Chapter 382 Violet Phoenix Sparrow Eggs

That well was something Long Chen had had Chu Yao excavate for him before leaving. It was very narrow and had a depth of three hundred meters.

Furthermore, at the bottom of the well was a small tunnel that allowed him to instantly rush ten miles away to the small mountain valley where the three of them were waiting for him.

Excavating such a tunnel was as easy as lifting a hand for Chu Yao who possessed her wood energy. Once Long Chen entered the well, he saw that it was lined with wood, appearing like a sleek wooden casket.

Long Chen couldn’t help but praise Chu Yao’s attention to detail. She had even made his escape tunnel so luxurious.

He slid down the wooden channel and found that the tunnel at the bottom was also lined with wood. It was just tall enough that Long Chen didn’t need to bend down to rush forward. He began to rush away as soon as he reached the bottom, but just at that moment, the passageway behind him began to collapse. He quickly increased his speed.

Light appeared in front of him. He rushed out of the tunnel, seeing the three women looking at him with concern.

“Hehe, it’s all fixed. I brought along a powerful helper.” Long Chen could feel the ground trembling intensely, so he knew the two fifth rank Magical Beasts were already fighting each other.

The stronger the Magical Beast, the more territorial they would be. They definitely wouldn’t allow any competitors to step into their territory.

That was because the places powerful Magical Beasts staked out as their own normally had precious treasures present. If outsiders came, that would make them assume they had come to steal their treasures, and so they would fight with their lives on the line.

Previously, that Barbaric Wind Beast had let out an attack that Long Chen had instantly dodged.

That attack had ended up flying towards the Violet Phoenix Sparrow. Although these two fifth rank Magical Beasts were powerful, their intelligence wasn’t high.

That was especially true of the Barbaric Wind Beast that had decided to take the initiative to attack. The Violet Phoenix Sparrow had naturally counterattacked. Magical Beasts all possessed tyrannical natures, and so even if Long Chen hadn’t pulled the strings for that first attack, these two Magical Beasts would have most likely started a battle to the death just from encountering each other.

“How did you do this, Long Chen?” Meng Qi was shocked, and neither Chu Yao nor Lu Fang-er understood what was going on.

“Hehe, this Barbaric Wind Beast is a good brother. All I needed was a single sentence to get it to help,” bragged Long Chen.

“As if anyone would believe you. This Barbaric Wind Beast was clearly chasing you like hunting a rabbit. From its posture, it seems like it wishes to viciously swallow you in a single gulp.” Chu Yao couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh.

Long Chen laughed and told them about what he had run into in the Misty Mountain Valleys.

“Long Chen, you really are crazy. You actually went with such a method,” Meng Qi couldn’t help but exclaim with shock.

Everyone knew that Magical Beasts were tyrannical and territorial. As soon as a Magical Beast of the same rank intruded on them, they would start a life and death battle. But to do what Long Chen had done required a heaven-defying courage. Most people didn’t even want to think about doing such a crazy thing as what Long Chen had done.

Just as they were talking, a scorching qi wave shot out along with a berserk gale. Chu Yao hastily waved her hand, and countless wooden stakes formed a shield around them.

After a breath’s time, the gale wind disappeared and she withdrew her wooden shield. They saw that the originally green land and trees had all been turned into black ash.

“What terrifying attack range,” spat out Lu Fang-er with shock.

This place was over thirty miles from the place those Magical Beasts were fighting. And yet, they were still being hit by waves. Fifth rank Magical Beasts were truly too frightening.

“That Violet Phoenix Sparrow is a fire attribute Magical Beast, while the Barbaric Wind Beast is a wind attribute Magical Beast. It’s normal for their attack range to grow explosively when their attacks collide. That’s right, Meng Qi, if a fifth rank Magical Beast is heavily injured and cannot resist, can you make it into your housepet?” Long Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up.

If these two Magical Beasts were to take heavy injuries and lose their combat ability, and Meng Qi was able to take them as housepets, then her power would practically be heaven-defying. She would be able to sweep through the entire Jiuli secret realm like that.

Yin Luo? Han Tianyu? Wouldn’t they be killed with the wave of a hand?

Meng Qi sighed, “How could that be possible? Once a Magical Beast reaches the fifth rank, their soul will go through a complete transformation. You’ve also seen that my previous spiritual attack wasn’t very effective against the Violet Phoenix Sparrow. That’s because their own Spiritual Strength has a definite resistance towards my spiritual attacks. With my current soul energy, it’s absolutely impossible to subdue a fifth rank Magical Beast. Unless I first break through to the Bone Forging realm and my Spiritual Strength also transforms, there’s no hope at all.”

“Ah, is that so? Then that really is a pity,” sighed Long Chen.

“Long Chen, your way of thinking really is different from ordinary people!” Meng Qi was somewhat speechless. He wanted someone at Tendon Transformation to enslave a fifth rank Magical Beast? Perhaps only Long Chen would think of something so crazy.

Just looking at Long Chen’s disappointed expression, they knew he was serious. He didn’t just dare think of something so crazy, he even dared do such crazy things. Just drawing over a terrifying Barbaric Wind Beast to fight with the Violet Phoenix Sparrow was something only he would have the guts to do.

“The more they fight, the more distant they get. I’d guess that the Violet Phoenix Sparrow is afraid of aftershocks affecting its nest. Why don’t we go over and take a look to see if there are any treasures in its nest?” Long Chen laughed mischievously.

The territories fifth rank Magical Beasts chose for themselves were never ordinary places. There really were likely treasures.

The four of them made a large detour around the fighting Magical Beasts’ lines of sight. They slowly reached the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s nest.

Its nest was at the peak of a high mountain, a location that would let it overlook any direction. The four of them spent over two hours just climbing up the back of the mountain.

The four of them carefully stuck their heads out. They saw that the Violet Phoenix Sparrow and the Barbaric Wind Beast were still constantly fighting. The mountains around them had already been razed to a flat land. Wind blades and flame intertwined, appearing incredibly imposing.

They were relieved to see that the Violet Phoenix Sparrow didn’t have the time to care about them. Only then did they sneak into its huge nest.

This nest was incomparably massive. It had to be over a mile in diameter. It was made of tough and flexible wood.

Crawling in, they all jumped in fright when they saw the situation inside the nest.

“Violet Phoenix Sparrow eggs!”

There were a total of four large eggs. That was equivalent to four chick Violet Phoenix Sparrows, which was equivalent to four powerful housepets.

“We’ve definitely struck gold now! Hurry up and collect these eggs!” exclaimed Long Chen.

This was the first time Meng Qi acted without any decorum at all. She rushed over and gently touched one of those huge eggs that were over three meters tall.

“There are a total of four Violet Phoenix Sparrow eggs, which is perfect since it’s one for each of us. Oh? The chicks inside are about to hatch.” Meng Qi was pleasantly surprised as she sensed the immense life energy from the egg. These Violet Phoenix Sparrow hatchlings would soon be appearing in the world.

“Then that really is perfect. Those hatchlings will be in a confused state and easy to connect to. We should quickly make them our housepets!” Lu Fang-er extended her hand and Spiritual Strength slowly poured into one of the huge eggs.

These chicks had yet to even hatch. They were still in an extremely disoriented state. Obtaining them as housepets at this time, they wouldn’t even need to place slave imprints. They could easily build up trust between them.

Although Magical Beasts were tyrannical and bloodthirsty, they would not betray those that were acknowledged as their companions.

The slave imprint made a Magical Beast unable to resist, but it also affected their growth. Slave imprints were mostly used on matured Magical Beasts.

The worst thing about slave imprints was that by using Spiritual Strength to suppress the Magical Beast, if that restriction ever loosened for any reason, the Magical Beast would immediately retaliate.

But as of now, these Violet Phoenix Sparrows had yet to even hatch. Forming a spiritual connection at this time was easy, and it was the most ideal moment to subdue them.

In less than a breath’s time, Meng Qi had already formed a kind of trust with the little fellow in her egg. She directly sent that egg into her spiritual space.

“Sister Chu Yao, let me teach you. It’s extremely easy…”

Seeing that Chu Yao didn’t know what to do, Meng Qi quickly taught Chu Yao a spiritual mnemonic that truly was extremely simple. Just after hearing it once, Chu Yao comprehended it. She began to circulate her soul energy to connect with the life inside that egg.

Although she was a wood cultivator, Chu Yao’s Spiritual Strength was also extremely powerful. Furthermore, establishing a spiritual space was so easy that she had actually already done so.

In the beginning, she had only created it for fun and hadn’t been thinking of subduing any housepets. After all, she focused on wood cultivation.

But seeing this Violet Phoenix Sparrow egg in front of her, her heart was finally moved. Who wouldn’t want a divine mount like a Violet Phoenix Sparrow?

“Long Chen, why aren’t you connecting to it?” Long Chen hadn’t collected his egg and was just looking around for something.

“Meng Qi, you can take mine,” smiled Long Chen.

“Why? This is a powerful Violet Phoenix Sparrow with its own powerful strength.” Meng Qi naturally was confused.

“I have Little Snow, and that’s enough for me. I don’t need other housepets.”

“But Little Snow…” Meng Qi hesitated.

“I know. But the only housepet I want is Little Snow, and nothing else can replace him. Even if Little Snow won’t be able to help me in the future, I will still want him to always accompany me,” said Long Chen extremely firmly.

“Wuwu.” Within Long Chen’s spiritual space, Little Snow let out a couple low whimpers. Closing his eyes, tears slowly flowed out.

“Long Chen…” Meng Qi’s heart shook slightly.

“It’s fine. I am a martial artist, and I should trust in my own strength the most. If I grow dependent on assistance, it will affect my Dao-heart. You can collect it yourself. Don’t wait too long or it’ll hatch!” urged Long Chen.

Meng Qi nodded, a strange feeling appearing in her heart. Her eyes were filled with a tender sentiment, and she no longer tarried, connecting to the other egg.

Other than these four eggs, Long Chen also saw the destroyed shells of another egg. The rumors were true: Violet Phoenix Sparrows gave birth to five eggs, and afterward, they would immediately eat one to replenish their energy.

Then while incubating them, it would continue consuming eggs to replenish its energy stores. In the end, only one chick would be born. Fortunately, they had arrived before the Violet Phoenix Sparrow had consumed another egg.

An hour later, Chu Yao was the last one to send her egg into her spiritual space. Looking at where the two terrifying Magical Beasts were fighting, Long Chen sighed.

“In a bit, perhaps there really will be a huge battle.”

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