Chapter 400 Devil Shakes the Sky

That blood-colored saber quivered, and a biting-cold killing intent instantly enveloped the two of them.

What shocked Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian the most was that an aura suddenly surged out of the bronze-colored skeleton. That was an aura only a living person could have.

The blood-colored saber was pulled out of the ground. Bloody light filled the space, bringing with it endless killing intent that instantly wrapped around the two of them.

They felt as if they had fallen into an icehouse. That saber had yet to even arrive, but the two of them could already smell a strong scent of death.

That was a fatal saber. That Saber Qi filled all of heaven and earth. There was no way to avoid it. The first thing Long Chen did was push Yue Xiaoqian out of the way.

At the same time, a star appeared within his eyes. All his energy surged out crazily, his aura soaring to its peak in an instant. This was the strongest attack Long Chen had experienced up to this point. He had to use his full strength.

“Split the Heavens!” Long Chen shouted. A saber-image extended out of Devil Decapitator, slashing onto the skeleton in a courageous and desperate manner.


The ground, which was harder than steel here, exploded, shooting out everywhere. The instant their weapons collided, Devil Decapitator shattered. As for Long Chen, he crazily vomited blood and was sent flying back.

“Long Chen!” Yue Xiaoqian quickly shot over to catch him.

“Idiot, why aren’t you running yet?!” Seeing that Yue Xiaoqian hadn’t taken that chance to instantly flee, Long Chen furiously cursed her.

“You’re the idiot”! Yue Xiaoqian’s eyes reddened and she retorted, “You clearly know you can’t beat it. Since you wouldn’t abandon me to escape, I won’t abandon you to escape either.”

Long Chen was speechless. He was surprised that this girl had such a strong sense of loyalty. However, this skeleton was too terrifying. “Run!”

He had no time to argue with her. The two of them fled for their lives.

“You clearly knew this skeleton’s origin. Why didn’t you warn me that it would awaken?” complained Long Chen.

“The barbarian race disappeared in the ancient era! The fact I even knew its origin is already not bad. How could I possibly know so many details?” Yue Xiaoqian felt a bit wronged to have all the blame piled on her.

The two of them hadn’t fled far when the skeleton caught up to them. It was incredibly fast.

“Lightning Sword!” Yue Xiaoqian once more used her attack. Thousands of rays of sword-light slashed out at that skeleton, aiming for its joints.

But with a wave of its saber, terrifying Saber Qi exploded out, shaking heaven and earth, easily destroying Yue Xiaoqian’s attack.

“It actually retained its battle consciousness!”

Both Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian’s expressions changed. Back when this skeleton was alive, it had definitely been a terrifying figure. This also seemed to prove that those Two-Winged Devilmen were also killed by it.

Buzz. It once more slashed out with its saber, locking the two of them in place. This time the attack was even more terrifying than last time, and it was as if all of heaven and earth had solidified. The abyss was constantly shuddering, and it was as if the end of the world had come.

“Long Chen, I can only block a single one of its attacks. You should know what you need to do.” Yue Xiaoqian suddenly clenched her teeth and pushed out her hand. Long Chen was sent flying out by some bizarre energy, escaping that terrifying lock.

“What kind of joke is that?!” Long Chen was both startled and furious. Yue Xiaoqian was planning on sacrificing herself so that Long Chen could escape.

Suddenly, an illusory image appeared behind Yue Xiaoqian, one that looked like a heavenly immortal. At the same time, countless runes lit up atop Yue Xiaoqian’s body, and all of heaven and earth began to quiver.

“Ancestral bloodline, hear your descendant’s call! Grant me my bloodline power!”

Divine light shone out of Yue Xiaoqian’s eyes. Following her words, an incredibly powerful aura began to surge out of her, one that caused the ground around her to crumble.

Golden lines began to appear over her forehead. As they gradually condensed together, they formed a single word: Devil!

As soon as that Devil character appeared, a powerful energy formed a huge pillar of light that surged into the clouds, causing heaven and earth to shudder.

Long Chen was stupefied by that energy. That energy wasn’t spiritual qi, nor was it any other energy he had ever seen before.

As her aura soared, Yue Xiaoqian’s veil broke apart, revealing a flawlessly beautiful face.

But before Long Chen could even get a clear look, Yue Xiaoqian raised her sword. Following this movement, all the energy from every direction converged together.

At the same time as Yue Xiaoqian moved, so did the illusory figure behind her. A sword appeared in its hand, and it followed her movements identically.

Dense lines appeared in her pupils, and her aura rose to a peak.

“Devil Heart Slash!”

Her sword merged with the sword of the illusory figure behind her, causing her aura to explosively rise once more as her attack slashed towards the skeleton.


Long Chen only just saw Yue Xiaoqian’s sword collide with the skeleton’s saber when he was struck by a terrifying qi wave.

He felt as if a huge hammer had slammed into his chest, and he shot back like a cannonball smashing into a cliff. That terrifying force caused half the cliff to collapse, and Long Chen felt as if all his bones had broken.

But despite his pain, his gaze was still focused on that battle. He saw that Yue Xiaoqian also flew back after that world-shaking exchange.

After that one attack, the Devil character on her forehead disappeared, and her aura instantly fell. That one attack had used up all her energy.

As for the skeleton, it was forced back hundreds of meters. It had stabbed its saber into the ground, carving out a long ditch. It had borrowed the power of the ground to stabilize itself.

Then it stamped on the ground and shot forward at Yue Xiaoqian. Even though she had used a secret art to overdraft her energy, her terrifying attack had been unable to harm the skeleton in the slightest, and a saber now came slashing down on her.

Her body was no longer listening to her. She could only watch as that saber came slashing down on her.

Suddenly, two arms wrapped around her and brought her rolling to the side. The blood-colored saber just missed their heads.

A ditch ten miles long was carved onto the ground. As for Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian, they tumbled back further into the distance.

Yue Xiaoqian had thought her death to be certain. She hadn’t expected that Long Chen hadn’t fled. But although she was moved, she also felt sad. The fact that he had stayed behind didn’t give her any hope. Instead, he would just be accompanying her as they died.

She hadn’t expected that amongst all the bad people her mother had told her about, there was a good person like Long Chen who was willing to sacrifice his life for her.

“I’m sorry Long Chen. I’ve implicated you.” The two of them tumbled into the distance. Yue Xiaoqian was quietly sobbing into his chest.

“What nonsense is that? If it weren’t for my greed, you’d have long since left. I’m the one who implicated you.” Long Chen tightly held Yue Xiaoqian. The current Yue Xiaoqian was no longer some expert, but a pitiable and weak girl. 

Long Chen really was regretful. It was his greed that had pulled him and Yue Xiaoqian to the point of despair.

Just now when Yue Xiaoqian had pushed him away, he really had had a chance to flee. But if he had actually done it, then he wouldn’t be Long Chen. He absolutely refused to let a woman sacrifice herself to block danger for him.

“Long Chen, we’re about to die. I’m glad I get to die with a good person like you.” Yue Xiaoqian suddenly felt a burst of warmth.

“What nonsense is that? I still have many more things to do, so I can’t die. And since I can’t die, I won’t die. You just rest. I’ll see whether I can find some way to cut it down. Lend me your sword.” Long Chen comforted Yue Xiaoqian, but he had already rushed over to the skeleton before finishing his words.

Yue Xiaoqian felt empty inside. She felt a bit cold after having left Long Chen’s embrace.

Seeing Long Chen’s courageous figure, she was extremely moved. In her heart, perhaps Long Chen wasn’t the strongest person, but he was definitely the bravest.

In front of an enemy he couldn’t possibly defeat, he still didn’t show the slightest discouragement. Even in this kind of situation, he still didn’t have any intention of giving up.

In his heart, there was an undefeatable belief in himself. Even Yue Xiaoqian was infected by it.

Charging at the skeleton, he dodged its saber and chopped his sword at its knee.

He knew this skeleton’s power had already surpassed his imagination. Facing it head-on was certain death.

Long Chen also didn’t hope to be able to defeat it. As long as he could cut off a leg, that would cause it to lose its speed and then he and Yue Xiaoqian would have some hope of fleeing.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as Long Chen planned. This skeleton had retained its battle awareness. It seemed to know what Long Chen was trying to do, and it twisted its leg, causing Long Chen’s sword to strike its lower leg bone. Sparks flew along with a metallic ringing.

Not only had he not severed its leg, but the webbing of his hand was also greatly shaken and he almost lost his grip on the sword.

Long Chen was horrified. Just this skeleton without any flesh or blood, one that only retained some fighting instincts, was already this terrifying. Then if it were alive, just how terrifying would it be?

Long Chen continuously dodged its attacks. However, no matter what he tried, he found this three-meter-tall skeleton was just too powerful. He was unable to find its weak point.


After dodging multiple times, he finally wasn’t able to dodge an attack. All he could do was to receive it directly with his sword.

That blood-colored saber sent Long Chen flying with a terrifying force. The skin on his hands split open, and he was finally unable to maintain a grip on his sword. It was sent flying out of his grip.

Long Chen tumbled back hundreds of meters. Suddenly, he felt a softness as he was caught by Yue Xiaoqian. Only then did he stop.

Before Long Chen could even say anything, the skeleton had already charged over. Long Chen extended both hands. Flames soared from his left hand, while a ball of lightning appeared in his right hand. He sent both these attacks crashing into the skeleton.

The instant his flame and lightning struck the skeleton, two explosions rang out. However, the skeleton didn’t have any flesh to injure. It merely slowed down for a moment before its saber came flashing down on them.

He had already lost Yue Xiaoqian’s sword. Furthermore, this blood-colored saber had locked them down tightly now, making it impossible to dodge. Long Chen could only shout and clapped both his hands together on the saber.

He clenched the saber tightly. However, that saber was far too terrifying. Both Long Chen’s arms almost broke from the effort, but he bitterly endured.

Unfortunately, no matter how he tried, that saber still continued to slowly slash down. It landed on his shoulder, and that sharp blade instantly pierced his flesh, bringing with it a spurt of blood.

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