Chapter 402 A Dragon’s Reverse Scale

“Back then, I fought a bloody battle the entire time. I don’t even know how many Devilmen I killed. But when the fight finally ended, when I was just about to die, I noticed a certain thing.”

The barbarian race expert brought the two of them forward. Not far from them was a mountain of bones that was even larger than the previous mountain.

Looking at the size, there would not be less than a thousand skeletons in that pile. Just looking at that would make a person’s scalp numb. But with the barbarian race expert leading the way, Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian could only summon their courage.

“These Two-Winged Devilmen weren’t killed by me.”

Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian were shocked to hear that. If he hadn’t killed them, then who had?

When they got close enough, that mountain of bones suddenly rocked and countless Two-Winged Devilman skeletons awoke, all about to attack them.

The barbarian race expert snorted and with a wave of his saber, a blood-colored saber-image flew out like a heavenly blade, cutting apart the void.

That huge wave of Devilmen were all cut to bone fragments by this single attack. The power contained within that saber had already surpassed the boundary of Long Chen’s understanding.

Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian glanced at each other, each seeing the other’s shock. Yue Xiaoqian was also filled with lingering fear.

At the same time, the two of them were also filled with elation. If he had released such an attack back then, the two of them would have been instantly obliterated.

Countless devil cores fell to the ground. Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian went to gather them quickly.

The barbarian expert watched. “Hurry up. I don’t have much time left.”

Long Chen hastily pulled on Yue Xiaoqian, his meaning that the devil cores wouldn’t be able to run away, so there was no need to gather them so anxiously.

The two of them continued to follow the barbarian race expert. Now that he had recovered his consciousness, he was no longer fighting instinctively but using some kind of energy that Long Chen was unfamiliar with to release powerful attacks that were practically unblockable.

Long Chen couldn’t help but lament. If only he could bring out such an expert, then he could easily raze the first monastery.

With another wave of his saber, more Devilmen were crushed to bits.

“It should be here. However, I’m already dead, so I can’t sense it. You two should try to see if you can sense an odd fluctuation here. Quickly!” The barbarian race expert was running out of time.

“Fluctuation? It’s here.” Long Chen could sense an odd fluctuation three hundred meters underground. There was a mighty aura released from there that could make a person’s soul shiver.

The barbarian race expert slashed at the ground where Long Chen had pointed at, causing stone and dirt to fly. At the same time, a palm-sized item flew out.

That item sparkled brightly, releasing a green light. It was a scale that floated into the air in front of them. The barbarian race expert was gratified it was still here.

“Senior, this is…?” Looking at that floating scale, Long Chen sensed a heaven-overflowing will.

Floating in the air, the scale seemed like an arrogant emperor of the world. It was as if all living things could only serve at its feet.

That was a kind of inherent grandness and arrogance. Others had no choice but to admire and worship it, without the slightest ability to even form a heart to resist.

Yue Xiaoqian’s face was pale as she tightly clenched Long Chen’s hand. He could feel the cold sweat on her hand as well as her slight trembling.

“That is a green dragon’s reverse scale.”

The barbarian race expert’s words gave both Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian a great shock. Although Yue Xiaoqian was extremely knowledgeable, a dragon was something that existed only in legends.

They originated from before even the immortal era. That was an age that was impossible to date. Within the eyes of the current cultivators, dragons were just mythical beasts from legends.

The legends said that dragons were the emperors of all beasts. They were the most sacred existence, and even in the flourishing immortal age, they were existences that could look down on all. There was no one that would dare disrespect them.

Now looking at this small scale, Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian were both filled with shock. They finally understood why this scale was so terrifying.

The legends said that a dragon’s scales grew along with them from birth, never shedding. There was only one exception: that was a scale that grew in reverse. It was located under their necks, and that was where all the dragon’s heart blood converged. It was also their weak point.

This reverse scale was a forbidden area to dragons. No one had better touch it, or the dragon’s majestic fury would cause a bloodbath throughout the nine heavens, creating corpses throughout ten thousand miles.

Those were all things that Long Chen had heard in legends. But Long Chen had never imagined he would see a green dragon’s scale, let alone its reverse scale.

This legendary reverse scale was connected to the dragon’s heart blood. After being nourished for a long time by that heart blood, it gained its own miraculous powers.

“Those Two-Winged Devilmen were all killed by this dragon scale.” The barbarian race expert once more dropped a bombshell. Long Chen, who had been shocked to the point of being insensitive now, once more had his jaw drop. “But although this is just a remnant of a green dragon, the might of the dragon contained in it is specialized towards restraining fiendish auras. While fighting, these Two-Winged Devilmen ended up carelessly provoking the reverse scale that has been buried here, causing them to be instantly exterminated by its dragon might.”

“You… you’re giving this to me?” Long Chen was so emotionally moved that he was stuttering. This was a dragon’s reverse scale, a legendary existence!

“It’s not that I’m giving it to you, as it was never mine in the first place. All I did was manage to see it exterminate these Devilmen right before my death.

“If you want to obtain it, you’ll have to rely on your own strength to subdue it. As for whether or not it will belong to you in the end, it’ll be up to your own abilities.

“However, there is one thing I have to warn you about. To subdue a reverse scale, using brute force is an impossibility. You must use your will to subdue it, or it will never allow you to control it.

“My time is up. I really wish to see my clansman. Unfortunately, I still have some regrets in the end…” sighed the barbaric race expert. Long Chen saw that his bones were starting to dim.

“Senior, do you have any cultivation technique or inheritance you need me to give your clansman?” asked Long Chen hastily.

“No need. My barbarian race has the god’s blessing. As long as our power reaches a certain level, those things will automatically awaken. Finally, let me ask you to… look after… my clansman… thank…”

Before the barbarian race expert could finish speaking, his body exploded into pieces. After the wind within the abyss swept those fragments away, he had completely disappeared from Long Chen’s eyes. A powerful expert had completely disappeared just like that.

Long Chen felt a kind of sadness. That had been an expert worthy of respect, and he had very likely been Wilde’s clansman.

Even as he felt death coming for him, his only worry had been for his clansman. He had even abandoned an expert’s pride to ask him for help. He truly cared deeply about his junior generation.

“Don’t worry senior. Wilde is my brother, and I will properly look after him.” Long Chen bowed deeply in the direction where the barbarian race expert had disappeared. Long Chen felt profound respect for this expert.

Despite clearly having already died and being just a skeleton, he had still possessed that imposing manner of looking down disdainfully on the nine heavens as well as a heaven-shaking battle strength. Just how terrifying had he been when he was alive?

The blood-colored saber, having lost its owner’s support, fell to the ground, causing the ground to crumble.

“What terrifying weight!” exclaimed Yue Xiaoqian.

The ground here was harder than steel, and ordinary weapons would find it difficult to even cut the ground. But this saber was able to crush the ground with just its weight.

However, now that the blood-colored saber had lost its icy arrogance, it was filled with a forlorn, aggrieved aura. This saber had its own spirit, and sensing its master’s true death, it was filled with grief and unwillingness.

Long Chen slowly walked up to it. With great solemness, he consoled it, “Don’t worry. The senior walked a carefree path, and if you follow me, I will not disgrace you.”

He slowly grabbed the hilt and pulled. Now Long Chen truly sensed just how heavy it was.

This saber had to be at least ten times heavier than Devil Decapitator had been. If Long Chen had not condensed the Alioth Star, allowing his strength to explode, there was no way he could have picked it up.

With the saber in his hand, Long Chen could feel the grief inside it even more clearly. That was a kind of unwillingness to be parted. Although this saber wasn’t alive, it could still express its emotions.

“Everything’s over now, so just properly rest. I will carry on senior’s will, and once you’re done resting, we’ll fight together side by side,” consoled Long Chen before placing it into his spatial ring. “Xiaoqian, you should go gather those devil cores. I’ll think of a way to handle this dragon scale.”

Yue Xiaoqian nodded and went back to gather those countless devil cores. Those were all priceless treasures to her, so she had to make sure to gather them all.

Two hours later, Yue Xiaoqian brought back thousands of devil cores. She saw Long Chen was still just staring at the dragon scale that was floating in the air.

“Have you thought of a method?” she asked.

“I’ve figured it out,” sighed Long Chen.

“Really? Excellent! What did you come up with?”

“I’ve figured out that there’s no method at all.” Long Chen helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

Yue Xiaoqian was first stunned, then angrily said, “What time do you think it is? Why can’t you be a bit more serious? Can you handle this dragon scale or not?”

Long Chen’s expression was solemn. “I, Long Chen, have adventured everywhere for so long. There are only two things in my life that I can’t do!”

“What two things?”

“I can’t do this and I can’t do that!” lamented Long Chen dejectedly.

“Dislikable. Can you not joke around at this time? Try to read the situation.” Yue Xiaoqian hit Long Chen lightly in rebuke.

“This is just me relieving some of my nervousness.” Long Chen smiled bitterly. He wasn’t a god. Even he was nervous about trying to subdue a dragon’s reverse scale.

“Do you need my help?” asked Yue Xiaoqian.

“Forget about it. To subdue a dragon scale is not as simple as you seem to think. Once a dragon’s might is released, it will obliterate a person’s soul. Those Devilmen all died that way.” Long Chen shook his head.

Just now he had done some simple experiments, and he now knew that a divine object like a dragon scale could not be subdued by any kind of technique or trick. The barbarian race expert had also warned him about that.

“It’s that terrifying? Then shouldn’t you just give up?” said Yue Xiaoqian worriedly.

“Haven’t I already told you? I have the See A Treasure And Can’t Walk Away Disease. This incurable disease isn’t so easy to handle. Step back. I’m going to start.”

Long Chen shook his head and took a deep breath. He walked up to the dragon scale and reached out to grab it.

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