Chapter 375 A Decisive Battle to the Death

In front of Long Chen was a huge basin. It was thirty miles in diameter. Although he called it a basin, it could also be described as a well. The cliffs surrounding it were all extremely steep, looking like they had been cut open with a blade. The mountains were miles high.

These mountains surrounded it on all sides. If you were to look from above, it would look just like a circular well. There was only a narrow passage that led into the basin.

This passageway had been turned into a complete mess. The ground was crumbling and waves of earth had piled up. Furthermore, these marks were clearly fresh, proving an intense fight had occurred here not too long ago.

Long Chen had told the three women to act in accordance with their plan and guard the entranceway. If someone were to run out from inside, it would be difficult for them to notice the ambush outside.

The passageway was less than a dozen meters wide at any time, and it went on for a dozen miles. Long Chen carefully walked through it until he reached the basin. There, he was amazed to see that the basin was filled with lush trees soaring to the heavens. It was completely different from the environment outside.


Suddenly, a muffled sound came from the distance, and Long Chen stealthily took out Devil Decapitator, raising his concentration to its limit as he crept over in the direction of the sound.

After traveling several miles, Long Chen suddenly saw a certain figure, a very familiar figure. It was Yin Luo.

At this time, Yin Luo was crazily brandishing his spear. In front of him were densely packed, fist-sized, golden insects.

His spear smashed into one of the golden insects, and shockingly, a metallic sound rang out.

Long Chen was surprised to see that despite Yin Luo’s strength being great enough to smash apart mountains, his spear was only able to send some of those insects flying away with each strike. He wasn’t able to smash them to death.

“Metal Devouring Insects…” Long Chen was shocked. Those fist-sized insects with translucent wings and a golden shell were called Metal Devouring Insects.

They were an extremely unique kind of Magical Beast. When they were fully mature, they would still be only the size of a fist. They didn’t have a crystal core, but they had been classified as third rank Magical Beasts.

That was because a single matured Metal Devouring Insect could kill a third rank Magical Beast. The most terrifying thing about them was their teeth.

They relied on eating metallic ores to live. Not only were their bodies hard as metal, but they were also extremely tough. External force attacks were mostly unable to kill them.

The most terrifying thing was that Metal Devouring Insects were Magical Beasts that lived in groups. It was common for hundreds or even thousands of them to gather together and dominate a vein of ore. Only when that vein was exhausted would they move on together to find another vein.

Long Chen was a bit curious about why Yin Luo would fight with these Metal Devouring Insects. He looked into the distance. When he saw a certain sapling growing in front of a cave, his heart began to pound frantically, and he almost cried out.

“Qilin Fruit!” 

Long Chen shouted inside. He had searched for the Qilin Fruit for so long, and now he managed to find it in the secret realm. If he could obtain the Qilin Fruit, he’d be able to refine the Alioth Pill, and thus condense the Alioth Star.

Long Chen took a deep breath and suppressed his intense emotions. He carefully examined the situation.

This Qilin Fruit Tree was three feet tall, and there were over ten oddly shaped fruits growing on it. Those fruits all had scale-like patterns on them.

The fruits were the size of a longan. Long Chen could clearly see that several of the Qilin Fruit’s scales had already turned golden, meaning that they had ripened and could immediately be used to refine the Alioth Pill.

Long Chen wished he could instantly charge over and snatch the tree. But he suppressed that desire.

The Qilin Fruit Tree was on top of a cave. Countless Metal Devouring Insects were furiously flying out from there, attacking Yin Luo.

Long Chen instantly understood that Yin Luo had come for the Qilin Fruit Tree. But that tree was in the Metal Devouring Insects’ territory. They wouldn’t let Yin Luo approach, and so they were crazily attacking him.

Yin Luo was too afraid of damaging the Qilin Fruit Tree, and so he didn’t dare release his full-strength attacks. He could only use his spear to continuously strike those insects.

Although they wouldn’t die from being struck by his spear, once they were knocked into the hard cliff behind them, they usually lost consciousness.

There were already hundreds of Metal Devouring Insects that were unconscious in front of the cliff.

Long Chen immediately understood what he was planning. Yin Luo was truly patient. He was actually using this extremely clumsy method to get rid of them. As time passed, fewer Metal Devouring Insects flew out of the cave. Two hours later, they had all been knocked unconscious.

Yin Luo finally sighed. These Metal Devouring Insects were very powerful, and being bitten by one would be extremely painful, even for him.

To have to constantly focus and strike each Metal Devouring Insect one by one hard enough that they passed out had been extremely tiring after all this time.

Even Yin Luo felt exhausted after doing this for hours. But when he looked at the Qilin Fruit Tree, he felt as if it had all been worth it.

The Qilin Fruit was also known as the Qilin Sacred Fruit. A matured Qilin Fruit could be used to refine the Qilin Luck Pill that was able to increase the quality of a person’s Spirit Root. That was something that had already disappeared from the outside world. There were only some recordings of it in some ancient texts.

Originally, Yin Luo had seen three Chosen enter this basin from a distance. Seeing those three Chosen together had piqued his curiosity, and he had followed from behind.

From their words, he had learned that one of them had found a priceless treasure and had invited the other two to help him obtain it.

But one of them had used some unknown method to detect that there was someone following them, and he had turned to attack.

However, when they saw that it was Yin Luo, the three of them had instantly fled. Yin Luo hadn’t cared to chase them down. But then when he saw that the treasure was the Qilin Fruit Tree, he had changed plans and charged after the three of them.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t expected that one of them would be able to escape from him by using some secret technique. As a result, while halfway to his death, he had ended up drawing over Long Chen.

Yin Luo walked up to the tree. It was surprisingly growing out of a rock that looked like a flower pot. 

“That took quite the effort.” Yin Luo smiled slightly. He was filled with excitement and was just about to gather the Qilin Fruit Tree when a voice rang out from behind him.

“It took quite the effort from me too.”

Yin Luo hastily turned around.


A large hand slapped across his face. Yin Luo flew back.

After knocking Yin Luo back with a slap, Long Chen couldn’t help but celebrate. His divine face-slapping technique was truly unrivaled beneath the heavens. He had actually ended up succeeding.

It had to be known that an expert like Yin Luo would be able to sense the slightest killing intent or murderous intention. The only technique Long Chen could have used in this case was his face-slap.

And he had ended up succeeding. Without saying anything else, he directly absorbed the Qilin Fruit Tree along with the rock it was growing out of into his life ring.

Long Chen thanked his luck that he didn’t keep his life ring with his other spatial rings on his finger.

Normally, he would keep a few spatial rings on his fingers so it was convenient for taking out and putting in things.

But spatial rings were not so stable, and if they broke, the items inside them would be lost in the chaotic flow of space, forever disappearing.


Yin Luo hastily stabilized himself after being slapped flying. Turning back, his fury erupted. He had turned back just in time to see Long Chen gather the Qilin Fruit Tree.

That made Yin Luo feel like his eye sockets would tear apart, and he was so furious his hair stood on end, his eyes looking like they might spit flames at any moment. He had worked bitterly for hours, but at the final critical moment, his treasure had been stolen by someone else. Yin Luo felt like he might explode.

“Hey, don’t be so petty! I didn’t even bring up how you chased me down last time. This little sapling can just count as your apology to me,” said Long Chen magnanimously.

“Hand over the tree!” Yin Luo roared furiously. His aura completely exploded out, his long hair beginning to dance in the air, looking like some kind of devil god. His terrifying pressure instantly destroyed the trees around him.

Yin Luo truly was infuriated. That Qilin Fruit Tree was a priceless treasure. Treasures that could upgrade the quality of a person’s Spirit Root were practically heaven-defying.

His spear smashed towards Long Chen. The power behind that spear caused heaven and earth to change color. His aura exploded into its peak, making Yin Luo even more terrifying.

In the face of Yin Luo’s seemingly heaven-encompassing spear, Long Chen put away his smile. Devil Decapitator began to release golden light into the sky, and waves of energy began to soar out. He slashed out.


The ground exploded, and huge boulders blew away. The forest had been turned into a plain for miles. A terrifying wave of qi surged out.

“You aren’t embarrassed to get angry? The one who should be angry is me. Last time, when you chased me down, you almost got me killed in the end. This time it’ll be my turn.”

Thinking back to how miserably he had fled back then, and how he had almost ended up dying to Jiang Yifan because of him, Long Chen’s fury erupted. Devil Decapitator cut across the void, slashing at Yin Luo like a bolt of lightning.


Yin Luo’s spear blocked Long Chen, and a sinister smile appeared on his face. “Then let’s completely settle our debts this time! Today, we’ll have a battle to the death!” He smashed his spear at Long Chen.

Long Chen ducked to dodge Yin Luo’s spear. Devil Decapitator followed along the side of a spear to cut at Yin Luo’s fingers. Yin Luo could only first take a step back, creating some distance between them.

“Then let’s have a decisive fight to the death. Last time you took advantage of my realm being too low. Now that I’m no longer restrained by being a major realm below you, I’ll break that myth of you being unrivaled within the same realm!” Long Chen raised Devil Decapitator to rest on his shoulder.

“Hmph, what arrogant boasting. I, Yin Luo, have killed countless people in my lifetime. My reputation is something created through my actual skills. Do you think I’m like you idiots from the Righteous path, raising people like greenhouse flowers? What an enormous joke. Today you’ll definitely die. However, the scenery here is pretty nice, so it’s not a bad burial ground. I guess you’re pretty lucky!” Yin Luo raised his spear, his aura constantly rising.

Space began to buzz, as a powerful aura shot out.

As Long Chen had expected, Yin Luo had truly reached the peak of Tendon Transformation. He was just a single step from reaching the Bone Forging realm.

Long Chen sighed sorrowfully inside. As he had thought, not all geniuses were created from just boasting. That was especially true of those experts from the Corrupt path. They were all experts who had managed to charge through endless cruelty and slaughter. Whether it was their cultivation talent or their combat abilities, they could not be compared to.

Long Chen took a deep breath. His FengFu Star began to slowly circulate, and a vast, almost ocean-like spiritual qi poured into his body.

His robes fluttered and his long hair danced. Long Chen pointed Devil Decapitator at Yin Luo.

“Come! Let’s have a decisive battle to the death!”

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