Chapter 394 Yue Xiaoqian

A ferocious light cut apart the void, rushing towards the middle of Long Chen’s back. That terrifying power caused Long Chen’s scalp to feel numb.

He had never expected to be ambushed in such a place. A violet flame blade appeared in his hand, slashing out behind him.

BOOM! Long Chen borrowed the powerful force to fly away from the ambusher. Turning back, he couldn’t see anything at all.

Suddenly, he felt a chill on his back, and another fierce attack came stabbing for the middle of his back. It had almost reached him before he noticed.

Long Chen was greatly alarmed. From the start of the attack to now, he hadn’t even had a chance to see who was attacking him. Their movement technique was far too bizarre!

“Pill Flame!” Long Chen’s Pill Flame surged out of him, instantly spreading three hundred meters around him.

After calling out his Pill Flame, Devil Decapitator swung out to meet the sudden attack.

Although he didn’t turn back, he relied just on his intuition to strike that attack. But Long Chen was shocked to find a portion of his saber attack was erased somehow.


A soft sound rang out. Long Chen turned back to look back at that faint figure.

But he could only tell that this person was human-shaped before they used some unknown technique to disappear in front of him, reappearing behind his back again to attack.

Long Chen icily snorted. Gripping Devil Decapitator with both hands, he swung around, hacking at the person behind him.

As he had expected, there was a sword that had been piercing towards his back. But this time, Long Chen managed to clash with it head-on, his saber heavily smashing into that person’s sword.


Long Chen was involuntarily knocked back several steps, while that person was also sent flying by Long Chen’s saber.

“It’s you?!” Suddenly, a startled cry rang out. As that illusory figure gradually became solid, it revealed that the attacker was a woman.

Her figure was lithe and graceful. The sword in her hand rippled like water, and she wore a white veil that concealed her face.

Although the only thing that could be seen of her face was her eyes and above, those two limpid eyes emitted a light that seemed as if they could steal a person’s soul.

“You?” Long Chen was also startled. He hadn’t expected to run into her here. This was the mysterious woman that had saved his life.

Back then, Long Chen had been heavily injured by Yin Luo. In the end, he had ended up running into Jiang Yifan while completely exhausted. If it weren’t for her, Long Chen would already be dead.

At that time, Long Chen had felt this woman to be extremely mysterious. Then through their three exchanges just now, Long Chen realized that this woman was even more powerful than what he had imagined.

Her practically demonic movement technique would give anyone a headache. What shocked him the most was that her cultivation base was still only at the peak of Tendon Transformation.

It had to be known that after Long Chen had condensed the Alioth Star, his combat ability had soared. He had assumed he wouldn’t have any more rivals within the same realm.

During their three exchanges, Long Chen hadn’t held back at all, but this woman was still able to easily receive his saber’s attacks. She was definitely terrifying.

“Sorry, I thought you were an enemy,” apologized the woman.

“It’s no matter, just a misunderstanding,” smiled Long Chen.

“It really was just a misunderstanding. Your aura is similar to some of my opponents. I thought they had followed me inside.”

“Opponents? With a similar aura to mine?”

“Their techniques and skills were different, but the auras were somewhat similar. Their body’s qi and blood surged like dragons, and the power of their physical body was like a beast’s.”

“Who were they?” asked Long Chen. He was very interested in what she was saying. Apparently, those people were also specialized in body tempering.

The woman merely smiled and didn’t reply to his question. “I wouldn’t have expected you to be so strong. You actually don’t require any secret treasure and can rely solely on your physical body to resist this pressure.”

Since she didn’t directly reply, Long Chen didn’t continue pestering her about that topic. He now noticed there was a faint blue curtain of light over her body.

That light curtain was like ripples protecting her body within. Now he understood how she was able to stay down here.

It was no wonder she could move so easily under this terrifying pressure. This secret treasure of hers allowed her to move freely.

“Come.” The woman took a few steps towards Long Chen, and the curtain of light around her spread a bit wider, covering Long Chen as well.

Long Chen immediately felt the pressure completely disappear. He no longer felt as if he was being battered by angry sea waves.

“Thank you.” He cupped his hands to her.

“Why would you enter here?” she asked.

“Well, the good places have pretty much been gone through by pigs, so I just came here to try my luck.”

She found that quite amusing and she laughed. “Your guts really are big. The pressure here can easily crush Bone Forging experts to death. Are you trying to show off that you’re a strong and daring person?”

“In truth, I was just curious. I wanted to see what’s down here.”

“I also just entered here a short while ago. There is very likely something I need here. Will you help me out a bit?” she asked after some hesitation.

“No problem.” Long Chen nodded.

She was a bit astonished. “You’re going to promise me just like this? Aren’t you afraid of me tricking you?”

“I owe you a huge debt. Even if you’re tricking me, I’d still have to repay you.” Long Chen shrugged helplessly.

“Oh? There aren’t many people like you in the Righteous path,” sighed the woman.

“There really aren’t many.” Long Chen also couldn’t help but sigh ruefully.

The woman laughed. Although it wasn’t possible to see her face, just those eyes gave people an enchanting feeling.

Furthermore, that laugh of hers contained an almost devilish charm, shaking people’s minds and causing their hearts to involuntarily beat faster.

“Your skin really is thick. Are you just praising yourself?” Her body shook with laughter. The shaking of her chest in particular would make a person speechless.

Long Chen hastily turned and looked in the other direction to avoid the same awkwardness as last time. To be reprimanded head-on for something like that was quite the blow to his pride.

Seeing that unnatural expression of Long Chen’s, a teasing smile appeared on the woman’s face. But her mood quickly became serious again. “When I saved you last time, it was just a slight effort. But if there really is what I need inside here, I hope you’ll be able to bring out your full power. Then I will owe you a favor.”

She was extremely solemn. It was obvious that whatever thing she needed was truly important to her. Long Chen nodded. “As long as I have the ability, I will definitely make an all-out effort.”

Long Chen might not be afraid of other things, but he was afraid of owing people favors. That kind of feeling was extremely uncomfortable.

“Then thank you. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make some gains this time. That’s right, I am Yue Xiaoqian.”[1] That woman suddenly realized she hadn’t even given him her name.

“I’m Long Chen.”

“Haha, I already know.”

Perhaps it was because she had obtained Long Chen’s promise, but Yue Xiaoqian’s mood had lightened a great deal now. The two of them slowly walked deeper into the abyss.

“Miss Xiaoqian, do you know anything about this place?”

Yue Xiaoqian shook her head. “I don’t know anything about this place. I’ve searched through several danger regions of the Jiuli secret realm, but I haven’t found anything I want. If I still can’t find anything in this abyss, I can only leave empty handed.”

“You didn’t come to the secret realm in search of opportunities?” It seemed Yue Xiaoqian’s goal in coming here was different from everyone else’s.

“Correct. My time is limited, and if I still can’t find anything here, I’ll have to immediately leave the secret realm and return to my clan.” As she carefully advanced, her expression became a bit sad.

There was some kind of extremely magical charm that came from Yue Xiaoqian’s body. It made it so others were easily affected by her mood. Seeing that worried frown on her face, Long Chen felt pity and tenderness towards her, and he actually reached out an arm to console her.

But he had only just extended his arm when his sense of alarm suddenly woke him up, and he hastily retrieved his arm, regaining control of his own emotions.

Something bizarre, definitely something bizarre, Long Chen muttered inside. This was completely abnormal. Long Chen had never considered himself to be one of those fellows who would turn into a lackwit who wouldn’t even be able to move in the face of a beautiful woman.

But with Yue Xiaoqian, he constantly felt as if he were being affected by something. It seemed Yue Xiaoqian’s body possessed some kind of magical power that was extremely bizarre.

“Cough, wait, that doesn’t sound right. If the exit to the Jiuli secret realm doesn’t open, how will you leave?” Long Chen suddenly recalled that the exit was closed. It was impossible for her to leave.

Yue Xiaoqian smiled mysteriously. “I have my own methods. However, that’s one of my secrets, so I can’t tell you what it is.”

Although she had refused to answer, it was difficult for anyone to form any anger with her. Long Chen smiled bitterly. This woman had to be a demoness.

“The fiendish aura is growing denser. Be careful,” warned Yue Xiaoqian.

Long Chen didn’t need her warning. Yue Xiaoqian’s light curtain might be able to isolate them from the pressure, but it was unable to block that aura.

That aura was brutal and filled with a desire to massacre. It was as if a sinister fiend was staring them in the face. Even Long Chen felt a chill in his bones.

The two of them advanced for over two hours. That fiendish aura grew ever denser. With Long Chen’s powerful Spiritual Strength, he was able to resist it.

Long Chen glanced at Yue Xiaoqian and saw her expression hadn’t changed at all. She was obviously able to easily resist the invasion of that aura.

That aura was evil to the extreme. People with weak Spiritual Strength would have their minds invaded by that fiendish aura and turned insane.

Long Chen really was unable to comprehend Yue Xiaoqian. In their brief exchange, Long Chen had learned just how terrifying she was. She was definitely not inferior to Yin Luo. In fact, perhaps she was even stronger.

He involuntarily thought of Bai Ling’s warning. The Jiuli secret realm was connected to seven prefectures, and there were countless experts. No one knew how many hidden peak experts were present in the secret realm. Now that he had encountered Yue Xiaoqian, Long Chen trusted Bai Ling’s warning even more.


Yue Xiaoqian’s light curtain had now begun to tremble. The pressure here had grown too strong, and even the light curtain was finding it taxing to resist it.

After over thirty miles, the path suddenly widened. They appeared at level ground.

But when Long Chen saw a huge skeleton lying on the ground, his jaw dropped.

[1] 月小倩 Yue=Moon Xiao=Little Qian=Beautiful

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