isn’t blind, they will definitely not allow geniuses like us to all be killed. That’s why I said this world has no such thing as fairness. If you want fairness, you have to fight for it yourself. We have to make the supermonastery see our value, and only then will they protect us.

“Right now, the secret realm is in the tranquil period before the storm. Although Hua Biluo has promised to work with us, and Mo Nian has said that he will stand by our side, those are external strengths that can’t be depended on.

“Only our own strength can be truly relied on. So during this time, we’ll make the most of every moment to increase our strength.”

After saying that, Long Chen had everyone gather again. Other than Wilde, all of them entered seclusion to increase their cultivation bases.

As for Long Chen, he also began to devour Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills, focusing on increasing his realm. At the same time, he pushed his divine ring to its max. He could smell the scent of blood coming.

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