Chapter 407 Blooddrinker Shocks All


A three-hundred-meter divine ring appeared behind Long Chen, releasing a terrifying pressure.

“What kind of technique is that?! What powerful pressure!”

“What’s going on? Aren’t only Bone Forging experts capable of compressing their spiritual qi the point of releasing this kind of pressure? Long Chen’s only at the mid Tendon Transformation realm!”

“There’s no Dao-charm surrounding him, so he isn’t even a Favored. How can he be so strong? What kind of monster is he?”

At this moment, Long Chen was standing there with a blood-colored saber resting on his shoulder, his aura surging tumultuously, his black hair dancing. He looked like a devil god who had descended to the world.

“Last time I said that you were a slut. However, I still underestimated your sluttiness. Step by step, you’ve forced me into being mortal enemies with you. Well fine, let me tell you your wish is fulfilled now. From today onwards, I officially declare war on all of you. If you want to kill me, then come. But to declare war requires a bit of ceremony, and so I think I’ll use your blood to bear witness to everything.”

Long Chen’s disdainful voice seemed to come from the nine heavens. It was a voice filled with endless killing intent that shook the land.

Suddenly, the blood-colored saber in his hand rumbled, and a fierce aura surged out.

“Your name is Blooddrinker. Starting today, you’ll be fighting side by side with me. I’ll let you drink as much of this world’s evil people’s blood as you want.”

Following Long Chen’s words, that blood-colored saber seemed to come to life, and a terrifying pressure shot out, blowing away all the clouds, and causing heaven and earth to change color.

“What? It’s a Xiantian weapon!”

“Yes, only a Xiantian weapon could release this kind of terrifying pressure.”

“So his pressure was actually coming from his weapon. He’s just relying on a weapon advantage.”

Xiantian weapons had runes that could only be activated by those who had reached the Xiantian realm and could use Xiantian power. That would allow them to release a mountain-crushing power.

These weapons could only release their true power in the hands of a Xiantian expert. Before reaching that level, holding one of them was just used to scare away cowards. There was no way to release their full power.

“Hmph, just a scare tactic. What an idiot; does he think just a Xiantian weapon could intimidate me? Don’t make me laugh to death. Just watch. This weapon will quickly change owners,” sneered a disciple from the first monastery.

There were quite a few disciples here that were from the monastery. They were mostly from monasteries that were subordinate to the first monastery.

Now seeing Long Chen, a disciple from the last place monastery, possessing a Xiantian weapon, their eyes all turned red from envy.

It went without saying that he had definitely obtained it from someplace within the Jiuli secret realm. There was no way anyone would gift such a precious weapon to a Houtian disciple to use.

“All you can do is activate its pressure, but you can’t activate its real abilities. This is just a scare tactic. But thank you for that gift, as that blood-colored saber has taken my fancy!” 

Han Tianfeng laughed icily and endless greed appeared in his eyes. Even he didn’t have the qualifications to obtain a Xiantian weapon.

“Time for you to die! Falling Leaves, Flying Stars, Heaven and Earth Encompassing Net!”

A rune appeared on Han Tianfeng’s forehead, and his combat strength immediately reached its peak. He was not patient enough to wait any longer, and he wanted to kill Long Chen instantly to snatch away his saber.

Sword-images descended from the sky, destroying the void as they stabbed at Long Chen.

Long Chen snorted, seemingly looking down on the sky full of sword-images as he swung out his saber. This was an extremely simple swing without any technique.

BOOM!!! The sword-images all vanished, and Han Tianfeng was knocked back, completely shocked.

“Flashy, but useless.” Long Chen smiled coldly. That kind of technique was just child’s play. How could true experts really care about his illusory images and be duped by such a weak trick? “I really dislike this kind of never-changing poser show.”

Long Chen stepped forward, crossing three hundred meters with a single step, appearing like a phantom as he arrived right in front of Han Tianfeng. His saber fell.

This was also a simple and direct swing, without the slightest fanciness. But the pressure from the saber as well as Long Chen’s killing intent had completely locked down Han Tianfeng.

Han Tianfeng’s hair stood on end, and he used his full strength to resist. But Long Chen’s saber seemed as heavy as a mountain, and with an explosive sound, Han Tianfeng was once more blown back.

“Heavens, Han Tianfeng is injured!” People let out startled cries. Fresh blood was slowly dripping off Han Tianfeng’s sword from his hand

“The webbing of his hand was broken by Long Chen’s saber! But then, just how powerful was Long Chen’s attack? Even after tempering two arm bones, Han Tianfeng was unable to receive it!”

Previously, none of them had sensed anything from their fighting. After all, they hadn’t used Battle Skills, and everything had happened too quickly.

But now the webbing of Han Tianfeng’s hand was broken. They all finally understood that Long Chen’s strength had reached a level they couldn’t even imagine.

Just as everyone was filled with shock, Long Chen once more stepped forward, slashing out with his saber.

“Attack together! His saber is shockingly heavy!” Han Tianfeng’s arrogance disappeared and he was now very cautious, not daring to face Long Chen’s saber head-on. He retreated, joining hands with Yin Wushuang.

“DIE!” Long Chen roared, killing intent filling heaven and earth, attacking the two of them.

There was no way to reason with people like them. The most effective way of communicating with them was to kill them.

As long as he killed enough so that they felt pain, as long as he killed enough so that they felt terror, they would finally realize what respect and reverence were. Otherwise, if trash like them continued to surround you, then if they weren’t able to kill you, they would kill the people by your side, causing you to feel enough pain as to want to die.

Long Chen repeatedly swung his saber at the two of them. He seemed to be just hacking it around randomly like someone who didn’t even understand cultivation. Each of his attacks was full of mistakes.

And yet, each attack contained endless killing intent as well as a fearless will. Although there were countless openings, if a person wanted to take advantage of those openings, they would also be hacked to death by his saber.

His saber continuously collided with the two of their swords, emitting loud explosions. What shocked everyone was that despite joining hands, Han Tianfeng and Yin Wushuang were forced to repeatedly retreat by Long Chen. Dust began to fill the air.

“Isn’t Long Chen a bit too strong?”

Everyone was stunned. Just who was Han Tianfeng? He was the brother of the Righteous path’s number one expert, and his talent was only slightly lower than his brother’s. He was also on the level of a peak expert.

As for Yin Wushuang, she wasn’t inferior to Han Tianfeng at all. Coming from an ancient family, she possessed a bloodline that would suppress anyone from the same realm. Most people didn’t even have the courage to exchange blows with her.

But the two of them were unable to even retaliate against Long Chen.

“Tempered bone energy!” Seeing that they were repeatedly forced to miserably retreat in the face of Long Chen’s attack, Yin Wushuang and Han Tianfeng both clenched their teeth. A light blossomed from their right arms, and a powerful aura violently surged out.

BOOM! Yin Wushuang and Han Tianfeng’s swords locked onto Long Chen’s saber. Long Chen’s tempest-like attacks were finally stopped.

“Long Chen, did you really think the Bone Forging realm was so weak? You’re too naive!” Han Tianfeng clenched his teeth as his sword tightly locked down Long Chen’s saber.

Although he said Long Chen was naive, he was actually absolutely shocked. Long Chen’s combat strength had far surpassed his expectations. He had no choice but to tap into the energy within his tempered bones.

Ordinarily, that tempered bone energy was something only those who had reached the four-temper Bone Forging realm could use. That was because only those who had tempered four bones or more could allow their bones to gain the ability to store energy.

Generally, they would slowly accumulate a large amount of spiritual qi within their tempered bones. Through constant nourishment and compression, once that energy was released, they would be able to explode with incredible power.

“Hmph, Han Tianfeng and Yin Wushuang have finally tapped into their tempered bone energy. Hehe, Long Chen’s death has come.” One of the first monastery’s disciples boasted confidently.

However, when other people heard that, their mouths twitched. They didn’t dare easily declare their position anymore.


Long Chen mocked, “Back when I was at Blood Condensation, I already possessed the power to fight against the eight-temper Bone Forging realm. Your little power is nothing more than a fart to me.”


Long Chen’s divine ring trembled intensely and surprisingly began to slowly rotate. Endless energy from heaven and earth poured into Long Chen’s body. The power behind his saber sharply increased.

After testing them out for a while, Long Chen had already figured out their battle rhythms. He no longer held back, and his full strength exploded out.

A saber clashed heavily onto two swords. The ground beneath their feet was finally unable to bear that terrifying force and was broken into pieces. The three of them began to sink from people’s lines of sight.


Han Tianfeng and Yin Wushuang were finally unable to endure it. Long Chen’s limitless strength sent them flying.

“Die!” Long Chen stamped on the ground, arriving in front of the two of them, slashing out with his saber.

Their panicked defense was immediately broken. They were once more sent flying, dust filling the air. Both of them vomited blood that splashed through the air.

Those distant spectators all let out startled cries, never having imagined that the two of them would be defeated so quickly even after releasing their full power.

A blood-colored light soared, cutting apart heaven and earth, looking like a bloody river as it slashed down mercilessly on the two of them.

Although they did their best to dodge, they didn’t have that ability. Yin Wushuang’s arm was slashed off by that terrifying Saber Qi, instantly turning into a bloody mist.

She let out a mournful shriek. That strike had not only destroyed her arm, but it had also heavily shaken her internal organs.

As for Han Tianfeng, he also didn’t have the ability to dodge. The Saber Qi crushed his leg, causing him to scream.

Even after attacking, Long Chen didn’t pause. He was like a demon, appearing right in front of Yin Wushuang, his saber slashing toward her neck.

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