Chapter 410 Gift

Long Chen didn’t understand. What did he mean by they would have a backer no matter how much trouble they stirred?

“Hehe, you don’t know, but my grandpa, the current gate master and family head, always scolds me for not being mature enough and not even knowing how to stir up any trouble,” said Mo Nian with a bit of fury.

“There’s such a family head?” Both Long Chen and Tang Wan-er were stunned. He encouraged a child to stir up trouble?

“Just mentioning this matter pisses me off.” Mo Nian once more drank a bowl of wine and then began bitterly complaining.

Mo Gate was different from other sects. It was his family’s sect, and everyone in Mo Gate was a member of his Mo family. However, Mo Gate was extremely large, and just their disciples numbered in the millions.

When it came to strength, they were not the slightest bit inferior to the Xuantian Supermonastery. They had countless experts, and they were the overlord of Qing Prefecture. There was no power that dared provoke them.

Mo Gate’s gate master was extremely powerful and an extremely decisive person. His treatment towards disciples was extremely strict and harsh, and he was especially harsh to Mo Nian. He would frequently beat and scold him, not being the slightest bit lenient due to their relationship.

As Mo Gate’s number one genius, Mo Nian had had to endure that old man’s ‘grooming’. When he was just three years old, this grandfather of his had thrown him into a wolf den, only giving him a single dagger.

A three-year-old child had been ordered to kill his way out of a wolf den. In the end, Mo Nian had managed to just barely survive with his body covered in blood.

When he explained that particular matter, Mo Nian began to loudly curse. Long Chen and Tang Wan-er looked at each other. This kind of method to raise a disciple truly was cruel.

Mo Nian was the gate master’s grandson, his direct descendant from the main bloodline. He should have been pampered all his life. How did he end up being treated so ruthlessly?

“Fuck, if my mother didn’t confirm it for me, I really would think I was just some baby he had picked up of the road. All day, he tells me children that can’t stir up trouble don’t have any future prospects. So ever since I was young, I stirred up as much trouble as I could. As a child, I beat up all those of the same age as me, beating them until they were afraid of me.”

“Then what happened?” Long Chen’s expression was very odd.

“Then? Then I would return home and get a beating, and they would scold me for having no ability. Someone who only knows how to bully the weak is just a coward.

“He said a man must be manly, and if you have to bully someone, you have to bully the strong. Only that counts as an accomplishment and a success. That is how an expert should act.

“Tell me, how was I supposed to understand any of that as a child? How could I even differentiate between the strong and the weak?

“Furthermore, I was the grandson of the gate master. What idiot would really dare attack me? Just how was I supposed to find an expert to bully?” grumbled Mo Nian.

“Then what about later? Did you find an expert to bully?” Tang Wan-er found this all startling and comical, and she couldn’t stop herself from asking about the conclusion.

“I found one. I found an absolute peak expert to bully.” Mo Nian finally smiled with pride.

“What level expert?” asked Long Chen.

“Hehe, an expert so powerful you can’t even imagine it. Ha, I’ll give you a clue. That person stands at the peak of my Qing Prefecture’s martial path. He’s the strongest man in all of Qing Zhou City.”

“You couldn’t be talking about your grandfather, right?” asked Long Chen.

“Haha, correct, it’s him,” laughed Mo Nian.

“Did you succeed?”

“I succeeded.”

“Then what was the final result?”

Speaking of the result, Mo Nian’s expression turned listless. “The result? My mother and father beat me, and then my uncles also beat me.”

“Damn, just what did you do?”

“What could I have done? Do you think I could defeat a grand sect leader? All I could do was pee in his wine pot,” raged Mo Nian.

Long Chen and Tang Wan-er couldn’t hold back their laughter. To maintain a woman’s image of reservedness, Tang Wan-er quickly stopped. But Long Chen wasn’t concerned with such things, and he roared with laughter, laughing so hard that he was hunched over, tears even coming out.

“Mo Nian… you really are a marvel.” Long Chen was laughing so hard that he couldn’t breathe.

“What marvel? If you also had such old fellows around you, you’d definitely go crazy. All they do is force me to cultivate while also constantly beating me mentally and physically. Otherwise, why would I run away from home so often? But last time it was a bit better. Hehe, Long Chen, you really are a good brother. Come, let us brothers drink another one.”

Mo Nian once more raised a bowl of wine and touched it to Long Chen’s, his expression extremely pleased.

“You should be talking about that leg, right?”

“Hehe, correct. When I returned home last time, those old fellows had originally been planning on beating me again. Hmph, then I showed them all Yin Luo’s leg. Hahahaha, Long Chen, let me tell you, their expressions at that moment really were amazing. Ah, fuck, more wine! Cheers!” Just thinking of it filled Mo Nian with excitement.

After three more large bowls of wine, Mo Nian continued, “After having to endure so much crap for so many years, I finally had a chance to release all that anger. Long Chen, I really have to thank you.”

“Don’t be like that. Have I ever thanked you?”

“That’s right, brothers don’t need to say such things, or they won’t seem as close. Come, drink!”

That large jug of wine was quickly finished by the two of them. Mo Nian once more took out three more jugs, the two of them drinking while chatting.

Long Chen also told Tang Wan-er to sit. Although she didn’t want to drink, just having her stand behind him made him feel like he was wronging her. He didn’t like such overelaborate customs.

“Long Chen, you really are a monster. Although I’ve advanced to Bone Forging, I still feel a great deal of pressure from your body.” As he drank, Mo Nian forgot all of his sullenness. 

“You’re being modest. Even after advancing to Bone Forging, not the slightest bit of your aura is leaking. That means you’ve stabilized your foundation to a practically abnormal level. Perhaps the current you is already planning on finding trouble with Han Tianyu,” laughed Long Chen.

“As if I would have the time to bother with him. I just exited my seclusion, and I was planning on exploring the secret realm. But that’s still a bit too intimidating.

“You also know that the exit will be opening not so long from now. If I can’t make it back in time, I’d have to wait here for a hundred years.

“Ignoring whether or not I can survive, with my temperament, just being trapped in here for a century is enough to make me crazy,” said Mo Nian.

The Jiuli secret realm was very large. There were many places that had yet to be explored. However, those places were all incomparably dangerous. And without specific markings on the map, it was all too easy to get lost. Even someone as strong as Mo Nian was still hesitating about whether or not he wanted to take that risk.

“How about it? Do you want to explore with me?” Mo Nian looked at Long Chen sincerely.

But Long Chen shook his head. “Ah, I’m too lazy to move. Let me just rest comfortably here.”

“No way. You aren’t thinking of looking for opportunities?” Mo Nian was slightly astonished.

“I trust that news of me killing Han Tianfeng will spread throughout the entire secret realm. I still have some companions I haven’t gotten to see. Once they hear this news, they’ll definitely come to converge over here.”

“But there are still several months until the secret realm closes. Are you planning on wasting all that time?” frowned Mo Nian.

“If it’s wasted, it’s wasted. The things called opportunities are curious things. If it was meant to be yours, then you wouldn’t be able to avoid it even if you wanted to, and if it wasn’t meant to be yours, you wouldn’t be able to find it no matter how much you search. 

“After so much time has passed, I really don’t know how everyone is doing. In order to handle me, those sons of bitches from the first monastery have taken out their anger on them. I can’t just watch as my fellow disciples are implicated by me,” sighed Long Chen.

In truth, Long Chen really did long to go exploring again. He hoped he could find whatever was calling to him. However, since his relationship with the first monastery had already reached this point, he was very worried about everyone’s safety. It was better to temporarily put aside any thoughts of adventuring.

“That’s true. Those idiots from the first monastery really are contemptible, and Han Tianfeng really did deserve to be killed by you. I’m glad I didn’t misjudge you; you really are loyal to your friends. Let’s drink again.” Mo Nian snorted, clearly finding the first monastery’s conduct to be extremely reprehensible.

Long Chen once more drank a bowl of wine before asking, “How have your gains been in the secret realm?”

“Don’t even mention that. It really pisses me off. I didn’t run into the slightest bit of luck.” Mo Nian’s expression became ugly.

“What? I think it’s just your requirements that are too high, right?” Long Chen didn’t believe that with Mo Nian’s strength, he could possibly not manage to find anything good. That would be far too unlucky.

“My luck was bad, and I didn’t run into anything decent. Some things were not bad, but others obtained them first. Those people were from the Righteous path, and I didn’t feel like lowering my face to fight with them.

“As for those Corrupt idiots, they had even worse luck than me. My spatial ring is practically empty, empty enough to make me curse people,” said Mo Nian helplessly.

“It seems like you’re lacking in what a human should have,” sighed Long Chen profoundly.

“Be quiet. Are you cursing me for not having any morals?” rebuked Mo Nian with vexation. To the side, Tang Wan-er stealthily laughed.

“I didn’t say you have no morals, I said you’re lacking what a human should have. Come, brother will give you a gift...[1]” Long Chen touched his spatial ring.

“Hey… Long Chen, don’t be like this. We won’t be good brothers if you act like this.” Mo Nian’s expression sank with displeasure.

As a peak expert, he had his own pride. He definitely wouldn’t take other people’s gifts for nothing.

That was especially true of things they had obtained through rare opportunities. Those things were all related to karma and destiny. In other words, the things you could obtain through opportunities were all based on a person’s karmic luck. If you split what you gained with others, then that was equivalent to splitting your karmic luck.

In the same manner, those who liked to steal other people’s treasures, things that were never destined to be with them but they had snatched through martial force, were also stealing a portion of that person’s karmic luck.

Karmic luck was something illusory and profound. There was no exact proof of its existence, but the majority of cultivators all firmly believed in its existence. 

For Long Chen to say he was giving Mo Nian a gift, especially for the reason that Mo Nian’s luck had been bad, was no different than charity, and that was a kind of humiliation for Mo Nian. That was why his expression had sunk.

“You’re overthinking it. I don’t even have enough treasures for myself, so how would I have leftovers for you?” Looking at his expression, Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh? Then what is it?”

“Hehe, it’s definitely something that will make your eyes light up. Look!” Long Chen took out a certain item and gave it to Mo Nian.

“What the fuck? It couldn’t be, right?” Mo Nian’s expression turned lifeless.

[1] Long Chen says Mo Nian is lacking in 人品, which means moral standing. But if you were to take each word separately, it means he is lacking in human parts.

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