Chapter 380 Violet Phoenix Sparrow

BOOM! The sky darkened as a huge figure shot at them.

That figure was too huge. It was like a small mountain smashing over. It was incredibly fast, and before Long Chen could react, it had opened its mouth and was in the process of biting down on them.

That mouth was so large that even Little Snow could be swallowed by it.

“Careful!” Long Chen pushed Meng Qi out of the way. At the same time, he summoned his divine ring, and a star appeared in his eyes. A saber slashed at that huge mouth.

BOOM! A saber-image dozens of meters long ruthlessly slashed onto that huge mouth. Both Long Chen and Little Snow were blown back hundreds of meters.

Long Chen felt an ache in both his arms. He was appalled. He hastily turned to see just what it was that had sneak-attacked them. When he saw that figure, his scalp turned numb.

It was a huge bird three hundred meters long. Its body was like a peacock whose long feathers were a bewitching violet color, and they shone with a metallic luster.

“Violet Phoenix Sparrow!” Long Chen was horrified. This was a matured fifth rank Violet Phoenix Sparrow. Its flying speed was quick as lightning.

Seeing that its sneak attack had failed, the Violet Phoenix Sparrow suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a blaze of violet flame, instantly encompassing a region of several miles.

Long Chen and Little Snow had no chance to react, and they were instantly engulfed by those violet flames. The distant Meng Qi turned pale with fright.

“Long Chen!” Meng Qi had just been about to rush in when the flames disappeared, revealing Long Chen who was covered in blue flames. However, Little Snow had disappeared.

“Damn bird, you must want to die!” Killing intent erupted from Long Chen. A fifth rank Magical Beast’s attack was too powerful. If Long Chen hadn’t placed Little Snow into his spiritual space in time, then that flame would have very likely killed him.

But even so, Little Snow had been charred all over. His fur had turned black, and his injuries were very heavy.

Long Chen roared, and a huge saber-image appeared out of Devil Decapitator, viciously slashing onto the Violet Phoenix Sparrow.

Its huge wings shook, and one of them was like a huge cloud that smashed into Long Chen’s saber-image.

With another intense explosion, the ground cracked. Long Chen was blown back by a powerful force.

As for the Violet Phoenix Sparrow, it only lost a few feathers from blocking Long Chen’s saber. It hadn’t suffered any injury.

“Long Chen, we can’t fight it head-on! That’s a fifth rank Magical Beast! We can’t beat it!” Seeing Long Chen be forced back but still valiantly charge at it again, Meng Qi couldn’t help but worry.

Long Chen also knew that the most logical action would be to flee far, far away. But Little Snow had been heavily injured by its flames, causing Long Chen to feel immense distress. His fury overwhelmed his logic, and he had to kill this damn feathered brute.

Long Chen crazily brandished Devil Decapitator at the Violet Phoenix Sparrow, infuriating it. Its huge feathers shook the heavens, and it crazily attacked Long Chen.

While Long Chen was fighting with the Violet Phoenix Sparrow, Chu Yao and Lu Fang-er returned. Seeing Long Chen’s scarlet eyes as he crazily fought, they couldn’t help but feel panic.

“Sister, what should we do?” asked Chu Yao to Meng Qi.

Meng Qi was also frantic. A fifth rank Magical Beast was something that surpassed their limits. There was no way they could defeat one.

But Long Chen’s fury had already erupted out of his control, and he wouldn’t listen to anyone’s advice. He was risking his life to attack this fifth rank Magical Beast.

“We have to help. Chu Yao, you help Long Chen, and Fang-er and I will use Spiritual Strength to disturb it. We’ll see whether or not we’ll have a chance of killing it.” Since the situation had reached this point, they could only risk it.

Chu Yao nodded and began rushing over to Long Chen. As for Lu Fang-er, she put away her Scarlet Blaze Lion. In the face of a powerful fifth rank Magical Beast, it was unable to help at all. In fact, it might even be instantly killed.

“Ten Thousand Wood Thicket.” Chu Yao began to form hand seals, and her wood energy quickly circulated. The ground split apart and thousands of wooden stakes grew out, looking like flexible tentacles, instantly binding the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s two claws.

“Burning Soul Fury Arrow!”

Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er both formed hand seals, and two translucent spiritual arrows shot out at the Violet Phoenix Sparrow, instantly reaching its head.

These spiritual arrows were immaterial attacks specialized in attacking the soul. Being hit by those two spiritual arrows, the Violet Phoenix Sparrow let out a mournful cry. Obviously, this kind of attack was too difficult to resist for a Magical Beast. That was especially true for Meng Qi’s spiritual arrow, which had to be over ten times stronger than Lu Fang-er’s.

“Long Chen, now!” Chu Yao’s wooden stakes were tightly binding the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s claws. Now that it had just received those spiritual arrows, this was the best moment to launch his strongest attack.

“Split the Heavens!”

An icy shout rang out, a shout that seemed to come from above the nine heavens. A saber-image slashed down like a huge divine blade, landing heavily onto the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s huge head.

BOOOM! The Violet Phoenix Sparrow smashed into the ground, and a terrifying wave of qi directly blew back all three women.

A huge crater dozens of miles wide appeared in the ground. At the bottom of that crater was the Violet Phoenix Sparrow. It struggled up and stood.

That caused Long Chen’s body to be covered in icy sweat. A trickle of blood was flowing on the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s head, but it clearly wasn’t a fatal injury.

That was Long Chen’s absolute, strongest attack. Even Yin Luo had to go all-out to survive this attack.

However, it was only able to leave something that could barely even count as an injury on the Violet Phoenix Sparrow. That caused Long Chen to immediately become much more cool-headed.

“You three withdraw first. I’ll follow from behind.” Seeing that the Violet Phoenix Sparrow had once more opened its mouth and pointed it at him, Long Chen hastily shouted before fleeing in the opposite direction of Meng Qi and the others.

A violet flame instantly engulfed the fleeing Long Chen. That terrifying heat scorched the ground and melted all the rock.

The now coke-like ground began to split apart. When the violet flames finally scattered, it revealed Long Chen once more covered in his blue flame. He had only fled in the opposite direction so that this attack wouldn’t reach Meng Qi and the others.

But now seeing that the three of them hadn’t left and were still worriedly watching, Long Chen shouted, “We can’t beat this Magical Beast, so hurry up and run. I’ll draw it away first, but I’ll quickly re-join you!”

“But it’s a flying Magical Beast!” Meng Qi was pale with fright.

If it was a land-based Magical Beast, then it might be easy to throw off. But trying to draw away a flying Magical Beast was suicide.

“Don’t worry, I’m confident!” Long Chen made a gesture for them to be at ease and then rushed into the distance.

As expected, the Violet Phoenix Sparrow immediately chased the brat who had injured him. It flew straight at Long Chen, a huge claw smashing down.

Long Chen didn’t even look back as he fled. He swung out Devil Decapitator, smashing it into that huge claw.

An immense force transmitted through it, and Long Chen began to fly through the air.

Borrowing the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s force, Long Chen was like an arrow that had left the bow, instantly rushing into the distance.

The Violet Phoenix Sparrow let out a long cry and its wing spread. It traveled dozens of miles in a flash, and it caught up to Long Chen in just a breath’s time. Flying Magical Beasts were just too fast.

Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength circulated, and a golden page turned into a golden light that slashed into the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s head.

The golden page cleanly cut through its scalp and pierced into its skull.

Seeing this attack was effective, Long Chen was delighted. The golden page’s sharpness was able to cut gold and slice jade. It was enough to cut apart the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s head.

But then his expression quickly changed. He was appalled to realize that once the golden page entered the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s skull, his connection to it grew extremely faint.

He panicked and hastily used his Spiritual Strength to pull it out. But at this time, he realized that the flesh around the page was like a barrier isolating his Spiritual Strength.

Now the page was stuck in its thick skull, and he was unable to extract it.


The Violet Phoenix Sparrow once more spat out its fierce violet flame, and Long Chen once more summoned his Pill Flame to protect him. But even so, he still felt a scorched feeling. Quite a few blisters had started to rise from his skin, causing Long Chen to grimace in pain.

The fact that he hadn’t managed to kill the Violet Phoenix Sparrow and instead had caused the golden page to become stuck in its head, infuriated Long Chen so much that he repeatedly swore. He hadn’t gotten Little Snow his revenge and instead ended up losing a trump card.

Furthermore, this Violet Phoenix Sparrow had become completely enraged by Long Chen. It seemed as if it wouldn’t rest until Long Chen was completely exterminated.

Most importantly, no matter how Long Chen tried to increase his speed, the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s wings would just quiver slightly, and it would easily catch up. Wanting to shake it off was just fantasy.

“I can only use it.” Long Chen clenched his teeth and held his breath. He waited for an opportunity, and when the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s chest puffed slightly, he raised his hand and chucked an egg-sized ball at its mouth.

Once that thing appeared, the air was filled with a disgusting stench. Furthermore, the Violet Phoenix Sparrow had just opened its mouth in preparation for spitting out its flames again.

But before it could, that small ball exploded inside its mouth. A light green liquid splashed inside its mouth, and an incomparable stench instantly exploded.


The Violet Phoenix Sparrow crashed onto the ground, crazily struggling. A huge crater was blown into the ground by it.

It was constantly vomiting, and the stench in the air grew even worse. At this time, the Violet Phoenix Sparrow no longer even cared about Long Chen, and so he took the chance to flee.

When Long Chen finally found Meng Qi and the others, he was burned black in many places and appeared extremely miserable. However, seeing that he was alive allowed the three of them to relax.

Long Chen summoned Little Snow out of his spiritual space. All his snow-white fur had burned to ashes, and even his skin looked like charcoal now. Blood slowly trickled out of some places, and his injuries were extremely wretched.

“Fuck, we definitely have to get revenge for this.” Long Chen ground his teeth. Seeing Little Snow’s miserable condition caused his heart to clench.

Chu Yao hastily circulated her spiritual qi to help heal Little Snow. With Chu Yao present, Little Snow’s injuries weren’t anything major. They just looked frightening.

In just two hours, Little Snow’s injuries were healed. However, his snow-white fur would still need some time to grow out again.

“Let’s go Little Snow. We need to find its nest.” Long Chen told Little Snow to use his nose to find the Violet Phoenix Sparrow’s nest.

Now it wasn’t so simple as just getting revenge for Little Snow. He had to also get back that golden page. He still didn’t know what important information was written on it.

Three days later, Little Snow brought the four of them to the foot of a mountain. They could see a huge bird nest a hundred miles away.

“Excellent. It’ll be easy now that we’ve found the nest. All of you wait for me here. I’ll go bring some reinforcements to eliminate this feathered brute.”

Long Chen told the three women to look after Little Snow and then began rushing into the distance alone.

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