Chapter 405 Compass Mountain

“Long Chen?”

Those two people were absolutely delighted to see Long Chen.

The two of them were from the Corrupt path, and after advancing to Bone Forging, their auras surged powerfully.

“Haha, he’s still only in Tendon Transformation. Kill him!” 

“Don’t kill him; capture him alive.”

The two of them charged at Long Chen. The pressure of the Bone Forging realm crashed down onto Long Chen. That was the superiority of Bone Forging experts. Just the pressure they emitted could crush those below the Bone Forging realm.

Back in the monastery, Elder Sun had used his Bone Forging pressure to suppress Long Chen, almost crushing all of his bones.

However, the current Long Chen was no longer the old Long Chen. Even in the face of those Two-Winged Devilmen and the barbarian race expert, he hadn’t been affected by their pressure. This insignificant Bone Forging pressure was no different from a fart.

Well, to be precise, the difference was that their pressure was even less than a fart to him. That was because a fart was at least smelly, and so it still posed a definite threat to Long Chen.

Cracking sounds rang out as both their arms were broken at the same time. The two of them began to scream, but they had only gotten half of it out before it was cut off. Both their heads slammed into each other and then exploded like crushed watermelons.

Two corpses fell to the ground. Long Chen looked at his own hands in shock. He hadn’t expected two Bone Forging experts would be so easily killed in one move.

Although Long Chen had never feared ordinary Bone Forging experts, he had never thought he could dispatch them so easily.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated the power of the Alioth Star,” muttered Long Chen. Ever since condensing the Alioth Star, he had never had a chance to exchange blows with anyone, and so he had no idea what level he had reached.

Furthermore, in the Abyss of Fiends, the ones he had encountered were Two-Winged Devilmen and the barbarian race expert. Long Chen had been completely suppressed, and in the end, almost killed by the barbarian race expert.

That had caused him to forget what level he had reached. It wasn’t that he was too weak, but his enemies had been too monstrous.

Now, these two Corrupt experts had used their lives to tell Long Chen that he was also a monster.

After advancing to the Bone Forging realm, the first thing these two had done was to temper their arm bones. But their strongest arms were incredibly flimsy in the face of Long Chen.

After gathering their two spatial rings, he also went through their belongings and found dozens of other spatial rings.

Normally, a person would only wear a single spatial ring. That was because those that had reached their level all had high grade spatial rings that contained a space greater than three thousand cubic meters.

Such a huge space could store any number of treasures. As long as you didn’t treat a mountain as a treasure, you would be fine.

For them to have this many spatial rings, the two of them had definitely obtained them through killing. In other words, these two had to have immediately gone hunting prey as soon as they had advanced to the Bone Forging realm. Otherwise, there was no way they would have this many.

Long Chen placed all those spatial rings into a small pouch. That pouch already contained over a hundred spatial rings.

Those were mostly all things that people had ‘sent’ to him. That really caused people to be deeply moved. Nowadays, people had become incredibly generous. They not only sent over their spatial rings to him, they even sent over their lives. Sometimes, Long Chen was too embarrassed to accept them all.

After continuing onwards for half a day, Long Chen suddenly heard some explosions and screams coming from ahead. He didn’t know whether it was people being killed, or whether it was from them being absolutely slaughtered as those voices were extremely mournful.

He increased his speed towards that direction. But before he even managed to get there, he heard another voice.

“108th monastery idiot, you’ve once more committed the sin of murder! This time we’ll make it so you’ll crave death, but it’ll never come for you!”

Long Chen’s heart shook. It was actually a disciple from the 108th monastery that was in danger. He once more increased his speed.

Passing over a mountain top, he saw that there were seven people frantically attacking one. All of their auras showed they were powerful Bone Forging experts.

There were already five corpses lying on the ground. Obviously, those mournful cries had to have come from them.

As for the person being besieged on all sides, he was extremely muscular and large. He brandished a golden spear, and his entire body was covered in blood. Many criss-crossing injuries made him appear extremely dreadful.

However, he clearly wasn’t afraid. Even one against seven, he clenched his teeth and fought. With his desperate attacks, those seven were temporarily unable to do anything to him.

Gu Yang! Long Chen was delighted to see him alive.

“Hmph, you degenerates who target people on the same side as you. Once Long Chen finds out how you’ve been targeting our 108th monastery, you won’t be able to escape your deaths!” Gu Yang clenched his teeth as he fought ferociously.

“Long Chen? Hehe, it’s already been three months since anyone has heard anything from him. He has long since died in some ditch. Even if he’s still alive, it’s meaningless. Han Tianyu has already sent down the arrest warrant. As long as he appears, Han Tianyu will cut off his head,” sneered one of them.

“What? Who wants to take my head? Can you repeat that for me?”

Suddenly, an icy voice rang out in their ears. Everyone retreated in surprise and looked over.

“Long Chen!”

Everyone present was startled. Only Gu Yang was filled with excitement. Long Chen was actually safe and sound.

“Haha, just one mid Tendon Transformation trash! Everyone kill this trash together!”

A golden light flashed and a head flew into the air. Blood crazily sprayed out and its smell assaulted everyone’s noses. 

The headless corpse collapsed to the ground. Those people were all horrified, as they weren’t even able to see what method Long Chen had used to kill this person.

A golden page was revolving over Long Chen’s finger. He icily looked at them. “All Righteous disciples, and three who are also from the supermonastery. How amazing, to put in so much effort to chase down and attempt to kill members from the same sect. But during the Righteous and Corrupt battles, you’re a bunch of dogs with your tails stuck between your legs. Just looking at you makes me sick.”

The golden page flew out towards a person’s throat. That person hastily dodged to the side.

There was nothing wrong with his dodging posture or angle. And yet, people were shocked to see that it was precisely because he had dodged that the golden page had ended up slicing through his throat. It was as if that person had deliberately moved so the golden page would hit him. That bizarre scene caused goosebumps in everyone.

It was the exact same as last time: a head flew into the air, blood sprayed, and a corpse collapsed to the ground. The sound of the corpse thudding on the ground was like a heavy hammer smashing into people’s hearts.


One of them took the initiative to shout, and the five of them fled for their lives. Long Chen’s methods had completely broken their spirits.

From the very start, Long Chen’s expression had been an icy calm. That was even more frightening than a savage expression. It made them feel as if their lives were already in Long Chen’s hands, and as long as he wished it, they would be crushed like ants.

“Let me send you off.” With a wave of Long Chen’s hand, an azure light appeared. That was the palm-sized dragon scale.

As soon as it flew out of Long Chen’s hand, it began to grow larger, reaching a diameter of over thirty meters before it rushed after them.

Even before the scale touched them, the terrifying force from it crushed their bodies to pieces.

After annihilating those five, it hadn’t paused at all and continued forward. In the end, it ended up slicing into a mountain. The entire mountain was cut in two.

“What terrifying strength!” Long Chen jumped in shock. Although he had found some clues on how to use it after his two month seclusion, he hadn’t used it in a fight before.

Now, when he finally tried a small experiment on them, the result was absolutely shocking. 

“Aiya!” Long Chen suddenly rushed over to their corpses. But there was nothing to be gained on the ground. There was not even blood, let alone their spatial rings.

Long Chen’s attack had at least ended up destroying five spatial rings. He felt great regret, as two of them had been rich Favored.

“Boss, the fact you’re alright is too… great!” Gu Yang was both shocked and delighted by this sight of Long Chen exterminating experts with a wave of his hand. However, right now, he was absolutely exhausted. He had been chased and fighting for a long time now. Now that he relaxed, he almost fainted.

Long Chen hastily went over to help to support Gu Yang. He took out a qi recovery pill and a healing pill for him.

At this time, Gu Yang was also a Bone Forging expert. With the assistance of Long Chen’s medicinal pills, he instantly felt much better, but then his expression became one of panic.

“Boss! You have to go save sister Wan-er!”

“What happened?” Long Chen was startled.

“Sister Wan-er is being besieged at Compass Mountain! I tried to go help her, but these bastards stopped me. You have to get over there as fast as possible!” urged Gu Yang.

“Okay. But will you be alright?” Long Chen could see that Gu Yang was covered in wounds.

“I’ll be fine once I rest for a bit. You go on ahead, and I’ll follow when I can.”

“Fine, I’ll go now.”

Long Chen hastily took out his map and found that so-called Compass Mountain. He started rushing in its direction as fast as he could.

Little Snow had entered a slumber after consuming the Barbaric Wind Beast’s Neidan. Even now, he had yet to awaken. Long Chen could only rely on himself to travel.

Compass Mountain was called like that simply because it was shaped like a compass with a diameter of thirty miles. It was no famous place. It was simply because the terrain was so special that it was easy to recognize. It was added to the map as a convenient marker for people to identify where they were.

At this time, there were countless experts gathered around Compass Mountain, just watching. An extremely desperate battle was being fought at the top of Compass Mountain.

Three people were fighting intensely. Sword Qi criss-crossed, wind blades whistled madly, and the entire mountain was being rocked.

Of the three fighters, one was Tang Wan-er. She was facing two opponents. One was an old enemy she had fought before, Han Tianfeng. At that time, she hadn’t been his match, and it was only because Mo Nian had luckily arrived and had beaten back Han Tianfeng.

Now after Tang Wan-er had advanced to the Bone Forging realm, she ended up once more running into Han Tianfeng. Furthermore, there was a woman by his side.

That woman was precisely the one who had been defeated by Long Chen and thus had to flee miserably, Yin Wushuang.

At this time, Yin Wushuang had also advanced to the Bone Forging realm. Just her alone would have required Tang Wan-er to resist with her full strength.

But with the two of them joining hands, Tang Wan-er was surrounded by peril. As for the spectators, the majority of them were on their side, and so it was impossible for her to escape.

“Slut, go to hell!”

Yin Wushuang suddenly shouted coldly, and the silver sword in her hand emitted a bright ray of light. Taking advantage of Tang Wan-er being tied down by Han Tianfeng, her attack slashed towards her waist.

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