Chapter 371 A Golden Saber Tears Apart the Void


It was as if a death god was demanding her life. A terrifying aura instantly locked Yin Wushuang in place. She felt as if the space around her had frozen.

She was absolutely horrified and managed to turn back to see a three-hundred-meter ring of light had appeared behind Long Chen. That ring caused the void to rumble and the nine heavens to quiver.

The current Long Chen truly seemed like an awakened battle god. Endless killing intent surged out of him, a killing intent that could cause even gods and devils to shudder.

Being stared at by Long Chen, Yin Wushuang felt goosebumps and a burst of numbness. Her heart was filled with the terror of death.

Devil Decapitator ripped open the void. People were horrified to see that as Long Chen’s saber swung, ripples appeared in the air around it.

That was what happened when one’s power reached a certain pinnacle. It would cause space to twist around it like this. At this moment, everyone felt suffocated by Long Chen’s power.

Even before Long Chen’s saber arrived at Yin Wushuang, golden saber-light had already filled the sky. Heaven and earth already felt as if they were being torn apart, and even the stars above were trembling.

Yin Wushuang had never, imagined that Long Chen was so terrifying. Previously, he had yet to bring out his full power.

In front of his current power level, she was unable to even dodge. The only thing she could do was clench her teeth and suppress her fear. She poured in all her energy into her silver sword.

With all of Yin Wushuang’s spiritual qi supporting it, her sword began to shine brightly, and surging qi waves began to erupt from it.

“Falling Leaf Slash!”


The golden saber and silver sword collided together. This was a collision that could shake the entire world, a collision that could cause the starlight to collapse. Rumbling filled the world, and a terrifying wave of energy exploded out.

Wherever the qi wave passed, dust and dirt soared into the air. It was as if an angry sea wave was baptizing the land. After that baptism, the entire world had become a mess.

The wooden shield that Chu Yao had just set up around her burst apart with a light cracking sound. Crumbling fragments littered the ground.

However, Chu Yao’s wooden shield had still managed to protect Lu Fang-er and Little Snow, as well as the Seven Heartsea Cherry-Apple Tree.

When she finally saw what was in front of her, anguish touched her eyes. Long Chen had been injured.

Long Chen was still holding his saber, but both his arms were badly mangled. It was unknown what kind of energy had exploded within them, his blood was pouring out.

Long Chen’s forearm didn’t have much flesh on it anymore. His bones and tendons could clearly be seen, it was a horrifying sight.

Furthermore, in front of him was the insufferably arrogant Yin Wushuang. Her face was as pale as paper, and blood drenched her chest. In fact, some of her broken organs were present as well. She was looking at Long Chen with absolute horror.

Her silver sword was a priceless treasure. But a treasure also required a corresponding strength from the owner in order to draw out its full potential.

Yin Wushuang’s strength was limited. Although she was able to reflect a portion of his attack, she still needed to be able to endure seventy percent of the force.

In Long Chen’s fury, he had activated his divine ring, and his strength had explosively grown. He clearly hadn’t cared about the price of having his arms break down.

His berserk power had shaken Yin Wushuang’s insides, breaking her internal organs. If her cultivation base wasn’t so powerful, or if it were any other Chosen, their bodies would have already completely exploded.

Long Chen’s attack had given her heavy internal injuries. She had to quickly find a place to heal, or there was still a worry about her losing her life.

This world-rocking attack had caused both of them to be injured. Long Chen’s external injuries appeared shocking, while Yin Wushuang’s internal injuries were not any better.

Long Chen stepped forward. His divine ring vibrated and a heaven-overflowing aura surged out. He charged at Yin Wushuang, his expression so icy that it caused people’s hearts to shudder.

Seeing Long Chen charge forward valiantly without fear of death or caring the slightest bit about his injuries, looking as if he would pay any price to kill her, Yin Wushuang became terrified.

She was finally, truly afraid. Long Chen was far stronger than what she had anticipated, and he was definitely strong enough to kill her. The most frightening thing was Long Chen’s excessively strong killing intent.

Seeing Long Chen’s saber coming at her, she didn’t dare take it head-on. She quickly dodged.

However, that was a fatal mistake. Long Chen’s attack could not be dodged in that manner. After she dodged the first slash, Long Chen’s wrist twisted and he slashed down sideways at her waist.

The most important part of saber arts was to be imposing. The exact style didn’t matter. To choose to dodge in front of a saber was equivalent to choosing to be defeated.

By the time Yin Wushuang realized her mistake, Long Chen’s saber had almost reached her waist, scaring her out of her wits. She instinctively blocked with her sword.

But Long Chen’s power was too astonishing. Her sudden block was fundamentally incapable of completely blocking the way of his saber. His attack still ended up slashing into her waist.

Blood spurted forth madly. If it hadn’t been for that soft armor protecting her, she would have been cut in two.

Even so, that attack had broken several of her ribs, and she was sent flying through the air, appearing incredibly miserable.

However, Long Chen didn’t have it much better. This attack worsened the injuries on his arms. Those distant spectators only saw countless bloody beads explode from his arms. In fact, some of his flesh also fell to the ground. All of them turned pale with terror just from that sight.

This kind of fight was far too bizarre and far too bloody. Long Chen’s arms were basically down to only bones now.

However, somehow Long Chen’s expression was still calm without the slightest panic. Endless killing intent still surfaced from his eyes.

Chu Yao’s hands were clenched tightly in front of her. For Long Chen to be injured was even harder for her to bear than being injured herself. She wished she could take his place to bear those injuries.

Yin Wushuang’s body had just landed on the ground. However, before she could even react, Long Chen’s saber came slashing down from the heavens.

She was incomparably appalled. With her life on the line, she raised her silver sword as her final defense.


Yin Wushuang went tumbling across the ground for dozens of meters, vomiting blood the entire way.

A bloody mist shot out of Long Chen’s arms from this attack. Even the flesh of his shoulders was starting to split apart.


Suddenly, a light sound rang out. Immediately afterward, the sound of a weapon landing on the ground rang out in everyone’s ears.

Everyone followed the sound, and many involuntarily let out a shocked cry:

“Yin Wushuang’s sword broke!”

Yin Wushuang was foolishly staring at her sword; half of the blade had been snapped off. Her face instantly lost all of its color.

This was a sword passed down in her family. Although she was allowed to use it, that didn’t mean she had the authority to damage it. For a moment, Yin Wushuang was shocked, infuriated, and incredibly distressed.

Seeing that her sword was finally broken, Long Chen immediately went to attack her again.

Without that crazy sword, he finally had no more misgivings. Devil Decapitator slashed out, his aura locking Yin Wushuang in place.

“Long Chen, I definitely won’t let you off, so just wait!” A bitter expression appeared on Yin Wushuang’s face as she glared at Long Chen. She actually ignored his saber.


Just from that posture, Long Chen knew what was about to happen. And as he expected, just as he was about to cut through her body, she suddenly disappeared. His saber missed, instead cutting a long ditch into the ground.

“Another teleportation talisman!” Long Chen felt profoundly helpless. Not only was Yin Wushuang powerful, but she also had countless treasures. Her life-preserving treasures never stopped coming out.

Now he had risked it all and been heavily injured, but he had still failed to kill her. He couldn’t help but feel a bit dispirited.

He was no longer able to keep hold of Devil Decapitator, and he collapsed on the ground. Currently, his hands were nothing more than two bone hands, without the slightest flesh or blood.

“Kill him!”

But even after that shout, no one dared move. They all just silently watched.

Although Long Chen’s arms were heavily injured and he wasn’t even able to hold his weapon anymore, that battle just now had already broken their courage.

They knew this was the most opportune moment to kill him. That was especially true of Yin Wushuang’s guards. If they could kill Long Chen, they would definitely get an immense reward.

That shout had been from one of them. Originally, he had thought he could excite everyone with a desire to kill Long Chen for his treasures, but he hadn’t expected that even with Long Chen heavily injured, not a single person dared to attack him.

“Kill him.”

It was the exact same sentence, but this time it came from Long Chen’s mouth. A wind blade suddenly shot out like a bolt of lightning.

A head soared into the sky, and blood spurted. That person who had shouted just now had been instantly killed.

It had happened so quickly that the person was already dead before any of them had even reacted. Every single one of them was horrified and retreated.

That attack had naturally been from Little Snow. With their mental connection, the instant Long Chen had an urge to kill, Little Snow would be prepared.

So, Long Chen’s voice had essentially rung out at the same time as that head had flown into the air. That person had just been an insignificant core disciple. But even a Favored would not have been able to dodge that silent attack.

Little Snow was extremely smart and knew how to use the least amount of energy to kill his opponents. At the same time, this meant Little Snow’s control over his wind energy had reached a high level.

For a Magical Beast like Little Snow, to have such precise control over their strength was practically inconceivable, almost heaven-defying.

“Long Chen, how can you slaughter an innocent person like that?” raged one of the Chosen who had arrived with Yin Wushuang.

However, although he seemed infuriated, he was hiding far away. Long Chen was too lazy to bother with him. He merely icily said, “I don’t care about innocence or guilt. But every person who takes action in an attempt to kill me had better be prepared to be killed by me instead!

“The rest of you can scram, but you three should stay behind. Little Snow!”

A large wind blade shot out towards some hidden undergrowth.

Three miserable screams rang out from the undergrowth. Three people had been cut in two by Little Snow’s attack.

Those three were the ones who had first noticed Chu Yao extracting the tree-heart. Chu Yao had been too softhearted and hadn’t killed them, and thus they had decided to play a dirty trick, resulting in the later mess.

Before Long Chen had come onto the scene, he had already used a spirit pill to exchange for some information from someone about what had happened. He had long since placed those three on his must-kill list.

Previously, he hadn’t had the time to bother with them. But now that everything was over and seeing that they still had been unwilling to leave, he might as well send them off.

Seeing Long Chen was so tyrannical, killing people without batting an eye, filled everyone with terror. They finally began to scatter because they knew that even a heavily-injured Long Chen wasn’t someone they could place their intentions on.

“Let me heal you.”

Chu Yao came and placed her hand on Long Chen’s back. Pure life energy poured into his body. At a rate visible to the naked eye, his arms were quickly regrowing new flesh.

Feeling the sensation of his flesh regrowing, Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh over how wood cultivators were so miraculous. He was about to say something when a certain figure walked out from in front.

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