Chapter 418 Ruthless

“Long Chen, you perverted traitor, get the fuck out here!”

Finally, a Bone Forging Favored stood out and roared. However, he didn’t climb up the mountain, and instead maintained a distance of several miles.

Following that person’s shout, there were immediately quite a few others who walked out, and under that person’s lead, dozens began to make noise.

Guo Ran, who had been almost bored senseless within his tent, immediately awakened, and from a small round hole in the tent, he looked towards those noisemakers. Hehe, the guests have arrived.

“You violently killed the innocent and are both vicious and merciless. You’re the scum of our Righteous path. Today, we’ll take the place of the entire Righteous path to condemn you, you homicidal devil!” shouted another Favored.

“You crazy, mental fellow, did you think that just your ruthless methods would be enough to make us afraid of you?”

“Our Righteous path has innumerable experts. Do you think you can kill them all? Just wait! When Han Tianyu comes out, he’ll personally cut off your head and use your blood to wash away the stain you’ve left on the Righteous path!”

Following one person’s lead, quite a few others began to loudly curse at Long Chen, turning him into the very picture of a villain whose crimes could not be redeemed.

Inside their tent, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and Lu Fang-er were all in a meditative state as they tempered their bones. They didn’t even hear the sounds from outside.

In the other tent, Long Chen merely sneered when he heard those curses. He continued refining pills.

Long Chen was able to remain indifferent to them, but Gu Yang’s expression sunk. He could tell these idiots had only come to intentionally disturb them. They were all standing far away as they cursed, not daring to get closer. Furthermore, they were all in postures that said they were ready to run at any moment.

That angered Gu Yang so much that killing intent surged out of him. Currently, he had also become a Favored, and after experiencing countless life and death battles, a powerful must-win will had formed within him. He now had the power level of a Chosen.

Standing up, he icily stared at those troublemakers. Pointing his spear at them, he shouted, “If you want to fight, then come. Don’t just shout abuse like fools, as that’ll make people ridicule you, and your ancestors will lose face.”

Those people almost ran when they saw Gu Yang stand up, but seeing that Long Chen hadn’t appeared and the fact that they had so many people by their side, they set aside their nervousness.

“Who do you think you are? Even a dog from the 108th monastery dares to randomly bark at us?”

“Those who stay by Long Chen’s side are definitely not good people. All of you just wait. Once Han Tianyu appears, your judgment day will come.”

“If you’re smart, you’ll just kill yourself now to avoid dying a tragic death in the future. All you idiots from the 108th monastery will…”

Those people were all hurling abuse and curses. Just listening to it caused Gu Yang to flare up. If Long Chen hadn’t told him to keep guard over Meng Qi and the others, he would have already charged out and killed them.

“Don’t get angry because of these idiots, as then you’ll have ended up falling for their trap. I’ve already locked onto all their positions. This brother will help you vent your anger.” Guo Ran’s voice came from the small tent. As soon as he finished speaking, a figure shot out like a bolt of lightning.

One of those experts that had been in the process of cursing suddenly had his body explode, a bloody mist filling the air, causing everyone to jump in fright.

But before they could even understand what was happening, another bang rang out and another person exploded.

“It’s exploding arrows!”

“Fuck, whoever’s secretly shooting arrows, if you have the guts, you’ll-”

A huge arrow silently pierced through that person’s body. A powerful force caused his body to explode, regretfully making it so no one knew what he was about to say.





Frightened screams rang out as huge arrows continued to fly out one after another, each one taking a life. Eight people had already died, their broken flesh littering the ground. The air was filled with a pungent bloody smell.

For a moment, everyone was stupefied. They looked up in horror at that mountain. People had finally realized that the arrows were coming from that small tent. In truth, by the second arrow, some people had already realized the arrows were coming from there. However, those arrows were just too bizarre. There was no sound when they flew, and their speed was like lightning. By the time you reacted, it was already too late to dodge.

Eight arrows flew out, taking eight lives. Those eight people had been the ones to curse the most, the ones who had clearly just been trying to provoke them.

Even the few Chosen were alarmed, their scalps turning numb. Such bizarre arrows were practically unblockable. Even if you focused completely on them, it was very difficult to dodge. If they were used as a sneak attack, just how many people would be able to get out alive?

Those people began to flee in panic, trying to find somewhere to hide. They no longer dared to stand out and curse.

At this time, a person walked out of that terrifying small tent. The first thing he did was stretch out his waist and yawn loudly. Taking out a large signboard, he wrote some unsteady words on it and stuck the end into the ground. Putting a finger to his mouth to indicate silence, he swaggered back into his tent in front of everyone’s dumbfounded gazes.

Only then did people react and look at what he had written.

“I’m taking a noon nap, and I don’t like to be disturbed. I’ve prohibited making noise, and violators will have to bear the consequences.”

Seeing those words that had been written crookedly, quite a few people were so angry that their teeth itched. They had seen posers but never such a poser.

This was the secret realm, and there was only constant dusk. Who would know if it was noon or not? This was clearly just treating them as idiots to mess with.

“Fuck y-”

Someone had just shouted when an arrow shot out.

Although that person had hidden himself very well, that arrow still pierced through his body, turning him into mincemeat.

People were both shocked and infuriated. Although they had some suspicions about this person’s abilities, these practically magical arrows were too vicious. They were already far away, at least five miles from the tent. But these arrows were still able to one-shot people.

“Keep making noise, or I won’t have an excuse to kill you.” Hidden within his tent, Guo Ran was holding his Voidbreaking Crossbow. There was a round crystal inserted at the top of it. That crystal had runes carved into it, and it allowed Guo Ran to easily look further into the distance. In truth, this was just an ordinary crystal.

Guo Ran had used some of the runes from the golden page to make it. Ever since Long Chen had given him the secrets that had been on the golden page, Guo Ran had become like a rat that had been starved for countless years and had found a bag of rice. He was constantly researching new things.

But Guo Ran was very depressed that most of it was just explaining profound principles and theories, and there weren’t any detailed procedures. At most, Guo Ran could infer that most of the things recorded on the golden page were incomparably profound. As for those few superficial things recorded on it, they were probably just some simple must-have foundational skills that the Forging Masters of the immortal era had had to possess.

Nowadays, the things from the immortal era had long since disappeared. He, someone with essentially no foundation, a dabbler forger, could not possibly understand or research such profound things.

So right now, there was no way for Guo Ran to comprehend what was written on the golden page. All he could do was see if there were some simple things he could copy.

This crystal was one of those things. Through the runes on that crystal, he was even able to clearly see every blade of grass in the distance. Furthermore, by looking through the crystal, he wouldn’t arouse the alarm of the experts he watched. In other words, this crystal was able to isolate his gaze from being noticed by divine sense.

As long as Guo Ran didn’t hold too much hate for someone and didn’t release killing intent, it was almost impossible for people to realize that he had set his intentions on them. They wouldn’t even realize they had fallen into peril.

Unless they were a peak expert, there was practically no one that could sense his attacks. As for these ordinary experts, by the time they sensed anything, they would already be dead.

Just this small crystal was enough to immensely improve the power of his Voidbreaking Crossbow. This made Guo Ran so excited he almost raised his head and laughed heartily.

It had to be known that this kind of minor thing was just a drop in the ocean compared to the information contained on the golden page. Guo Ran had truly benefited this time.

“Sneak-attacking despicable brat, you really are the scum of the Righteous path!” Another loud curse suddenly rang out. This person was much smarter and had hidden behind a huge boulder thirty meters thick. There was no way those arrows could pierce such a thick boulder.

“A real idiot.” Guo Ran sneered and took out a fiery-red arrow, replacing the one he had put on his crossbow.

“Long Chen, you’re all a bunch of shameful sons of bitches! The entire Righteous path despises you, and you definitely won’t have a good death-!”


A fiery light shot out, looking like a red bolt of lightning. When it struck that boulder, a terrifying qi wave exploded out.

After the explosion, the place that boulder had been had become a crater. The boulder had been turned to dust, and as for that person…

“Fuck, he wasted one of my Explosive Flame Arrows.” Guo Ran spat on the ground, feeling great distress. Creating just one of those Explosive Flame Arrows was very time-consuming.

However, he also felt very refreshed inside. He now truly understood just how vicious Yin Wushuang was. She had actually instigated a bunch of idiots to intentionally slow down their cultivation.

It seemed Long Chen had truly terrified her. She didn’t dare personally come to settle her debt with him, and Han Tianyu had yet to exit his seclusion. Not wanting Long Chen to advance quickly, she had used some unknown means to bribe the bunch of loud-mouthed idiots here.

According to reason, she would find such people very dislikable, but since there was basically no one that would dare to go kill Long Chen for her, she could only use these people in an attempt to slow him down.

If Long Chen killed them, that would incite the public’s anger. After all, these idiots had all come while waving the banner of ‘justice’ and were just condemning his sins. If he killed them, he would no longer just be an enemy with the Xuantian Supermonastery’s disciples, but with the entire Righteous path’s disciples. Then he would truly be surrounded by enemies on all fronts.

It could be said that this woman truly was malicious to the extreme. Despite clearly knowing what kind of scheme she had plotted, there was also no effective way to get out of it. They could only jump into her trap.

“Long Chen, I need to see you!”

Just as everyone had been shocked to the point of not being able to move by Guo Ran, a figure rushed up the mountain.

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