Chapter 420 Die

Countless black lights shot out, instantly enveloping the Chosen that was still in midair.

He screamed as his body was pierced through by over a hundred needles. Those were steel needles that had shot out of Guo Ran’s arm. These needles were covered in runes that made them frighteningly hard, and the physical body was simply unable to block them. They had pierced holes through his body from head to toe.

He fell to the ground, his body basically just a lump of flesh now. Those people that had been shouting to kill all turned green with horror. Seeing this metallic monster in front of them, they all trembled.

He had killed a Chosen with just a single attack. Furthermore, his attacks were things they had never seen before in their lives. The fear of the unknown was what was truly terrifying.


Without any hesitation, everyone began to flee down the mountain. Right now, they no longer cared about what Yin Wushuang had promised them. Although treasures were enticing, you had to have a life to enjoy them.

There were some that had come here due to promises from Yin Wushuang, but the majority were actually those who had come here to suck up to her. Having heard of this matter, they wanted to create a good relationship with Yin Wushuang, and so they had taken the risk to disturb Long Chen.

Originally, they had thought of it as just making some trouble. After all, they were all Righteous disciples, and Long Chen shouldn’t have dared to do anything to them. But Long Chen’s ruthlessness had surpassed their imaginations.

Guo Ran was now some metallic devil. With a wave of his hand, he killed a Chosen. None of them cared about any treasures or creating a good relationship anymore, and they fled for their lives.

“Ah, this is no good, don’t you think?”

Guo Ran’s icy voice rang out. Placing both hands on his waist, many little holes opened up over his chest plate…

A huge ice wall was shattered by three weapons, revealing an ice-cold face. Shapely eyebrows framed her phoenix eyes, and a bright light shone in her eyes. She seemed just like an ice goddess that was beyond ordinary mortals.

This kind of particular temperament was something only Ye Zhiqiu possessed. At this time, she was being besieged by three Chosen and forced to constantly retreat.

By her side were three men that were also fighting intensely. Blood had dyed their robes red, and they were doing their best to defend against a tide of enemies.

Behind the three men were two bodies. One of those bodies was already cold and had lost any life. The other one still held a trace of life, but that kind of weak life force could be extinguished at any moment.

“Ye Zhiqiu, don’t struggle meaninglessly. Today, you’ll all definitely die,” sneered one of the three Chosen attacking her. This Chosen’s face was covered with pockmarks.

Although Ye Zhiqiu was forced into a disadvantage by the three of them, they didn’t dare be careless. Ye Zhiqiu’s ice attribute energy was terrifyingly destructive.

At the beginning of this battle, this pockmarked man had fought a one on one against Ye Zhiqiu, almost ending up being killed by her. Although he hadn’t died, he had suffered heavy injuries, causing his combat ability to sharply drop. Otherwise, Ye Zhiqiu wouldn’t have been able to endure for so long.

The three of them were all wearing monastery robes, coming from the seventh, ninth, and eleventh monasteries. The other attackers were all from the various monasteries.

“Hmph, so what if we die? Long Chen will definitely get revenge for us! At that time, your deaths will be a thousand times worse than ours!” Song Mingyuan clenched his teeth.

At this time, Song Mingyuan, Luo Cang, and Yue Zifeng were fighting with their lives on the line. All of their attacks were self-destructive ones that traded injury for injury. They had already descended into madness.

As for these attackers, they all saw that victory was in sight. This was just their final struggle, and their deaths were merely a matter of time. No one wanted to take the risk of going head-on against them, so they were just fighting a battle of attrition to grind down their energy.

Of the two bodies lying on the ground, the one that was on his last breaths was Li Qi, Song Mingyuan’s inseparable brother. There was a sword that was stabbed into his chest, and he was on his deathbed.

The other person, the one that had already lost his life, was Guan Wennan. Back during the first competition of the 108th monastery, alongside Gu Yang, Tang Wan-er, and Ye Zhiqiu, he had been one of the four core disciples that had already awakened their ancestral marks.

There was a large hole over his stomach. His blood had dyed the ground scarlet, and his eyes were lifelessly staring up at the sky.

“Long Chen? Idiot, Long Chen will quickly be sent to the otherworld with you! Han Tianyu will personally cut off his head,” sneered a Chosen.


The three Chosen once more worked together to shatter Ye Zhiqiu’s ice blade. She flew back, a strand of blood slowly flowing out of the corner of her mouth.

“Haha, all of you can die now!” After that attack, they noticed that Ye Zhiqiu’s aura had sharply declined. That meant that all of her energy had already been poured into that attack. She no longer had the power to fight any longer.

The three of them raised their weapons in delight, the cold blades slashing mercilessly at her.

“Ten Thousand Wood Overgrowth.”

The ground suddenly split apart, and countless wooden stakes bored their way out, forming a huge wooden shield around Ye Zhiqiu and the others.

The three of the Chosen’s weapons all landed on the wooden shield. They were shocked to find that their attacks could only chop through a portion of this wood and were unable to completely destroy it.

These three were all Bone Forging Chosen, and they had already tempered two bones. With their incredible power, they were unable to even break apart some wood?


The wooden shield sank back into the ground, revealing one man and one woman.

“Long… Long Chen!”

Seeing that face filled with killing intent, the three of them turned pale, stuttering out his name.

Long Chen and Chu Yao had managed to finally make it. Seeing Long Chen, Ye Zhiqiu and the others finally relaxed, collapsing to the ground.

“Today, all of you will die.” Looking at these enemies that had been besieging them, Long Chen’s killing intent soared crazily.


It was unknown who shouted it first, but over a hundred experts turned tail and fled for their lives.

They all knew Long Chen had killed Han Tianfeng. If someone as strong as Han Tianfeng had been unable to block Long Chen, then none of them had the slightest hope.

“Heavenly Wood Cage.”

Chu Yao pressed a palm against the ground, and countless wooden stakes once more grew out, forming a huge prison three miles wide, capturing each and every one of them.

“Die!” Long Chen roared furiously and charged at the three Chosen. His fist ripped open the void as it smashed at the three of them.

They had already reached the edge of the cage and had just been about to attack it when Long Chen’s fist arrived. Its terrifying power caused them to tremble in fear, and they hastily blocked.

His fist slammed through the three of their weapons. They felt as if a mountain had slammed into their chests, and they all vomited a mouthful of blood.

But before they were knocked back, Long Chen had already appeared behind them like a phantom.

The sounds of bones cracking continuously rang out, causing people’s scalps to turn numb. Those cracking sounds were mixed with their heart-rending cries. In just a breath’s time, any bone that could be broken on their bodies was broken by Long Chen.

Furthermore, Long Chen was extremely familiar with the human body’s structure. He knew just which kinds of bone breaks were the most painful.

By this point, the three of them were no longer even able to scream. They just lay there suffering.

As for the other people that were fleeing, they had reached the edge of the wooden prison, but the wooden stakes had interwoven tightly. Let alone a human, even a housefly would be unable to fly out. 

They attacked the wooden stakes with all their power. But the current Chu Yao was no longer the old Chu Yao. After absorbing the tree-heart, her grasp over the profundities of wood had advanced to a whole new level. The wooden stakes she could summon forth were now much, much stronger than before. Their full power attacks were unable to destroy her wooden stakes, filling all of them with absolute horror.

“Die!” Long Chen’s voice rang out like the roar of a death god, and a golden light shot out like a bolt of lightning.

Blood splashed as heads flew through the air. People were horrified to see that not one person was able to block that golden light.

Some people managed to raise weapons against it, but that light slashed right through all of them.


The golden light took life after life, wreaking havoc amongst them. None of them had the ability to resist, and they could only watch as it continuously harvested people’s lives.

“Long Chen, I beg you, please spare us-!”

That person’s reply was a golden light. Once his head left his neck, he no longer had to be terrified. But his expression was still full of unwillingness.

“Long Chen, I didn’t personally attack any of your friends! I just came over because there were so many people! Spare me-!”

By the time he finished speaking, his head had flown off, and he could no longer say anything else. At this time, Long Chen wasn’t caring the slightest bit about people’s screams. He simply controlled the golden page to continuously slaughter.

As if it would be possible for Long Chen to believe their lies. The reason they hadn’t personally attacked was because there were too many people, and they hadn’t had a chance to attack.

Although they hadn’t personally attacked, they had still surrounded Ye Zhiqiu and the others, preventing them from running. They deserved to die.

The golden page’s rampage was continuously reaping lives. In just a short time, the majority of them had died. Heads rolled across the ground, and blood was spurting everywhere.

The dead were dead. But those who were still alive were still struggling despite their despair. They continuously ran around, vainly attempting to dodge the golden page.

But all that was futile. In front of the golden page, they were just a bunch of weeds waiting to be killed. Their mournful screams revealed their hearts’ wickedness.

When they slaughtered others, they had never been merciful. Only when they were the ones being slaughtered did they understand just how mournful being killed was.

The final head fell to the ground, and the world returned to calm. Even Ye Zhiqiu and the others were stupefied by the sight. This wooden cage had been like hell. As for Long Chen, standing there with a golden page in his hand, he would be that hell’s merciless death god.

“Long Chen, hurry and come over! He… he probably won’t make it.” Chu Yao’s urgent voice rang out.

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