Chapter 388 Phoenix Sparrow Violet Flame

Thirty miles away from their cave, Long Chen found a secluded place to take out the Violet Phoenix Sparrow corpse.

Although it was already a corpse, its huge body was still emitting a pressure that would make you feel as if a boulder was crushing your heart.

Devil Decapitator slashed at its head. But Long Chen was vexed to find that its skull was just too hard, and it was extremely taxing to use Devil Decapitator to cut it open.

At this point, he wasn’t even able to sense the golden page’s location anymore. He only managed to feel relief when he found a thin crack in its skull. It was with great effort that Long Chen finally managed to reach the golden page. That allowed him to sigh with relief. If he had lost this golden page, he really might just cry himself to death.

“This golden page is extremely odd. After being parted for these days, it somehow treats me as a stranger that has never touched it.”

Long Chen released his Spiritual Strength, but he found that the golden page, which he had previously been able to control with a thought, had become unfamiliar to his soul.

He had to first use his soul to slowly connect with it and reform their initial connection before he could properly control it again.

Although he didn’t know what it was made of, just its incredible sharpness that allowed it to cut through steel like it was mud was enough to prove that it was a priceless treasure.

If it weren’t for Yin Luo’s reflexes, he would have been instantly killed by this golden page. But the main flaw of the golden page was that he required soul energy to use it in fights.

During an intense fight, it was impossible to split his attention to use it. In a fight between experts, a thousand actions could occur in a single breath. The slightest carelessness could result in death, so he couldn’t split his attention to use it. That was also why he hadn’t had a chance to use it against Yin Luo except towards the end.

Furthermore, for experts on the same level, they might get surprised once by a special move, but they definitely wouldn’t fall for it a second time. Therefore, Long Chen wouldn’t use the golden page unless he had some assurance.

Once an opponent was on guard, it was very difficult for it to succeed. And if it failed twice without any accomplishments, then by the third time, the opponent would have very likely figured out how the golden page was used.

The other reason Long Chen held back from using the golden page as a weapon was because he still didn’t know all its secrets. If it was somehow stolen by someone, then he really would be screwed.

The golden page swished through the air. It began to cut through the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s abdomen. This time, Long Chen didn’t dare allow the golden page to penetrate deeply into the flesh. He actually sent himself through the opening in its abdomen and took out a foot-long item that sparkled like it was jade.

That was its Neidan. Although it was slightly dim, the great pressure emitted by it caused space to twist around it.

“What powerful flame energy!” Long Chen could sense the terrifying power within it.

It truly was worthy of being ranked third on the beast flame rankings. Even despite having used up all its energy, the Neidan still contained its core energy which was still so powerful.

Long Chen’s heart beat wildly. This was something that countless Pill Masters would go crazy for.

This was also why Huo Wufang would still go all-out to fight for this Neidan despite already possessing such a powerful beast flame. On the beast flame rankings, the closer a flame got to the front, the more obvious the difference between each flame was. Each flame in the top ranks was separated by a great power difference. It could be said that this Neidan was the thing that Long Chen needed the most at this time.

Once he refined this Neidan and absorbed the Phoenix Sparrow violet flame, he would be able to refine the Alioth Pill and condense the Alioth Star.

Furthermore, Long Chen had now reached the third Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation. However, the price was that he had already consumed all the Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills he had. If he wanted to quickly advance, he would need to constantly consume more medicinal pills.

Long Chen had found that after cultivating in the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, his cultivation path had completely deviated from others. Medicinal pills had become the foundation of his cultivation. He had found that his body was able to absorb one hundred percent of the energy within medicinal pills. There was not the slightest waste nor rejection.

It had to be known that other than a small portion of medicinal pills, a person could at most consume three of the same medicinal pill. By the fourth one, its effect would be negligible.

When you consumed the first pill, it would be one hundred percent effective. With the second one, the effect would be cut in half, and then in half again by the third one. So, it was essentially useless by the fourth time. If you forced it and consumed even more, you might even get the opposite effect of what you wanted.

The Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pill was a special medicinal pill that could be consumed more times. However, a person could at most consume ten. That would allow their tendons to reach their peak potential.

But Long Chen had found that his body’s tendons were like a bottomless pit, crazily absorbing whatever medicinal energy he poured in, never reaching saturation.

Furthermore, as his cultivation base increased, his medicinal pill requirements only increased. Unfortunately, he had already eaten all of his Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills.

If this had continued, Long Chen would have had no time for cultivating, and he would also have had no time for pill refining. With his original Pill Flame, refining Three Connecting Flower Tendon Pills was too time-consuming. To waste precious time refining medicinal pills within the Jiuli secret realm was truly a waste of his opportunity.

Right now, Long Chen sensed a great deal of danger. Han Tianyu, Yin Luo, Huo Wufang, and the other peak experts here had already reached the peak of Tendon Transformation.

They could break through to Bone Forging at any moment. Long Chen knew they had long since made their preparations for that. As soon as they broke through to the Bone Forging realm, they would immediately consume countless resources to temper their bones.

Currently, Long Chen still had the power to challenge them. But once they advanced to Bone Forging, would he still be able to do so?

However, now that he had obtained the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s Neidan, all this would be resolved. Once he condensed the Alioth Star, Long Chen was confident that even if they advanced to Bone Forging, he would still at least possess the power to protect himself from them.

Returning the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s corpse back into his spatial ring, he took out the Barbaric Wind Beast’s corpse. He also used the golden page to cut through its hard scales and took out its Neidan.

It went without saying that while the golden page didn’t have much use in combat, just using it as a cutting knife was still extremely amazing.

The Barbaric Wind Beast’s Neidan was about the same size as the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s Neidan. Long Chen summoned out Little Snow.

“Little Snow you can swallow this Neidan now and refine it slowly. Remember, refine it slowly! Otherwise, it can cause an explosion,” warned Long Chen harshly.

Although Little Snow was smart, he seemed more like a smart child, and his temperament was a bit impatient. It was best to warn him carefully about this kind of crucial matter.

“Aowu!” Little Snow swallowed the Neidan and returned to Long Chen’s spiritual space.

To Little Snow, who was also a wind attribute Magical Beast, he possessed an innate advantage when it came to absorbing this Neidan. As long as he didn’t rush, there wouldn’t be any danger.

However, the Barbaric Wind Beast had been at the fifth rank, while Little Snow had only recently reached the fourth rank. So, it would require a certain amount of time to refine it.

But Long Chen wasn’t impatient. Little Snow could just slowly refine it with safety as priority one. He also was planning on properly resting a while and honing his blade.

After settling Little Snow’s matter, Long Chen used the golden page to cut open a cave within a large mountain. He then sealed the cave with himself inside. This way, Long Chen could focus completely on absorbing the Neidan’s beast flame. But he first rested for two hours to raise his mental and spiritual states to their peaks.

Looking at the Neidan, Long Chen took a deep breath. Placing his hand over it, his flame energy began to pour inside.


The instant Long Chen’s Pill Flame entered the Neidan, it was like he had ignited explosives. A ferocious flame blazed into existence within the Neidan.

That violet flame immediately swallowed Long Chen’s Pill Flame. And that wasn’t all. This violet flame acted just like the berserk Violet Phoenix Sparrow, actually releasing an attack on Long Chen.

It was like floodgates had opened. This terrifying flame surged into Long Chen’s body. Its goal was to completely swallow all the Pill Flame that had provoked it.

Long Chen felt as if lava was flowing through his meridians. That was incredibly painful, but Long Chen clenched his teeth and endured. He allowed the violet flame to chase after his Pill Flame.

Once all the energy within the Neidan poured into his body, Long Chen took his hand away and turned his body’s meridians into a prison, trapping the beast flame.

This was a different method from how he had subdued his previous beast flame. Just now, Long Chen had sensed that if he tried to forcibly subdue this beast flame, it would cause it to instantly erupt with fury, and Long Chen’s meridians would explode.

With his current strength, he should have only been able to subdue fourth rank Magical Beasts’ beast flame. A fifth rank Magical Beast’s beast flame was wishful thinking.

The reason Huo Wufang dared to absorb it was definitely because he had his own secret techniques. He definitely wouldn’t be subduing it like Long Chen was trying to.

Although Long Chen had no secret technique, he was still confident. A mindless beast flame acting only on instinct was unable to make things hard for him.

With his body as a prison, he used his Pill Flame as a lure, drawing the beast flame throughout his body. When the beast flame was about to erupt, he would feed it a portion of his Pill Flame to make it calm down. Then he continued leading the beast flame around his body.

One reason he did this was to let his meridians become accustomed to its power. The other reason was for the beast flame to get accustomed to its new surroundings.

This cat and mouse game continued throughout Long Chen’s body. The violet beast flame was constantly chasing after Long Chen’s Pill Flame. In any case, as long as Long Chen’s spiritual qi didn’t run out, he had more than enough Pill Flame to feed it.

As it consumed more and more of Long Chen’s Pill Flame, the violet flame’s berserk nature was gradually eroded. This was precisely the effect Long Chen had been looking for.

There was simply no way around it. Although this method would waste quite a bit of time, it was safe, easy, and now it was painless as well.

After three days, the violet flame had consumed an incredible amount of Long Chen’s Pill Flame. Its temperament was no longer so berserk, and it was accustomed to its new environment.

After ten days, the violet flame seemed to have gotten tired of playing this game and was too lazy to chase after the Pill Flame. It would only go consume it when the Pill Flame took the initiative to provoke it.

After half a month, the violet flame completely ignored Long Chen’s Pill Flame. It just stayed within Long Chen’s body, treating it as its new home.

“Hehe, welcome to your new home. I hope you live and work happily.”

Long Chen laughed. The time was ripe. His Spiritual Strength erupted out, suppressing the beast flame. This was the final step to subdue it.

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