Chapter 377 Chasing After Him


A wind blade silently appeared, causing Yin Luo to jump in fright. But that wind blade wasn’t aiming at him. It ended up striking the ground in front of him, filling the air with dust.

Yin Luo’s heart shook. There was an ambush waiting for him? Behind him, Long Chen was quickly catching up. Yin Luo could only force his way through from the front.

Piercing through from the front would at least give him some chance of surviving. But if he decided to turn back and face Long Chen in this condition, his only possible fate would be to die.

He quickly rushed forward. He recognized that attack as the one Long Chen’s Magical Beast had used before.

Although that Magical Beast’s attack power was terrifying, if he was prepared, it was unable to threaten him. He had only just taken a couple of steps when a blazing flame swallowed him, and a terrifying heat immediately scorched the land.

This entire time, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Lu Fang-er had been guarding the exit. From Long Chen’s shout, they knew Yin Luo really had been defeated by Long Chen and had begun to flee.

They immediately acted according to the plan and Little Snow had attacked. However, Long Chen didn’t want Little Snow’ attack to directly hit Yin Luo, but to block his line of sight.

Little Snow’s attack had filled the air with dust. Following him, Lu Fang-er’s recently gained Scarlet Blaze Lion sent out the true attack, letting out a ball of flames that suddenly attacked Yin Luo out of nowhere.

The Scarlet Blaze Lion’s flame was incredibly powerful. An ordinary Chosen would be unable to block it. Most frightening of all, the area of its attack was huge, so it was almost impossible to dodge.

“Endless Sinking Wood!” Suddenly, a clear shout rang out. Yin Luo was horrified to see the ground beneath his feet sink, and he was quickly going down. He hastily used his qi to protect his body, and he jumped out of this trap.

But he had only just flown out when countless wooden stakes instantly bound him tightly.

Yin Luo’s heart turned cold. He struggled, but he found these golden wooden stakes were harder than steel, and he wasn’t able to break them like this.

“BREAK!” Yin Luo roared furiously, and he once more activated his Xiantian power. With natural energy backing his attack, these wooden stakes were instantly disintegrated.

After escaping the wooden bindings, YIn Luo had just been about to continue fleeing when he saw even more wooden stakes. Those all-encompassing wooden stakes surged over to him.

“Fuck off!” Yin Luo brandished his spear, and he activated his Xiantian power again. Those wooden stakes were all broken. In front of natural energy, all other attacks appeared much weaker.

After destroying hundreds of wooden stakes, Yin Luo realized that two wooden stakes had stealthily wrapped around his feet. By the time he could let out another attack to destroy them, Long Chen would have already reached him.

Yin Luo was completely furious and shocked. He hadn’t even been able to get a look at who exactly was attacking him. He hastily took out a precious teleportation talisman. At this point, he had no choice but to use it.

“Soul Absorption Art.”

Following a cold shout, Yin Luo suddenly felt an intense pain in his soul, and he was horrified to find that his left hand refused to listen to his orders. Thus, he was unable to activate the teleportation talisman.

At this point, Long Chen arrived and his saber slashed down. The arm holding the teleportation talisman left the rest of Yin Luo’s body.

The pain of losing an arm made Yin Luo crazy. His spear smashed at Long Chen with all his power, and Long Chen hastily blocked.


This attack had been backed by his Xiantian power. He had sent Long Chen flying, as well as broken the wooden stakes coiling around his feet.

“Bastards, all of you can die!” Yin Luo roared furiously. A spear-image hundreds of meters long extended from his spear, smashing down on Meng Qi and the others.

Two howls rang out at the same time, and a wind blade and a flame sphere collided into that spear-image. But that spear-image only shook ever so slightly before smashing apart those attacks and continuing down on them.

Although Yin Luo was unable to see Meng Qi and the others, he could use his sharp intuition to sense their location. Thus, he had let out a full power attack.

“Storm Slash!” Meng Qi and the others had just been about to block when a saber-image smashed into Yin Luo’s spear-image. Both images exploded.

A terrifying astral wind shot out, and the three women were blown back. Even Little Snow and the Scarlet Blaze Lion were sent miserably tumbling back.

When the three women stabilized their positions, they couldn’t help being horrified. How could this Yin Luo be so terrifying? His aura was clearly much weaker than when he had first started this fight, but his attacks were still terrifying to the extreme.

If Long Chen hadn’t blocked it in the end, then Chu Yao’s wooden shield would definitely have been unable to block it.

After shattering Yin Luo’s spear-image, Long Chen also reached the point where he was gasping for breath, he had clearly overdrafted his strength.

But he also knew that this was the crucial moment. He took a deep breath and once more charged forward at Yin Luo like some berserk cheetah.

Having lost an arm, Yin Luo had to do everything he could to block Long Chen’s tempest of attacks. However, he was still repeatedly forced back.

As he fell back, the ground was constantly crumbling. Although the two of them had already reached the point of exhaustion, each one of their attacks was still incredibly powerful.

“Let’s go help Long Chen,” said Meng Qi. Seeing Long Chen risking his life to fight, she was just about to rush out to help.

“Don’t sister. If you go out, it’ll make Long Chen mad.” Chu Yao held Meng Qi back. Neither Meng Qi nor Lu Fang-er understood, so Chu Yao continued, “Long Chen’s extremely stubborn. He wouldn’t want anyone to change his plans. Have you forgotten? He’s already said that we’re only in charge of blocking Yin Luo once. After that, we have to distance ourselves from the battle. No matter what the result is, we’re not to interfere.”

In the beginning, Long Chen had already estimated Yin Luo’s strength. To kill Yin Luo would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens. It would be a bitter clash of power that didn’t rely on technique or skill.

But even if he could force Yin Luo into a disadvantage, killing him would still be incomparably difficult. That was true even if he could force Yin Luo to the brink of despair.

With how powerful Yin Luo was, it was unknown how many people he would be able to bring with him in his death. Other than Long Chen, no one else here would be able to block Yin Luo’s final deathblow.

That was why when Long Chen had come up with the plan, he had harshly warned them that they were only in charge of one block to slow him down. No matter what the result was, they were to then hide in the distance and not interfere.

“This fellow is far too overbearing,” sighed Meng Qi. But there wasn’t the slightest reproach in her eyes.

The three of them knew they were all soul cultivators who weren’t suited to close-range combat. That was true even for Chu Yao, who used her soul energy to control her wooden stakes. Long Chen was only doing this in consideration of their safety.

“Look, Yin Luo has started to run again.”

They noticed that after fighting for a bit, Yin Luo had finally recovered his senses and no longer faced Long Chen directly. He was already running, and Long Chen was chasing.

“We should also go over. Wait, we should collect the arm first. That’s Long Chen’s spoils of battle.” Lu Fang-er ran over to the arm Long Chen had severed.

That arm was still holding a precious teleportation talisman. That was a life-saving treasure, and they definitely couldn’t waste it.

It had to be known that the majority of Chosen did not have the qualifications to possess such treasure. Those kinds of items were just too precious, and only absolutely top experts were given such treatment.

After putting away the arm, Meng Qi and Chu Yao jumped onto little Snow, while Lu Fang-er jumped on her Scarlet Blaze Lion.

Yin Luo and Long Chen were incredibly fast. Long Chen was using the Netherworld Ghost Steps, but he was unable to close the distance between the two of them.

Long Chen knew this was an incredibly hard to come by chance. If he missed this opportunity, it wouldn’t come again.

Furthermore, Yin Luo had already reached the peak of Tendon Transformation. Once he stepped over that next barrier and was in Bone Forging, the person to flee so miserably would definitely be Long Chen.

One person running, and one person chasing. The two of them pierced through the dense forest. A desert area appeared in front of them, and with their speed, the sky was filled with sand, looking like a dust dragon. They traveled dozens of miles in an instant.

This was the core region of the Forest of Darkness, and the terrain was extremely complicated along with countless Magical Beasts. All the explorers who had reached here traveled extremely cautiously.

But then when they saw these two figures speeding along with their full strength, shooting past them like lightning, they were all dumbfounded. Wasn’t rushing madly like that in the core region of the Forest of Darkness just courting death?

“What terrifying speed! Who would be so brazen to recklessly rush around here?”

“Hey, it’s not one person, but two.” Some sharp-eyed people saw that within the sky full of dust, there was one figure who was constantly chasing the other. But due to being hidden in the dust, it was difficult to notice him.

“Heavens, if I haven’t seen wrongly, then isn’t that person running at the front the Corrupt path’s number one expert, Yin Luo?!”

Yin Luo’s name was something practically everyone in both the Righteous and Corrupt paths was aware of. Although few people had seen Yin Luo before, his name was not foreign to them.

Before entering the secret realm, all the various large sects had prepared information on the top Chosen so their disciples would know who they absolutely could not provoke.

So when they saw the person fleeing at the front, they were all filled with disbelief. The Corrupt path’s top expert was actually being chased down by someone else.

“Heavens, Yin Luo is injured! He’s lost an arm.” Someone let out a startled cry. This discovery made them incomparably stunned.

“Then is the person chasing him Han Tianyu?” muttered some people. It seemed that other than Han Tianyu, there wasn’t anyone else capable of this.

“Stand still, Yin Luo! If you leave me another leg this time, I swear I won’t kill you!” Having to chase behind Yin Luo, Long Chen was constantly getting dust blown in his face, infuriating him. He was unable to catch up to him no matter what, so he now shouted out a loud taunt.

Although Long Chen had to swallow a mouthful of dust for this, the distant spectators had it much worse than him. A huge uproar exploded. They had all recognized that voice.

“It’s Long Chen!”

Everyone’s jaw hit the ground. Most of them had already seen the photographic jade of Long Chen’s fight with Yin Wushuang, so they immediately recognized Long Chen’s voice.

“Just what kind of monster is Long Chen?! After just defeating Yin Wushuang, he went to chase down the Corrupt path’s number one expert? Is he trying to defy the heavens?”

The distant spectators felt they were about to go insane. The world around them seemed to have gone insane.

Yin Luo’s expression was dark, and he was feeling endless humiliation. But he didn’t look back because of his anger. Rather than risking his life to fight Long Chen, he continued fleeing.

Seeing Yin Luo was ignoring him and still running, Long Chen was thinking of taunting him several times to see if he could provoke him. But Long Chen had also reached his limit. Each time he opened his mouth, it would consume some of his little remaining energy. So, he kept his mouth shut and continued chasing.

The two of them were incredibly quick, and they passed through the desert in just a short time. Forest reappeared in front of them. Suddenly, when Long Chen entered the forest, several figures flew over and attacked him.

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