Chapter 415 Bone Connecting Pill

“What happened?” Long Chen was startled.

Wilde said, “Half a month ago, I was in some place called the dark forest or something, and I saw an ape-like Magical Beast chasing a group of people. It was about the same height as me and was covered in black fur.

“Those people were from the Righteous path, and there were both men and women. They kept screaming, so it seems that black ape was extremely frightening.

“I went up to handle that ape and found that it was actually very powerful, and I was almost unable to beat it.

“But in the end, I finally beat it. I was going to eat it, but it smelled really bad, and there was also some yellow horn on its forehead that was constantly dripping some yellow liquid. In any case, it just smelled terrible.”

“A horn? Yellow liquid, black ape? Could it be the legendary Yellow-Horn Pervert Ape?” Both Long Chen and Guo Ran let out a startled cry.

That was a fourth rank Magical Beast with a naturally excessively wanton nature. No matter what Magical Beast it encountered, it would try to mate with it. It didn’t even care if the Magical Beast was dead or alive.

That yellow liquid from its horn indicated that this particular Yellow-Horn Pervert Ape was male, and it was in its peak period.

Both its horn and penis were priceless treasures that Xiantian experts would go crazy for. That was because those two things could allow Xiantian experts to continue their family line. They were things that could increase the probability of conceiving.

To give birth before the Xiantian realm was extremely harmful to female cultivators. It caused a grievous blow to their Spirit Roots.

But after reaching the Xiantian realm, once you absorbed all that natural energy, you would have completely transformed. Women could naturally give birth with no problem. Furthermore, those children would all be blessed with greater talent. The problem was that once men entered the Xiantian realm and reached that level of comprehension, they would generally lose some interest in that regard and conception would become more difficult. Ordinary medicinal pills were also essentially useless when it came to that.

But this ape’s horn and penis were able to resolve this. After eating them, even Xiantian men could plow the farmland as much as they liked, with a plow as hard as iron.

So, that was why both Guo Ran and Long Chen’s eyes immediately lit up. Those things would make Xiantian experts go crazy and would definitely sell for a good price.

“Then what? Where’d you throw its corpse?” Guo Ran urgently rushed Wilde, wanting to immediately go over and get those treasures.

“I didn’t kill it.”

“You let it go?”

“Also no.”

“Aiya, big brother, hurry and tell me. Just what did you do with that treasure?” urged Guo Ran.

“That thing smelled too disgusting, but I also couldn’t just let it go since it would continue hurting others. Back then, I happened to see a well not far from where I was, and there was a large stone covering it…”

When Wilde reached this point in his story, Long Chen’s expression became odd. He heard Wilde continue, “I thought that it was a pretty good prison, so I threw it down there and sealed the top again. But just a second later, I heard people screaming down there. I didn’t realize there were people down there before. I was afraid others would notice I had done this, and so I immediately fled.”

Wilde’s expression became one of fright. “Brother Long, did I end up causing trouble? I didn’t know there would be people at the bottom of the well!”

Long Chen sighed. Was this the will of the heavens? Long Chen dared to guarantee that this well was the same one that he had thrown in Jiang Yifan and crap-brother Qi.

Thinking of what the Yellow-Horn Pervert Ape would do when facing two butt-naked men, Long Chen shivered, feeling goosebumps all over his body.

“It’s no matter. Good people wouldn’t hide down there, so those people had to be bad people. If bad people are killed, then they’re killed,” consoled Long Chen.

He knew Wilde was actually very kindhearted inside. He wouldn’t feel any sympathy if he killed bad people, but he was afraid because he thought he had accidentally killed good people. However, in this world, it was very rare to accidentally kill a good person. That was because the chance of you ever encountering a good person was extremely remote.

Ever since they had realized that Wilde was talking about the Yellow-Horn Pervert Ape, Meng Qi and the others had distanced themselves from their conversation. Obviously, they also knew that it wasn’t a good thing.

Guo Ran whispered, “Boss, let’s go grab that ape. That thing will definitely sell for a huge amount of money.”

“If you want to go, then go yourself. I’m not going. I’m afraid of seeing a couple of familiar faces.” Long Chen shook his head and ended up quietly telling the two of them what had happened.

Hearing that, Guo Ran’s forehead became covered in sweat, and he shook his head. “Then nevermind, I’m not going either. Those two unlucky bastards, they really were too unlucky. I don’t want their bad luck to transfer to us.”

“Ah, that’s right, I have something to give to you.”

Long Chen placed his finger on Guo Ran’s forehead, transferring some memories over to him.

“Boss… what…?” Guo Ran was filled with astonishment.

“This is what was written on that golden page. It should be something that passed down from the immortal era, so don’t talk about it with anyone,” warned Long Chen solemnly.

This little fellow Guo Ran was a good brother, but he simply could not stop being a poser. He liked messing around too much, and Long Chen had to beat this warning into him.

This was something from the immortal era; if news of it leaked out, then not even the entire supermonastery could protect them. Guo Ran could not talk about it even if he was beaten to death.

“I know, boss. Don’t worry, even when I sleep, I’ll sew my mouth shut,” promised Guo Ran.

Although he didn’t really believe such nonsense, Long Chen knew Guo Ran wasn’t an idiot. He would know that this matter was very important.

“Your aura is unstable, meaning you can advance to Bone Forging at any time. Go into seclusion and make your breakthrough,” said Long Chen.

“But then I can’t fake being a pig to swallow lions!” Guo Ran was a bit unwilling.

“Tch, with your appearance, you won’t need to fake a single thing. Hurry up and go!” Long Chen pushed Guo Ran to the side.

“Long Chen, I’ve arrived!” After Long Chen sent Guo Ran off, Gu Yang arrived. He apologized, “I once more ran into a group of ambushers on my way here. I had to fight for a long time before making my way here.”

Seeing the blood on Gu Yang’s body that had yet to dry, Long Chen patted him on the shoulders and said, “Don’t worry about it. Everything’s over anyways. Go heal; you can accompany that little fellow Guo Ran.”

Guo Ran, Gu Yang, and Wilde found a place to set up a large tent. Guo Ran was the one who was smart and decided to set up that tent far away.

Long Chen accompanied the four women. That should have been a very enjoyable and tender moment, except they had no time for that. The five of them were all very busy.

Finally, they managed to completely organize the one hundred and eight medicinal ingredients that Long Chen required. Long Chen took out a half-matured Qilin Fruit. This time he would use this Qilin Fruit to maximize the medicinal energy in the Bone Connecting Pills.

Most cultivators didn’t have to make it so complicated when they tempered their bones. All they would need to do was draw medicinal energy into their bones.

That was the normal tempering method. But Long Chen wanted them to undergo complete tempering. They could not be missing out on even a single bone. So, he needed to refine this Bone Connecting Pill. It would allow them to create a full, one-time connection between every bone in their bodies.

After forming that connection, then they could undergo bone tempering. This was like the process of building a complicated canal system. Only once you confirmed the routes would you begin building them. Then everything would flow naturally.

However, this was a fourth tier medicinal pill, and it required a main medicinal ingredient with a very powerful energy. Therefore, Long Chen could only endure the pain and use a Qilin Fruit.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and Lu Fang-er were all nervously watching Long Chen as he placed the Qilin Fruit in his pill furnace.

A bewitching violet flame was constantly leaping within, lighting up Long Chen’s concentrated face. The current Long Chen seemed almost hallowed as he focused, an extremely strong visual image.

This was his first time refining a fourth tier medicinal pill. In the beginning, he had been a bit worried that his Pill Flame wouldn’t be strong enough, but he quickly realized his worries had been for nothing.

The Phoenix Sparrow’s violet flame was much stronger than what he had imagined. Even fourth tier medicinal ingredients were refined very quickly without any struggle. That allowed him to sigh with relief. Only a powerful flame was able to purify the essence within medicinal pills.

As he added medicinal powders inside, Long Chen’s attention was completely focused on the changes inside the furnace. His Spiritual Strength was constantly circulating, adjusting the flame.

Finally, when all the medicinal ingredients had been added, he sealed the furnace with a smile. He hadn’t made a mistake up to this point, so the only thing he needed to do was use his powerful Spiritual Strength to keep up his Pill Flame. And he was extremely confident in his powerful Spiritual Strength. He began to increase the power of the flame, keeping a watch over everything.

An hour later, the pill furnace began to rock, and Long Chen’s nerves tightened.


Suddenly, a single crack appeared on the pill furnace, causing the four women’s expressions to immediately turn pale.

Although they weren’t alchemists, they all knew that once a pill furnace exploded, the furnace of pills would also be scrapped. They couldn’t help but grow nervous.

Long Chen was also looking at this gravely. He pressed a hand over the pill furnace, keeping control over the flame. This was the final critical moment of the pill refinement. But if the pill furnace exploded, then all of his previous success would be ruined.

However, if he were to scatter the flame at this time or perhaps weaken the flame too much, then a portion of the essence within the furnace would scatter instead of being locked in the medicinal pills. That would cause the pill quality to sharply decline, so he couldn’t stop at this time.

Long Chen felt a burst of helplessness. Once he returned this time, he had to obtain a better pill furnace no matter what. Being on edge like this every time he refined was unendurable.


Finally, the pill furnace gradually returned to calm. Everyone relaxed as that dreaded furnace explosion had not occurred.

But although it hadn’t exploded, there were now many cracks on the surface, a shocking sight.

Opening the lid, nine round medicinal pills reflected in everyone’s eyes. Seeing the pill lines on them, but no pill halo, Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

“Middle grade fourth tier pills.”

This was his first time refining fourth tier pills, so this result was not bad. And although it was only middle grade, with the Qilin Fruit’s essence locked inside, its medicinal energy would not be lacking compared to ordinary high grade Bone Connecting Pills.

“Hehe, success. Today will be our first step to getting stronger!”

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