Chapter 376 Once More Fighting Yin Luo

“Come! Let’s have a decisive battle to the death!”

Long Chen’s roar shook the nine heavens. His divine ring once more appeared behind him, and endless light pierced through the clouds.

Boundless qi waves continuously battered the blue dome of the sky. A terrifying aura erupted out, one that could destroy the world and cause gods and devils to quiver.

“FengFu Battle Armor!”


The ground collapsed, the mountains shaking. A star appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, and he now seemed like a devil god that was causing heaven and earth to constantly rumble.

Meng Qi and the others who were guarding the exit were all horrified. Even from hundreds of miles away, even though they were separated by huge mountains, that terrifying pressure still caused their hearts to tremble.

If Chu Yao wasn’t absolutely sure that this was Long Chen’s aura, then Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er would have refused to believe it.

Although Lu Fang-er had seen Long Chen attack, it had seemed like he was just defeating children, and he hadn’t used his full strength.

But now the current Long Chen seemed like a divinity of the world. That kind of aura caused the world to tremble and all living things to lower their heads. 

Long Chen and Yin Luo had already fought each other twice, and Long Chen was well aware of Yin Luo’s strength. He no longer needed to use any probing blows against him. He immediately erupted with his full strength.

For a terrifying opponent like Yin Luo, who possessed extremely rich battle experience, it would be useless for Long Chen to try any tricky moves or other things he had gained through his battle experience. Unlike when he had fought against Yin Wushuang, if he wanted to fight Yin Luo, the only way was to use true power.

Long Chen roared, his voice like spring thunder shaking the heavens. He raised Devil Decapitator into the air, and a terrifying Saber Qi split open the void, slashing down on Yin Luo who was a dozen meters away. “KILL!”

“Hmph, then let me see just how many of my blows you can receive now that you’ve advanced to Tendon Transformation. Netherworld Possession!”

A huge illusory phantom appeared behind Yin Luo. It was the same figure that had appeared back in the Righteous and Corrupt battle.[1]

However, this time, that illusory phantom was even larger and even more solid. It looked just like a devil god, emitting a fiendish aura.

When Yin Luo merged with that phantom, a terrifying wave of qi soared into the sky. He snorted and smashed his spear at Long Chen’s attacking saber.


An earth-shaking collision. It was like the collision of two meteors. The land shook, and the closest cliff to them directly collapsed. Over half of that huge cliff, which was miles high, fell to the ground, countless boulders falling.

However, neither Long Chen nor Yin Luo cared. They both roared and crazily attacked each other.


Each time their weapons collided, it caused a terrifying explosion. Those huge boulders that had just fallen were now crushed to smithereens.

The two of them were both top experts, and under their full strength attacks, the ground was continuously crumbling, and the surrounding mountains began to cave in. It was like the end of the world.

BOOM! With a final collision, one of the cliffs was unable to bear the powerful impact, and the majority of it collapsed.

Furthermore, many huge boulders fell off it and began to smash towards the two of them like meteorites.


The two of them were struck by a huge boulder, but after a moment, that huge boulder suddenly exploded. Countless rock fragments flew away from their bodies. The spear and saber were still crazily fighting.

Continuous explosions rang out. Dust soared into the air, eventually soaring out of the basin in a thick pillar into the sky. Even people thousands of miles away could see it.

The ground was constantly shuddering, and space was rumbling. The two of them fought for two hours without their auras declining in the slightest. In fact, their auras only grew stronger over time, becoming more and more majestic.


With another earth-shaking collision, both of them were knocked back dozens of meters. Long Chen’s heart was pounding wildly.

Yin Luo was too terrifying. If he hadn’t advanced to Tendon Transformation and increased his stores of spiritual qi by tens of times, he would have long since become exhausted.

But even so, he could still sense that his spiritual qi was beginning to run out. He couldn’t continue like this.

He was truly shocked. But Yin Luo was even more shocked. His Netherworld Possession was a secret technique from ancient times. It allowed his combat ability to soar to a shocking level, but it was also equally exhausting.

Having fought intensely for two hours, he had been unable to suppress Long Chen in the slightest. That profoundly shocked him.

Up until now, Yin Luo had fought with who knew how many experts. Even Bone Forging Elders were unable to fight against him anymore. But Long Chen was able to. Furthermore, his realm was even lower than his.

Although it could be considered the same realm, he was at the peak of Tendon Transformation, while Long Chen was in the early Tendon Transformation realm. The difference between them was still extremely large.

That caused Yin Luo to feel a sense of defeat for the first time. At the same time, his killing intent grew even denser. He definitely couldn’t leave Long Chen alive.

His spear shook, and a strange energy soared out. A formless aura caused heaven and earth to quiver, and the energy of heaven and earth began to gather around him.

“Hmph, you’re finally activating your Xiantian power? Yin Luo, you really have become depraved!” sneered Long Chen.

“Nonsense, this Xiantian power is a part of my power! It’s not depraved.”

“Whether or not it’s a part of your own power is something you know best. Do you really need to try and deceive yourself?” Long Chen made his preparations. All his energy was circulating.

Yin Luo’s expression turned chilly. Long Chen was insulting him. This Xiantian power was fundamentally not his, but something his sect had bestowed upon him.

For him, his sect had sacrificed a Xiantian expert, sealing that expert’s Xiantian essence blood into his body. He was to refine it, and it would become a powerful assistance as he grew stronger.

It truly couldn’t be counted as his power. However, Yin Luo still sneered, “Resources are also a kind of power, so stop spouting so much nonsense. Today, I’ll definitely take your life.”

His spear surged forward. Endless energy from hundreds of miles around began to surge towards Yin Luo. A terrifying aura locked Long Chen in place.

This wasn’t his first time encountering the Xiantian power of being able to control natural energy. However, this time, Yin Luo’s control over the natural energy was clearly much more refined.

That meant another portion of his Xiantian essence blood had been refined. His control over natural energy was only growing greater over time.

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen circulated his FengFu Star to its max, and energy surged through nine acupuncture points before entering Devil Decapitator.

Countless lines lit up along Devil Decapitator. Although a large portion of the blade was covered in notches, it still didn’t affect its fierce aura.

As Long Chen poured in more and more spiritual qi, it was like a stream became a rushing ocean. His nine acupuncture points were pushed to their peak.

This was the first time Long Chen was using Split the Heavens since advancing to Tendon Transformation. Terrifying Saber Qi was cycling around Devil Decapitator, emitting a blinding light.

“DIE!” Just at this moment, Yin Luo finished condensing all his natural energy and shouted. His spear pierced through space, stabbing at Long Chen.

Long Chen had also finished storing energy. Devil Decapitator was letting out a constant rumble in the air. It appeared like a berserk Magical Beast thirsting for battle.

“Split the Heavens!”


The spear tip collided with the saber-light. For dozens of miles, the ground intensely shuddered. Terrifying astral wind unfurled, and mountains collapsed. Both Long Chen and Yin Luo were sent flying by the other person’s force.

At the same time, the two of them vomited a mouthful of blood. Before either could react, they were smashed by the boulders falling from the collapsing mountains.

Rocks exploded as Yin Luo jumped out of the boulders. His robes were badly damaged, and his hair was a complete mess. His spear-wielding hand was drenched in blood, appearing extremely miserable.

After jumping out from the boulders, Yin Luo didn’t see Long Chen’s figure. He suddenly felt a chill in his heart and threw himself to the side.

BOOM! A huge, violet lightning ball exploded beside Yin Luo’s body. That terrifying energy created a huge ditch in the ground, a ditch that was so deep that the bottom couldn’t even be seen.

Although Yin Luo had made the right choice to dodge, he still hadn’t been fast enough. The terrifying wave of energy struck him, causing him to vomit more blood.

Before their final collision, Long Chen had already made his plan. Yin Luo was too powerful. The two of their strengths were not much different, so it would be difficult for either one of them to defeat the other. To kill their opponent was just a fantasy.

But now after using an absolute full power attack, both of their strengths had sharply declined. It wasn’t possible to kill the other through absolute strength like this, but it was possible depending on what strategy you chose.

After that huge attack, Long Chen had hidden himself below the boulders and summoned the thunderforce in his body. After constant compression, he had let out his deadly attack.

Unfortunately, Yin Luo was a veteran of hundreds of battles. The instant Long Chen had released his attack, Yin Luo had sensed it and dodged it. He was only struck by the shockwave.

But even so, Yin Luo vomited three large mouthfuls of blood. After all, Long Chen’s thunderforce wasn’t from ordinary lightning, but from tribulation lightning. It contained a boundless destructive will.

The destructive ability of this lightning was far too shocking. Even though Yin Luo had dodged and raised his guard, he was still heavily injured by the shockwave. His whole body became numb.


Suddenly, a golden page silently slashed out at Yin Luo’s neck. Yin Luo felt his hair stand on end and threw himself to the side.

The golden page slashed through Yin Luo’s neck. Unfortunately, it had strayed from the intended target and only cut through a portion of his neck. It hadn’t completely decapitated him.

Long Chen couldn’t help but cry that it was a pity. He hastily rushed out of the rubble. Devil Decapitator slashed out at Yin Luo’s neck, trying to make up for the previous attack.

Yin Luo was repeatedly heavily injured. That last attack had been exceptionally heavy, and he had almost lost his head. But although his face was pale, there was not the slightest panic in his eyes.

One hand kept the injury to his neck closed, while the other hand wielded his spear to block Long Chen’s saber.

After their previous full power attack, their strengths had greatly declined. This time, they were both blown back a dozen steps by the other. Their arms felt a bit sore, a sign they had slightly overdrafted themselves.

Yin Luo was heavily injured; his neck partially severed. After being blown back by Long Chen, he didn’t even think before rushing out of the basin.

He had to run. Although a cut on the throat wasn’t fatal to cultivators, it would still heavily impact their fighting strength.

Previously, the two of them had been evenly matched. But now that he had been injured, he had fallen behind. The situation wasn’t favorable to him, so he had to run.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Long Chen chased after him. With the two of them rushing, they instantly reached that narrow passageway.

Yin Luo was infuriated. This was his second time being forced to flee because of Long Chen. That was an absolute humiliation to him. But even in his fury, he knew that if he stayed behind and continued to fight, the one to die would very likely be him.

Seeing the exit ahead, he hastily swallowed a healing pill and increased his speed.

At the same time, his spear slammed into the stone walls, and the passageway began to collapse behind him. He created this obstruction in order to slow down Long Chen.

Long Chen had no choice but to use Devil Decapitator to destroy these rocks before continuing. But seeing that Yin Luo was about to reach the exit, Long Chen icily smiled.

A huge wind blade slashed at Yin Luo from the front.


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