Chapter 408 Beheading Han Tianfeng

Long Chen’s saber didn’t pause at all as he slashed it towards Yin Wushuang’s neck.

However, the scene of her head flying didn’t appear. His saber ended up hitting nothing but air.

“Teleportation talisman!” Long Chen was filled with regret. He had actually forgotten about this thing, allowing that woman to escape again.

But since Yin Wushuang had once more used a teleportation talisman to escape, Long Chen didn’t waste any time crying about it. He directly went to attack Han Tianfeng.

“Long Chen, just wait! I’ll tear your body apart and play all your women to death! Haha, just wait!” Han Tianfeng also took out a teleportation talisman, his eyes filled with rancor. “You won’t be able to kill-”

Han Tianfeng had just been about to crush the talisman when a wave of Spiritual Strength surged over. He suddenly found he was unable to crush the talisman. An instant later, Long Chen’s saber had already cut off his arm.

Before he could even scream, his saber was pressed against his throat. That icy blade made it so Han Tianfeng didn’t dare say a single word as he was filled with terror.

The entire crowd was silent.

“Long Chen, I don’t believe that you dare to kill me.” Even with a blade pressed against his throat, Han Tianfeng still acted high and haughty. He hoped he could use his powerful background to intimidate Long Chen. Otherwise, he really would die today.

“You’ll believe it in a bit.”

Long Chen turned to look at those distant spectators. A portion of these people were monastery disciples, and Long Chen also saw several wearing the first monastery’s robes.

He said to them, “I know there are quite a few of you using photographic jades to record all this. Right now, I’ll give you a good opportunity. Properly prepare your photographic jades to record this next moment, because this next moment will be very precious!”

Long Chen’s words caused everyone’s expressions to change, as they all knew what he was planning on doing. He was about to kill Han Tianfeng in front of all of them.

If Long Chen killed Han Tianfeng, then that was equivalent to provoking an enormous disaster. He would have to face Han Tianyu’s wrath.

“You dare, Long Chen?!” Han Tianfeng was startled and infuriated.

“Correct, I really do dare.” Long Chen nodded, approving his viewpoint.

“You… if you kill me, you also won’t be able to live! No one will be able to protect you!” Han Tianfeng sharply cried. He was now afraid, truly afraid.

“Haha, you don’t need to worry about whether or not I’ll be able to live. Just go to the otherworld and properly repent.” Long Chen’s voice sounded like the summoning of a death god.

“No, no… Long Chen, don’t kill me… we… we can discuss this!” Han Tianfeng sensed Long Chen had truly set his heart on killing him.

“Discuss this? As soon as we entered the secret realm, you all tried to entrap me, smearing my name, wanting to destroy my reputation. Did you ever come to find me to discuss this?

“After entrapping me, you then sent out proclamations, painting me as a heinous criminal. Then using the image of justice warriors, you came to try and kill me, all in order to raise your own glory. Did you ever come to find me to discuss this?

“When you failed to kill me, you shamelessly put your targets on the people by my side, slaughtering the weak, all to make me feel endless pain. Did you ever come to find me to discuss this?”

With each word he spoke, Long Chen’s voice became clearer. With each word he spoke, his voice filled with more emotion. By the end, his voice was full of endless hatred, and it had become a heaven-shaking roar that caused even the void to shudder.

Even those distant spectators felt that Long Chen seemed like an angry lion. His fury could ignite the dome of the sky, and no one could possibly calm that fury.

“Now that your life is in my hands, you still have the face to want to discuss things with me? If you had just targeted me, then there would still be room for discussion. But when you extended your hands towards the people beside me, then that means no rest until death!”

“No rest until death… no rest until death… no rest until death…” Those four words continued to echo throughout the mountains, shaking people’s ears. The killing intent contained within those words caused people’s hearts to tremble with fear.

“Han Tianyu, I know you’ll see this video. Don’t think that by hiding behind others, I don’t know what you’ve done. Don’t you want to play with me? Now I finally have time to accompany you. For now, I’ll first accept your brother’s head. Next time I’ll accept Yin Wushuang’s head, and if you dare try to stop me, then I’ll also cut off your head.”

“Nooo-!” Han Tianfeng’s scream was cut short by a blood-colored saber. His head flew into the air.

For a moment, the entire world was silent. Time seemed to slow down as everyone clearly saw Han Tianfeng’s head flipping through the air.

His expression was still filled with terror, worry, and an endless thirst for life. Unfortunately, that was not able to change his fate. A generation’s genius was killed just like that.

Long Chen looked at those distant spectators and icily said, “I know there are many people who have been targeting me in secret. However, you’re all quite lucky that you haven’t directly attacked me or anyone by my side. Otherwise, even if you had ascended into the heavens or dug your way into hell, I would still have cut off your head. Fuck off, and don’t forget to spread your photographic jades. Tell all those people targeting me that if they want to die, they can come anytime!”

Only after Long Chen finished speaking did people begin to hurriedly leave. They were like stray dogs, fleeing for their lives.

The current Long Chen was just too frightening. He seemed like a merciless fiend, killing people without batting an eye. Just being stared at by him was enough to break their courage.

Previously, they hadn’t dared to run. Running would have indicated their guilty consciences, and who knew whether or not they would be mercilessly cut down by Long Chen.

Now that Long Chen had told them to fuck off, it was as if their lives had been pardoned and they fled with all their might. The battle today had completely wrecked their courage.

Han Tianyu’s brother had been killed. That was a huge matter. Apparently, Han Tianyu only had this one brother, and he loved him dearly. Once he heard this news, he would definitely go crazy. Long Chen had declared war on him.

With all of these people fleeing, the shocking news of what had happened also spread rapidly, reaching every corner of the Jiuli secret realm.

“What?! Han Tianfeng was killed?!”

If there wasn’t a video of it, no one would have believed it. A generation’s genius, second only to his brother, had fallen just like that.

And it wasn’t just Han Tianfeng. If Yin Wushuang hadn’t realized so quickly what a disaster she had provoked and activated a teleportation talisman, she would also have definitely been killed.

Even with a teleportation talisman, Han Tianfeng had still been slaughtered by Long Chen. That filled everyone with terror of Long Chen.

“Once Han Tianyu hears this news, he’ll definitely go crazy and kill Long Chen,” guessed many people.

“I doubt this news will reach Han Tianyu for now. I heard he’s currently in a dangerous area and has obtained a shocking treasure. He’s busy refining it, and so he temporarily doesn’t have time to come out.”

But as for whether or not Han Tianyu knew this news, it no longer really mattered. That was because practically everyone within the Jiuli secret realm, other than some secluded people, had heard of it.

That was precisely the result Long Chen had wanted. They liked to target him? Then they could come. Long Chen had long since been stifling his anger. Now, he wouldn’t hold it back any longer.

The fact that Han Tianfeng had chased down Tang Wan-er twice had already touched on his taboos. That had made this into a battle with no rest until death. And since there would be no rest until death, Long Chen no longer had any misgivings.

“Long Chen!” Everyone had already parted. Tang Wan-er ran up to Long Chen and threw herself into his embrace.

Seeing her weary expression and the tear stains on her face, Long Chen felt a burst of pain. He tightly hugged her saying, “Sorry, I’ve caused you to suffer.”

At this time, Tang Wan-er had long since lost her usual liveliness. That meant she truly had suffered during this time.

Thinking of that, Long Chen was filled with hatred. “I actually let that slut, Yin Wushuang, run. That pisses me off.”

“If she’s run, she’s run. Now that I’ve seen you again, I don’t really feel much hate.” Tang Wan-er softly leaned against his chest, feeling a great sense of safety.

Within the Jiuli secret realm, there were countless dangers. Not only did you have to face the attacks of the vicious beasts inside the secret realm, but you also had to handle being chased down by members from both the Righteous and Corrupt paths. She was already exhausted.

Long Chen was like a mountain she could finally rely on in these times. Right now, she didn’t want to think about anything. She just hugged Long Chen as hard as she could, seeming afraid that he would fly away.

“Well, I’m not so tolerant. Those idiots really are too hateful, and this time I’ll definitely settle our disputes.” Long Chen ground his teeth.

“Long Chen, you killed Han Tianyu’s brother, provoking a huge calamity. Even if you can leave the secret realm, you still won’t be able to survive your punishment.” Tang Wan-er was very worried.

This was a trap that had been meticulously prepared. Most of the evidence was already in the hands of the enemy. Killing people was just making his own sins even greater.

If he did manage to leave the secret realm, he would have to face the first monastery’s wrath. As for the supermonastery, they had a deep relationship with the first monastery. Once they started an investigation, no one would be able to protect him.

Their 108th monastery was last place. They didn’t even have the right to speak.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. Different situations call for different actions. Cultivation is a path of no retreat, and since there’s no retreat, what’s the point of caring so much about what the next step is? I don’t care about how far I can walk on this path. I just want to be able to not receive any bullying. If it’s foreordained that I can’t walk far on my path, then I would rather be a firework. Although my time would be short, at least I would release my most dazzling light.” Long Chen smiled.

Long Chen had now found that he had been far too careful. A person should face his difficulties head-on, advancing bravely. Having too many misgivings, making all sorts of calculations and schemes, that would only impact your Dao-heart.

Since he had chosen to believe in his martial strength, then he would use the most direct, most barbaric method to smash apart all the obstacles in front of him. If those obstacles were people, then he would kill people. If those obstacles were gods, then he would kill gods.

Cultivation was a path of no retreat. Once you stepped on it, there was no way to look back. No one knew just when they would fall. So, what was the point of having so many misgivings? If a person wanted to kill you, then hack them to death. It was just that simple.

Blindly enduring wouldn’t cause them to stop. Instead, your enemies would work even harder, bringing endless pain to the people by your side. Thus, Long Chen had finally chosen to no longer endure. He would slaughter out his own dignity, making his enemies too afraid to even be enemies with him.

“If you want to be a firework, then I will also be a firework. We’ll blossom together, and we’ll fall together,” said Tang Wan-er gently.

“Wan-er, I’m not used to you being so gentle and warm. You couldn’t have been possessed, right?”

“Scoundrel, is your skin itching again?” Tang Wan-er became bashful as well as enraged upon seeing Long Chen’s doubting expression. She viciously gave him a pinch on the waist.

“Hahaha, now this is my familiar Tang Wan-er.” Long Chen couldn’t help laughing.

“Scoundrel, are you cursing me for not being gentle enough?” Tang Wan-er rained a furious beating on him.

“No, no, no, in truth, you really are gentle. But your gentleness is different from other people.” Long Chen covered his head, letting Tang Wan-er’s fists rain down on him.

Tang Wan-er couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed her mannerisms really didn’t have any relation to the word ‘gentle’. But for some reason, she liked acting in this kind of unreasonable manner with Long Chen.

Just as they were messing around, a violet ball of flame suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s hands and flew at a distant boulder.

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