Chapter 399 The Bronze Skeleton

“Long Chen, do you really want to take this risk?” Looking at that mountain of skeletons, Yue Xiaoqian’s scalp felt numb.

“Can you please not try to scare me? I’m scared enough as it is. This is a really painful choice,” said Long Chen bitterly.

“Since you’re afraid too, let’s leave.” Yue Xiaoqian was happy to leave, as she was actually very afraid now.

No one would want to disturb this many Two-Winged Devilman skeletons. Even Xiantian experts would be crushed to a pulp, let alone them.

“But I really am afraid of losing that saber. That’d aggrieve me so much, I’d wish I were dead,” sighed Long Chen. “Let me just tell you the truth. The real reason I have to risk my life like this is because I have an incurable disease.”

“An incurable disease? Don’t scare me!”

“I’m not trying to scare you. This disease’s name is called See A Treasure And Can’t Walk Away Disease. Unfortunately, there’s no cure,” sighed Long Chen helplessly.

“That’s called greed.” Yue Xiaoqian really hadn’t expected Long Chen to be in the mood to joke around at such a tense time.

“Sigh, some things you just can’t understand. Only people with this disease know its pain.”

Looking at that blood-colored saber that was stabbed into the ground, Long Chen was filled with a burning fervor that made his heart itch.

Although the saber was very far, it emitted a bloody qi that seemed as if it could break apart the heavens. Just from that chilling feeling, it had to be a practically divine weapon.

Furthermore, Long Chen was a master at using the saber. To just leave such a precious saber lying there all alone made him feel worse than being killed.

So, despite knowing it was very dangerous, Long Chen still wanted to try. However, the many skeletons also gave him the chills. So he begged Yue Xiaoqian not to further attack his already shaken confidence.


“No good, three Two-Winged Devilmen were alarmed at the same time.” Long Chen had advanced very slowly; his goal was to target just one of the skeletons. However, the two skeletons beside it had also awoken.


Long Chen fled with Yue Xiaoqian. These three newly awakened Two-Winged Devilman skeletons chased after the two of them extremely quickly.

“There’s a way!” Long Chen’s eyes suddenly brightened. These three skeletons were all broken. One of them only had its upper body, so it was much slower.

As for the other two, one had no arms, while one only had one leg. Since they weren’t complete skeletons, Long Chen could come up with a way to handle them.

“Xiaoqian, you go draw away the two without both legs. We’ll handle them one by one,” said Long Chen.

“How am I supposed to draw them away?” Yue Xiaoqian was extremely nervous.

Fucking hell. Long Chen almost coughed blood. Just what level of intelligence was this? Long Chen wanted to curse her, but he endured.

“If you run up to those two skeletons, they’ll automatically be drawn towards you. You don’t need to attack them; just run around and wait for me to handle my skeleton. I will come help you after I defeat my target. Understood?” Long Chen explained it extremely simply to her. He really was afraid of this girl screwing up something simple now.

“Okay.” Yue Xiaoqian seemed to have sensed Long Chen’s dissatisfaction, so her voice contained some grievance. She slowed down, allowing two of the skeletons to approach her. And as Long Chen had said, those two immediately began to rush at her.

Yue Xiaoqian was delighted. “Long Chen, I did it!”

As for Long Chen, he had already led his skeleton further away. He had just been about to attack it when he heard her delighted voice, causing him to almost cough blood again.

If you succeeded, then you succeeded; did you have to shout so suddenly?! Just now, Long Chen had thought she had fallen into danger and been given a fright because of her shout.

This Two-Winged Devilman skeleton didn’t have its arms. Thus, a large foot came stomping at Long Chen.

With a snort, Long Chen jumped, avoiding its foot, and slashing his saber into its ankle.

Long Chen’s powerful attack had been aimed cleverly. He didn’t hit it head-on but instead used its own power to force its leg forward.

With Long Chen’s assistance, the skeleton ended up falling flat on the ground. Without any flesh, there was no way for it to maintain its balance and its head slammed into the ground. Before it could get up, Devil Decapitator was already slashing down.

Crack. Long Chen’s attack severed its neck. Long Chen wasn’t as foolish as Yue Xiaoqian. Instead of attacking the neck bone directly, he aimed for the seam between the bones.

The small cracks between bones of these Two-Winged Devilman skeletons all had something that looked like ligaments connecting them. Those ligaments weren’t as hard as the bones, and after countless years of erosion, they had already decayed. Long Chen’s attack only managed to sever its neck because he had accurately aimed it at this ligament material.

His golden page flew out, cutting at its forehead. A devil core fell to the ground.

Because the Two-Winged Devilman’s skeletons were too large and because they would always begin to move while still far away, Long Chen wasn’t able to accurately pinpoint the core.

Furthermore, controlling the golden page required him to use Spiritual Strength. That required him to split his attention. But he also didn’t dare take the Two-Winged Devilman’s attack head-on. So it was better for him to do this safely and steadily.

Gathering the devil core, Long Chen rushed over to where Yue Xiaoqian was. At the very least, she hadn’t been so stupid as to run in a straight line and end up out of his sight. She was still just running around in circles.

His golden page flew through the air, directly slashing onto the crystal core of the Two-Winged Devilman that had no legs and was crawling on the ground. At the same time, Long Chen jumped through the air, his saber slashing heavily onto the other Devilman skeleton’s waist.

Long Chen’s aim was very precise, and Devil Decapitator slashed right through the crack between two bones. The Two-Winged Devilman’s skeletons were extremely large, but being large also had its negatives. Those openings between bones were far too obvious and easy to target.

The skeleton was cut in two. Before its upper body could even budge, Long Chen had already run up its body and cut at its neck.

Its large head fell to the ground. But before it even reached the ground, a golden light shot out and another devil core fell down.

The head rolled directly in front of a stunned Yue Xiaoqian. At the same time, its devil core landed on top of her foot.

“Here.” Long Chen handed two other devil cores to Yue Xiaoqian.

Yue Xiaoqian looked at Long Chen with shook. “How did you do this?”

“How… did I do this?” Long Chen was expressionless. Did he really need to explain something so obvious?

“Ah! I got it! You used your saber to cut at the part where two bones meet. That way they’ll lose their ability to move, right?” Yue Xiaoqian suddenly grabbed Long Chen excitedly.

“Wow, you really are smart! You even managed to notice this!” praised Long Chen while being speechless inside.

“I’m not smart, you’re smart Long Chen! Why didn’t you tell me about this trick before? Then we wouldn’t need to be so scared!”

This counts as a trick? This is just common sense! Long Chen had been completely defeated by Yue Xiaoqian’s naivety.

“Let’s keep going.” Now it was Yue Xiaoqian’s turn to take the initiative. She pulled Long Chen rushing back.

“Hey, slow down! Are you trying to throw your life away?” Yue Xiaoqian was running to the pile of skeletons. In just the blink of an eye, she awoke over ten skeletons at once, making Long Chen’s face turn green with fright. He didn’t even remember to feel her soft hand pulling on him.

Having awakened this many Two-Winged Devilman skeletons, the two of them would have to flee for their lives. Long Chen was so angry, veins were bulging on his forehead.

Suddenly, Yue Xiaoqian stopped and unsheathed her sword. A bolt of lightning seemed to flash through the void.

“Lightning Sword!”

Long Chen was shocked to see that with a wave of Yue Xiaoqian’s sword, thousands of rays of light appeared through the void, flying towards those Devilman skeletons.


Those rays of light all accurately landed on the spaces between the bones. Although individually they weren’t very powerful, with that many of them, this attack easily sliced apart those ligaments, turning those ten-plus skeletons into a pile of scattered bones.

“Long Chen, I did it, I did it!” Yue Xiaoqian was incomparably excited that her attack had been effective.

Long Chen was dumbfounded as he lifelessly looked at the skulls on the ground. He was completely speechless.

He had managed to see her attack clearly just now. That sword-light hadn’t been made of Sword Qi, but some kind of energy he had never seen before.

With a single wave of her sword, over ten Two-Winged Devilman skeletons had fallen apart. Just what level of power had her attack reached? Furthermore, thousands of rays of light had all accurately landed on the seams between bones. Just what abnormal level of control did that require? Long Chen had finally experienced just how terrifying Yue Xiaoqian was.

Her attack strength and her intelligence were not even comparable. This was Long Chen’s first time seeing such a monster.

“Long Chen!” Yue Xiaoqian pulled on him. Only now did he recover from his shock. At the same time, he could feel two warm hands pulling on him. “Hurry and take out the devil cores.”

She had only just said that when she realized she was holding Long Chen’s hand in her excitement. She hastily let go in panic, and although he couldn’t see her face, Long Chen knew she was blushing. That was because even her ears had turned red.

He involuntarily laughed. Without saying anything, he used his golden page to cut off their devil cores. The two of them continued using this method to defeat their enemies.

During a single run, they handled ten to thirty-plus Devilman skeletons. With just a single attack, Yue Xiaoqian was able to handle them all. Her attacks were incredibly sharp.

After a full day, Long Chen didn’t even remember how many of them they had destroyed. In any case, despite her veil, Yue Xiaoqian’s smile was becoming more and more bewitching, and her eyes had turned into two crescent moons.

He roughly estimated that they had destroyed at least four hundred Two-Winged Devilman skeletons. In other words, over four hundred devil cores had entered Yue Xiaoqian’s pocket.


The final wave of thirty-plus skeletons was slashed apart, and they gathered their devil cores. Now the only thing remaining was that bronze-colored skeleton.

Looking at the blood-colored saber that was stabbed into the ground, a fire burned in Long Chen’s heart. The two of them slowly approached it.

But suddenly, that blood-colored saber quivered, and a biting-cold killing intent instantly enveloped the two of them.

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