Chapter 383 Guests Should Eat First

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Lu Fang-er were a bit startled, and following Long Chen’s gaze, they saw that there were quite a few hidden figures watching the Magical Beasts’ fight.

A fight between two fifth rank Magical Beasts caused far too great of a disturbance. Just the pressure coming from them caused all the various Magical Beasts in the vicinity to flee.

As the two Magical Beasts fought, more and more experts were drawn over by the disturbance.

Obviously, they had all noticed that these two Magical Beasts were fighting a battle to the death. In the end, they would definitely be heavily injured, which would be a perfect moment for them to take advantage.

“Now it’s troublesome. Long Chen, if you want the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s Neidan, you’ll have to beat out quite a few competitors,” said Chu Yao worriedly.

“The Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s Neidan is a must-have for me. If they want to fight over it, then we’ll fight,” said Long Chen.

The Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s violet flame was ranked third on the beast flame rankings. Its power was something Long Chen had personally experienced.

Even when he pushed his Flame Salamander’s blue flame to its peak, he was unable to completely block that violet flame. Furthermore, that had been a wide area attack.

If this Violet Phoenix Sparrow had concentrated all its flame energy to attack him, Long Chen would have instantly died. His current Pill flame was far too lacking when compared to its violet flame.

After all, one was ranked third, while the other was ranked ninety-seventh, third from last. The two were not comparable.

If Long Chen refined the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s Neidan, his flame energy would immediately leap to a terrifying level. Refining the Qilin Fruit would be no problem at all.

That was why its Neidan was a must-have for Long Chen. It didn’t matter who fought over it with him. Furthermore, all of this had been set up by Long Chen. He definitely couldn’t let others pluck his hard-earned fruit.

There was also that golden page that was still stuck in the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s skull. If someone else really managed to snatch the Violet Phoenix Sparrow away, then Long Chen might actually cry.

“Don’t worry, with your strength, then adding us, obtaining that Violet Phoenix Sparrow should be no problem,” consoled Meng Qi.

“We can’t just get the Violet Phoenix Sparrow. I also want the Barbaric Wind Beast. I need its Neidan for Little Snow. Once Little Snow obtains its Neidan, his cultivation base will explosively grow,” said Long Chen.

“Then wouldn’t we become everyone’s target?” said Chu Yao.

“Cultivation is a path of no retreat. If you want to get stronger, then you have to stand where the wind and waves are the fiercest. In the cultivation world, we only talk power, not reason.

“Even if we were talking about reason, we’re also on the right side since it’s because of us that these Magical Beasts are fighting. So, you don’t need to have any misgivings when the time comes.

“You also can’t foolishly waste your time trying to reason with these competitors. That’s just preaching to deaf ears. These troublemakers have been annoying me for a long time now, so this time I’ll reverse the tables on them!” warned Long Chen.

The three women nodded. Long Chen was entirely correct. The cultivation world was just that cruel; the weak had no power at all.

Whether it was the Righteous path or the Corrupt path, it was always strength that was respected. Fighting to the death for treasures was common. The weak could only do everything they could to get stronger in order to get their own justice.

“Who are you? Hand over all your treasures!”

Just as Long Chen had been stealthily watching the fight through cracks in the nest, a shout suddenly rang out from behind him.

Turning back, he saw a Chosen leading six powerful Favored, all of them staring at them greedily.

After just glancing at them, he didn’t bother with them anymore. He merely said one icy line before continuing to watch the Magical Beasts’ fight.

“Either fuck off, or die. Your choice.”

These seven people were wearing robes from the Righteous path, and their auras were extremely powerful. Seeing that these four strangers only had average cultivation bases, especially Long Chen who was only at the third Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation, they had immediately thought to kill them for their treasures.

They had noticed this nest as soon as they had been drawn over by this disturbance. They had immediately rushed over, but there were no treasures inside anymore.

Then, they noticed there were people who had come first, startling and infuriating them. They were entirely prepared to kill them to get their spoils.

But now the person with the weakest cultivation base spouted such arrogant words. One of them angrily roared and brandished his sword. Chilling Sword Qi cut opened the space and slashed at Long Chen.

“Stupid.” Lu Fang-er icily snorted, and extending her hand, a spiritual arrow shot out. That person didn’t even react before he was struck. He collapsed to the ground powerlessly, his aura gone.

“Spiritual attack? You’re a Beast Tamer?”

A Favored had been one-shotted by Lu Fang-er. The remaining six were all frightened and retreated back a couple of steps, looking at Lu Fang-er in horror.

Spiritual attacks targeted a person’s soul, and without your own powerful spiritual defenses or perhaps soul items to protect yourself, you would be instantly slaughtered.

Their souls were not nearly as powerful as the Violet Phoenix Sparrow that had managed to resist her spiritual attacks. So Lu Fang-er’s spiritual arrow instantly caused that person’s soul to crumble and scatter.

With a wave of a hand, Lu Fang-er had killed a Favored. Without even glancing at the rest of them, she turned to look at the fighting Magical Beasts.

Those people’s expressions all turned ugly. This was a clear disregard for them, treating them as nothing more than air.

But they also didn’t dare have any more thoughts of killing them for their treasures. It seemed these four had the qualifications to ignore them.

The Favored all looked towards their Chosen. That Chosen was also trapped in an impossible position. But in the end, he decided to withdraw.

Once they retreated, there were also several more waves of people. Quite a few of them were like the first group and attacked them for their treasures. As a result, several more corpses appeared within the nest.

Those people were all one-shotted by Lu Fang-er. Each one of her spiritual attacks killed their target without the slightest resistance. Unless a person possessed powerful Spiritual Strength or a treasure specifically used to block spiritual attacks, they would all be eliminated without a doubt.

Now Long Chen truly understood why Beast Tamers had such grand statuses within the cultivation world. Other than to other soul cultivators, this kind of attack was practically unblockable.

Furthermore, soul cultivators were extremely rare. And amongst soul cultivators, only a small portion with exceptionally powerful Spiritual Strength had the qualifications to become Beast Tamers.

That was because Beast Tamers had to spend the majority of their Spiritual Strength on commanding their Magical Beasts but still had enough Spiritual Strength to use soul arts. That was their strongest point.

With powerful Magical Beasts guarding them, as well as practically supernatural spiritual attacks, any person would feel a headache when running into a Beast Tamer.

Even with soul items to protect themselves, soul items all needed energy. Each time they blocked a spiritual attack, it would consume a portion of their energy. Once all the soul energy in the soul item was gone, you would simply be slaughtered.

Previously, when Lu Fang-er had run into danger, that had just been because she had been unlucky. The person she had run into possessed his own powerful strength and had possessed a soul item to protect himself. That was why she had been temporarily helpless to do anything to him.

Furthermore, at that time, her housepets weren’t extremely powerful. If Lu Fang-er had possessed the Scarlet Blaze Lion at that time, she would have easily suppressed him to death.

“More and more people are arriving, and there are many experts amongst them. It seems quite a few people are part of one faction,” said Chu Yao worriedly.

There were many more spectators hiding around, and Chu Yao had noticed that there was an especially large group hiding together.

“Nothing to worry about. In the end, it will still depend on strength. A bloody battle will start soon, so you three should support me from the back in a bit,” said Long Chen after some hesitation.

The three of them were women, and he didn’t want them to be placed in danger. Furthermore, this fierce battle would cause a rain of blood, and that didn’t suit these three flower-like beauties.

“No. I already said I will protect you and stand by your side. Even if you became a murderous, mad devil, I will become dyed in blood with you.” Chu Yao shook her head extremely resolutely.

“Long Chen, don’t try looking after us like that. Cultivation is inherently a path of no retreat. Once you step on it, you can’t look back. Since we’ve chosen to cultivate, then we have to face the cruel competition. Being softhearted will only provoke major trouble,” said Meng Qi, also extremely seriously.

“Then I won’t argue. Let’s just keep a watch over the situation before making a battle plan. This is our group’s first cooperation, so we’ll definitely have to win a perfect victory.” Long Chen clenched his fist, appearing full of vigor. With these three beauties supporting him, Long Chen felt full of energy and confidence.

The three women looked at each other and smiled. They realized that at some unknown time, they had begun to feel the excitement. To fight together with Long Chen was definitely something worth looking forward to.

At this time, the fight between the two Magical Beasts had reached a climax. They were crazily tearing and grappling with each other. Flames soared and wind blades danced.

“The two Magical Beasts are starting to go all-out!”

Long Chen noticed that their attacks were growing stronger and stronger. They had finally begun to draw out the energy within their Neidans.

These two Magical Beasts were different from ordinary Magical Beasts. Most of their essence was located within their Neidans. Before a critical moment, they wouldn’t use that core energy.

The Violet Phoenix Sparrow suddenly let out a sharp cry and spat out a violet ball of flames. That terrifyingly high temperature roasted the sky. This was the first time Long Chen was seeing the Violet Phoenix Sparrow use one of its unique attacks.

That violet flame ball was compressed to the peak, and the flame inside suddenly turned practically liquid. If Long Chen was struck by this attack, he would be instantly killed.

As for the Barbaric Wind Beast, it sensed the danger and opened its mouth. A sphere of wind blades rapidly formed, and an ear-piercing sound rang out, a sound that caused everyone present to be filled with intense pain.

That was a sound that came from wind blades cutting through space. Just the sound was something these people were unable to endure. The Barbaric Wind Beast had finally brought out its own unique skill.


When the wind blades and flame ball collided, they mixed and then exploded. Wind and flame shot out in every direction, instantly devouring everything within a hundred miles.


Some people were unlucky. In order to find a good vantage point, they had gotten too close and were instantly turned to ash.

As for those further away, just watching this scene made them turn green with horror. If they had been just a bit closer, they might have instantly turned to ash as well.

“What a terrifying attack…” muttered Meng Qi. Just those shockwaves were able to easily kill Chosen.

When the sky full of flames finally scattered, it revealed two Magical Beasts that were lying on the ground motionlessly. That final attack had exhausted all their energy, and they were heavily injured now.

Just at this moment, countless locust-like figures began to charge at those two exhausted Magical Beasts.

“Long Chen, should we go now?” asked Chu Yao.

“No, no, no! As the host, we should let the guests eat the good food first,” smiled Long Chen.

“You really are wicked, Long Chen.” Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er both smiled.

A group of people had only just gotten close to the Barbaric Wind Beast when its tail suddenly swung out, and several people let out miserable cries as they were turned into piles of meat.

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