Chapter 421 Next Goal

“He… he probably won’t make it.” Chu Yao’s urgent voice rang out.

Long Chen hastily rushed over. He saw that Chu Yao’s wooden stakes were tightly wrapped around Li Qi, and a vast life energy was pouring into him.

Ye Zhiqiu and the others were waiting around him. Song Mingyuan had already begun to sob. The two of them had always been as close as real brothers, and seeing Li Qi like this made him feel like a blade was slicing his heart.

At this point, Li Qi’s body was like an open drain, unable to hold any of the spiritual qi Chu Yao poured into him.

At this time, he still had the slightest bit of consciousness left because of Chu Yao’s energy. But he already had no life energy left. Just relying on an external energy, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

“Long Chen… boss, hehe… I’m glad I get to see you…” Li Qi’s face was white as paper. Looking at Long Chen, he forced out the slightest smile.

“Long Chen, I…” Chu Yao was unable to pull Li Qi back from the hands of death. They had been a step too late.

“Don’t… feel sad… I’m just happy… I get to see boss again… and that you’re all alright…” A content expression appeared on Li Qi’s face.

“Li Qi, you can’t abandon your brothers…” cried Song Mingyuan.

“It’s fine. None of you have to feel bad. He won’t die.”

Long Chen took a deep breath, and a drop of verdant liquid appeared in his hand. This was the divine life liquid that the Spirit World expert had given to him before leaving.

This liquid was extremely miraculous. No matter how serious the injuries were, it had always been able to heal them. It had never failed up to now.

However, after all this time, this was his last drop. Even after he had been so heavily injured by the lightning tribulation, Long Chen had not been willing to use it.

Li Qi was now already half a step into the gates of the netherworld. Only this drop of divine liquid could possibly save his life.

Sending the drop into Li Qi’s mouth, Li Qi immediately fainted, causing everyone to jump.

“His life energy is recovering!” exclaimed Chu Yao. She was the first to sense that the spark of Li Qi’s life had been reignited. The life energy she poured into him no longer just dissipated.

Long Chen nodded. Looking at Guan Wennan’s corpse, he couldn’t help but sigh. They really had come too late. Guan Wennan was already dead.

“Brother Guan died to save me. I definitely have to avenge this enmity.” Yue Zifeng, who very rarely spoke, spoke viciously now.

The four of them were now healed thanks to Chu Yao. Their auras were no longer weak; however, it would take some time to recover their physical strength.

“First, I want to confirm something.” Long Chen slapped one of the Chosen. This slap temporarily blocked that person’s pain nerves.

“Long Chen, spare me! I’m begging you, please, I can’t bear it anymore…” That Chosen begged with a terrified expression. He had never experienced this kind of pain in his life before. This level of pain was practically enough to make a person die. It had already surpassed the limit of what a human could bear.

According to reason, once the pain surpassed a certain threshold, in order to avoid that pain, a person’s body would automatically shut down and fall unconscious. That was a method of self-preservation.

It was unknown just what method Long Chen had used to make them clearly feel such an immense pain without letting them faint. Fainting had become an extravagant hope that was impossible to achieve.

They finally understood what it meant to be in so much pain as to not want to live.

“Speak. Who incited you to do this?” questioned Long Chen.

“If I tell you, will you let me go?” That person’s eyes brightened with a bit of hope.

Long Chen once more slapped him and icily said, “You don’t have the qualifications to argue.”

After that slap, his whole body began to twitch, and his eyes almost popped out. He was once more experiencing the pain again.

With another slap across his face, Long Chen icily said, “You only have one chance. I don’t like listening to nonsense.”

That person was filled with terror. Looking at his two companions whose bodies were constantly twitching beside him, he began to narrate what had happened in full detail.

These three people were the lackeys of the first monastery. The first monastery was an enormous power even within the entire supermonastery. There were dozens of monasteries that followed them.

Frankly speaking, those monasteries were all subsidiary members of the first monastery. Furthermore, those monasteries were all ranked within the top fifty monasteries.

Those ranked below fifty were mostly just ignored by the first monastery. However, there were always those who liked to kiss ass.

Previously, Long Chen had killed Han Tianfeng and severed Yin Wushuang’s arm. That had completely terrified Yin Wushuang, and she had tried to go find Han Tianyu, but she didn’t know where he had secluded himself.

After escaping, Yin Wushuang was still uneasy. She had fought twice with Long Chen now. The first time, she was still able to fight against him. But the second time, despite having advanced to the Bone Forging realm and pushing her power to its limit, the difference between them had only grown greater.

Now, whenever she closed her eyes, she would see Long Chen’s ice-cold, merciless face as he slashed his blood-colored saber to cut her in half. He had already become her nightmare. She was afraid of him continuing to grow stronger, so she had used Han Tianyu’s name to gather people to secretly target Long Chen.

Those people were not stupid. If Long Chen was able to kill Han Tianfeng, then just how many people in the Righteous path would dare do anything to him? Those who had the strength to fight him wouldn’t listen to Yin Wushuang. A favor from her was not worth much to those people.

So, Yin Wushuang had placed her sights on those subsidiary monasteries as well as some smaller sects. She offered them enough to move them and had them go disturb Long Chen.

She didn’t require them to try and kill him. Instead, they just had to keep a constant eye on him and make some minor trouble for him.

Of course, if they could kill the people by Long Chen’s side, it would be much better. She offered ample rewards for that. In fact, for those who managed to make a good display, she offered to bring them into her Yin family.

Her Yin family possessed an ancient bloodline, and the only reason she had come to the first monastery to cultivate was because of Han Tianyu. With the Yin family’s power, there had been no reason for her to need to come to such a small place.

So, when people heard that promise, they had all been won over. Those experts that already had a good relationship with the first monastery put in even more work.

Ever since Long Chen had reached Compass Mountain, they had been guarding there. Yin Wushuang had seen through Long Chen’s intentions, and she had secretly encouraged people to spread out and kill the disciples from the 108th monastery.

Her goal was to make Long Chen crazy and have him waste his time searching for the killers. Once Long Chen went crazy and began a massacre, it would attract everyone’s attention. She trusted that there would be true experts who would sooner or later grow dissatisfied with that. If those experts then attacked Long Chen, her goal would be achieved.

The Jiuli secret realm was open to seven prefectures. The Xuantian Supermonastery was not the sole ruler of this place. The top geniuses of the other prefectures had also entered.

Once Long Chen drew the attention of those other geniuses, it was very easy for a conflict to occur. She wanted to push Long Chen into the fiercest struggles.

“Where is Yin Wushuang?” Hearing all this be explained by him, Long Chen’s killing intent surged. This woman was too insidious, and she definitely couldn’t be let off.

“I… I don’t know! After she made her announcement, she hid herself somewhere. She said if we had any accomplishments, we should immediately go seclude ourselves and not fight with you,” said the Chosen with terror.

“This Yin Wushuang really is vicious,” raged Chu Yao.

“We’ll definitely have to kill her to get revenge for our brothers.” Yue Zifeng gritted his teeth.

“What? Are there other sacrifices?” asked Long Chen.

Song Mingyuan, Luo Cang, and Yue Zifeng all sank into silence. Flames raged in their eyes. Ye Zhiqiu’s expression grew sad.

Clenching his teeth, Song Mingyuan spat out furiously, “After hearing about your fight on Compass Mountain, we all gathered from every direction. We ran into quite a few attackers on the way. When we exchanged blows with them, we heard there were quite a few brothers who had been killed by them. They even beheaded them as proof for that slut Yin Wushuang…”

“We also killed quite a few people on our way. We saw many images of our brothers being killed in their spatial rings…” Luo Cang’s voice was also choked with emotion.

They were all hot-blooded men. Seeing the images of their brothers being killed, no one would be able to accept such a result.

“Of our 108th monastery, the only ones still alive are us, Tang Wan-er, and perhaps Guo Ran and Gu Yang. The rest are all…”

Long Chen felt as if his heart was being crushed by a boulder. Although he had long since been prepared for such a result, as he knew the secret realm was filled with countless dangers, hearing that was still impossible for him to accept.

Each one of those people had been his brother. For Song Mingyuan to say this, it meant he really was sure those people had died. 

As for the exact details, Long Chen didn’t care to ask. How could he possibly ask about how each one of those people had died? That was just torture.

“I’ll leave these three to you. You can use your own ways to kill them,” said Long Chen.

“Good.” Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Yue Zifeng all got up at the same time, each of them carrying one of the Chosen to a secluded corner. Only two hours later did they stop. Their faces held both tears and a slight smile.

Once the three of them returned, Chu Yao raised her hand and made a coffin out of her wooden stakes.

They placed Guan Wennan’s corpse gently inside. Once the coffin was sealed, their moods all became extremely heavy.

“Let’s go. Our next goal is revenge.”

After finishing up with this battlefield, Long Chen looked up at the distant sky. The killing intent in his eyes had already turned solid.

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