Chapter 385 Battle Intent Breaks the Dome of the Sky

“Pill Tower?”

Meng Qi’s expression changed. She recognized that marking, and she was shocked by this person’s background.

“Brat, if you’re smart, you’ll hand over that Violet Phoenix Sparrow. I can spare your life then.” Huo Wufang icily glared at Long Chen with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Long Chen, he comes from the Pill Tower. We can’t afford to offend him.” Meng Qi lightly pulled on Long Chen’s sleeve.

Long Chen was confused. Pill Tower? Why did it sound so familiar?

“You might not know about the Pill Tower, but you should know about the holy land for pill cultivators, Pill Valley, right? The Pill Tower is the direct branch of Pill Valley and is essentially their spokesperson. That makes the Pill Tower incredibly powerful. Anywhere there are cultivators, there are alchemist guilds, while the Pill Tower is the headquarters of all those alchemist guilds,” explained Meng Qi.

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. He hadn’t expected this person’s background to be so powerful.

Pill Valley was a holy land for pill cultivators, but it was isolated from the mundane world. So, the Pill Tower had ended up with the entire authority of the world’s pill path. In other words, all those high tier medicinal pills of the Xuantian Supermonastery were bought from the Pill Tower.

The Pill Tower had essentially monopolized the entire medicinal pill market. If anyone dared offend them, then that really would be digging their own grave. Without the support of medicinal pills, then no matter how large the sect was, they would definitely decline.

That was also why those two top experts had decided to withdraw from the fight without even using their full strength. They were worried about Huo Wufang’s background.

The Pill Tower was a neutral party, not a member of the Righteous or Corrupt paths. Anyone could do business with it, and so neither Righteous nor Corrupt experts would want to offend them.

“Long Chen, it’s no good. You should hand over the Violet Phoenix Sparrow to him. We can think of some other way to get you a beast flame,” advised Meng Qi.

The Pill Tower was truly just too terrifying. It was the spokesperson of Pill Valley, and almost the entire pill refining world was under their control. No one would dare provoke them.

Long Chen had never imagined this bastard’s background would be so powerful. If he ended up completely offending him, then perhaps even the entire supermonastery would be unable to protect him from his retaliation.

Forcibly swallowing his resentment, Long Chen said, “I was the one who noticed this Violet Phoenix Sparrow, and the Barbaric Wind Beast was also drawn over by me-”

“Shut up with your nonsense. Are you handing it over or not?” Huo Wufang waved his hand, cutting off Long Chen.

Long Chen’s anger immediately flared, but he once more suppressed his temper. “I can split half the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s Neidan with you. That’ll be enough for you to gather its beast flame. I also need its beast flame.”

“There’s nothing to discuss. Either hand over the Violet Phoenix Sparrow, or die. Your choice.”

“You…!” Even Chu Yao was unable to endure it anymore, and her fury soared.

Long Chen held her back. He now knew what kind of person Huo Wufang was, and he also knew what he was planning on doing.

He smiled slightly. But that smile was slightly icy. For some reason, seeing Long Chen suddenly smile, the three women immediately felt their hair stand on end.

“Fine, since you want it, then here, please receive it.” Long Chen suddenly disappeared from his original location.

At first, Huo Wufang had thought that Long Chen had finally become afraid of his background and was admitting defeat.

But he had just been about to sneer at him when his vision darkened. A hand came from an extremely tricky angle and swung in a profound arc to land on his face.

An extremely crisp sound rang out. That slap sent Huo Wufang flying through the air. His teeth also flew through the air beside him.

That sound, that feeling, and that refreshness made Long Chen feel as if all his pores had been freshly opened and were singing emotionally.

“Long Chen…” The three women were all covering their mouths, filled with shock and horror. Had Long Chen gone mad?

It wasn’t just them that were shocked. All the experts from both the Righteous and Corrupt path were stupefied. He had learned Huo Wufang’s status, and yet he had still dared to attack him? Furthermore, it was such a humiliating attack. He had to have gone insane, right?

“Who do you think you are? Do you think if you don your turtle shell status as a disciple of the Pill Tower, then no one will dare cut off your turtle head? Today I’ll let you open your damn eyes: not everyone is afraid of your Pill Tower! You want to use your background to suppress me? Your dog eyes must be blind!” cursed Long Chen furiously. This was his first time lowering his head to someone and taking a step back. But even after he had done so, this was the result.

That made Long Chen understand a principle: there were some people that you absolutely could not indulge. If you gave them an inch, they would take a mile.

“You dare strike me?!” Huo Wufang let out a furious roar. He had been sent flying by Long Chen’s slap without even realizing what had happened.

But that also couldn’t be blamed on him. The number of people that had fallen for this particular move of Long Chen’s could not be counted. As long as they weren’t one hundred percent focused, then within the same realm, there was practically no one that could block Long Chen’s divine face-slapping technique that had practically reached a supernatural level.

The angle was practically devilish, while the arc was graceful and elegant. There wasn’t the slightest sign before he attacked, nor was there any killing intent to be sensed. His movements were quick, his posture was handsome, and it gave people a kind of pleasing and delightful feeling. It was wonderful to watch.

But that kind of wonderful feeling was something only spectators and Long Chen got to enjoy. The person slapped felt so much pain that they wished they were dead.

That was especially true in regards to those incredibly arrogant fellows who liked to look down their noses on people. That kind of mental wound far surpassed the pain of the flesh.

Huo Wufang roared, and fire-red runes flew through the air. A terrifying blaze soared, instantly spreading everywhere. Within a dozen meters of his body, everything was fire-red, making him look like some flame god.

That kind of terrifying temperature could ignite the sky. For miles, the ground was roasted black by that temperature, causing many people to retreat in horror.

“What terrifying flame energy. Ordinary people are unable to even approach,” muttered a Corrupt Chosen with shock.

Even Chosen were unable to bear that level of heat. There was no way to approach him if they were to fight.

Pill cultivators were experts at playing with fire. When a beast flame entered their hands, with their special circulation techniques, it would be even stronger than when it was in the hands of its original Magical Beast owner. That was the most terrifying aspect of pill cultivators.

“Die!” Huo Wufang roared and his flame blade explosively grew, becoming a huge, blazing blade that was three hundred meters long. It cut through the void as it slashed down at Long Chen.

That flame blade came crashing down from the sky, looking like some heavenly blade. This attack not only contained a terrifying flame energy, but it also contained Huo Wufang’s powerful will.

In front of that will, the distant Chosen all turned pale, their bodies involuntarily quivering.

They were horrified to realize that Huo Wufang’s will also contained a formless pressure that suppressed their souls.

“As I thought, Huo Wufang possesses an ancient bloodline!” The Corrupt Chosen that had exchanged blows with Huo Wufang couldn’t help but nod his head.

When he had clashed with Huo Wufang, they had both been conserving their power. However, he was also someone who possessed an ancient bloodline inheritance, and so he had managed to sense Huo Wufang’s bloodline power.

The reason he had withdrawn from the competition wasn’t just because of Huo Wufang’s status. It was also because of his own powerful strength.

This particular Chosen had once exchanged pointers with Yin Luo. He sensed an almost identical pressure from Huo Wufang as he had with Yin Luo, which was why he had been the first to give up.

Now that Huo Wufang had released his full strength, that powerful soul pressure proved that he was definitely from an ancient family and his combat ability was shocking.

In front of Huo Wufang who had released his full power, Long Chen didn’t dare be negligent. He could sense that the pressure Huo Wufang gave him was not inferior to Yin Luo.

Furthermore, pill cultivators were known to be stronger than average. Other than when being suppressed by water attribute experts, when facing people in the same realm, there were few people who were an equal match for pill cultivators.


A divine ring appeared, shaking the heavens. Qi waves surged out, the divine light shone brightly, and a star appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. He looked like a battle god who had descended to this world, his whole body emitting a torrential battle intent.

When Long Chen summoned his FengFu Battle Armor, a will that desired to exterminate the nine heavens and ten lands immediately shook the blue dome of the sky.

All the experts present could sense that feeling, and their faces turned pale. Long Chen’s will was too terrifying. It caused their souls to quiver, making them involuntarily feel extreme reverence.

The thing that terrified them the most was that Long Chen’s will wasn’t targeted towards them, nor was it targeted at Huo Wufang. Instead, it seemed to be being emitted automatically, directly opposing the heavens.

In front of that will which desired to exterminate the entire dome of the sky, break apart heaven and earth, and cause the entire universe to be annihilated, they felt themselves to be as miniscule as ants. They could only take a shuddering, crawling posture.

Long Chen’s entire body was wrapped in blue flames. Devil Decapitator was pointing up, and a huge saber-image tore into the sky, clashing with Huo Wufang’s flame blade.


When that saber-image connected with the flame blade, it caused a world-shocking collision that emitted a terrifying pressure in all directions. The void was collapsing, and everyone’s eardrums rumbled, their hearts quivering. 

“You think just you are able to kill me, Long Chen? It’s not that I want to look down on you, but I really do look down on you.”

Long Chen’s saber had completely destroyed Huo Wufang’s flame blade. His own arms were numb, but from Huo Wufang’s shocked expression, he could tell that he was better off than him.

After that attack, Long Chen stepped forward, bringing with him endless imposingness and endless killing intent. Although his arms were feeling numb now and had yet to recover, Long Chen knew that in their previous exchange, Huo Wufang had not had it any better. At this time, he would use his imposingness to crush his opponent to death.

“KILL!” Long Chen roared, his voice like spring thunder. Devil Decapitator released a golden light that filled the sky, looking like a heavenly saber as it slashed down on Huo Wufang.

Huo Wufang was shocked. When his flame blade was destroyed, it caused his qi and blood to surge, and he felt discomfort like his organs were flipping inside him.

He had just condensed a new flame blade, but before he could even take a breath, Long Chen’s second attack came slashing down on him with endless killing intent. Filled with horror, he could only hastily block.

With another intense explosion, his newly condensed flame blade exploded, and he was knocked flying back. His organs were once more greatly shaken, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“What? Huo Wufang was injured?” Everyone was shocked.

After shattering Huo Wufang’s flame blade again, Long Chen also felt a great impact, and he tasted sweetness in his throat. He almost coughed up blood as well.

However, Long Chen refused to allow that blood to come up. He needed to display his imposingness. He couldn’t let other people see that he was injured. 

He stamped on the ground. Not waiting for Huo Wufang to land on the ground, Long Chen’s third attack brought with it a whistling wind as it slashed towards Huo Wufang’s head.

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