Chapter 386 Fighting Top Experts

“Azure Flame Shield!” Huo Wufang suddenly shouted, and a huge shield condensed from his flame formed in front of him. Although it was made of flames, it was incredibly lifelike, appearing like a real shield.

That was the proof that Huo Wufang’s control over his flame energy had reached a pinnacle. When Long Chen’s Devil Decapitator slammed into his flame shield, his shield instantly shattered.

Both Long Chen and Huo Wufang were blown back by each other’s terrifying power. This time, Long Chen wasn’t able to endure it anymore and coughed up blood.

As for Huo Wufang, he was even more miserable and coughed up three mouthfuls of blood. The flame blades that pill cultivators condensed were all connected to their minds. When those weapons were destroyed, it would cause a certain amount of harm to them as well.

Having his flame blades repeatedly explode not only caused a physical impact for Huo Wufang but also caused a powerful mental impact.

Long Chen was forced back dozens of meters. He wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth. Raising Devil Decapitator, he once more charged at Huo Wufang, his attitude seeming to say he wouldn’t rest until he killed Huo Wufang.

Seeing how dauntless Long Chen was, everyone was shocked. Long Chen’s fighting style was similar to Magical Beasts: fierce beyond compare with no option of retreat.

Having been repeatedly forced back by Long Chen and even coughing up blood from his attacks, Huo Wufang’s fury soared. This was his first time running into such a vexing situation.

As a powerful pill cultivator, as long as he didn’t run into water attribute experts, then within the same realm, there was practically no one that could receive more than three blows from him.

The beast flame he controlled was ranked seventeenth on the beast flame rankings and was extremely powerful. Once he released its full strength, ordinary Chosen were unable to even approach him before being burned to a crisp.

Although Huo Wufang was arrogant, he had the skills to be arrogant. His control over flame energy was such that he had never met someone who was a match for him within the same realm.

With his Pill Flame protecting his body, he was unrivaled within the same realm. But now he had encountered Long Chen. Long Chen also had a Pill Flame to protect his body, and although the power between their flames could not be compared, Long Chen only needed to use his flame to protect his body from his raging flames. However, right now, he was competing with him in terms of brute strength. In that way, Huo Wufang’s flame advantage had disappeared. If Long Chen were not an alchemist who had theoretically long since reached the Pill Master level, then even he would have only been able to flee in the face of an expert like Huo Wufang.

“Help me kill this brat and I, Huo Wufang, will owe you a favor!” A flame blade once more appeared in Huo Wufang’s hands and he blocked Long Chen’s attack.

He knew he had underestimated Long Chen. Long Chen’s combat abilities were not inferior to his own, and he also had his Pill Flame to protect his body. It would be impossible for him to defeat Long Chen by himself.

So, he could only use this promise to gain everyone’s help. The Violet Phoenix Sparrow in Long Chen’s hands was a must-have item for him.

If he could refine its beast flame, his flame energy would once more advance a great deal. At that time, he would truly be unrivaled in his realm.

Such a treasure was something he definitely wouldn’t share with others. That was why he had immediately refused Long Chen’s offer to share half of it.

Although half the Neidan’s energy would allow him to condense a beast flame, it would still cause some defects. Furthermore, good things should be kept to yourself.

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that as soon as Huo Wufang shouted, there were eight experts that immediately jumped in to attack Long Chen.

Long Chen was unaware of just how grand the status of a Pill Tower disciple was. Whether it was the Righteous path or the Corrupt path, no one wanted to offend them.

Now that Huo Wufang was asking for assistance, after considering the matter, everyone would feel that the favor of a Pill Tower disciple was worth it.

The thing that infuriated Long Chen the most was that those two powerful experts that had joined in on the fight for the Violet Phoenix Sparrow were also part of the people attacking him now.

Long Chen might be able to ignore the others, but those two were both top experts. The pressure coming from them was like a heavy sea. Although they weren’t on the same level as Huo Wufang, they were just a single level weaker.

With those two added into the mix, Long Chen immediately felt the pressure multiply. Devil Decapitator danced in his hands, turning into thousands of golden rays that blocked everyone’s attacks.

Furthermore, now more and more experts were joining in. They could all tell from the look of things that Long Chen would definitely die. They couldn’t waste this opportunity to get Huo Wufang to owe them a favor. Three hundred Righteous and Corrupt experts all began charging over.

“Ten Thousand Wood Overgrowth.”

The ground split open, and countless wooden stakes were like furious dragons charging out of the sea, surging towards those attackers.

With Chu Yao’s wood energy, those wooden stakes were all harder than steel. Quite a few people hadn’t had a chance to defend and were pierced through by those wooden stakes, letting out miserable cries.

“The Soul Returns to the Netherworld.”

Chu Yao’s attack had just passed when a terrifying soul energy rippled through the air. Other than a few Chosen, the rest of the attackers suddenly turned sluggish, looking as if they had lost their souls, just motionlessly laying there.

Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength was incredibly vast, and her attack instantly encompassed the entire battlefield, causing the majority of those attackers to enter a lifeless state for a moment.

In front of soul cultivators, other than people with powerful soul energy or soul items to protect themselves, there was practically no one able to block their spiritual attacks. Although Meng Qi’s group attack was only able to last for half a breath’s time, it was enough.

A wind and flame attack charged into their midst, and a terrifying energy exploded out. Blood and flesh flew. Those people that had descended into a lifeless state didn’t even have a chance to scream before they were annihilated.

Those that had been slower to react or had been hesitating, and thus had yet to join the fighting, were all dumbfounded.

This first wave of counterattacks had killed over eighty people, several of them Chosen, and over twenty of them Favored. Such powerful experts had been killed instantly.

Whether they were from the Righteous or Corrupt path, everyone felt a chill in their bones. That was especially true of those people that had yet to join in on the fighting. They blessed their luck at not having thrown their lives away.

Meng Qi and Chu Yao’s abilities instantly shocked everyone. When fighting over the Barbaric Wind Beast, the two of them hadn’t been so vicious.

But seeing Long Chen was in danger, they no longer had any misgivings and attacked with their full strength. They no longer had the slightest mercy.

After that wave of attacks, everyone was terrified. Those who were fortunate enough to not be struck by Little Snow and the Scarlet Blaze Lion’s attack all withdrew, their faces pale as paper. They no longer had the slightest urge to see if they could get some benefits from this.

However, there were still seven people who were surrounding Long Chen and besieging him along with Huo Wufang. Two of them were from the Corrupt path while five were from the Righteous path. They were all on the Chosen-level.

A curtain of light was shining on their bodies. It looked like a translucent shell that was tightly protecting them. That was something that showed they had soul items protecting themselves.

With these soul items, they temporarily didn’t need to fear Meng Qi’s spiritual attacks. They were confident that as long as they endured for a short while, they would be able to kill Long Chen.

After all, there was also a peak expert like Huo Wufang present. Then adding on those two top expert Chosen, Long Chen wouldn’t be able to endure for long.

Meng Qi and the others once more attacked, killing those people that were in the way. Hopefully, Huo Wufang would remember to give each of them a favor.

“Ice Soul Arrow Rain!”

“Ten Thousand Wood Dragons!”

Meng Qi and Chu Yao attacked at the same time. A sky full of spiritual arrows swept through the group. Meng Qi knew that soul items had limited energy. Once they were exhausted, these people would be unable to ignore her attacks.

However, attacking this many people caused her spiritual attack to be spread out, meaning she wouldn’t be able to exhaust them quickly. She could only pray inside that Long Chen would be able to endure.

Chu Yao’s wood energy surged out, and countless wooden stakes grew out of the ground, entangling those Chosen.

If they were ordinary Chosen, then they would find it difficult to break Chu Yao’s wooden stakes. But these people were all experts amongst experts.

Her wooden stakes were only able to block one wave of their attacks and just form a hindrance. But Chu Yao was already satisfied with such a result. In this way, Long Chen would be able to endure longer.

Furthermore, as Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er unleashed their spiritual attacks, the light curtains over those people’s bodies were growing dimmer at a speed visible to the naked eye. Their soul items were running out of energy, and it wouldn’t be long before their spiritual defenses shattered. Once that happened, the scales of victory would tilt towards Long Chen.

Devil Decapitator was flying within Long Chen’s hands. Saber Qi filled the sky. Fighting eight top experts, even though Little Snow and the Scarlet Blaze Lion’s attacks would help him every now and then, Long Chen was still forced to retreat step by step.

Huo Wufang was too strong, not at all inferior to Yin Luo. What was different from Yin Luo was that while Yin Luo was specialized in explosive attacks, Huo Wufang was a specialist at battles of attrition. Even after fighting this long, his Pill Flame energy hadn’t dropped in the slightest. That was the terror of pill cultivators. They could use their Pill Flame to exhaust their opponents to death.

Everyone was frantically attacking him, but with Chu Yao’s wooden stakes, Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er’s spiritual attacks, and the assistance from the two Magical Beasts, their attacks were still unable to do anything to Long Chen even after the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.

At this time, those curtains of light protecting them had grown ever dimmer. The energy within their soul items was about to be exhausted, and once that happened, they would have to directly face Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er’s spiritual attacks.

“Kill this group of irritating flies!” ordered Huo Wufang furiously. They couldn’t let this continue.

One person immediately rushed over. This person was a Righteous Chosen, and he charged up to the distant Meng Qi in an instant, his sword slashing down.

A powerful wind blade shot over at that person. That person had no choice but to give up on attacking Meng Qi.

His sword shattered the wind blade. But before he could do anything else, a huge ball of flames slammed into him.

With Little Snow and the Scarlet Blaze Lion protecting her, that person was repeatedly thwarted, unable to approach Meng Qi.

“I’ll kill them!” Another Righteous Chosen gave up on attacking Long Chen and targeted the distant Meng Qi. As he approached, a powerful aura locked Meng Qi in place.

“Careful!” While blocking everyone’s attacks, Long Chen shouted out a warning.

Chu Yao extended her hand. Unable to do anything about Long Chen’s side, she activated her wood energy to form a huge net in front of Meng Qi, blocking that person’s path.

But with a hack of his sword, Chu Yao’s wooden net was destroyed, and the Chosen charged at Meng Qi. At this time, Meng Qi was locked down by that person’s aura and was unable to resist. Her face involuntarily turned pale.

Neither Chu Yao nor Lu Fang-er could save her in time. Seeing Meng Qi about to die to that person’s sword they both cried out.




Blood splashed through the air.

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