Chapter 378 Dividing the Spoils


A total of four people had appeared, and they had surprisingly all reached the Chosen-level. The four of their combined strengths caused the void to tremble.

“Fuck off!” Long Chen swung out Devil Decapitator onto their weapons, instantly disintegrating them. Blood splashed as they flew back.

Long Chen glanced from the corner of his eye and realized the four people who had blocked him were all experts from the Corrupt path. He had no time to settle his debts with them, and he continued chasing after Yin Luo.

“Too terrifying! Four Chosen were unable to receive a single blow!” The distant spectators were all dumbfounded.

Those four people had only just miserably crawled up from the ground when two angry roars rang out, and one wind blade and one flame sphere attacked the four of them.

The wind blade and flame sphere exploded in their midst. With the revolving wind blade and the blazing flames, those four Chosen were all instantly killed before even getting a chance to react.

Meng Qi and the others were all startled. They hadn’t imagined that Little Snow and the Scarlet Blaze Lion were so suited to cooperating. The flame borrowed the power of the wind to explosively increase its attacking power by multiple times, allowing them to instantly kill four Chosen.

After killing four Chosen in a flash, Lu Fang-er actually shot over and used her powerful Spiritual Strength to find three spatial rings.

There was also one that was perhaps destroyed or had shot out into the distance. In any case, Lu Fang-er had no time to search, and she jumped back on her Scarlet Blaze Lion to continue chasing.

After this time, Long Chen and Yin Luo’s figures had already disappeared into the distance. However, Little Snow had been with Long Chen for so long that he was easily able to follow him with his perceptive senses.

They crazily rushed around for six full hours. Finally, Long Chen appeared in front of them. He was currently dejectedly sitting on top of a rock, gasping for breath.

The land around Long Chen was a complete mess. Not far were two Corrupt disciples’ corpses. They were two powerful Chosen.

The three of them hastily rushed over with great concern. “What happened?”

Long Chen shook his head bitterly. “I ended up losing his trail.”

Just thinking of what had happened infuriated him. The plan had been going great in the beginning, but in the end, all the efforts had been wasted.

These two Chosen that had appeared in the end were incredibly powerful, and they had stalled Long Chen for too long. Furthermore, Long Chen had already been exhausted. After killing these two, he had had no more energy to chase Yin Luo.

Back when he had been chased down by Yin Luo, who knew how many spectators had just been watching from the sidelines. Not one of them had helped him.

And not only had they not helped him, but they had even taken advantage of him being incredibly injured to try and kill him. If it hadn’t been for that mysterious woman, he would have already died.

But somehow Yin Luo had drawn over so many people to help. Those people had clearly known that they would die, but they had still dared to come out and fight despite that. Sometimes, Long Chen would become bewildered. Just which path was the true Righteous path?

Seeing Long Chen’s depressed expression, the three women had no idea what to say. They had an urge to both laugh and cry.

Just who was Yin Luo? He was the Corrupt path’s top Chosen, a once-in-a-thousand-year genius. How could he possibly be so easy to kill? The fact that Long Chen was able to send him fleeing was already enough to shock everyone.

They weren’t shocked Yin Luo was able to escape. Yin Luo’s name was just too grand and resounding. They never dared imagine such a figure would die.

“It really is a pity. If you had just agreed to let us fight too, we really might have been able to kill him,” said Lu Fang-er with a bit of regret.

Meng Qi and Chu Yao nodded ever so slightly. If the three of them had fought back then, they probably would have had over eighty percent chance of killing Yin Luo.

Long Chen shook his head. “You’re looking down on Yin Luo too much. The fact that he was still able to continue running all this time means he still had at least a bit of energy kept in reserve. Although that little bit of energy isn’t much, he definitely had the assurance to bring down others with him. That was the reason I didn’t want you to participate in the battle. Yin Luo is a veteran fighter, and he isn’t afraid of death. If he really found there was no chance of him surviving, he would become crazy in his retaliation. This entire situation was something I anticipated, and to avoid his final deathblow, I was hoping to compete with him in terms of endurance at the end.”

Here, Long Chen sighed. “Unfortunately, I didn’t calculate how united the Corrupt path is. The people who came to assist Yin Luo ruined my plans.”

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Lu Fang-er were profoundly shocked. Despite already seeing how terrifying Yin Luo was, it seemed they had still underestimated him. If Long Chen’s words were said by another person’s mouth, then maybe they would doubt them.

But these words had come from Long Chen. Perhaps only Long Chen had the qualification to properly evaluate Yin Luo.

Even Han Tianyu didn’t have that qualification. That was because in this world, only Long Chen had exchanged blows with Yin Luo three times.

Although Long Chen didn’t say some of his thoughts, the three of them knew that Long Chen would rather give up this chance to kill Yin Luo in order to make sure nothing unexpected happened to them.

“A top expert like Yin Luo has karmic luck supporting him, so how could he be so easy to kill? The fact that you could force him to this point is already amazing. Who else in either the Righteous or Corrupt path could force Yin Luo to this point?” Meng Qi couldn’t help but comfort him when she saw how despondent he seemed.

“Here. These are your battle spoils that I helped you collect.” Lu Fang-er handed over Yin Luo’s arm.

Looking at that arm, Long Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “Last time I severed his leg, and this time I severed his arm. Could it be I only have fate with his body’s limbs?”

Lu Fang-er laughed, “Hehe, this is a symbol of your glory! Furthermore, there’s also a priceless teleportation talisman in its hand. At a critical moment, it can save your life.”

Yin Luo’s hand was holding a yellow, rectangular paper. Dense lines had been drawn on top of it that emitted an ancient, desolate aura.

“This is a teleportation talisman?” Long Chen carefully grabbed the teleportation talisman and found that although it looked like wooden paper, it was actually a paper made from animal hide.

He could smell the scent of beast blood coming from the lines on the page. The liquid used to draw these runes was also special.

“You better be careful with that. If you end up crushing it, it’ll instantly disappear forever,” teased Lu Fang-er.

Meng Qi smiled and said, “It’s not as exaggerated as Fang-er says. If you want to crush a teleportation talisman, you have to first use your Spiritual Strength to activate the marks on top of it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to crush it. That’s also why when Yin Luo tried to crush the teleportation talisman, I was able to use a secret art to temporarily seal his Spiritual Strength and make it impossible for him to activate it.”

Previously, Long Chen had already guessed that a top expert like Yin Luo would definitely have life-saving treasures like a teleportation talisman.

Meng Qi had said that she had the ability to make it so he was temporarily unable to activate a teleportation talisman, which is why Long Chen had been able to set his heart on killing Yin Luo.

And this was proof that Long Chen’s guess had been correct. But someone as domineering as Yin Luo wouldn’t prepare many teleportation talismans for themselves, as that didn’t suit their haughty nature.

The reason experts were called experts was because they believed more in their own strength than external objects. So, true experts usually disdained relying on life-saving measures that others tried to bestow to them.

That was because doing so might cause them to feel dependent on external strength, causing them to lose their courageous will. To Chosen, too many life-saving treasures was not always a good thing.

As a result, Yin Luo had only had a single teleportation talisman, so Long Chen really had bet correctly. Regretfully, a man’s plans cannot supersede fate’s plans. In the end, he had failed with victory in sight.

“Long Chen, you can keep this teleportation talisman. It might save your life,” said Meng Qi.

Long Chen had forced Yin Luo into miserable straits. Previously, he cut off his leg, and now he cut off an arm. Yin Luo’s hatred for Long Chen must have sunk into his bones by now.

Since Yin Luo had fled, then once he broke through to Bone Forging, he would definitely come looking for Long Chen. So, this teleportation talisman was the most important to Long Chen.

“I don’t need it. One of you can keep it since you need it more than me.” Long Chen shook his head and handed over the teleportation talisman.

“Long Chen, don’t be so stubborn. Once Yin Luo breaks through, he’ll definitely come to get revenge on you. So, you’re the one who needs the teleportation talisman the most,” advised Meng Qi, sounding a bit displeased.

“That’s right Long Chen, you have to keep this teleportation talisman. Otherwise, we’ll get angry with you,” said Chu Yao, equally dissatisfied.

They had all seen how terrifying Yin Luo was. Despite being in such a superior position, they still hadn’t been able to kill him.

Once he broke through, who knew what level his strength would explode to. Just thinking about it gave them chills.

“It doesn’t matter if he breaks through. If it was before today, I would definitely have to run and hide from him. Hehe, but now, I don’t have to fear him,” laughed Long Chen.

With the Qilin Fruit, he should at least be able to form an embryonic form of the Alioth Star. With both stars’ power, which was equivalent to two Dantians, then even if he couldn’t beat him, he still wouldn’t need to fear Yin Luo.

“Sister Fang-er, of the three of you, you’re the weakest, so you can keep this teleportation talisman.” Long Chen pushed the teleportation talisman into Lu Fang-er’s hands. Seeing the three of them were about to continue arguing, Long Chen waved his hand. “I have my own life-preserving measures, so you don’t need to decline. Otherwise, it’ll get awkward.”

Seeing how obstinate Long Chen was being, the three of them felt a bit helpless. Long Chen’s character was just like that. Once he decided on something, only a few people could make him change his mind.

“Sister Fang-er, you should just take it,” advised Chu Yao.

Lu Fang-er shook her head. “Even if Long Chen doesn’t want it, I don’t want it either. Junior sister, you can have it. You need it more than me.” Chu Yao hastily shook her head, but Lu Fang-er pressed the teleportation talisman into her hand. “I’m a Beast Tamer, and so I don’t fight in close quarters. Furthermore, I’ll be with Meng Qi now. With her present, there are not very many people that can threaten me.”

Chu Yao still wasn’t sure. She was about to hand it to Meng Qi when Meng Qi took the initiative to say, “I already have one, so you should keep it.”

“Just keep it. This can count as big sister’s gift to you,” Lu Fang-er held Chu Yao’s hand and laughed.

Chu Yao felt extremely moved inside. A single teleportation talisman was far too expensive. But now it seemed she couldn’t even give it away. She could only keep it and remember this favor in her heart.

“Let’s go find a secluded place. I’ll let you see a priceless treasure.”

Now that the teleportation talisman had found an owner, Long Chen smiled and brought the three of them away. He needed to find a place to refine the Alioth Pill.

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