Chapter 392 Fury Ignites

“Long Chen, hurry and kill them! You absolutely can’t let them run away!”

Bai Ling suddenly thought of something when she saw those three run, so she hastily cried out.

Although Long Chen didn’t know why Bai Ling was so panicked, his intuition told him trusting her wouldn’t cause him any harm.

He pointed a finger, and a violet bead flew out like lightning at the three of them.

That wasn’t a true bead, but Long Chen’s Pill Flame. Long Chen’s control over the Phoenix Sparrow violet flame had reached the level where it was practically more precise than his control of his previous Flame Salamander blue flame.

After all, he had used such a long process to lure it in, so the flame did not feel any rejection to Long Chen’s body.

That bead was made of this condensed violet flame. It immediately caught up to the three of them and exploded. When it exploded, it instantly engulfed a region of hundreds of meters.

Those three didn’t even have a chance to scream. They were immediately burned to ash. That sight caused Bai Ling to be dumbfounded.

Although she had also seen the video of Long Chen’s fight with Yin Wushuang, and she knew that Long Chen was no longer the same Long Chen who was so easy to bully from Phoenix Cry, seeing him kill three powerful Favored just by pointing his finger still shocked her. If she didn’t see those three Dao-marks floating into the sky, she might suspect she had seen wrongly.

“Junior sister Bai Ling, long time no see,” laughed Long Chen.

The world truly was small. To think he would actually run into her within the secret realm. Now Long Chen was grateful he had interfered.

If he had held back and only realized who Bai Ling was after she was dead, that would definitely make him feel guilty and ashamed. It seemed being righteous was important as well.

Only now did Bai Ling recover from her shock. She took a deep breath and looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression. “That’s true, it really has been a long time. Long Chen, your growth really shocks me.”

Back in Phoenix Cry, she had once offered him an invitation. Back then, she hadn’t cared about his cultivation base, but his pill cultivator status.

But now Long Chen was relying purely on his powerful strength to shock both the Righteous and Corrupt paths. She had never imagined in her wildest dreams that Long Chen would reach that level.

Long Chen laughed. “Sister Bai Ling overpraised me. Now, why did you want me to kill those three?” Three Favored were nothing to Long Chen, but Bai Ling seemed extremely nervous.

“Could it be… you don’t know? There’s an arrest warrant for you, and they would immediately report your whereabouts if they get away. Then countless people would come to kill you.” Bai Ling was astonished by Long Chen’s ignorance.

“Arrest warrant? To kill me? Who put me on the arrest warrant?”

“It seems you really don’t know. Fine, I’ll explain it to you in detail.” Bai Ling helplessly shook her head and began to tell Long Chen about this arrest warrant.

Not long after Long Chen had defeated Yin Wushuang, news had come out that the Xuantian Monastery’s number one expert, Han Tianyu, had issued an arrest warrant for him.

He attested that Long Chen was brutal, indiscriminately slaughtering fellow members of the Righteous path, and using the most ruthless methods to snatch treasures, his crimes completely reprehensible.

If someone were to find Long Chen, they had to notify the first monastery as soon as possible, and they would gain a large reward for that.

“It’s the same old thing? Han Tianyu wants to target me?” Long Chen smiled icily. If they wanted to come, then they could come at him as much as they pleased. Just who should be afraid of who?

“Long Chen, you can’t be overconfident. From some backchannels, it’s been leaked that Han Tianyu has not long ago broken through his shackles to reach the Bone Forging realm.

“Someone personally saw him breaking through. They said his aura surged into the heavens and broke mountains. His berserk will caused people three hundred miles away to feel a chill in their bones. None of those people were able to even have a heart to resist.

“Han Tianyu is the first expert to reach Bone Forging in the Jiuli secret realm. I’d guess he is trying to use his advantage to eradicate all his enemies before they can break through as well.

“Apparently, Han Tianyu has already begun to personally search for Yin Luo’s whereabouts. However, Yin Luo might be his first target, but you, Long Chen, are his second target to kill,” explained Bai Ling worriedly.

“It really is a case of giving face but not receiving face. If Han Tianyu really dares to not know how to appreciate kindness, I’ll have to use my brick to measure just how long his face is,” said Long Chen hatefully.

Long Chen had never offended the first monastery, and he had also never offended Han Tianyu. But those fellows had always been targeting him.

They had continuously schemed against him, and now they had actually issued an official arrest warrant. This was completely intolerable.

Seeing Long Chen didn’t have the slightest bit of fear in the face of Han Tianyu’s arrest warrant, Bai Ling wanted to say something, but she seemed a bit tongue-tied.

Suddenly, Bai Ling thought of something and said, “That’s right Long Chen, this arrest warrant isn’t just towards you! It seems to include your entire 108th monastery!”

“What?!” Long Chen was truly infuriated now. They truly were looking to die.

“Because half a month ago, someone saw someone from your monastery called Tang… some woman.”

“Tang Wan-er, right?” Long Chen’s heart tightened.

“That’s right, Tang Wan-er. Someone saw Han Tianyu’s brother, Han Tianfeng, chasing after her, trying to kill her.”

“Truly courting death!” Long Chen roared furiously, the veins on his forehead jumping. Killing intent exploded from him. These idiots really had taken things too far.

Bai Ling jumped in fright from Long Chen’s killing intent. The instant that killing intent was released, Long Chen seemed just like a death god, capable of taking people’s lives with just a thought.

That was a murderous aura hidden within his bones. Just this murderous aura was enough to make Bai Ling’s face completely pale. She felt as if she had been dropped in an icehouse.

“Why would Han Tianfeng try to kill Tang Wan-er?” Long Chen asked through clenched teeth. However, even before Bai Ling replied, he could guess the answer.

If these idiots wanted to, they could come up with a thousand different excuses for persecuting them. Furthermore, each reason sounded so grand and righteous. Just thinking of that caused Long Chen’s killing intent to surge.

“Don’t panic, Long Chen. I heard that your friend is fine. She managed to escape from Han Tianfeng.” Bai Ling hastily consoled Long Chen when she saw he was on the edge of going berserk.


“It was truly luck. While chasing down Tang Wan-er, Han Tianfeng was noticed by Mo Nian, and Mo Nian immediately moved to attack Han Tianfeng. The two of them fought a huge battle, and in the end, Han Tianfeng was defeated. He ended up being chased by Mo Nian as he fled. Apparently, Mo Nian said the following: don’t you like framing daddy? Then if daddy doesn’t break your balls today, daddy wouldn’t be surnamed Mo.” Bai Ling’s expression was a bit embarrassed, as that was a direct quote from Mo Nian and extremely crude.

“Mo Nian?”

Long Chen had a sudden comprehension. Mo Nian had once fought shoulder to shoulder with him, and he would naturally recognize Tang Wan-er. He definitely wouldn’t just stand to the side when she was in trouble.

As for those words he had said while chasing down Han Tianfeng… Long Chen remembered how he had once feigned being Mo Nian. It seemed Mo Nian had still been brooding about that matter and planned on releasing his fury on Han Tianfeng.

Long Chen was relieved that Tang Wan-er was fine. As for Han Tianfeng, if Mo Nian wanted to kill him, Long Chen doubted Han Tianfeng would be able to escape.

However, Long Chen believed that Mo Nian didn’t truly want to kill Han Tianfeng. He would most likely just beat him up to release his resentment at being falsely accused.

Since you want to kill my people, you should be prepared to be killed. As long as you personally attacked, don’t blame me for being merciless.

Perhaps to people who only attacked him, Long Chen would be able to accept it and brush it off. After all, there were constant struggles on the martial path. But if they were unable to handle him, and instead targeted the people beside him, he would be completely unable to accept it.

“That Mo Nian should be your friend, right?” asked Bai Ling.

“Yes, he is one of my brothers,” replied Long Chen without blushing. Good brothers had to cheat each other every now and then, right? That way they would seem closer.

“Long Chen, your growth really is shocking. Even a peak expert like Mo Nian is willing to be friends with you,” sighed Bai Ling.

Just who was Mo Nian? He was the top expert of Qing Prefecture. He was unrivaled within the same realm. His eyesight was exceptionally sharp, and he liked to be a lone operator. She hadn’t heard of him becoming friends with anyone.

But this prideful figure was brothers with Long Chen. That meant Long Chen had at least reached a similar level.

“Other than Han Tianyu and Yin Luo, there are also several other people you should be careful of. One of them is called Huo Wufang. He comes from the Pill Tower, and his pill refining arts have already reached an outstanding level. His combat ability is not the slightest bit inferior to those two. Furthermore, his background is too terrifying, so if you encounter him, you should try to hide and not offend him,” warned Bai Ling.

A strange expression appeared on Long Chen’s face. It’s true that I didn’t want to offend him, but more importantly, he was hell-bent on offending me. Now that I’ve already slapped him in the face, if I said I didn’t want to offend him, Huo Wufang probably wouldn’t accept that, right…

“Other than Huo Wufang, the second monastery’s Hua Biluo is also someone to be careful of. However, she is much more easy-going, and she won’t rush into battle with people for nothing. As for the other person, you must be extremely cautious towards him. That person is called Xue Wuya[1]. He comes from the Corrupt path, but he’s from a different prefecture than Yin Luo. He is incredibly powerful and a vicious person. He is also a peak expert,” said Bai Ling.

Long Chen was surprised that Bai Ling had so much information. Long Chen naturally knew of Hua Biluo. Although they had only just exchanged a slight glance, Long Chen could sense that she was hiding her power. She definitely wasn’t as simple as she appeared.

It was surprising Bai Ling knew of Hua Biluo and even Huo Wufang. Most surprising of all was that she knew of a Corrupt expert called Xue Wuya. Long Chen had never heard of him.

However, considering how accurate the rest of her information was, then this person was definitely also an expert who could compare to Han Tianyu and Mo Nian.

“The current information I have is limited, so I only know of this many of the peak experts. However, Long Chen, you can’t be careless. There are lots of experts that like to hide their power. They’ll only reveal themselves at a critical moment,” warned Bai Ling.

“Thank you, sister Bai Ling. I’ll definitely be careful.”

“Ah, what are you thanking me for? I should be the one thanking you. Without you, I’d already be a corpse right now. Looks like my preparations still weren’t enough. Even four teleportation talismans were used up. I’ll have to be more careful in the future,” sighed Bai Ling.

“Four teleportation talismans?” Long Chen was given a shock.

Bai Ling smiled. “When it comes to actual strength, my Huayun Sect might not be a peak existence, but when it comes to financial ability, other than the Pill Tower, no one can compare to us.”

Speaking of the Huayun Sect’s financial abilities, Bai Ling’s expression became a bit prideful. She explained some of the cultivation world to Long Chen.

[1] Xue= blood Wuya=borderless

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