Chapter 425 Dividing Treasures

“Wind spirit stone?”

Tang Wan-er let out a startled exclamation. With her innate wind spirit body, she could instantly sense the vast amount of wind energy in this stone.

That was something that Tang Wan-er would long for even in her dreams. To her, such a thing was a gift from the heavens, and there was nothing else more suitable for her.

“Thank you, Long Chen!”

Tang Wan-er received the wind spirit stone excitedly, wanting to immediately go absorb the wind energy within it.

Wind spirit stones contained the purest wind energy within heaven and earth. They contained profound wind mysteries, and if she could comprehend some of them, it would greatly increase her abilities.

Although Tang Wan-er’s family wasn’t poor, they weren’t an ancient family. There were many things that had been lost over time, and she couldn’t rely on her family for anything. Thus, her future cultivation would all be up to herself. Otherwise, her family wouldn’t have sent her to the Xuantian Monastery to cultivate. That just proved her family was much inferior compared to the last place 108th monastery.

“You’re this happy about just one?” laughed Long Chen.

“Could it be that you have more?” Tang Wan-er was filled with shock.

“If it was just one, it’d be far too lacking to be a gift for you. If I’m going to give you something like this, I’d have to give you at least a mountain of them.” Long Chen laughed and handed a ring to Tang Wan-er.

“All you like to do is brag. If you really had… ah!”

At first, she thought he was joking, but the instant she looked at what was inside the spatial ring, her eyes popped wide open with disbelief. With her understanding of Long Chen’s abilities, she supposed it might be possible for him to gather a few dozen wind spirit stones. But seeing the mountain of wind spirit stones in the ring, she was absolutely stunned.

“What is it Wan-er?” The others looked at her with surprise. Just what had she seen to make her so speechless?

“Take a look.”

Tang Wan-er handed over the spatial ring to them. When they saw what was inside, they were just as shocked as Tang Wan-er.

“How did you get this, Long Chen?” asked Chu Yao.

“Naturally, I got it through adventuring.” Long Chen gave a simple recount of how he had ended up noticing wind spirit stones being blown around within the Misty Mountain Valleys.

“Wow Long Chen, you even thought of such a clever method!” praised Chu Yao. The other women nodded. Long Chen was bold and daring, but he also paid attention to the smallest details. The reason he had his current accomplishments was not by coincidence.

“But why does this mountain of wind spirit stones have a portion cut out from the top? Logically, you would have only cut it at the bottom,” wondered Tang Wan-er.

“Long Chen, you’re definitely hiding something. Hurry and own up.” Meng Qi stared at Long Chen with a touch of suspicion.

“Ah, you’re overthinking it. These wind spirit stones are things I worked so bitterly for. Their origin is definitely completely pure.” Being stared at by Meng Qi, Long Chen began to lose some confidence.

“I don’t believe you. Just now, your spiritual fluctuations changed. You’re definitely hiding something.” Meng Qi smiled in an unforgiving manner.

“Yes, hurry and own up.”

Chu Yao and the others also followed Meng Qi, taking an attitude of if he didn’t talk, he would be harshly punished.

“Tang Wan-er, do you even have a conscience? I gave you such treasures, and you stand with them as well? Tch, you really turn hostile faster than the flipping of a page.” Even Tang Wan-er had now betrayed him.

“Don’t think you can scare me. Right now, I’m a member of us sisters, and we must work together.” Tang Wan-er waved her hand.

“Long Chen, hurry and tell us. None of us can cultivate right now, so just tell us your story.” Chu Yao gently pulled on Long Chen’s arm, sitting down with him.

They all sat in a circle, the women all staring at Long Chen. He almost felt as if he was floating lightly through the air from being stared at by such beauties.

“Uh… I can tell you… but you can’t laugh… or I won’t tell you!” Long Chen hesitated for a moment before giving a warning.

“Fine, we won’t laugh. Hurry and tell us!” Tang Wan-er wrapped her arm around Long Chen’s other arm, her face alight with anticipation.

With the two of them on his arms, Long Chen really couldn’t find a way to refuse them. He just thickened his face and told them about what had happened. With a soul specialist like Meng Qi around, Long Chen didn’t even have a chance to lie.

Hearing how Long Chen had repeatedly bamboozled Han Tianfeng, how Long Chen had repeatedly trampled him and led the Barbaric Wind Beast to attack him, they all couldn’t hold back their laughter.

As for Tang Wan-er, she was laughing especially hard, rocking back and forth. But a beauty was a beauty, and no matter how she laughed, it was still enchanting.

Seeing them holding their sides from laughter, Long Chen became embarrassed and raged, “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t laugh?!”

“Long Chen… you can’t blame us… It’s just… too… funny…” Tang Wan-er was unable to even stay sitting straight up from her laughter.

As for the ice goddess Ye Zhiqiu, she had turned around. But from the trembling of her shoulders, she was obviously laughing as well.

Long Chen was speechless. Now he regretted telling them this. He had gravely damaged his glorious image.

“Long Chen… you really are… bad.” Even Chu Yao was laughing so hard that she didn’t even have time to breathe.

Although he had only given a simple recounting of what had happened, when they pictured a grand, peak genius being toyed with almost to death, all the while not knowing just who it was that was messing with him, they really were unable to hold back their laughter.

“Ah, Long Chen, really well done! Such a bastard should be killed just like that!” Tang Wan-er finally finished laughing and patted Long Chen on the shoulder.

“There’s nothing embarrassing about this, Long Chen. To handle an enemy, you naturally should use any and all methods, or the one to suffer will be you.” Lu Fang-er greatly approved of what he had done.

“Speaking of which, I remember that fellow Jiang Yifan. Did you end up running into him?” asked Tang Wan-er suddenly. She didn’t know whether or not Long Chen had finished taking revenge.

“Nope! I searched for him forever, but I didn’t even see his shadow.” Long Chen shook his head repeatedly. Even if he was beaten to death, he definitely couldn’t admit what had happened.

Even Long Chen shivered when he thought of Jiang Yifan and crap-brother Qi’s fates. That was really too nauseating.

Meng Qi glanced at him oddly, but seeing Long Chen doing his best to give her a meaningful glance, his eyes seeming to be begging her, she just smiled and didn’t say anything.

“Long Chen, why are you looking at sister Meng Qi like that?” asked Chu Yao.

“This is a kind of tender-hearted gaze. Could you not tell?” laughed Long Chen.

This phrasing of his was too ambiguous and flirtatious, causing all of them to blush. Meng Qi didn’t even dare look at the others now.

Seeing that one sentence was enough to stop their attacks on him, Long Chen sighed inside, cursing himself for being stupid. If he had known that it would be this simple, what would he have had to beg for?

“Wan-er, keep the wind spirit stones yourself. I know you can’t use them all, but just look after them. Right now, all you need to do is absorb the purest energy of the wind spirit stones to quickly increase your wind comprehension. That will bring huge benefits to your cultivation.” Since no one else was saying anything, Long Chen brought the conversation back to proper matters.

“But that would waste a huge amount of their energy,” said Tang Wan-er.

Wind spirit stones contained an enormous amount of energy, but that energy wasn’t all entirely pure. Only a portion could be absorbed.

Most cultivators would absorb all the energy of the wind spirit stone into their bodies, and then they would force out the impurities. Only then could they keep the waste to the minimum, as wind spirit stones were just too precious.

But Long Chen wanted her to just absorb the pure energy, and just directly waste the impure portion. That meant she would reject over ninety percent of its energy. That was truly extravagant and practically a waste of a natural treasure.

“If it’s a waste, then it’s a waste. Right now, time is more important. When the exit opens, it will definitely bring a bloody battle. Each little bit of strength is a greater chance of survival,” said Long Chen.

“Alright, I understand.” Tang Wan-er nodded. This was currently an extremely pressing period of time.

Seeing her nod, Long Chen knew he didn’t need to worry about that anymore. Tang Wan-er was a very sensible girl, and he didn’t need to worry about things she had promised him.

“Meng Qi, this is your gift.” Long Chen took out a golden page. Both Chu Yao and Ye Zhiqiu let out startled exclamations. 

They had been present when Long Chen had rescued Ye Zhiqiu and the others. He had used just this golden page to kill all those attackers. It was incredibly sharp, and all weapons and armor had been as weak as paper in front of it. That scene of its golden light bringing with it a rain of blood was still fresh in their memories.

“Long Chen this is…?” Meng Qi was startled by Chu Yao and Ye Zhiqiu’s reactions.

“This is a soul item,” said Long Chen.

“Soul item?” Meng Qi let out a startled cry. As a soul cultivator, she naturally knew what that was. Even in the Wind Spirit Pavilion, they were extremely rare and precious.

“Long Chen-”

Meng Qi was just about to refuse when Long Chen solemnly said, “Now isn’t the time to be courteous. Of everyone present, you’re the one most suited to this soul item.

“Using a soul item requires you to use your Spiritual Strength, but Chu Yao, Ye Zhiqiu, Wan-er, and myself are all fighters. We can’t fight while splitting our attention to use it.

“Only you and Lu Fang-er can use it to its full potential, while you are the one who has the strongest soul energy here. With you controlling it, during a critical moment, you can instantly kill experts. This is our entire team’s life-saving talisman.

“But in truth, this is not a true soul item, so its use is limited. You’ll need to constantly use your soul to nourish it and form a connection to it. Even I don’t know how exactly this thing should be used, so it’ll be up to you to figure that out,” smiled Long Chen.

After distributing these two treasures, everyone once more began to talk and laugh. Although Ye Zhiqiu didn’t smile or talk, a trace of warmth had appeared in her eyes.

This relaxed time flew by. Three days later, just as everyone gathered together to enter seclusion again, an unfamiliar guest arrived.

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