Chapter 381 Reinforcements Arrive

Ten days later, by following his map, Long Chen found the lake he had used to flee for his life. He smiled when he saw that huge figure that was still unwaveringly staring at the lake from the shore.

Although the Barbaric Wind Beast was a fifth rank Magical Beast, both it and the Violet Phoenix Sparrow clearly did not possess high intelligence. It had already been so many days, but it was still just foolishly guarding here.

Long Chen took out a wind spirit stone and sent it flying over at it. Wind spirit stones did not possess much weight, but there was a large amount of wind energy within them. With just a slight amount of force, they could fly extremely far.

The Barbaric Wind Beast had been motionlessly staring at the lake, but it was extremely sensitive towards wind energy. Even that slight fluctuation of the wind spirit stone was instantly sensed by it.

At this time, Long Chen was standing on top of a high mountain on the other side of the lake. His position was extremely obvious, so the Barbaric Wind Beast instantly saw him.

Without the slightest hesitation, the Barbaric Wind Beast’s six legs sprang into action, and it ran across the water to charge at Long Chen. It was incredibly fast, similar to a berserk gust of wind. Its huge body was actually capable of coasting over the water to reach him.

“Excellent, your wounds have already healed. I’ll give you a chance to have a fair fight.” Long Chen turned and fled, pushing his speed to the peak, appearing like a phantom flitting across the land.

His control over the Netherworld Ghost Steps continued to improve as he advanced, but no matter how fast he was, it would be nonsense to try and escape from the Violet Phoenix Sparrow. However, his shocking speed was very effective against the Barbaric Wind Beast.

Previously, the Barbaric Wind Beast had been able to catch up to him despite him running at full speed. But now, he was just as fast as the Barbaric Wind Beast, and if he summoned his divine ring, his speed would increase slightly again.

However, Long Chen wasn’t doing this to throw it off but to lure it over. Just like that, he maintained a steady distance from the Barbaric Wind Beast as he rushed forward.

With the Barbaric Wind Beast’s powerful pressure, all other Magical Beasts were scared witless. Long Chen didn’t have any misgivings and focused completely on running.

Previously, on his way here, he had wasted ten days due to how carefully he had had to travel.

But now with the Barbaric Wind Beast’s pressure, he didn’t need to worry about anything like sneak attacks from poisonous insects. In just three days, he was able to see his original location.

In a concealed mountain valley a hundred miles from the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s nest, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Lu Fang-er were all nervously waiting.

It had been over ten days since Long Chen had left, and he hadn’t told them just who he was finding for help. He had only said for them to wait for him and help him look after Little Snow.

After this time, Little Snow had already recovered with Chu Yao’s nursing. A short layer of white fur had grown back, and he no longer appeared so odd.

“Who do you think Long Chen is asking for help?” asked Meng Qi.

According to Meng Qi’s understanding, it seemed Long Chen didn’t have such powerful friends. She really was unable to figure out just what reinforcements he was planning on bringing back.

Chu Yao shook her head. “He’s already so powerful, so if he wants to find helpers, they definitely can’t be much weaker than him. I really can’t think of who he’s looking for.”

Experts on the same level as Long Chen had to have reached Han Tianyu and Yin Luo’s level. Han Tianyu didn’t have any friendship with Long Chen; in fact, he had constantly been targeting him. As for Yin Luo, there was no need to even consider that. To cut off someone’s arm and then ask for help from that person, no one would do something so absurd.

“Wait, didn’t Long Chen say he was friends with Mo Nian? He definitely went to get Mo Nian,” said Lu Fang-er.

“That’s right, how’d I forget that? Mo Nian is also a peak expert. He once fought with Long Chen against Yin Luo. If Long Chen asked him to, then he would definitely come help,” exclaimed Chu Yao.

There was no need to doubt Mo Nian’s strength. Rumors had already spread that he had fought a shocking battle with Han Tianyu that had resulted in a draw.

If Long Chen had gone to find him, then with the two of them working together, plus the three of them helping, there might be a slight chance of them being able to kill the Violet Phoenix Sparrow.

“Overall, Long Chen’s qualities are good, but he’s just too obstinate. He refuses to suffer the slightest loss. He even dares fight a fifth rank Magical Beast,” sighed Lu Fang-er.

“Wuwu.” Little Snow let out a soft cry.

Meng Qi smiled slightly. “Little Snow says that Long Chen is fine with himself suffering loss, but he absolutely refuses to allow the people beside him to suffer loss.” With Meng Qi’s powerful Spiritual Strength, even though she wasn’t mentally connected to Little Snow, she was still capable of reading his spiritual fluctuations.

“Long Chen is always like that. No matter how much grievance he suffers, he just brushes it off with a smile. He never complains about it to anyone.

“When he was in his early youth, he was completely alone. He suffered without having anyone to rely on. In the end, he managed to get through that period of bullying and humiliation.

“But he never once complained about it. He treats every single person beside him very well. Being protected by him is a very great blessing,” said Chu Yao.

Meng Qi smiled. “Sister Chu Yao really is kindhearted. Are you telling me in a roundabout manner not to get jealous because of Long Chen?”

Seeing her intentions had been seen through so easily, Chu Yao reddened slightly. She had been thinking of laying a foundation for Tang Wan-er in hopes that Meng Qi would be able to accept her. That way Long Chen wouldn’t have to go through an awkward situation in the future.

She hadn’t expected Meng Qi would understand what she was doing in the first moment. She couldn’t help but smile with embarrassment. “Wan-er is a good girl. When you two see her, you’ll understand.”

Meng Qi smiled, “Sister Chu Yao, you’re overthinking. In the cultivation world, strength is respected. Which peak expert doesn’t have a group of beauties surrounding him?

“Furthermore, all of us have stepped onto the path of cultivation, a path with no retreat. Our top priority is cultivation, not romance and making babies. That would just cause us to neglect our cultivation.

“This is what it means by a dragon does not share a cave with snakes, and a phoenix does not fly with ordinary birds. Just as long as everyone deeply remembers their love in their hearts, it’s enough.”

“I understand,” said Chu Yao sincerely.

Chu Yao’s origin was a princess of the secular world. But Meng Qi had entered the cultivation world at a young age. Chu Yao had been taking the view of the secular world in terms of romance.

As for Meng Qi, she was viewing things from the cultivation world’s viewpoint. Amongst cultivators, there was no such struggle between wives and concubines.

Top experts naturally had countless people who revered and worshiped them. So, feelings like adoration were far too common.

Furthermore, the cruelest law of the cultivation world was that only the strong could have respect. Everyone cultivated with their lives on the line, so who would be so bored as to get jealous over such things?

No matter how deep the feelings between two people were, once their cultivation bases were too far apart, it would be very difficult for them to be able to walk through life together.

In the cultivation world, the companions of experts all needed their own corresponding strength and talent.

Xiao Hua’s relationship with Long Chen was a good example. There was no need to doubt her feelings for Long Chen. Her feelings were pure and clear like flawless white jade.

But Long Chen was unable to accept her love because the two of them were simply not on the same level. If the two of them tried to stay together, then there were only two possible conclusions.

One was that Long Chen would have truly entered the cultivation world while silently protecting Xiao Hua. Once a hundred years passed, Long Chen’s cultivation base would have grown ever higher, while Xiao Hua, even with the help of medicinal pills, would have been unable to endure, in the end becoming buried beneath the yellow ground.

The other possible ending was that Long Chen, who would have to go through countless battles in the cultivation world, would eventually end up gaining enemies that would target her. Because of Long Chen, Xiao Hua would end up dying tragically.

Neither of these results were acceptable to Long Chen. So it was foreordained that Long Chen and Xiao Hua’s relationship could not last.

Even if she also stepped into the cultivation world, different cultivation realms had different longevities. Their talents were too different, so the result would not change.

That was why Meng Qi was giving Chu Yao a warning not to end up getting lost in such emotions. If she wanted a long-lasting love, she needed her own powerful strength.

Otherwise, if a flock of geese was flying high in the air together and one ended up falling, that would be painful for all of them.

Chu Yao was exceptionally smart, so she was naturally able to pick up what Meng Qi was truly saying. She was extremely grateful to her, and at the same time, her view stretched further into the distance. “Thank you, sister Meng Qi.”

“Sisters don’t need to say such courteous words to each other. That would make it seem like we aren’t close,” smiled Meng Qi.

“Yes.” Chu Yao obediently nodded with a sweet smile.

“I feel like you two are getting way too close now. It seems like I, the little extra, am falling behind.” Seeing them intimately holding each other’s hands, Lu Fang-er was a bit jealous.

“What extra? Stop talking nonsense,” scolded Meng Qi.

Lu Fang-er grumbled, “But I can clearly tell that Long Chen doesn’t really like me. The way he looks at me is clearly different from the way he looks at you two.”

“What’s different about it? I didn’t see anything,” asked Chu Yao.

“Ah, how should I describe that gaze?” Lu Fang-er stroked her chin. She looked up at the sky, wondering just what kind of expression should be used to describe it. She suddenly clapped her hands excitedly. “That’s right, it’s the kind of look that says he wants to push you down and extend his ancestral line.”

“You damn girl, how can you say such coarse things?! Watch how I sort you out!” Meng Qi reddened and scolded her. She reached out and began to tickle Lu Fang-er. Chu Yao also joined the side of justice to help.

The three women messed around for a while, and their bell-like laughter occasionally rang out. They were extremely far from the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s nest and well concealed, so they didn’t need to be afraid of being noticed.

The three of them gradually returned to calm. Seeing that Long Chen still hadn’t returned after so long, they couldn’t help being worried. This was the Forest of Darkness, and danger was everywhere. No matter how powerful someone was, there was no guarantee of safety.

“What sound is that?”

The three of them suddenly felt the ground trembling. That trembling grew more and more intense, and a rumbling sound began to ring out. A terrifying aura was quickly approaching.

“The reinforcements are here! Carry out the plan!” A familiar voice rang out, delighting the three women.

“It’s Long Chen!” The three of them hastily jumped to the top of a large tree to look into the distance, wanting to see just what reinforcements Long Chen had brought.

But when they saw that huge monster behind Long Chen, their hands covered their mouths as they were filled with shock.

“Barbaric… Wind… Beast…” The image of something that only existed within ancient texts surfaced in their minds.

The ground was constantly trembling from the Barbaric Wind Beast’s mountain-sized body. It felt like an earthquake that could be sensed for hundreds of miles.

Suddenly, a loud bird’s cry rang out. The Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s immense body soared out of its nest, emitting its own powerful pressure as a warning to this intruder.

However, the Barbaric Wind Beast ignored the Violet Phoenix Sparrow. It opened its mouth and shot out a huge wind blade at Long Chen.


As soon as Long Chen had seen the Violet Phoenix Sparrow appear, he had set off in a direct line towards it. Now that the Barbaric Wind Beast had let out its attack, he hastily dodged to the side, throwing himself to the bottom of a deep well.

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