Chapter 372 Seeing Her Again

Seeing that figure, Long Chen’s body instantly stiffened, and he even forgot to breathe.

“Meng… Qi…”

The person who had come had willowy eyebrows, eyes like limpid autumn waters, and shapely lips. A waterfall of black hair cascaded down to her waist. She seemed like an immortal who had descended amongst mortals, filled with a transcendent, untainted charm. That woman was Meng Qi.

Meng Qi looked at Long Chen with eyes filled with delight. Two scarlet clouds appeared on her otherwise jade-like face.

In the blink of an eye, they had been separated for over a year. Long Chen had grown far too much during that time. Meng Qi could sense the berserk energy hidden inside his body.

It was as if Long Chen was a dormant volcano. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to see anything, but once it erupted, it could exterminate the world.

The thing that made her heart tremble the most was that in this year, all the immaturity on Long Chen’s face had disappeared, replaced by a determined smile.

“Long Chen, it’s been a while.”

A bit of panic appeared in Meng Qi’s eyes. She had opened her mouth and had had no idea what to say, in the end saying a simple, standard greeting.

“You must be senior sister Meng Qi? Sister really is beautiful.” Chu Yao now spoke out. Even as a woman, she greatly admired Meng Qi’s beauty.

Meng Qi possessed a unique mannerism that was able to make all living things admire her, making people unconsciously form a good opinion of her.

“You must be junior sister Chu Yao? I’ve heard of you.” Facing Long Chen, Meng Qi was a bit nervous, but facing Chu Yao, she was much more relaxed.

Chu Yao was delighted. Long Chen had already told her about Meng Qi, and now seeing that Meng Qi didn’t have any negative reaction to her allowed her to sigh in relief.

She had just been about to reply when a voice rang out, “Meng Qi, do you know her?”

Only now did Long Chen realize there was a long-haired man behind Meng Qi. With his delicate features, he truly was extremely handsome. But it seemed he was displeased that Meng Qi was talking to them.

“Oh, Long Chen? You are that Long Chen?” That man’s expression suddenly turned cold.

“Correct, I am Long Chen. And you would be Feng Xiao-zi?” Long Chen became slightly irritated because he had guessed this person’s identity.

“Arrogant. Do you think the name of this junior pavilion master can be spoken by you?” The long-haired man’s expression sank.

As Long Chen had thought, this fellow was Feng Xiao-zi. His fury immediately soared. If his hand wasn’t still injured, he would have definitely given him an especially big slap in the face.

Although the flesh of his hand had grown out at this time, this new flesh was still tender like a baby’s. If he did slap him, it wouldn’t cause any damage to Feng Xiao-zi, but it would definitely mangle his flesh.

“Junior pavilion master, Long Chen is not a member of the Wind Spirit Pavilion, and he doesn’t need to call you by your title,” interrupted Lu Fang-er.

Feng Xiao-zi was the pavilion master’s son, and as a person, he was arrogant and aloof, stubborn and opinionated. He enjoyed using his status to suppress others. In the entire Wind Spirit Pavilion, other than those people who deliberately sucked up to him, there was not a single person who liked running into him.

Lu Fang-er was Meng Qi’s good sister, and the two of them were even closer than real sisters. In order to give Meng Qi a good impression, Feng Xiao-zi didn’t wish to offend Lu Fang-er.

As for Lu Fang-er, because Feng Xiao-zi constantly pestered Meng Qi, causing her to be constantly distressed, she naturally had nothing nice to say to him.

Although Feng Xiao-zi hated Lu Fang-er, he could only put on a ‘magnanimous and open-minded’ act for the sake of Meng Qi. And so he had always endured.

But now Lu Fang-er’s words caused his expression to sink. If this had just been in front of Meng Qi, that would have been one thing. But now she was contradicting him in front of this many outsiders. Many of those distant spectators were experts who were secretly watching, immediately putting him on the spot.

Meng Qi suddenly interjected, “Long Chen is my friend. I hope the junior pavilion master won’t make things hard on him, or everyone might end up affected.”

Her words were extremely flat, but it was obvious she was taking Long Chen’s side, which caused Feng Xiao-zi to become even more infuriated.

Feng Xiao-zi glared at Long Chen without saying anything. He had placed all his hatred on Long Chen now.

Long Chen sighed in relief inside when he saw Meng Qi take his side, and he was filled with delight. This feeling was much better than giving Feng Xiao-zi a slap in the face.

“Sister Chu Yao, how did you end up here together?” Meng Qi amicably asked Chu Yao.

Chu Yao was an amiable person with a warm temperament, which was similar to Meng Qi. The two of their temperaments were very similar, and so it was easy for Meng Qi to form a good opinion of her.

“It’s because I noticed this Seven Heartsea Cherry-Apple tree-heart.” Chu Yao already felt that Meng Qi was one of them, and so she didn’t hide anything.

Both Meng Qi and Feng Xiao-zi were surprised by that ancient tree. There were many kinds of tree-hearts, but this particular one was definitely top grade. It was absolutely priceless.

“I’ve taken quite the liking to this tree-heart. How about you give it to me? You can ask for any price,” said Feng Xiao-zi suddenly.

Chu Yao’s expression immediately changed. This tree-heart was a must-have treasure for her cultivation. How could it be given to others? She turned to look at Long Chen.

Seeing that Chu Yao didn’t reply and instead looked at Long Chen, Feng Xiao-zi was a bit irritated and said, “It seems like you, Long Chen, can decide. So? You wouldn’t refuse to even give me this little face, right?”

Meng Qi and Lu Fang-er’s expressions were icy. Feng Xiao-zi was truly an intolerable bully. They were about to speak when Long Chen took the lead.

“Your face really is worth pretty much nothing. At least, in front of me, it’s not even worth a single piece of dogshit.”

“You…!” Feng Xiao-zi raged. In the Wind Spirit Pavilion, not even Elders would dare speak to Feng Xiao-zi in that manner.

“Don’t be in a rush. I’m not finished yet. I have a really good temperament, and anything can be discussed. As long as sister Fang-er helps me out a bit, then I can decide to give this tree-heart to you,” said Long Chen.

Chu Yao and Lu Fang-er were both confused. That was especially true of Chu Yao. She understood Long Chen the best, and he definitely wouldn’t take her things to give to others.

“What help?” Lu Fang-er was at a complete loss.

Long Chen glanced at Meng Qi and bashfully said, “I’ve been doing pretty well in the Xuantian Supermonastery during this time, and I’ve made a little bit of money. I’m preparing to take a wife.”

Being stared at by Long Chen, Meng Qi’s jade face reddened. According to the secular world’s standards, Meng Qi was essentially already Long Chen’s wife. She had just yet to take that final marriage step.

“In order to marry a wife, I first have to buy a house. I’ve purchased a cave in the monastery and decorated it extremely luxuriously. There is only one matter that fills me with regret.”

Arriving here, Long Chen sighed extremely dramatically, appearing extremely sorrowful.

“What matter?” Lu Fang-er had no idea what drug Long Chen had taken.

“My cave is extremely lavish. Gold covers the ground, gems are piled like mountains, and even the dozens of miles of stairs that lead up to the entrance are tiled with spirit stones. There are over eighty levels that are embedded-”

“What nonsense! That’s absolutely impossible. Using spirit stones just for stairs? Over eighty levels? Who are you trying to trick?” Feng Xiao-zi wasn’t able to endure it any longer.

Let alone an insignificant monastery disciple, even he, the Wind Spirit Pavilion’s junior pavilion master, didn’t have that many spirit stones to play around with. Just how many spirit stones would it take to tile dozens of miles of stairs?

Furthermore, what kind of cave had stairs that were dozens of miles long? Then just how big was this cave?

“I have money, and I am willing to spend it. So what?” Long Chen glared at him, looking as if he might bite him if he refused to accept this.

Meng Qi was bitterly holding back her laughter. Long Chen was obviously just shooting off his mouth. However, she didn’t know just why Long Chen would act so senseless, so she just continued listening.

“Fine, then just keep bragging,” sneered Feng Xiao-zi.

“So, in this extremely luxurious cave, everything is complete, but I am just lacking something good to place in front of the entrance. Sister Fang-er, I want to ask if your Wind Spirit Pavilion has anything suitable and can help me out.

“I just need something suitable for the front of my cave. The best option would be something along the lines of a Junior Pavilion Pig or Junior Pavilion Bull. Just name your price; in any case, I have plenty of treasures, and even if you want this tree-heart for it, I wouldn’t mind.” Long Chen said this all with a straight face, putting on an attitude of a businessman who would treat anyone fairly.

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Lu Fang-er finally understood that Long Chen had babbled all kinds of nonsense just to curse Feng Xiao-zi. This fellow really was mischievous.

“Junior Pavilion Pig? Junior Pavilion Bull? What are those? Magical Beasts? My Wind Spirit Pavilion doesn’t have any low-grade trash. Hmph, bumpkins really are bumpkins; you don’t even know how to ask for anything good. If you just need a dog for your gate, I can give you a fourth rank Magical Beast. How’s that?” sneered Feng Xiao-zi.

Long Chen couldn’t help being stunned. Just how stupid was Feng Xiao-zi? He had already said everything so clearly, and yet he still didn’t understand.

Lu Fang-er was the first to be unable to endure it. Covering her mouth, she turned away. She could no longer face Feng Xiao-zi’s haughty face.

After her, Meng Qi and Chu Yao also turned away, their shoulders constantly trembling. That was because when Feng Xiao-zi’s haughty expression was added in with Long Chen’s astonished expression, it was simply unbearable.

Seeing the three of them turn around, Long Chen’s stunned expression of disbelief, and recalling what Long Chen had just said, Feng Xiao-zi finally understood.

“Go to hell!” A translucent sword suddenly stabbed towards Long Chen.

Long Chen was about to block when Meng Qi pointed a finger. A powerful wind whistled, causing the sword that Feng Xiao-zi had condensed from Spiritual Strength to explode.

“I’ve already said that Long Chen is my friend. Don’t force me, junior pavilion master.” Meng Qi’s expression was slightly icy.

“Meng Qi, you…! He’s just a notorious pervert and traitor! Why are you friends with him?” Feng Xiao-zi was unable to endure it anymore. He had been putting in a supreme effort to control himself in front of Meng Qi, but seeing her protect Long Chen was the last straw. A powerful Spiritual Strength shot out, and even those distant spectators felt a sharp pain in their souls as if needles were stabbing them.

However, the four people present all had powerful Spiritual Strength and were able to resist this spiritual pressure.

“Feng Xiao-zi, I’ve had to put up with you for a long time. Now, I’m going to go out with my friends. If you don’t like it, you can leave. Don’t try to smear others.” Meng Qi’s tone now held a trace of fury.

“Good, good, good! You’re all targeting me, fine! I’ll leave.” Feng Xiao-zi ground his teeth in fury. In the end, before leaving, he pointed at Long Chen. “Brat, just wait! By opposing me, you definitely won’t have a good ending!”

Long Chen’s fury soared, but at this point, he couldn’t fight. Thus, he could only smile silently as Feng Xiao-zi left.

Long Chen knew that sometimes just a smile had far greater destructive power than words.

And as he had expected, seeing Long Chen just smiling as he looked at him, Feng Xiao-zi practically went crazy with rage. He snorted and left without looking back.

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