Chapter 411 Four Beauties Meet

Seeing what Long Chen had taken out, Tang Wan-er jumped in shock. That was an arm.

An arm that had been severed at the shoulder and perfectly preserved. Although it was just an arm, it still emitted a powerful pressure.

This was her first time seeing such a powerful arm. It had clearly already split off from the main body, but it was still so terrifying.

“Is this… his?” Mo Nian’s eyes were shining and he was filled with disbelief.

“What do you think? You couldn’t have forgotten that familiar feeling so soon, right? Do you want it or not? If you don’t, then I’ll just have to hoard it in my own collection,” said Long Chen.

“I want it! Of course, I want it. And what would you hoard it for? If you give it to me, I’ll have a good set!” Mo Nian immediately grabbed the arm, sizing it up like a treasure. “Hehe, this time I really did profit. Even if I don’t get anything else, I’ll still be able to report a success to those old fellows at home.”

Tang Wan-er still didn’t understand. “Whose arm is it?” But as soon as she asked that, she had a sudden thought and her expression turned to shock. “Could it be his?”

Long Chen nodded. “Yup, it’s Yin Luo’s. Previously, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Lu Fang-er, and I attacked him, but despite our advantage, we still didn’t manage to kill him. Yin Luo is just too powerful.”

Long Chen really did have a bit of admiration for Yin Luo. It went without saying that Yin Luo was truly powerful, even if Long Chen had managed to send him fleeing miserably last time.

He was sure that Yin Luo was still holding back a portion of his abilities. He would only use those skills when he had no other choice.

That was also the reason Long Chen hadn’t let the others surround Yin Luo to help. Even he didn’t have the assurance of being able to receive Yin Luo’s final deathblow, and so he didn’t want to place them in danger.

“Haha, I’ve got an arm and a leg now. It’s a perfect set!” Mo Nian laughed, properly putting away the arm.

Tang Wan-er shook her head as she sighed, “You two really are wicked. Yin Luo is a peak expert, but he’s probably the most sullen peak expert at this moment.”

First, a person cut off his leg, and then a person cut off his arm. Furthermore, those two people were one and the same.

Looking at Mo Nian treating the arm like a treasure, Tang Wan-er felt that perhaps Yin Luo was one of those people born into greatness but destined to live a sullen life.

“When we run into Yin Luo in the future, we probably won’t even have to attack. Just by yelling ‘to arms’, he’d probably vomit blood and die!” laughed Mo Nian.

Although Long Chen knew he was joking, he still warned him, “You’re looking down on Yin Luo too much. He is someone who truly killed his way out of mountains of corpses and seas of blood. He is an unyielding, determined person, and this little setback is not enough to impact him. The fact that he was thwarted will probably cause him to crazily increase his cultivation base. He’s probably long since advanced to Bone Forging and should be in the midst of tempering his bones. Speaking of which, how many bones have you tempered?”

“Four. One for each limb,” answered Mo Nian.

Long Chen and Tang Wan-er were startled. He had managed to temper four bones incredibly fast.

“Although those old fellows are always harsh to me, they’ve long since prepared the medicinal pills I need now that I’ve advanced. The first thing I did after advancing was to start tempering my bones. Since I have the best medicinal pills, I naturally advance quickly.” As Mo Gate’s top genius, he had all the resources he needed. To temper four bones in such a short amount of time was reasonable.

However, that caused Long Chen to feel uneasy. For a peak expert like Mo Nian, tempering four bones would cause his battle strength to soar to a terrifying point.

Most importantly, it was unknown just how many peak experts like Mo Nian were present in the secret realm at the moment. After all, this place had gathered the top geniuses of seven prefectures. No one knew just how many experts were hiding still.

“Mo Nian, how many people on the same level as you came from Qing Prefecture?” asked Long Chen.

“There are three. However, you don’t need to be afraid of them. With me present, they won’t dare make any big waves. They don’t have the guts to mess around with my Mo Gate. When the time comes for you to resolve your revenge with Han Tianyu, I will represent Mo Gate to fully support you. There are hundreds of disciples from Mo Gate in the Jiuli secret realm right now, and none of them are those useless types. Whoever dares try anything can be directly stomped to death!” Mo Nian was fully confident.

Long Chen was moved that Mo Nian would be so loyal. Raising their wine bowls, they continued drinking. He listened to Mo Nian explain the experts he knew.

Mo Nian said that Qing Prefecture had three other fellows that were extremely powerful. The four of them were called Qing Prefecture’s Four Heroes.

When it came to strength, those three were a slight level weaker than Mo Nian. But their strength had actually reached the point that they were definitely stronger than Han Tianfeng. That gave Long Chen a shock.




Suddenly, all of Compass Mountain began to shake. An enormous aura charged over at Long Chen like a ferocious beast.

“Bastards, if you dare injure a hair on sister Wan-er’s head, I’ll smash you into mincemeat!”

An angry roar shook the land. At the same time, a figure rushed over on top of Compass Mountain, bringing with it a line of dust.

Hearing that voice, Long Chen was delighted. That voice was far too familiar.

A figure shot over like lightning. That figure had a body like an iron tower, appearing so imposing that he was like a giant god.


“Brother Long, haha, I finally get to see you again!”

The person who had come was precisely Wilde. Seeing Long Chen, Wilde was incredibly excited, and he gave Long Chen an incredibly powerful hug.

Muscles bulged all over Wilde, and his body was filled with an explosive strength. In his happiness, he had actually forgotten to control his strength. This hug of his was enough to crush someone.

Fortunately, Long Chen’s physical body was tough. Anyone else would have long since choked. After hugging, Long Chen patted Wilde, his voice emotional as he said, “Good brother. I’m glad you’re fine.”

“The power of this fellow’s qi and blood is terrifying.” Mo Nian jumped in fright at Wilde’s aura.

The current Wilde seemed just like a human-shaped Magical Beast. His qi and blood surged, and his body seemed to contain a volcano that might erupt with an apocalyptic power at any moment.

Suddenly, a burst of bird cries rang out. The sky darkened as three huge figures directly flew over at Long Chen.

“They’re on our side!” Seeing Wilde and Wan-er had both taken defensive positions, Long Chen calmed them.

The three huge figures slowly descended. Those were violet birds over sixty meters long. The pressure of fourth rank Magical Beasts came from them, truly making them seem like divine steeds.

“Long Chen, sister Wan-er!”

Long Chen was surprised to see that the Violet Phoenix Sparrows had reached the fourth rank. He didn’t know what technique they had used for them to grow so quickly.

On the backs of the three Violet Phoenix Sparrows were Chu Yao, Meng Qi, and Lu Fang-er. Chu Yao was the first to jump off and give Tang Wan-er a hug.

“Sister Yao-er, I’m so happy to see you again!” Tang Wan-er also hugged Chu Yao back, crying tears of joy. Within this bloody, cruel secret realm, the feeling of close friends was truly moving.

“Wan-er, hello.” At this time, Meng Qi also walked over. When she got close, she smiled slightly at Tang Wan-er.

“You must be big sister Meng Qi, right? You really are beautiful. It’s no wonder Long Chen reminisces about you all day.”

Tang Wan-er was also someone extremely confident in her beauty. Previously, before she had seen Meng Qi, she had even felt a bit of competitiveness in her heart. But after seeing Meng Qi, that slight competitive spirit vanished like smoke.

Meng Qi’s beauty was not just something based on her outer appearance. It was something that came from an immortal charm that exuded from every part of her. It was something that would completely convince anyone.

“Sister Wan-er, you’re the beautiful one. Even my heart is about to move. Come, let’s go find someplace with no one around. I’ll give you a gift that I guarantee you’ll like.” Just like that, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Chu Yao, and Lu Fang-er all rushed into the distance.


Long Chen had had his hand raised the entire time, but he had never had the time to say anything. From the start, they hadn’t given him any opportunity, leaving Long Chen to just stand there like a wooden stake.

“Long Chen, I really do have to admire you. Just how did you do this?” Each one of those beauties was like a fairy. Their voices were like birdsong, but they were too far away for the men to hear what they were saying. Seeing how very harmonious they were, Mo Nian couldn’t help but sigh.

“What do you mean?”

“When they’re together, do they not fight?”


Long Chen smiled bitterly. Seeing their attitudes, it seemed fighting amongst themselves wasn’t that likely. If they were vexed, they would probably be fighting together against him.

Although he was smiling bitterly, he was actually delighted inside. He had always been very worried about what would happen when everyone was together. But it seemed he could be at ease for now.

“Hey, as brothers, how about you teach me some of your exclusive techniques? That way I’ll be able to settle that evil woman,” whispered Mo Nian.

“Evil woman?”

“In truth… she’s my fiancée. She’s really too ruthless to me. But I’m a man! You understand!”

Long Chen looked at Mo Nian with disbelief. This was inconceivable. A peak expert like him had such worries?

“To tell the truth, I really don’t have any experience in this area,” said Long Chen.

Mo Nian disdainfully said, “Nonsense. If you don’t have any experience, then tell me, why are they so peaceful with each other? If I even say a few words to another woman, I’ll be beaten and chased down by that evil woman.”

“Maybe it’s-”

“Don’t say I’m lacking what a person should have again. Just help me out. I treat you like a brother, and I didn’t even bother about you framing me. Do you really have the heart to not help me out?” raged Mo Nian.

Seeing Mo Nian’s extremely serious manner, Long Chen was speechless. If Long Chen did try to evade any longer, then Mo Nian really would get angry.

But did Long Chen really have such amazing techniques to play around with girls? Furthermore, what Mo Nian was looking for wasn’t pick-up techniques, but ways to subdue a woman. He wanted to subdue a woman? And an apparently powerful woman as well? He might as well try ascending to the heavens.


Suddenly, a strange sound rang out from the side.

Wilde scratched his head with embarrassment. “Brother Long, I’m hungry.”

Hearing that, Long Chen’s eyes lit up and he patted Mo Nian on the shoulders. “I’ll give you an opportunity. It’ll be up to you to grab the chance.”

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