Chapter 395 Winged Devil Skeleton

That skeleton was three hundred meters long. It was very similar to a human’s skeleton, but there was a pair of bone wings on its back. Its fingers and toes were slender and long, looking like hooks.

The head was just like a human’s head, but its teeth were pointed and extremely sharp, like sawteeth.

When that skeleton appeared, Long Chen noticed that Yue Xiaoqian’s light curtain began to tremble intensely, looking as if it might break at any moment. That meant the pressure outside had already reached an absolutely terrifying level.

At the same time, an incredibly dense fiendish aura crazily poured over Long Chen. It was as if there were countless bloodthirsty fiends within heaven and earth, all charging over at Long Chen. That would easily break anyone’s courage.

This skeleton had clearly already been dead for who knew how many years, but it still released such a terrifying pressure. Then just how frightening would it have been when it was alive?

Long Chen was suddenly horrified to notice that the skeleton that was lying there had clearly been cut in half through the middle, splitting it into an upper and lower portion.

While Long Chen was horrified, Yue Xiaoqian was the opposite. She was filled with delight, and her body even began to involuntarily tremble.

“Long Chen, that’s what I was looking for,” she said excitedly.

“What is it?”

“That’s a Two-Winged Devilman. It was extremely powerful when it was alive. Just its aura was able to easily crush Xiantian experts to death,” answered Yue Xiaoqian.

Seeing Long Chen’s shock, Yue Xiaoqian was a bit apologetic as she said, “The origins of the Two-Winged Devilmen is something not suitable for you to learn just yet. It relates to far too many secrets.”

Since she refused to say, Long Chen couldn’t force her. Who asked him to not have any learning? He quietly asked, “Do you want to gather the entire skeleton?”

“I don’t need the entire skeleton. I just need its devil core.”

“Then how should we do it?”

“In a bit, I will have to put away my curtain of light, which will expose you to the Two-Winged Devilman’s powerful pressure. Will you be ok?”

Seeing the curtain of light was constantly trembling, then looking at that terrifying skeleton, Long Chen truly wanted to say that he wouldn’t be ok. But he still forced himself to say, “It should be no problem.”

“If you can’t handle it, don’t force it and just fall back further from here. The pressure will weaken there.” Looking at the Two-Winged Devilman skeleton, Yue Xiaoqian continued, “Its devil core is located in the space between its eyebrows. In order to obtain the devil core, we’ll have to go through a fierce battle.”

Long Chen was startled. “A fierce battle?”

“Yes. The Two-Winged Devilmen’s mental powers are extremely powerful. Although it has already been dead for who knows how many years, its devil core still contains its essence.

“Within the devil core is a remnant of its soul. This remnant soul is unable to connect to the main body. You might not understand that explanation, but maybe if I explain it this way it’ll be easier: it’s like a parasite.

“The Two-Winged Devilman’s soul also contains another kind of energy, and when the main body dies, that energy will be reborn within its devil core.

“Before it is provoked by something in the outside world, it won’t cause any movements. But once a person disturbs it, it will attack,” explained Yue Xiaoqian.

Long Chen was absolutely dumbfounded. “Is it a spiritual attack?”

“No. It will control the Two-Winged Devilman’s corpse to battle. You have to be careful, as even a dead Two-Winged Devilman is extremely terrifying.”

This time Long Chen really had gained knowledge and experience. “Fine, let’s start!”

Yue Xiaoqian scattered her light curtain, and a terrifying pressure immediately crashed down on the two of them. That berserk power wanted to pulverize them.

Long Chen immediately summoned his divine ring. The three-hundred-meter divine ring caused heaven and earth to quiver and rumble. Although this pressure was terrifying, Long Chen was able to endure it with the divine ring.

However, that pressure wasn’t fixed from one direction. Instead, it continuously surged randomly, and Long Chen’s body was also swaying along with the pressure. He once more felt as if he had been dropped in the middle of an angry ocean.

Long Chen looked over at Yue Xiaoqian. Her long hair fluttered through the air. A huge illusory figure appeared behind her. That pressure was unable to move her in the slightest.

He couldn’t help being shocked. This woman was truly too terrifying. That illusory figure behind her didn’t seem the slightest bit weaker than his divine ring. This was his first time running into such a terrifying technique.

“Be careful. If you can’t endure it, just fall back. Don’t take any risks.” After giving him this final warning, Yue Xiaoqian gracefully walked over to the skeleton.

Long Chen hastily followed along. But the pressure was incredibly strong, and their speed was greatly impacted.


Just as they were about to get near it, the skeleton suddenly trembled and a blue light appeared on its forehead. An almost crystal-like bone appeared.

“That bone is its devil core!”

“But then how are we supposed to take it out? I don’t think this fellow will be very cooperative.” Looking at that huge skeleton slowly moving, Long Chen’s scalp felt numb. He felt as if he was currently doing something extremely crazy. It seemed he was not the only crazy person in this world.

“I don’t know. Let’s just fight and see,” said Yue Xiaoqian with some embarrassment.

She had only entered the Jiuli secret realm to test her luck. She hadn’t really expected to find devil cores here. So she immediately blushed when she heard Long Chen’s question.

“Alright then.” Long Chen almost stumbled. Yue Xiaoqian’s image of being a great expert was immediately torn down.

The two of them had only just approached the skeleton when a red light shone from within its two deep eye sockets. It was as if this devil had opened its eyes. It glared at them, and a large bone claw smashed down towards them.

“Dodge! Don’t take it head-on!” warned Yue Xiaoqian. Her figure suddenly became illusory. She was like a wisp of smoke, dodging to the side.

Long Chen didn’t need Yue Xiaoqian’s warning. He also shot to the side. But under this terrifying pressure, it was like he was stuck in water, and he was clearly less nimble than usual.

Despite doing his best, that claw was too large, and it struck him, slamming him into the ground that was harder than steel. A large crater formed.

“Long Chen!” cried out Yue Xiaoqian. She hadn’t expected Long Chen to not dodge.

The Two-Winged Devilman raised its claw, revealing Long Chen miserably lying on the ground. His robes were in tatters now, making him appear especially destitute.

“Hurry and dodge!” Yue Xiaoqian was startled to see another claw crashing down. This time its strength and speed were around ten times greater than the last attack.

Perhaps it was because the Two-Winged Devilman had only just awoken, but it seemed it needed to get accustomed to its own power gradually. This second attack could easily crush Bone Forging experts.

I want to dodge too, but I can’t. Do you think everyone has such a bizarre movement technique like you?

Seeing Yue Xiaoqian’s worry, Long Chen shouted, “Don’t worry about me! I’ll face it directly and you think of a way to extract its devil core!”

Devil Decapitator swung out, filling the darkness with golden light, slashing onto the claw.

BOOM! Long Chen was sent flying by the collision, slamming into a boulder. He felt a pain like his body was about to collapse. His internal organs were heavily impacted, practically displacing within him.

Long Chen truly was horrified now. Without any flesh or blood, this skeleton was able to move so powerfully with just a bit of Spiritual Strength. If it was able to release such a powerful attack now, then just how powerful had this Two-Winged Devilman been when it was alive?

“Star Moon Slash!”

Yue Xiaoqian had jumped into the air while Long Chen had blocked the Two-Winged Devilman’s attack. Her sword cut a crescent moon image as it slashed out.

That moon image was three hundred meters long and sliced through the void. It was like the Grim Reaper’s sickle, heavily slashing into that one remaining bone that connected the Two-Winged Devilman’s head to the rest of its body.

With a powerful explosion, a part of that bone broke into pieces. However, even under that terrifying attack, only a portion of it had been completely shattered. It hadn’t been enough to completely decapitate it.

The Two-Winged Devilman’s half-corpse spun around, two claws continuously attacking Yue Xiaoqian. The only thing she could do was dodge to the best of her ability. She didn’t dare to take these attacks head-on.

Long Chen suddenly realized that Yue Xiaoqian was specialized in attacking. Her physical body and defensive ability weren’t particularly high. She could only rely on her shocking techniques.

“Storm Slash!” Suddenly, Long Chen roared and Devil Decapitator emitted a huge ray of light that slashed onto the Two-Winged Devilman.

But he had never imagined that this Two-Winged Devilman skeleton was able to sense his attack, and giving up on Yue Xiaoqian, it sent a claw crashing at it.

His saber-image was destroyed by the Two-Winged Devilman’s claw. Long Chen’s own attacks were unable to endure even one of its strikes.

“Xiaoqian, I’ll draw its attention, and you focus on launching sneak attacks. Try to aim at the same place as last time!”

Long Chen once more sent out saber-light. However, this time, Long Chen knew what to do, and this attack didn’t contain his actual saber blade, but simply his Saber Qi.

The Two-Winged Devilman instinctively reacted to Long Chen’s Saber Qi, destroying it with an attack.

But in this way, the destroyed Saber Qi wouldn’t impact Long Chen at all. He could continuously release this Saber Qi to draw its attention.

After all, this Two-Winged Devilman was already dead. It didn’t have any true intelligence and could only instinctively attack. Yue Xiaoqian was delighted that Long Chen had found its weak point so quickly.

She snuck behind the Two-Winged Devilman, and once more sent out a crescent moon slash. Although he was busy distracting the Two-Winged Devilman, Long Chen still managed to see her attack clearly this time.

When Yue Xiaoqian used this ability of hers, she used an extremely odd kind of energy that was different from the energy Long Chen used in his Battle Skills. There was no omen of her attack at all before she launched it.

It was no wonder the Two-Winged Devilman always just stared as she attacked. It was unable to sense her attacks.

Yue Xiaoqian’s attack accurately landed on the same place as her last attack. That thick neck bone was finally unable to endure and shattered apart. The large skull fell to the ground.

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