Chapter 384 Pill Tower Disciple

Those fellows that had gotten close to the Barbaric Wind Beast were turned into piles of meat by its tail. As for those that had approached the Violet Phoenix Sparrow, they didn’t have it any better. With a wave of its wings, the terrifying force turned a group of people into mincemeat.

“Don’t be afraid! This is just their final death struggle. They’ll quickly die, so it’ll be up to whose luck is the best!” A loud cry rang out from within the chaos.

In the distance, Long Chen clearly saw that the person that had shouted hadn’t even taken action yet and had been maintaining a safe distance from the two beasts from the start.

“This person is just as wicked as Long Chen,” laughed Lu Fang-er.

Just how tenacious was the life force of fifth rank Magical Beasts? Just how abnormal was their defensive strength? It was impossible for these Favored and ordinary core disciples to kill them.

That person’s shout was just to encourage everyone’s greed. Those greedy weaklings would exhaust the Magical Beasts’ energies as the two killed them. Frankly speaking, they were just cannon fodder.

At this point, there were hundreds of both Righteous and Corrupt disciples present. Seeing two exhausted fifth rank Magical Beasts, they were unable to hold back their greed.

Every part of a fifth rank Magical Beast was a treasure. Their skin, their flesh, their bones, and even their blood, they were all incomparably valuable, let alone their Neidan.

Everyone had turned red-eyed now. Even if no one had encouraged them, they would still have crazily charged at these two Magical Beasts. They hoped to take advantage of this situation to gain some kind of advantage.

But although the two Magical Beasts were exhausted, they were still struggling berserkly. Their huge bodies were constantly turning, killing quite a few people.

In less than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, there were over a hundred corpses on the ground. The majority of them were only ordinary core disciples, but there were also quite a few Favored.

“It should be about time for us to go over. The fires of those Magical Beasts’ souls are about to be extinguished,” said Meng Qi.

When it came to Magical Beasts, Beast Tamers knew the absolute most. No one else could compare to them in that aspect.

The four of them finally jumped out of the nest and began rushing over to the battlefield. When Long Chen arrived, there were multiple Chosen who also took action, beginning to release fierce attacks towards the two Magical Beasts.

“Fuck off!” As soon as Long Chen appeared, a Corrupt Chosen cursed and attacked him with his spear, thinking he was a weakling due to his early Tendon Transformation cultivation base.

Long Chen grabbed his spear with one hand and pushed back forcefully.

That Corrupt Chosen’s spear immediately pierced through his own heart. Before he could even feel shock, a powerful force caused his body to instantly explode.

“Long Chen, don’t get entangled by these people. You go seize the Violet Phoenix Sparrow. We’ll fight over the Barbaric Wind Beast.” Meng Qi released a spiritual attack, instantly killing a sneak attacker.

“Alright. Be careful.” Long Chen saw there were many experts on the side of the Barbaric Wind Beast, but there weren’t any that should pose an actual threat to them.

But on the side of the Violet Phoenix Sparrow, there were three extremely powerful experts with shocking auras that were furiously fighting.

Long Chen rushed away from the Barbaric Wind Beast that was on its last breaths. He quickly arrived at the Violet Phoenix Sparrow. There were dozens of people attacking it.

However, it was clear that they weren’t using their full strength. No one wished to receive the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s final death strike. They all wanted to seize it the instant it died.

Finally, the Violet Phoenix Sparrow ran out of life force, and it collapsed on the ground, leading everyone to fight over it.

“Fuck off! This Violet Phoenix Sparrow is mine!” A handsome, long-haired man wearing fiery-red robes shouted. He was the first to reach the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s corpse. He was just about to put it away.

“Die!” Suddenly, two fierce attacks shot towards the man’s back. If he really did put away the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s corpse, he would have to receive those two attacks.

What was surprising to Long Chen was that those two attacking people were incredibly powerful, their auras even causing some pressure for Long Chen. Their attacks were not at all inferior to people at Yin Wushuang’s level.

“Scram!” The long-haired man roared, and a flame blade slashed towards the two of them.

“Pill Flame!” 

Long Chen’s heart shook. This was the first time he encountered someone using Pill Flame since entering the Jiuli secret realm.

Pill Flame was completely different from an ordinary flame. Only alchemists were able to completely eradicate that berserk nature of flames. Otherwise, there was no way to refine medicinal pills.

As soon as that person’s flame blade appeared, Long Chen knew he was also a pill cultivator. Furthermore, the beast flame he controlled was extremely powerful, most likely ranking in the top twenty of the beast flame rankings.

When the three of their weapons clashed together, that terrifying flame exploded out. A wave of flames buffeted the closest people, and they all withdrew.

“This Violet Phoenix Sparrow is mine. Who dares compete over it with me, Huo Wufang?!”[1] That pill cultivator was able to use his flame blade to force back the other two.

As soon as Huo Wufang forced those two experts back, a figure immediately pierced through the wave of flames towards the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s corpse.

“Courting death!” Huo Wufang roared furiously and a blazing flame spear appeared in his hand, piercing towards that person.

That person was precisely Long Chen. Huo Wufang’s flame energy was incredibly powerful, and it had instantly forced back everyone else.

However, this was a good opportunity for Long Chen. With his Pill Flame protecting his body, he forced his way through Huo Wufang’s flame, arriving in front of the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s corpse.

But before he could touch it, a terrifying flame spear shot over at him.

That flame spear ignited the void, and the terrifying pressure caused Long Chen to feel a kind of piercing pain in his soul.

“How powerful!” Long Chen was shocked. He could only give up on collecting the Violet Phoenix Sparrow for the moment. Devil Decapitator emitted golden light as it slashed out.

The instant Devil Decapitator collided with that flame spear, there was surprisingly a metallic clanging that rang out, and Long Chen’s arm became a bit numb. He was actually sent flying by that powerful force.

That flame spear was broken down by Long Chen’s attack, and it turned into a mass of flames that filled the sky.

Long Chen was given a shock. He hadn’t expected to run into such a powerful pill cultivator. From this exchange, Long Chen could sense that this person was probably an expert on the same level as Yin Luo.

As for that person, after sending Long Chen flying, he hadn’t had a chance to gather the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s corpse before those two powerful experts once more charged forward.

But those two people were clever, and they rushed towards the Violet Phoenix Sparrow from two different directions. Huo Wufang would have to choose to block one of them, while the other person would go free. It would be up to whose luck was greater.

“Die!” Huo Wufang furiously slashed out his flame blade at one of them. That person was a Chosen from the Corrupt path. He couldn’t help but grumble that he was unlucky.

The sleeves over his arms suddenly exploded, and countless bizarre runes appeared on his arms. His arms began to expand, and a berserk energy soared out. This was clearly some sort of secret technique.


They collided, emitting a powerful qi wave. The Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s corpse was sent flying through the air towards the other expert.

That expert celebrated and reached out to grab it. But before he could, a figure appeared before him, a golden saber slashing through the void to reach him.

That person could sense just how terrifying Long Chen’s saber was, and he could only give up on the Violet Phoenix Sparrow, using a weapon to block Long Chen’s attack.

He was sent flying by Long Chen’s saber, and endless qi waves once more battered the Violet Phoenix Sparrow, sending its corpse flying into the air.

“HAHAHA, the Violet Phoenix Sparrow is mine!!”

Huo Wufang jumped up to grab it.

After forcing back his opponent, he had turned to fight over the corpse. But then he had seen it be blown into the air, and he had immediately jumped up to grab it.

When Huo Wufang moved to snatch it, Long Chen also jumped up towards the corpse.

However, Long Chen was clearly a hair slower than Huo Wufang. As for the other two Chosen, they had just been forced back and didn’t have time to stabilize and jump back up.

Huo Wufang sensed Long Chen’s existence, however, he merely sneered. He was clearly faster than Long Chen, so in his eyes, Long Chen’s actions were futile.

“Haha! It’s mine!” Huo Wufang grabbed the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s corpse and was just about to absorb it into a spatial ring.

“Soul Impact!”

A formless ripple spread from Long Chen’s forehead, spreading out in a wave in every direction.

Huo Wufang suddenly became absent-minded for a moment, his Spiritual Strength growing chaotic. By the time he recovered, the Violet Phoenix Sparrow in front of him had already disappeared to be replaced by Long Chen’s smiling figure.

This Soul Impact was something Meng Qi had taught him. Although Long Chen hadn’t reached the level of perfection with this profound technique, it was enough to confuse other people’s Spiritual Strengths.

More importantly, this Soul Impact was an area of effect attack, so he didn’t need to be afraid of missing. His attack had been extremely effective here, allowing him to put the Violet Phoenix Sparrow into his spatial ring even though he had been slightly slower in the beginning.

Once he absorbed its corpse, Long Chen was completely at ease. If others wanted to fight with him now, then he would really make them suffer.

“Hand over the Violet Phoenix Sparrow or die!” demanded Huo Wufang. He pointed his flame blade at Long Chen, killing intent surging out of him.

As for those other two powerful Chosen, seeing Long Chen absorb the Violet Phoenix Sparrow corpse, the Corrupt Chosen hesitated for a moment before deciding to withdraw. Obviously, he wasn’t planning on participating any further.

As for the other Chosen, he was from the Righteous path. He looked from Long Chen to Huo Wufang. Suddenly, he saw an extremely exquisite tower image on Huo Wufang’s robes. His pupils shrank and he also withdrew.

Abruptly, several figures rushed over. A fragrant scent filled the air as Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Lu Fang-er arrived by Long Chen under the guard of Little Snow and the Scarlet Blaze Lion.

“We got it. How about you?” asked Meng Qi.

“Just from looking at that fellow’s face, you should be able to tell the answer,” smiled Long Chen. Their first cooperative effort seemed to have worked very well, which was encouraging and worth celebrating.

Meng Qi smiled and nodded her head. But when she looked at Huo Wufang, especially that little tower embroidered on his sleeve, her expression changed.

“Pill Tower?”

[1] Huo=fire. 

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