Chapter 387 One Saber Shakes Enemies

A sword pierced through a chest, blood splashing into the sky. However, the sword hadn’t pierced Meng Qi’s body, but Long Chen’s. Blood dripped down Long Chen’s right chest.

At this critical moment, Long Chen had used his saber to force back all his enemies and then pushed the Netherworld Ghost Steps to its peak, just barely managing to arrive in time to use his own body to block this person’s sword.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s saber was also inserted into that person’s chest. That Chosen was filled with shock as he looked at the expressionless Long Chen.

“Long Chen…”

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Lu Fang-er all let out mournful cries. That sword piercing through him was even more painful than a sword piercing their own bodies.

“Die? Yes, you really should die.”

Devil Decapitator shook, and a powerful force caused that Chosen to explode into a mass of flesh.

A Chosen died just like that. Everyone was deathly silent. Even Huo Wufang and the attackers were startled.

Long Chen really was too vicious. In truth, Long Chen had been more than capable of blocking that person’s attack. However, he had decided not to and instead decided to trade an injury for that Chosen’s life.

Although he had killed that Chosen, his organs had been destroyed by the Chosen’s terrifying power, and his life force was rapidly declining.

“KILL!” Long Chen suddenly raised Devil Decapitator high into the air, its golden light filling the world. Heaven and earth rumbled as the entire world’s murderous aura was completely absorbed into Long Chen’s saber.

“Split the Heavens!”

A saber cut through the dome of the sky, bringing with it endless killing intent, along with Long Chen’s overflowing will.

As soon as this saber slashed out, heaven and earth trembled. Long Chen had poured all his energy into this one attack. This attack contained Long Chen’s entire mind and body, his entire heart and spirit. 

Everyone, including Huo Wufang, had their expression change completely. This attack contained an attitude that seemed to say if they didn’t die, he would die trying. There was no room for discussion.

“Raging Flames Seal the Heavens!” Huo Wufang was terrified inside and hastily formed hand seals. A red-colored rune lit up on his forehead, and a vast Pill Flame formed a shield in front of his body.

The others also set up their greatest defenses. They had never felt such a terrifying pressure, and so they didn’t dare be the slightest bit careless.

That saber broke apart the heavens and split apart the earth. A huge ditch a dozen miles long had been cut into the ground. A wave of earth had completely buried either side of it, and dust filled the air.

Everyone had already disappeared. The only thing remaining in the face of that attack was that seemingly bottomless ditch. Long Chen was gasping for breath as he rested on his saber.

The distant spectators all stared at that ditch with shock and terror. Then turning to look at Long Chen, they were unable to say a single thing.

The ground suddenly split apart as a figure dug his way out. His body was covered in blood, and his clothes were torn to rags.

“It’s Huo Wufang! He’s still alive!”

“But his aura has fallen to an incredibly low point. He must have suffered heavy injuries.”

People were appalled to see Huo Wufang, who had just displayed a terrifying battle strength, now reach the verge of collapse. It was like the slightest breeze might knock him down.

“Long Chen is it? Just wait. My, Huo Wufang’s, treasures are not so easy to take!”

Huo Wufang didn’t wait for Long Chen to reply. He directly crushed a teleportation talisman, disappearing from everyone’s gazes.

Although Huo Wufang had lived, he had suffered grave injuries from Long Chen’s last attack, and he no longer possessed the ability to fight.

While Long Chen wasn’t any better off than him at this time, Long Chen also had Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Lu Fang-er by his side. With them helping Long Chen, Huo Wufang had no choice but to flee.

Huo Wufang had only just left when the ground once more split open. A figure dug his way out of the ground, but when people saw him, everyone jumped in fright.

That person was that top Corrupt Chosen. However, that incredibly powerful Chosen was now already on his last breaths. Other than his head, one half of his body had already disappeared.

And yet, somehow this person’s life force was incredibly tenacious and he had managed to dig his way out of the ground. Looking at Long Chen, he seemed as if he wanted to say something. But in the end, he shut his mouth and just motionlessly lay on the ground.

“Is there anyone who is still unconvinced and wants to target me? Come.” Long Chen icily looked at the distant spectators.

Blood had dyed his entire body, and there was still a sword sticking through his chest. However, despite that, his heaven-overflowing will hadn’t diminished in the slightest.

There was still that huge ditch in front of him. Adding on how Long Chen looked like a devil god that had descended onto the world, disdainfully looking at all, no one dared look directly at him.

Hearing Long Chen’s icy shout, those distant spectators actually all retreated. They wanted to leave this absolutely shocking battlefield.

This had truly been a world-shaking battle. That had allowed all of them to learn the power of peak experts.

That was especially true to those people called Chosen. This had been a huge impact on them. Despite all being called Chosen, there were huge differences between them.

Long Chen’s shout echoed throughout the land. It caused all these experts to feel helpless and terrified. A light breeze blew by, causing Long Chen’s robes to flutter. He looked just like an undefeatable war god.

Seeing all those experts retreat, Long Chen suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion batter him, and it was as if he had lost all his energy. He was about to collapse to the ground.

But a pair of hands gently supported him. Meng Qi held Long Chen, her face streaked with tears.

“Long Chen…”

Chu Yao and Lu Fang-er also rushed over to help Long Chen slowly sit down. Their tears also streamed down.

“It’s nothing. Only a slight wound.” Long Chen tried to comfort them, but sweat was constantly pouring down his face.

“Don’t talk. I’ll heal you.” Chu Yao wiped away her tears and pressed her hand on Long Chen’s shoulder. Dense life energy poured into his body.

“Are… are you going to be alright?” Long Chen was somewhat hesitant. His internal organs were destroyed at this point. He was entirely relying on spiritual qi to stay alive. Once his spiritual qi was exhausted, he would undoubtedly die.

However, Long Chen still held a single drop of the divine life essence which the Spirit World expert had given him. Even if his injuries were worse, he’d still be able to recover. It was because of this trump card that Long Chen dared receive this kind of injury. Otherwise, Long Chen also wouldn’t have been so stupid as to do this.

“You… you didn’t even know I could heal you, but you still dared… risk your life… you infuriate me.” Chu Yao’s tears once more streamed down.

“Isn’t that just because I found him to be so displeasing? It’s fine Yao-er. I promise I won’t be so stupid next time.” Seeing Chu Yao cry, appearing like raindrops atop a pear blossom, Long Chen hastily apologized.

“Don’t talk anymore. I’m about to activate my core energy to remold your organs. However, you’ll go through a period of weakness and won’t be able to fight for a while.” Chu Yao took a deep breath. Faint green lines appeared on her hand. As those lines appeared, her face became paper-white.

Just looking at that caused Long Chen’s heart to ache. Core energy was a cultivator’s foundation. For Chu Yao to activate her core energy to heal him would damage her foundation. It could very likely affect her future cultivation.

However, Long Chen knew that he also couldn’t refuse at this time, as that would greatly hurt Chu Yao. He could only close his eyes. He silently sensed that powerful life energy pouring into his body.

This was different from when Chu Yao had regrown the flesh on his arms. This time, the spiritual qi Chu Yao was pouring into his body wasn’t gaseous, but liquid.

That was her core spiritual qi. It was the purest life energy she had gathered over her lifetime. Once that energy entered his body, it began to slowly rebuild his organs.

Those originally broken pieces were actually dissolved by this energy and used as nutrients for the new organs.

These new organs were like water balloons slowly filling up. It was possible to see fine veins growing throughout them.

Two hours later, Chu Yao sighed, her face completely pale with exhaustion.

“I’m sorry.” Long Chen held Chu Yao’s hand.

Chu Yao’s hand brushed against Long Chen’s cheek. Her pale face smiled, blossoming like a flower, appearing incredibly tender.

“Thank you, Long Chen.” Chu Yao felt some heartache as she looked at Long Chen. Despite being healed now, he was still completely exhausted.

“I should be the one thanking you. Or perhaps all of you. But next time, please don’t be like this. Only when there is life is there hope.” Long Chen pulled on Meng Qi’s hand, speaking extremely sternly.

Long Chen knew that Meng Qi had a teleportation talisman. But even in that dangerous situation, she hadn’t used it. At first, he had been incredibly angry as that had been stupid.

But then he had realized that while she had a teleportation talisman, and Chu Yao also had one, he and Lu Fang-er didn’t.

Neither she nor Chu Yao wished to leave behind Long Chen and Lu Fang-er to escape alone. And so they would actually rather die with them instead of using their teleportation talismans.

Seeing that Long Chen had seen through her intentions, Meng Qi appeared ashamed. She lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

“It’s fine, let’s not talk about this now. We should leave here.” Lu Fang-er broke that awkward atmosphere and helped support the exhausted Chu Yao.

As for Meng Qi, she helped Long Chen up onto Little Snow. The four of them rode on Little Snow and the Scarlet Blaze Lion’s backs, rushing towards the outer region of the Forest of Darkness.

There was nothing within the core region that they were interested in any longer. Moreover, in the outer region, there would be fewer people so it would be slightly safer.

Long Chen had suffered heavy injuries, and Chu Yao had exhausted a great deal of her core energy. They would both need to quietly recover.

Several days later, the four of them found a remote pool. There were no wild beasts in the vicinity, and there was also a clean cave nearby. The four of them tidied up the cave slightly and then went into seclusion.

Long Chen recovered extremely quickly. Chu Yao’s core energy had already recreated his internal organs, and his constitution had always been tough. After this time, he was pretty much recovered.

On the other hand, he was extremely troubled by Chu Yao’s injury to her foundation. However, she told Long Chen not to worry. Once she recovered a bit, she would absorb the Seven Heartsea Cherry-Apple tree-heart’s wood energy, which would completely replenish her core energy and keep her foundation unaffected.

Furthermore, this tree-heart was a top grade one, so not only did it have powerful life energy, but it also possessed the intricate mysteries of wood, which would raise her comprehension level. That was extremely beneficial to her.

Since both Long Chen and Chu Yao were fine, Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er finally relaxed and took out their eggs. They began to use their secret techniques to allow the chicks inside to grow faster.

Days later, Long Chen had completely recovered. He saw that Chu Yao had already started refining the tree-heart, while Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er were guarding them. Seeing there were no problems with safety, he told the two of them he was leaving for a while and left the cave.

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