Chapter 412 Happiness and Emotion

Atop Compass Mountain, there was an enormous grill with a piece of meat over thirty meters long. It was being roasted by a violet flame, oil dripping down its side, and a delicious fragrance coming from it that would make a person drool.

“A fifth rank Magical Beast’s flesh as a meal. That really is luxurious.” Mo Nian couldn’t help but sigh when he saw that piece of meat.

This was the Barbaric Wind Beast’s tail. It had been skinned and then placed on this grill. Mo Nian had jumped when he first saw its corpse.

But then Long Chen had said that he wasn’t the one to kill it, and it was just two Magical Beasts that had fought together, allowing him to take advantage. Only then did Mo Nian relax.

After all, a fifth rank Magical Beast was equivalent to human Meridian Opening experts. Such a powerful Magical Beast was something only Xiantian experts had the ability to kill. If Long Chen could kill fifth rank Magical Beasts, then that would really be too terrifying.

“Long Chen, didn’t you say you’d teach me your pick-up techniques? Oh, now I understand! In order to keep a woman’s heart, you have to first satisfy a woman’s stomach. Profound! Really, really profound!” Mo Nian gave him a thumbs-up.

“Profound my ass. Wilde’s hungry, and all I’m doing is getting him food. And stop randomly shouting about picking up girls. Do you want to get me killed?” raged Long Chen quietly.

To talk about picking up girls in front of women, it must mean you had gotten tired of living. Long Chen still hadn’t gotten to enjoy all life had to offer, so he definitely didn’t want to be cut down in his prime.

“In a bit, we’ll all be eating together. In a roundabout manner, you can ask them some questions about this area and see how they reply. That’ll be much more effective than anything I can say. If you want to subdue a woman, you’ll first have to find out how a woman thinks. They’re the true teachers,” whispered Long Chen.

“Makes sense.” Mo Nian nodded. After all, men were all outsiders. Asking for help wasn’t necessarily something that would cause him to lose face.

“Remember to keep it more implicit,” warned Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, I understand.” Mo Nian waved his hand, meaning he didn’t need his warning.

It went without saying that the existence ranked third on the beast flame rankings was extremely powerful. Despite how tough the Barbaric Wind Beast’s flesh was, it was still being cooked very quickly.

Furthermore, as an alchemist, Long Chen’s control over flame had reached a pinnacle level. But then again, probably only he would waste his Pill Flame cooking meat.

“Long Chen, ignoring everything else, just your cooking skill has reached the point that few people could resist.” Mo Nian had to continuously swallow his saliva as he looked at that meat cooking.

Although that meat was huge, Long Chen’s control over his Pill Flame was perfect. He wouldn’t burn the meat, and he would also lock all the best flavor inside.

At the same time, he was constantly adding seasoning onto the meat. With his Pill Flame, he brought the flavor of the seasoning deep into the meat. So, the fragrance coming from it was truly something only a few people could resist.

Those four women in the distance also walked back over without saying a word when they smelled it.

Long Chen smiled slightly, pride appearing on his face. When it came to using pill refining arts to cook meat, he trusted there was no one who could stand on the same level as him.

“Let’s eat.” Long Chen took out several plates from his spatial ring. Using a knife, he cut off palm-sized slices. He distributed it so each person had three pieces, and then the remaining meat was all given to Wilde.

“Mmmmh! It’s really good!”

Lu Fang-er couldn’t help but exclaim after just eating a single bite. But then just after her praise, she let out a startled cry.

Long Chen smiled and explained, “This is fifth rank Magical Beast meat, and a great deal of its essence was brought out by my Pill Flame. Such meat is very beneficial to our bodies, but it can’t be eaten too quickly. You should focus on digesting it while eating, and you can’t eat too much, or your body won’t be able to digest it.”

A fifth rank Magical Beast was an existence that had lived for who knew how many years. Its body had absorbed years of pure energy, a great deal of which ended up in its flesh. So, its flesh was a kind of tonic.

Lu Fang-er and the others had weaker bodies, and so they would have to eat this meat slower. Otherwise, the huge amount of energy could cause some problems in their bodies.

“Hehe, that’s even better. We can talk while eating. Long Chen, your cooking skill really is amazing. In the future, I’ll have to properly enjoy it every day,” laughed Lu Fang-er.

The other three women also seemed to be looking forward to that. Although they personally didn’t like meat that much, Long Chen’s cooking skill was just too amazing. The meat he cooked was irresistible.

“Hehe, that’s a small matter. I’ll cook for my beauties any time.” Long Chen laughed along.

The Barbaric Wind Beast’s flesh was all muscle, and common sense would dictate that it would be very tough and hard to eat. But after being cooked by Long Chen’s Pill Flame, it became exceptionally delicate, falling apart the moment it entered their mouths, filling their mouths with flavor.

However, the only drawback was that they had to endure and not gulp it down. Each time, they would only eat a small bite, and only after digesting it would they take a second.

As for Lu Fang-er, her first bite had been too big, and as a result, a huge amount of energy had flooded her body. She needed to digest for a while before she could continue eating. So, now she could only watch as everyone ate.

“This level of meat is terrifying, and each of us can only eat a few pounds. Will Wilde be able to handle eating so much?” worried Meng Qi.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine with his body.” Long Chen smiled slightly. He was the one who understood Wilde the best.

Within the Abyss of Fiends, Long Chen had run into the expert from the barbarian race, giving him a new understanding of Wilde.

The barbarian race had already disappeared in ancient times. But there were still some legends recorded about them.

It was said that this race consumed almost all beasts as food, and their strength was enough to shake heaven and earth. There were none who could compare to them. Without relying on techniques or divine abilities, they used pure brute strength to fight everyone.

In some ancient texts, Long Chen had seen some simple descriptions of the barbarian race. His impression of this race was very deep.

The barbarian race was not at all the same as those barbarian tribes that Long Tianxiao had fought back in Phoenix Cry. Those barbarian tribes were simply called that because they had yet to become civilized and were complete savages.

That barbarian race expert had been extremely confident that Long Chen’s body had contained some of the aura of his barbarian race. If that was true, then Long Chen was sure that it had to be Wilde.

Wilde’s height and character corresponded very well with the descriptions in the ancient texts. Adding on the barbarian race expert’s thoughts, it seemed that it was very likely that Wilde was a descendant of the barbarian race.

However, the barbarian race had already become extinct. Just where had Wilde come from? Why had he been reduced to the point that he had almost starved to death? It was a mystery.

“Wilde is practically a monster. His body’s qi and blood are too shocking, and probably even Chosen are unable to receive a single blow from him.” Mo Nian couldn’t help but sigh.

He could sense a powerful pressure from Wilde. It was as if the person beside him wasn’t a human, but a terrifying Magical Beast.

“Cough, Mo Nian, don’t eat so fast. Try to be more restrained.” Long Chen suddenly coughed, putting special emphasis on the ‘restrained’.

This fellow had become so focused on eating that he had forgotten about what he had wanted to ask. Only when Long Chen reminded him did he remember.

“That’s right, I’ll be reserved. Then, about that. This junior brother has some things he doesn’t understand and would like to ask you four beauties for advice.” Mo Nian put aside his normal air of arrogance, speaking very humbly towards the four of them.

Seeing how solemn Mo Nian was acting, the four of them were slightly stunned and hastily focused completely on what he wanted to say.

“Although I wouldn’t dare try to act as a teacher, there’s no harm in asking,” said Meng Qi.

Long Chen smiled slightly and nodded. Mo Nian truly was someone born of a powerful family. As soon as he put aside his arrogance, he managed to seem just like one of them. He was doing very well at keeping everything implicit.

With some embarrassment, Mo Nian said, “What I want to know is, how did Long Chen manage to seduce you all?”

Long Chen spat out his mouthful of meat, while Meng Qi and the others all reddened, turning speechless.

“Mo Nian, I’ll go all-out against you!” Long Chen roared and grabbed Mo Nian’s collar, seeming as if he really would attack.

“Brother, brother, don’t get so emotional! Let’s just talk properly,” advised Mo Nian when he saw how furious Long Chen was.

How am I supposed to not get emotional? I wanted to help you, and you decided to entrap me?!

“Implicit! Reserved! Do you know what it means to speak in a roundabout manner?!” raged Long Chen.

“I really don’t know,” said Mo Nian bitterly.

“A person like you really deserves to be bullied.” Panting with rage, Long Chen finally let go of him.

Seeing Meng Qi and the others looking at them with confusion, Mo Nian said, “This junior brother really doesn’t know how to speak in a roundabout manner. Please don’t take offense. In truth, the matter is like this…” Mo Nian hastily explained his circumstances to them. With grief, he concluded, “In a person’s life, who doesn’t have a couple of intimate friends? But my fiancée absolutely refuses to allow me to have any. Just what cruelty is that? But now I see that you’re all so harmonious, so I just want to learn how you did this. I really am sincerely begging for help.”

Seeing how sincere Mo Nian was being, the four of them looked at each other and couldn’t help but shake their heads.

It was Meng Qi who said, “Although we are all cultivators, not all of us are born to the same grandeur. The four of us all come from humble origins, and now that we’ve stepped onto the path of cultivation, we have to rely on ourselves for everything.

“It can be said that on the path of cultivation, anyone could die at any moment. No one knows just when exactly they will fall.

“So if we love someone, we will love them wholeheartedly. Our goal is not to obtain something, nor is it to try to monopolize someone. All we hope for is to not have any regrets when we die.”

Long Chen’s heart shook. He saw dim sadness in their eyes. This is what they were thinking in their hearts?

“So right now, we cherish everyone by our side, and we hope to remember every bit of happiness and emotion. That way we’ll be able to be content with what we have, which will allow us to be happier.” Meng Qi smiled slightly. Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and Lu Fang-er all held her hands, mist appearing in their eyes.

Long Chen felt endless sorrow inside. On the path of cultivation, who could guarantee that they would never fall? With each rising sun, it was unknown whether or not you would make it to the sunset. That was simply what cultivation was. This kind of feeling was something difficult for someone like Mo Nian to grasp.

“Oh, I understand now.”

In the end, Mo Nian finally understood why the four of them would be so harmonious. That was because none of them could be certain whether any of them could live to tomorrow. So, what was the point of competing amongst themselves?

“Brother Long, I finished eating. Is there any more?”

In the midst of that grave and heavy atmosphere, Wilde’s voice broke the silence.

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