Chapter 417 Disturbance

As Long Chen began to refine Bone Tempering Pills, news of him killing Han Tianfeng spread throughout the entire Jiuli secret realm.

Han Tianfeng was the brother of the Xuantian Supermonastery’s number one expert—Han Tianyu. He was also called a peak expert, someone who could be counted amongst the top ten of the entire Righteous path here.

Even in the Corrupt path, Han Tianfeng was someone very well-known, and he was even listed on their must-kill list. However, he had ended up being killed by Long Chen.

If it wasn’t for that video of his head flying through the air, no one would have believed it. It was just too shocking.

At the same time, people were finally starting to care about Long Chen’s name. The only reason they had heard of Long Chen before was because Han Tianyu, in the name of the first monastery, had put out a warrant for him. At that time, most people had assumed Long Chen must have offended some powerful figure or had angered Han Tianyu by fighting over some treasure.

After so much time had passed without any further news of Long Chen, people had all assumed that he had already died.

But after several months, Long Chen had reappeared. With an early Tendon Transformation cultivation base, he was able to fight two of the strongest experts here, Han Tianfeng and Yin Wushuang.

The two of them had both reached the Bone Forging realm and were incredibly powerful. But they had only been able to miserably block Long Chen’s attacks for a moment before being defeated. If Yin Wushuang hadn’t reacted quickly, she also would not have been able to escape death.

Originally, Long Chen’s name was only famous within the 108th monastery. But after killing Han Tianfeng, his name resounded so loudly that there were few within either the Righteous or Corrupt paths who did not know of him.

At the same time, quite a few people had come to realize the entire sequence of events that had led to this. It wasn’t hard to notice that Long Chen was being targeted by someone.

As soon as he entered the secret realm, there were people waiting to entrap him. But now, Long Chen was no longer enduring it. He had used Han Tianfeng’s head as a declaration of war.

“This time, it’ll be much more lively.”

People couldn’t help but sigh emotionally. Han Tianyu was the Xuantian Supermonastery’s number one genius, and within the same realm, he stood at the peak of the martial path. He had never once suffered a defeat in his life.

Now that someone had killed his little brother, no matter for what reason, it was impossible that he would let the killer off. And so now, Long Chen and Han Tianyu were truly mortal enemies.

There was not a single person who looked favorably on Long Chen’s odds. That was the case despite the fact that he was able to fight against Han Tianfeng and Yin Wushuang at the same time.

Although people often grouped them together, calling them top or peak experts, there was still a huge power difference within the same level. For example, the power difference between various Favored was so great that people differentiated the stronger ones as Chosen. In truth, they were essentially the same.

The main difference was that in order to reach the level of a Chosen, most Favored needed to be groomed by their sects. Only by maintaining a perfect and undefeated battle record, and thus possessing a powerful will, would they reach that level. That will was what allowed them to suppress their fellow Favored.

As for Han Tianyu, he could similarly suppress all those within his generation. There were none who could contend against him, and so in many people’s eyes, Long Chen’s death was inevitable.

Over the past few days, there were quite a few people who had gathered around Compass Mountain. They wanted to confirm whether or not the stories were true.

When the first portion of people arrived, they saw that there were two large tents set up on Compass Mountain. The ground was also a complete mess with bloodstains everywhere. That was enough proof that there had been an immense battle here.

It was identical to the photographic jades. As for a certain place, they saw a very eye-catching bloodstain. That was where Han Tianfeng’s head had been cut off.

However, now his corpse was no longer present. It was unknown whether it had been taken away by others or eaten by Magical Beasts.

Within one of the tents, Long Chen’s pill furnace was shaking intensely, and a dense medicinal fragrance floated out.

Once he completed the refinement, he revealed nine shining medicinal pills that had a halo of light around them.

“Boss, you really are amazing. That’s another full furnace of high grade pills.” Both Guo Ran and Gu Yang were full of praise.

A full furnace referred to a furnace containing the absolute limit of nine medicinal pills. But the odds of a full furnace were extremely low. Refining just five or six pills in one furnace was already very good. The rest was usually just pill dregs.

Furthermore, amongst those five or six pills, their quality was not usually equal. Some tended to be trash pills or low grade pills. For an ordinary Pill Master, when they attempted to refine a high grade pill, it would be a great success if a single pill in that furnace managed to be high grade. The normal standard was one high grade pill, two middle grade pills, and the rest were either low grade or trash pills.

This was all common knowledge that even Guo Ran and Gu Yang knew. But Long Chen’s success rate when refining had completely toppled their understanding.

They had already watched him refine thirty-nine furnaces of pills, and each time it was a full furnace. There were only two times when a middle grade pill popped in. The rest were all high grade.

Even having personally seen it over thirty times, they were still filled with shock and were unable to believe it. They looked at Long Chen like he was a freak.

Long Chen just smiled slightly. These were not even his own accomplishments, but all thanks to his Pill Sovereign memories and the violet flame. It wasn’t something to be proud of.

The only regretful thing to him was that his current pill furnace was absolute garbage, and he didn’t dare use his full strength when refining. His pill furnace wouldn’t be able to handle the full power of his flame and would explode. Otherwise, he would be able to refine ringed high grade pills, which were the pinnacle of the high grade classification. The medicinal effect would multiply.

It had to be known that once a pill’s medicinal essence had reached the level of a high grade pill, each little further advancement in the pill’s quality was very difficult. But at the same time, each little advancement would multiply its effect, and its price would soar by dozens of times.

This was also a reason why Long Chen could let everyone undergo complete tempering.

After running into Bai Ling and learning about the Huayun Sect, his mood had become much more lively. He had such powerful alchemy arts, but he hadn’t been able to use them much. Now, he was thinking of collaborating with the Huayun Sect. He could use his alchemy arts to exchange for even more cultivation resources in a way that both sides would profit greatly.

Furthermore, from Bai Ling’s gratefulness and worship towards the Huayun Sect, he could tell that it was a pretty good existence. Although it seemed more like a business than a sect, they were very fair. Within the cultivation world, just how luxurious was fairness?

“Don’t just stare. They’ve cooled down enough to be thrown into a bottle.” The two of them were still looking at the pills in the furnace with an intoxicated expression, so Long Chen prompted them.

Even as he said this, he was already preparing a second furnace to continue refining. He was refining while switching between two furnaces to give them time to cool down. If he repeatedly refined without that step, it was more likely to cause cracks in the furnace. There was no way around that, as his pill furnaces were really just absolute garbage.

For higher grade pill furnaces, their quality improved the more they refined pills. It was like stir-frying food. The more you cooked with it, the more savory the stir-fry would become.

However, Long Chen didn’t have such a thing, and so he could only do his best to get the most out of his few pill furnaces. He had no way to get more here, and so each one that was ruined was permanent. If he ended up with excess ingredients but no usable pill furnace, he would be in trouble.

“Boss, there are quite a few people in the distance watching us sneakily. What should we do?” asked Guo Ran as he carefully placed the medicinal pills into a bottle.

“There’s no need to bother with them. If they dare try to provoke us, just directly kill them,” said Long Chen as he refined.

“Kill them just because of a provocation?” asked a stunned Guo Ran.

“Yes. Provoking us now is different from normal times. If they were to provoke us, they definitely have some ulterior goal, and they most likely were sent by our enemies. Just kill them all. 

“Right now, Meng Qi and the others are in the other tent, doing their best to absorb the energy from the Bone Tempering Pills. Although being disturbed won’t bring any danger, it will slow down their rhythm.

“We don’t have time to waste on that. Each little bit of growth will give us a greater chance of survival in the upcoming battle.

“So, if they provoke us, it’s no different from stabbing us with their blades. Whether they actually have any hostility against us or not, kill them all.” 

Long Chen was currently rushing to increase everyone’s strength as much as possible. He wasn’t hoping that they would be able to help him with anything, but just that they would have a greater chance of surviving. The scene he dreaded seeing the most was each of them dying in front of him.

In truth, Long Chen was also a bit nervous. From his conversation with Mo Nian, it seemed that Han Tianyu was even more frightening than Yin Luo.

Although the two had not fought yet so there was no way to be sure, Mo Nian had said that he felt a kind of terrifying threat from Han Tianyu. He had also heard that Han Tianyu had found some amazing treasure in the secret realm and was in seclusion, attempting to refine it. It was unknown just what that thing was.

That filled Long Chen with a sensation of crisis. If he was on his own, then even if he couldn’t defeat Han Tianyu, he could at least flee. But what of the people by his side?

His enemies were all contemptible and shameless. Long Chen had already personally experienced their lack of morals. He needed everyone by his side to have the ability to defend themselves before he could fight with his heart at ease.

When it came to a one on one fight, although Han Tianyu seemed to have gained some treasure, Long Chen was not the slightest bit afraid of him. The greatest danger was being too afraid of an enemy to fight.

But only once everyone’s strength had risen would Long Chen dare to go all-out in a battle to kill as many as possible. He had the confidence to kill Han Tianyu.

“Alright, then Gu Yang and I will go out to keep watch. Gu Yang, you’ll be the obvious guard. Go protect the tent with the sister-in-laws. As for me, I’ll be the hidden guard. However, the ground around here is all bare, and there’s nowhere good to hide. I think I’ll set up another tent and lie in wait there, hehe…” Guo Ran laughed but his laugh contained indescribable wretchedness.

“Do whatever you like. Just remember not to disturb us.”


Guo Ran laughed mischievously. Since Long Chen didn’t warn him about anything, he left with Gu Yang. Seeing a few distant spies, he immediately hid himself. Boss really was right. Just from how sneaky they’re acting, they’re definitely not some good people. And since they’re not good people, it’ll be easier to handle them.

Following Guo Ran’s plan, Gu Yang obediently sat in front of the tent that the four women were secluded in. They were busy absorbing the Bone Tempering Pills’ energy and had already begun the bone tempering process.

As for Guo Ran, he set himself up in a small tent. From the outside, the only thing that could be heard was some light ringing. It was unknown just what he was doing inside.

In the beginning, those spies didn’t do anything. But as time passed, more and more people arrived. There were now hundreds of people present, and there were even several Chosen.

“Long Chen, you perverted traitor, get the fuck out here!” Suddenly, a loud shout shook all of Compass Mountain.

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