Chapter 369 Ancient Bloodline

The instant that blood-colored mark appeared on Yin Wushuang’s forehead, an ancient aura surged out from within her body. Every single person present felt their hearts pound.

This was not the same as ordinary pressure. This was a bloodline suppression. Those with weaker cultivation bases immediately felt as if their blood was about to burst out of their bodies, and they fled in panic.

Even those stronger Favored felt a change in their bodies, and they hastily retreated out of the range of that terrifying pressure.

“You are just a lowly ant. Today I’ll let you gain some experience in the power of an ancient bloodline, allowing you to die at ease!” After that blood-colored mark appeared on Yin Wushuang’s forehead, her aura became absolutely overbearing.

Blood-colored light began to shine from her body, looking as if the rising sun was lighting her up. She appeared extremely grand as if she were a goddess.

The most terrifying thing about her was the bloodline pressure she was releasing. It caused people to feel as if they might explode. Just how was someone supposed to fight against that?

In front of that bizarre aura, even those two Chosen in the distance were pale. They felt a terror that came from their innermost hearts.

“An ancient bloodline!” Everyone was horrified. In the current cultivation world, there were several ancient powers whose inheritances stretched back into ancient times.

Terrifying experts had appeared amongst their ancestors, and their bloodlines were capable of continuing for tens of thousands of years without declining. Once they activated that bloodline power, it would result in this terrifying bloodline pressure.

This was a pressure that was impossible to block. Unless you also possessed an ancient bloodline or had some kind of secret technique or treasure that could block it, there was no way for you to resist such a person.

Many people had already heard that Yin Wushuang’s background was extremely powerful, but no one had imagined that she possessed an ancient bloodline. In other words, she came from one of those mysterious and powerful ancient families.

Chu Yao and Lu Fang-er were both under heavy pressure. Although that pressure was focused on Long Chen, they were still affected.

The two of them felt as if their blood was being compressed. Lu Fang-er was especially pale.

Chu Yao hastily reached out and pressed her hand on Lu Fang-er’s back. Pure energy was inserted into her body.

Having obtained Chu Yao’s assistance, Lu Fang-er immediately felt much better and smiled gratefully at her.

At the same time, she was also shocked by how powerful Chu Yao was. Not only was she able to resist Yin Wushuang’s bloodline suppression, but she also had energy left to help her.

“Now you should know how vast the difference between us is, right?” Yin Wushuang icily stared at Long Chen like a god looking at a mortal.

“The difference?”

Long Chen smiled slightly. When she had activated her bloodline pressure, Long Chen’s blood truly had reacted.

But it was as if his blood had been provoked, and it was like a volcano that was furiously erupting, seeming like it wanted to release its own bloodline pressure.

Long Chen had never encountered such a situation. He hadn’t even been aware that he had his own bloodline pressure. But he also didn’t know how to activate this power.

It was due to Yin Wushuang that his bloodline energy had instinctively become excited. He was like an emperor who had been sneered at by a beggar, and so he had decided to release his own might.

But this was the first time Long Chen was experiencing this. He didn’t even understand what exactly this bloodline pressure was, so he didn’t want to expose it.

He knew nothing about his origins. But Yin Wushuang’s bloodline pressure allowed him to confirm one fact: he also had to come from an ancient family, and it was definitely a family much stronger than Yin Wushuang’s.

Yin Wushuang’s bloodline pressure might be able to suppress others, but it didn’t pose any threat to Long Chen.

So when Yin Wushuang asked if he understood how vast the difference between them was, he had smiled. He really had learned the difference between the two of them. They really were as different as heaven and earth.

Seeing that disdainful smile of Long Chen’s, Yin Wushuang’s fury soared. Previously, she had been planning on killing Long Chen by relying on just her sword arts.

She didn’t want to bring out her full strength. But she had found her sword arts were useless against Long Chen, and so she could only summon her bloodline power.

However, doing so was definitely raising Long Chen’s status. It was equivalent to admitting that Long Chen had the ability to fight on the same level as her. To Yin Wushuang, that was a humiliation.

And now Long Chen used this expression to look at her even despite her bloodline pressure. That infuriated her even more. She brandished her sword again, and the sound of space being torn apart rang out.

“Die!” Having summoned out her ancient bloodline, Yin Wushuang’s aura instantly reached its peak. This sword of hers caused heaven and earth to quiver, and a terrifying sword intent locked Long Chen in place.

Long Chen sneered, and with his FengFu Star circulating, his spiritual qi instantly surged out. After advancing to the Tendon Transformation realm, his spiritual qi had become as vast as a sea, and his body had been constantly brimming with energy.

Seeing Yin Wushuang’s sword slashing at him, Long Chen roared, and Devil Decapitator hacked down on her as quick as a bolt of lightning.

BOOM! Yin Wushuang’s silver sword and Long Chen’s golden Devil Decapitator collided with each other, emitting a fierce qi wave.

Chu Yao had long since been prepared. Before that qi wave even reached her, she had hastily formed hand seals, and countless wooden stakes had formed a huge shield in front of her and Lu Fang-er. At the same time, it also protected Little Snow as well as the Seven Heartsea Cherry-Apple Tree.

The ground beneath Long Chen and Yin Wushuang’s feet collapsed, and both parties were knocked back dozens of meters by the other.

The instant Long Chen’s foot touched the ground, he shot forward again. He held Devil Decapitator with both hands, swinging it out in a profound arc at Yin Wushuang.


Yin Wushuang hadn’t expected Long Chen to attack so quickly, and as a result, by the time she reacted, his saber had already reached her and she could only use her sword to block.

One person was attacking with their full strength, while the other had to come up with a hurried defense. As a result, Yin Wushuang was knocked flying by Long Chen’s saber.

Although his saber had managed to send her flying, Long Chen was absolutely shocked. He hadn’t held back with that attack, but Yin Wushuang wasn’t injured at all.

After advancing to the Tendon Transformation realm, Long Chen’s physical strength had multiplied by who knew how many times. Other than a few abnormal people, there was practically no one who could receive one of his blows.

Long Chen was shocked. But Yin Wushuang was even more shocked. Although she didn’t specialize in brute strength, with her bloodline assistance, she was almost able to one-shot anyone in the same realm.

However, she wasn’t even able to completely stop Long Chen’s saber. Instead, she was the one who appeared miserable as Long Chen continuously brandished his saber, forcing her back step by step.

His saber flew through the air like a dragon winding around the heavens. Each one of his blows contained terrifying power. Whenever their weapons collided, an ear-splitting explosion would ring out, and heaven and earth would change color.

BOOM! Under Long Chen’s tempest of attacks, Yin Wushuang had been forced back a whole mile before finding a chance to retreat.

“Hmph, you really are quite sentimental. Even at this time, you’re still trying to protect those two women behind you.” Yin Wushuang’s expression was gloomy.

She hadn’t expected that Long Chen would not only possess such terrifying strength but also possess such exquisite techniques. Being caught off guard just now, she had been completely flustered. Now that she finally had a chance to breathe, she noticed Long Chen was purposely trying to create a distance between them, and so she mocked him. “Hmph, even if you didn’t want to increase the distance, I would have done it since I don’t want to harm the treasure. In any case, well done for doing this! I’ll first kill you as a reward before handling those two sluts!”

Not waiting for Long Chen to reply, countless lines suddenly shone on her sword and a terrifying aura caused space to constantly warp.

The instant those runes on her sword lit up, Long Chen immediately felt an intense sensation of danger. Her sword came slashing down on him.

His saber once more collided with her silver sword, causing sparks to fly. The webbing between his thumb and forefinger split open, and he was forced back several steps.

He was shocked. Yin Wushuang was truly strong. It was no wonder she dared arrogantly say she was capable of killing him. There was a bizarre energy that came from her sword. Long Chen’s hand hadn’t been able to resist it and had ended up injured.

“There’s something odd about this woman’s sword.” Long Chen felt that no matter how powerful Yin Wushuang was, she was still a woman, and in terms of physical strength, she was definitely not able to surpass him.

Furthermore, when their weapons had collided, he had been shocked to find that a portion of his own energy had instead reflected back on him.

“This time you should understand the difference between us. However, you won’t have a chance to regret. Death is your only option, so just obediently go to hell!”

Having forced back Long Chen with her sword, a faint ridicule appeared in her eyes. Her silver sword swung out again.

Everyone was startled. They couldn’t comprehend why Long Chen, who had clearly gained the upper hand previously, would now be instantly injured.

From their distance, they were unable to clearly see the runes on her sword, so they were extremely astonished by this reversal.

I can’t continue like this. That sword is odd, and will reflect a portion of my own power. Forcibly attacking will just make me continue to lose out.

Long Chen wanted to summon out his divine ring, but he wasn’t sure what was going on with that sword.

If that silver sword was able to endure his power even after he summoned his divine ring, then the reflective effect would probably instantly break his own hand. That was too stupid.

Long Chen finally understood the importance of having a powerful background. Whether it was Han Tianfeng or Yin Wushuang, they all had countless treasures. Compared to them, Long Chen really was a poor beggar.

Furthermore, he realized that after that previous blow, another peanut-sized nick had been cut into Devil Decapitator. In other words, the material his saber was made of was clearly inferior to his opponent’s. If it weren’t for its weight advantage, his entire saber might have been cut apart by that sword.

Seeing Yin Wushuang once more attack him, Long Chen took a deep breath. He ignored her sword, instead stabbing his saber directly at her chest.

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